What if someone told you, you were in control of your life? That if you want to make a change, you are the one who has the power to do so. You get to choose how you react to the negative or positive things that come your way. In this episode Jenny and Jai explain how to shift your mindset so you can attract new opportunities, create new results and finally reach your full potential.

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Jenny: Welcome to The Hollastic Life Show. What up guys? I’m Jenny.

Jai: I do love the air horn.

Jenny: I was like that other thing wouldn’t work and I need something else. It’s going to be my new go-to. So what happened was the other day I was talking, I don’t even remember what I said. But ever since I left corporate America and I’m, I’m free flying in the 2JHolla world here with Jai.

I’ve just gotten like faster thinking of stuff that makes Jai laugh. It’s awesome. No, he just knocked me down off of my high…

Jai: do better!

Jenny: hashtag do better. So I play volleyball and, okay, so we do these tournaments. They’re fun tournaments or whatever the winner wins, money or volleyball or whatever. And then second place literally gets a trophy that says do better and it’s become this like fun joke of amongst the friends come on, do better.

I told Jai that today, cause he was like, Oh my God, you’re getting all the quotes from the show. Cause if you guys don’t follow us on social media, make sure you follow us at two underscore J holla or my personal one is at the life adventurist and Jai’s personal one. Okay. Follow the 2J. He’s like, I don’t really go on there.

Jai: You’re gonna see a random quote every day in my stories. And that’s about it.

Jenny: None to see here, or of course follow at, SayWHARadio, because dude Network who manages this podcast amongst many others. Anyways, they’ve done a great job of pulling out quotes from our shows and the past couple ones have been me.

And he’s like, yo, you get all the quotes. I wouldn’t even saying like do better.

Jai: I was just like, Oh, like, She’s like, well, when the winners in the second place, they get a trophy, so do better.

Jenny: So anyways, let’s talk about mindset. Let’s do it. How’s that for a transition?

Jai: It’s kind of like shut the fuck up.

Jenny: Hashtag mindset. So people talk about mindset. It’s super important, super, super important. One of the things we focus on when it comes to mindset is having a raw mindset, basically, which means you have to be ready, able, and willing to make that shift. And I can’t even say ready, able, and willing is more like, what are you ready to do?

What are you able to do? And what are you willing to do? You know, you gotta have that particular mindset. So let’s switch it up. Let’s talk about starting a business. I mean, when people want to start a business, I rarely think. They ponder what they’re ready, able, and willing to do. They’re just like, fuck it, whatever.

Right. And then they start doing stuff. And I was like, Oh man, I wasn’t ready for this. Or, you know, you start spending your savings. It’s like, uh, I wouldn’t able to do this. It’s like, you’re still working your job. While trying to start your business and you’re not willing to do something else. So it’s like, well, what are you ready to do?

And starting there, you don’t have to have this over the top, over the rainbow motivated mindset of an as guardian God to get stuff done. It’s just like, where is your mindset? What are you ready, able, and willing to do when working within those parameters?

Jenny: I was just thinking about what you were saying.

It reminds me of when there’s something you want to do or something you want to have, but you don’t necessarily understand what goes into it reminds me of when I was doing the speaker stuff and I was doing the professional speaking route and I was around a lot of different speakers and people were training other speakers and how to make it work.

And I remember, I think it was Willie Jolley. I believe he had said that the number one question he gets is how do I become a public speaker? And then his answer is. Go give X amount of speeches and then come back to me. Was it a hundred? Yeah, yeah. Go get 100 speeches and then come back to me and we’ll talk.

And he’s like, it’s crazy for the thousands of people who do that. There’s not very many who actually come back and say they did that. Right. Because they’re like, well, wait, that’s not what it takes. And he’s like, but it does. And like Willie Jolley, whether you like his style or not, he definitely has made a very successful career for himself as a speaker.

And he, especially specifically with like Toastmasters, he was like the given some kind of like Toastmaster award or whatever. I forget what it was, but like, he definitely has. Proven, you know, like his worth. And he’s done a lot of speaking at companies and all kinds of stuff. So, I mean, he’s definitely knows what he’s doing.

Like he’s qualified. Right? I think the other thing too is when you talk mindset and you talk about all these things, what are you ready, able, and willing to do in the business world is sometimes you think you want to do something, right? And then you start going down that path and then you start to find resistance.

