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Minimum Wage


If you have a job, don’t you think you should be making enough off of your hourly rate to afford all of the essentials? In this episode Justice, Dre T, Dre D, Jules and Taz join forces to discuss the ever relevant topic of minimum wage in the USA and of course the craziest headlines in America. Stay informed, be empathetic and don’t use Pam as a lubricant.

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Justice: All right. All right. Is again that Wednesday night, but we will continue. And the tradition of this SayWHA Radio you got your girl Justice is coming to you guys. And as always, I have with the other guys, and I’m going to go ahead and start it with a person that wanted to start this off today.

Dre D: Oh, I see it’s a clear designation to start this time you got Dre D.

Dre T: Dre T

Jules: I’m Jules I’m here.

Taz: I’m Taz.

Justice: Want to thank everybody again for tuning in? Forgive us for the shenanigans a on, in the beginning, again, we are doing this social distance style, so I know Dre D we wanted to go ahead and start this off a little bit. Cause he came to us and was just like, I have to talk about this. All right. You’ve got the floor. We’ve got a podcast. Do what you do.

Dre D: Well, I did a little bit of talking yesterday, but yeah. So pretty much the topic I wanted to talk about it.. I didn’t know if you had the headlines or anything, but the topic I wanted to touch on with the Minimum Wage topic that one of my esteem, friends on my Facebook timeline seem to a trigger me about the other day.

Justice: Now, quick question. I believe there were a lot of States that went ahead after the election in for the new year, there were a lot of States that did raise the minimum wage and my correct.

Dre D: Yeah. There are a few States that have raised the minimum wage. I don’t know exactly when, but I just know that there are a few States who has a minimum wages a bit higher than the federal Minimum Wage …

Justice: well, everything’s higher then the federal Minimum Wage.

Dre D: Yeah. You know what I mean. Yeah. Well, actually first I’ll read the post that I read that I thought was something I needed to respond to post dates. People are needy as fuck asking for it, increased Minimum Wage instead of the increase of skill training, those are not your worries when you are not a Minimum scaled employee, just to say so I read that and I immediately took it is this person assumes that the people asking for Minimum Wage are… don’t have a justification for asking for it, increased a bit of a Wage in that these people aren’t skilled. That’s pretty much what I got from his post. And so the way that I have to give, I have to there’s two ways that I see this here. Number one, it’s always a good theory that people are like, yeah, if you, if you develop a skew and you go to school, you do this and you do that. You’ll make more, you, you will make more money and you don’t have to be worried about working a minimum wage job. Right? So that’s one way to look at it, except if everyone did that somebody’s is still going to end up working at a minimum wage job because of everybody developed. Let’s say everybody in the world went to school, got master’s degrees. Guess what master’s degrees would be considered?

Dre T: A minimum wage job.

Dre D: Exactly. Because everybody has it to just telling people that they need to increase their skills. Does that solve the original problem? Cause it’s always going to end up somebody’s is always going to end up at the bottom of the totem pole. Everybody can be at the top. You got to have some people, you get you, you always gotta to have something that’s considered less value than something else. No matter what everyone does. That’s just all the way is that that’s the way it’s always going to be. So just telling people and increase your skills is not going to do is not, is not helping the situation. My biggest problem with a current Minimum Wage is that the board of the federal one is that you can’t live off of this in current times. Like back when it was, I think that was what back in 2006 or some shit when the last time they actually raised the, the federal minimum wage, it was somewhere around there.

Jules: And to be fair to even then they didn’t raise it to something you could live off of. Exactly. Yeah. I don’t want to make it sound like they raised it in 2006.

Justice: Yeah, it was, it was raised the 7.25 an hour in 2009. Actually. I remember prior to that, this dating myself prior to that, we would work over the summer in a community project called bright site and we were making minimum wage there. And I remember looking at my check at that time, it was like $5 for like $4 and 25 cent or some shit like that. Yeah.

Dre D: Yeah. That’s ridiculous. So that was the funny thing. So I did go back and look at the numbers from when Minimum Wage was just a dollar, which was in 1967, it was $1 in 1967, but by 1974, then it jumped up like 300% to like $3 and 50 cents or something like that in just seven years. It did that. And then you have like a slow gradual upgrades every couple of years of like 50 cents, 75 it’s a quarter. But that was like every couple of years. And it was in relation to our GDP going up. So like as the country was making more money, the Minimum Wage is going up and our working class people were getting paid, like the money that we, that we were creating more of, it was going back into the country and to the people that were actually working. But at some point that slowed down in that stopped. So it’s got to the point now is like, cause in 1996, I think the minimum wage was like $5 and…

Justice: $4 and 75 cents

Dre D: in 96?