Because you’re like, Oh, I don’t really want to do that. For example, the speeches, maybe you’re like, Oh, I want what he has. Cause you want the glory. But then you’re like, Oh, I really want to give 100 speeches or I don’t want to like, eh, maybe it’s the other side of it. Or even like, for me, when I started as a speaker, author, coach, I thought I wanted to be a keynote speaker.

And the thing is, is I would still be opening keynote speaking, but being a keynote speaker is a very specific thing. Thing in the speaking world where there are people who literally, all they do for their career is keynote speak, right? Versus there’s training and retreats and all this stuff, consulting and all kinds of other things.

Jai: You know, maybe the, the excitement too, or depending on your situation, the, the desperation, the motivation, the inspiration, like six figures in six months. You know, it’s like, it’s like, fuck. Yeah, yeah. That’s, that’s a certain, you gotta have a certain mindset though for that. Yeah. And you know,

Jenny: and I think too, when you say you have to have a certain mindset, it is possible to make six figures in six months, for sure.

Right. Or six figures in a month or a day or a week, like all of it’s possible. But then I wonder is like, as you’re going through that, sometimes people are selling the dream and not necessarily like. Qualifying people are coming through their dream package to see if they are ready, able, and willing.

Jai: That’s a good point. Cause I, I wish more people everywhere and no matter what the industry is because they, they sell that dream to you, the glory, but they really don’t go in depth on the story. I think they kind of, they touch on their story, but they don’t get like in it. I mean, But, you know, there, there’s a learning thing.

Like a lot of stuff that we’ve done in the past six months. I always, some people were just like hey, like, sit down with me real quick. Let’s talk about this. But if we did that, they probably wouldn’t make a sale. So, I mean, I get it on both sides, but I feel too as well. Like if you’re open and honest with people and you have that conversation about the story, you know what I’m saying?

And what it really took, you’re going to attract a different type of clientele, you know? Yeah. And, you know, I was just thinking like, I wish sometimes I wish people were more open about like the behind the scenes. Yeah. Definitely side note. If y’all want to know about the behind the scenes, I’ll highlight as well, like see how I’ll tell you some behind the scenes.

Jenny: Okay. So here here’s, here’s the question, right? Like, I’m really curious about this and I’m glad this came up. Cause I was just thinking in general. Right? So when you think about the behind the scenes and all the work, there’s a couple of different scenarios that come up. Scenario, number one, network marketing.

Right. Like network marketing, just like anything else is going to take work in our business right now. Like we have to like reach out to people and talk to them right. In order to find people to say yes. Yep. You have to do the same thing in network marketing, right? Of course what you’re selling, how you’re selling it, who you’re selling to all that’s different.

But my point is, is like a lot of times in network marketing, they’re selling the dream and the dream is very possible, but a lot of people can’t wrap their head around like how to do these steps, because it is very, like, it’s very much lower accountability right now, the person who brought you in, or the team, they, they may have different like accountability, checkpoints, but it is a hundred percent on you.

Jai: Yep. No matter how they spin it.

Jenny: Yeah. Because think about it. When you come into network marketing, your friend calls you and then you’re on a three-way call with the bajillionaire who’s made it. And their job is to not tell you all the shit. Okay. Right or wrong. Okay. This is what I’m bringing it up for is cause it’s like, they’re not going to tell you all the shit they’re going to, they’ll answer some questions if you ask them questions, but they’re not going to tell you the shit they’re going to be like, yo, it’s awesome.

Come in, do it. Right? Because sometimes ignorance is bliss. Because if you don’t know all the shit you have to do, you’re not going to do it. So here’s the other story. If you think about someone comes to us and wants to improve their wellness and lose weight and all that stuff, are we going to tell them everything that they need to do?

It’s almost like you don’t want them overthinking it. You just want them to be present in the moment step by step.

Jai: I don’t, I don’t think it’s it’s, it’s tell them everything they need to do, but I definitely would want them to have an understanding and really ask more questions about where they want to go and how ready for change they are.

But that’s the qualifiers a readiness for change?

Jenny: I don’t know. I just feel like there are certain things that they don’t need to know all the details for. And so if you’re talking about like, Hey, they don’t tell a lot about their story, what happened. But I think with those examples, what I’m like really frustrated with across the board is probably more of the.

You know, you’re going to make X amount of money in this time. Right. Type of promises or, or do this this way. You’re going to kill it. I think, I don’t know. Just the promises that, Ooh, maybe this is it. Like, it’s like the promises that work for 10% of the people. Right. But because their marketing is so good, they get thousands and thousands of people in, but only 10% of people get results.

Right. And everybody could get results, but then you’re talking about like marketing and targeting and stuff. Right. I dunno, it’s just, it’s something that I’ve always wondered. Cause I’m like, nobody really talks about this stuff and a couple of people do, but then also it’s kind of like talk about positive things, start about negative things.

And also here’s another thing, like if we say, all right, we ran Facebook ads and it fucking sucked. We spent a lot of money. Right. And we could go into the details about why it sucked, but here’s the thing. If you listen to that, You may or may not have the same results with Facebook ads because it comes down to where you’re at in business.

How clear your messages, who you’re working with, what your ads say, how your sales page, there’s so many factors that it’s not necessarily, like, we tell you it’s us.

Jai: for me, but, okay. Yes. I might say it sucks, but then I would follow up with this is why it sucked for us. Right. You know, then that way. We were saying for our situation, this wasn’t the way to go.

Now your situation might be different. That’s something I’ve, I’ve learned a long time ago too, just because something doesn’t work for like, this person doesn’t mean it might not work for somebody else, but just saying like, that’s not enough kind of like the reviews thing that we were talking about earlier, you just can’t tell me something sucks.

Right? Why did it suck for you? I wish someone was said, or even looking at our stuff, but it’d be like, yo, it’s not clear enough. You know what I’m saying? Instead of tweak this tweak that tweak this, like what is the end result? Right. And let’s get a clear, concise picture of what the result people are going to get from this thing.

And we’ll try it again, you know, then we could be like, okay, we even did this organically. We got results here, but not here. And notice this, even when we made the message clear is his day still nothing happened. That’s different from saying, yeah. Ads suck. Right? Give him more information.

Jenny: Now, shifting a little bit into like, thinking about mindset when you were talking about that.

I thought about two things I thought about when you have a dream, have a vision, whatever, and it’s not just a dream or a vision, but like I’m thinking about when you talk to uncle Ted about your business or about investing or about whatever, right. And uncle Ted who doesn’t know Jack about either of those things.

It tells you it’s a bunch of bananas and you’re crazy and why are you doing that? Right. Okay. And then you go back and you’re like, Oh my God, I can’t believe this. And your mind just flips out. Right. And so I think about those scenarios with mindset, where it’s really important to ask people who have done what you want to do.

And or have the skills, expertise, et cetera, about what you’re looking to do.

Jai: I saw something earlier, speaking on this thing and long story short, somebody sat and talked with a billionaire in Vegas for dinner, right. And they were like, yo, why do you still have a 5s phone? You know what I’m saying? You could get the new joint.

And he was like, yo, my, my phone works. Like, why do I need a new phone or whatever? And they’re like, yo, you drive a Mazda. You know, why don’t you get a Bugatti? And he’s like, what the fuck for like, my rate was 0.9%. You know, I could buy 10 of these with cash. It’s a car. He was like, why do I. Need to waste my money to impress people who don’t have it, you know, kind of like that’s a different mindset within it.

So yeah, like, well, why would you talk about this thing that you’re building with someone who’s not knocking it? So definitely not knocking it, but you know, someone who’s hasn’t done anything, but worked a nine to five for the past 50 years.

Jenny: Yeah, look, the amount of money that we have spent on coaches, not just this year in general, right?

We’ve invested money on coaches. So just, just for conversation, right? We’ve invested per coaching program, $12,000, $15,000, right? $6,000. Like we could name a lot of different amounts. So I can only imagine, right. If I, if I talked to my mom or some of my family members, who’ve never been an entrepreneur, never been on this side and said, you know, I’m going to invest this year, $15,000 on a coach.