Justice: In 96 and 97, it was $5 and 15 cents.

Dre D: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking about. The $5 and 15 cents, which has only 23 years ago, 24 years ago, it was $2 less than what it is at $2 and 24 years.

Justice: In 2009, it just stopped

Dre D: to see what I looked at it when it was a $5 and 50 cents.Our GDP was like a trillion dollars write, sounds like an arbitrary number. But if you come to the 20, 21, it’s almost tripled. It’s almost at like 22 train is our current GDP. But somehow the Minimum Wage only went up $2 even though we’ve almost tripled our own GDP. And so the question is where is that money going? Like if we’re not raising minimum wages for people so that they can actually live off of, like, if you have a job in the United States, it should at least to afford you a place to stay and food to eat $7 and 25 cents does not do that. Like this should be nobody with a job that does that. But some companies take advantage of it because it’s $7 a day will. Okay, well this is what the government says. This is the least amount I can pay you. So you can’t complain about it. And if you want to have those Minimum Wage people, is that what you can you to say about it? But that’s where the government you would think would protect its citizens. And just ensure that if anybody in America has a job, they could be able to afford a place to stay in a food to eat. If you have a job, it shouldn’t be to the point $12,000 a year in 2021, isn’t going to get you anything. You’ll be lucky, lucky to be able to eat off of that almost every year.

Dre T: Yeah. And, and you, you asked the question, you said a, you know, where is all that money going? I think we know where all that money is going. You’ve got the people at the top of this is making more. And I mean that, there’s also the argument that if they raise a minimum wage, then the companies will have to spend more money to pay their employees. And then they would pass those expenses to you as a consumer, by raising prices of goods and services. I get that to some extent, but the problem is that the companies don’t have to raise the prices to do that. They can still afford to pay their employees more without raising prices of goods and services. The problem is that they won’t because the people at the top who run the companies, they’re not going to sacrifice any of their billions. They’re like, no, I want to keep my 10 billion. I want to keep my golden parachute. So I’m going to have to Jack up prices.

Dre D: Yeah. And that’s the funny thing is they’re still doing without even the increase in the wages for the employees, like the price is, is still going up. Like consumer goods they’ve went up. Like all of that stuff is still going up, but the wages haven’t.

Justice: The biggest thing. And Jules and I have talked about that a couple of times on cool black nerd. It seems like it makes it more of, okay, we can fuck up as much as we want with this money. And because we have this cushion or whatever, it’s not really going to matter in the longterm, a picture, you know, trends for tick top. See, now we’re always at the brink of almost going or they were faking it till they make it a showcase that they had money. And now they have to actually show something for it. If they did this by increasing wages for the workers, a lot of the things that go along with it is their complaint. So, Oh, we’d have to raise, you know, benefits the offerings for what actually are given to people that we recruit to the company and things of that nature. Yeah. It costs a lot to do that, but you want it to run this business. You could ha you could figure it out a way to run your business with less personnel, to be able to get to the point that you want to be. But that will take time effort. And actually a lot of growing pains that most companies don’t want to have to deal with because they never really had to. Yeah. Another thing to the person that was on there, like, okay, well the skills justified to me, whatever the fuck they were trying to say. The only way that argument works is if that skill is no longer needed. What I mean by that is you have these people that are in like the coal mining industry and stuff like that. That skill is eventually going away in some shape or form. The only way to be still valuable is to pass that knowledge that they have onto other people into how they’re optimizing it. Either with automation or some sort of development in some way, shape or form in that way. But to sit there and just be like, Oh, well, the skills are going to have is how you get paid. Nahhhh how you apply those skills is really how you really get paid, honestly, because you could have all the credentials in the world. That shit ain’t going to matter if you don’t know what the fuck you doing with them.

Dre D: Yeah. And he, and even if you did, if there’s a a hundred million other people with those same skills, that skill, there’s no concern. It’s no longer considered valuable. So they’re not going to pay you with as much because they could be like, well, I can just go get another one of the other, a hundred million people that can do this, that, that particular skill.