They would be like, are you fucking out of your mind? Right. That’s half of my paycheck or whatever. So it’s all perspective. And I’m not saying to do or not to do the point is, is if you think about your mindset, right, you really have to protect your mindset because whether it’s you searching for advice, You know, it’s, it’s maybe asking the wrong person who then bumps you off, or even let’s just talk about this morning.

Like I woke up a little bit, right. And a big thing that we’re focusing on right now is how can we step into even more flow in our business so that there is little to no resistance and things can just move. And so your mindset and your state and your energy can really create that resistance in your business and in your life.

And it could be a simple conversation with somebody conversation or even the things that you say to yourself. Yeah. I mean, I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but we have 50 to 60,000 thoughts a day. And of those 50 to 60,000 thoughts, 80 to 90% of them. Can be negative. Okay. And a lot of them, the majority of them are things you already thought yesterday and the day before and the day before and the night before.

And so I think you said this on the last episode, every thing that you have in your life right now, like if you take a mirror and hold it up, everything that you have in your life right now, whether you like it or not, as a direct is in direct response to the thoughts and actions that you’ve had in the days previous.

So if you’re unhappy with what you have in your life now, It’s only a reflection of what you thought before. So if you think new thoughts that create new actions you’ll create new results, right? Not as, not what he said, but I like that. No, no. But you also talked about the reflection in the mirror, so a little bit different, but it reminded me of this.

So you said, I love soccer to my dad. It’s so refreshing. Dad says, you know, son, it’s funny how we see other people’s shortcomings. I want to be quick to tell them to look in the mirror. That holds in front of them. But the mirrors that we hold in front of our own faces seem to be somewhat transparent.

Jai: Yeah. But like I said, it’s different from what you say, but what you said definitely relates to this situation. Like that is just like, you know, we want to look at someone else and be like, you’re not doing such and such, whatever, whatever, whatever you, you should change. Right. But. We don’t look into our cell and see those own, our own flaws.

Jenny: Oh, good point. I was thinking of it from a different angle. Like I said, the angle you came from was perfect, but that’s the angle he was talking about.

Well, I guess that goes into mindset too well and energy and like what you’re putting out there, because if you’re constantly looking for other people’s flaws so that you can feel better, it’s time to just what you said.

Take a look at yourself and improve what’s inside of you love that invisible mirror com mindset is literally the foundation of everything that we do. Everything. It’s what attracts new opportunities to us is, which allows us to be open. And even if you think about now, we’re getting into some energy stuff.

And I talk a little bit about these kinds of things on the life adventurist podcast. If you talk about energy, if you’re in the lower energy vibrationally and you’re in like fear, you’re in anger, you’re in frustration, then that is going to limit what you are able to see and accept into your life. Right?

If you’re on the higher vibrations and the higher vibrations are like love and peace and happiness and joy, then a lot changes. And you can see a lot of things.

Jai: It’s kind of like the people who, if you’re driving car, if you’re living in a certain place and you’re like, yo, I can’t wait to get a better car, a better place, but you don’t take care of the place that you have now.

Like what’s going to be different when you get the new place, you’re still going into a new place with the same old habits. So it’s just going to be the same. So, you know, it’s been, like you said, that that frequency, that vibe you’re dialed into is being grateful for what you have, because if you’re able to take care of what you have, when that opportunity arises for you to get something better, you’ll be ready to take care of that.

Jenny: Why do you think that whenever somebody who randomly wins the lottery ends up losing all their money. They didn’t already, they weren’t already a good steward of their money to begin with. They didn’t take care of the money that they have. And people think if I win the lottery, this stuff is going to change.

Jai: No, you, I mean, you have to have a plan for it, but if you’re not used to that, What’s the different from getting a large sum of money, then what you do when you get to your regular paycheck, if you get your paycheck and you spend it and you get a large sum of money, you’re going to do the same thing because you haven’t grown into that mindset where you weren’t ready.

You weren’t prepared to handle that amount of opportunity of, of a blessing if you will.

Jenny: Right. And even like, when you, when you’re talking mindset, We always, especially now in the times, we’re in now with the elections and the virus and you know what, honestly, even though things are really heavy right now, They’re always going to be heavy.

There’s always going to be something. And, you know, I was listening to some older podcasts and they were from like 2018 and it was like an astrologer who came on and was like, talking about what’s coming. And she was like, yeah. So, you know, 2017 has been a tough year for all of us, you know, 2018 is going to have new beginnings and fresh starts or whatever.

And I just laugh because. Now that we’ve been through 2020, you look back and you’re like, was any other years, right. But was it really that bad when you look back in your leg? Cause that’s what it is. It’s like it’s all perspective. But in each moment of our life, we have the ability to choose. We have control because there’s not a lot of things we can control.

And a lot of times us wanting to control things is what’s causes a lot of. Frustration stress, friction, anxiety, disappointment. And so the one thing we can control and Jai reminds me of this and please remind yourself of it and your loved ones and everything is your own mindset and how you react to things.

What is your response to things that happen in your life? Because at any moment, and Tony Robbins talks about this, he’s like change up your physiology, change up your life because just by getting up and shaking the body, right? Like whatever, like me, whatever it is you need to do. You can instantly change even the exercises where it’s like, make your face really sad, like get really sad and make your face, like notice what your body does.

Like what happens to your body, your shoulders slump, right? Your face droops. You start to feel real heavy. It can you feel if you’re here with me and can you feel happiness right now? You can’t feel happiness without like lifting up your shoulders, smiling, turning your face a different way and everything shifting too.

Jai: We sometimes just go into that. It’s just like something that’s just conditioned. You don’t even notice. But big part is being self-aware, you know, there’s little triggers and be like, Oh, I’m slumping or whatever, I’m frowning or whatever. And if you can’t get yourself out of that, put on some music, man, that’s going to do that for you.

Shout out to surfaces.

Jenny: Oh yeah. We’ve been listening to surfaces. If you guys have not heard of them yet. Well, if you’re not, you’re hiding under a rock because they’re literally well, but also too, if you’re in the UK or Italy, not sure if they’re, you know, circulating around over where you’re at. I do know I’ve got some friends in Australia that I see on IG and they’re listening.

So I know that they’re worldwide. Just not sure if they’ve hit your, they were on the Apple event today. So if you watch that and they were talking about the new home pod mini, the song that they played was. Surfaces song. It is freaking awesome. You’re on freaking Apple. Yeah. If you, if you want to just chill and vibe and just be like, happy, like you can’t listen to the music and not be happy unless it’s not the style of music you like.

So anyways, if it’s your type of music, like you’re just going to like, like we literally play it all the time. So quick recap here is mindset. You are in control. You get to choose how you react to things. If you are wanting to make a change, these steps are first awareness. That is the first thing by and far.

The second thing is. Knowing, if you have your role mindset, which means are you ready to make the change? Are you able to make the change and are you willing to make the change so that you can really check in with yourself and see if you have those things, that way you’re not stressed out when things don’t happen the way you would hope.

And of course, you know, surrounding yourself with podcasts like ours, other positive podcasts, other things that’ll help you grow and stretch. I saw a really cool thing today about the value of your circle. And it showed like a nickel and then it showed gets better when it reduced, like the value goes up when your circle like goes down.

So it was showing like a nickel to a dime how nickles 5 cents and a diamond 10 cents. Awesome. And you know, just thinking about like, who do you really need in your circle? Right. And all of those things together. And of course you’re vibing with us and you love everything we want to talk about. And you’re looking for a wellness breakthrough.

Know that you can sign up for one with us. We’ve opened up some spots on our calendar. If you are looking to get a clear implementable action plan that you can use immediately, that’s tailored just for you. And you’re wanting to change that wording by the way. But go ahead. I know. I just said it backwards.

Anyways. So if you want to identify and remove roadblocks related to your health and wellness, and you’re really looking for that, then make sure you hop on that right away. We’re so excited. We can’t wait to connect with you and absolutely change your life. It’s www dot the number two J holla, H O L L forward slash breakthrough.

Oh, my God. We’re so excited. We literally can’t wait to talk to you and if you’re not ready for a breakthrough, that’s completely fine. If you want to hang out with us and chill and see what’s up, please join our Ohana, which means family and that’s. The number two J forward slash O hotter, O H a N A.

And of course, make sure that you subscribe to the podcast, share with your friends, reach out and let us know what else you’d like us to hear like us to hear. What else you’d like to hear us talk about. We are so grateful for you and we will see you next time. Mahalla.

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