Jules: I mean, you see that in the, I’m going to be honest with you even see that in, in some of what you would call high skill positions, especially in like tech and development right now. Like you see that companies will go out and give visas for people to come from other countries who will, except for far less pay you to do the same job that somebody went to Stanford or whatever Ivy league, or, you know, like stuff like that. So you see that being played out. So I mean that, yeah, whatever.

Dre D: Yeah. And that’s why I didn’t. It is just like, it was almost implying like these people, aren’t tried to prove that just because of their Minimum Wage work in it, they’re not tried to improve themselves or not trying to improve those skills to make more money. Like that’s not the case. Yeah. You have some people who are maybe lazy. They’re just willing to work at minimum wage. If you were talking about those people that, I mean, that’s fine. But even still, if they have a job, they should be making enough to live off of nobody… what’s the point of having a job if you can’t even afford the basic essential, like what, what do you, what do you have that job for? Like it should at least afford you the basic essentials. I did see some people that were like, well, it shouldn’t double it. I was like, it should be done at, at very, at very minimum. It should be at least $12 an hour with him.

Justice: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. That shit should be higher than that. It’s got to be

Dre D: Well, you know what that means is because at $12 an hour, you can live, you can get a place to stay and you can feed yourself. You can’t feed your family, but you can at least be just a self and have a place to stay. It’s almost in, in almost a lot of places like Los Angeles or New York, something like that. But at 7.50, there is no city. There’s no town that you could afford a place to stay food to eat. There is just no way that in 2021, maybe in 1990, possibly but definitely that in 2021

Justice: Just like you were saying with inflation? Even if you… it would have to be at least triple.

Dre D: Yeah. That’s what I’m saying. That’s why I like, even at $15 that I was like, that’s a $15 an hour. This is good. I’m fine with it. But yeah. It, with what we bring in as a country at 21, if we, if our DDP is 21trillion dollars… $15 an hour, it’s still a cheap as hell. He is still a low-ballin in the minimum wage workers, but yeah. Okay. I see what you’re saying, but at least they could afford, at least it gives them their bare minimums. And I’m fine with that. That’s my biggest argument with 7.25 write that was that you can’t do anything with it. You can’t live off of there and don’t even talk about a family. That’s just impossible.

Justice: I think one thing that when people, as that person that you are talking about kind of pointed out once they get to a certain level, they kind of just forget about that, how they got they’re like, well, you know, I got the skills to do this and that. And well, shit, you didn’t start there. Well, not everybody fell into it that way. Another thing, like what are you doing to be able to help those people get those skills?

Dre D: Oh, he said, he telling you to go out and get the skills. That’s me helping you. I don’t know.

Jules:  I, I understand what your saying like that. It’s like me and my billionaire scenario, like right now, I’m definitely all about raising taxes, but yeah, if I was somebody who was making a billion dollar a year, who would I be?

Dre D: I probably would be like, fuck you all and those taxes, you know? Yeah.

Jules: Until I get there, I’m not really worried about that. Yeah, exactly.

Dre D: I do know that you do have those that can’t really see how things are, unless they’re going through it themselves. And I’m not faulting people for that, but in a scenario where somebody is automatically labeling a minimum wage worker or something just based off of, because you have a job that makes you more money than they do. It’s almost like for you, you’re talking from an elitist standpoint. You’re not even, you’re generalizing all of these people and is like, you’re not even looking at their situation and all that.

Jules: And you’re not even that far away from it.

Justice: Exactly. Oh, that’s the biggest thing. And its just like those same companies, they are so close to being out, you know, being bankrupt. And again, we’ve talked about it. We’re seeing so many people that look like they, you know, balling out of control. They got all this money, but could be literally living paycheck to paycheck or not even having money left over from these paycheck. So yeah.

Dre D: Yeah. And that, that could change. Like it’s, it’s crazy how quickly industries can be considered like no longer valuable, just like in a decade. Like it’s it happens is like it just based on how the world goes. It like certain skills. Yeah, exactly. It’s like just certain, just certain, certain things can become irrelevant in our society. Like, Oh this seems like almost overnight. And all of the days that the scale that you have been working toward, you went to school for, it could be considered no longer valuable

Justice: landlines, it did not dawn on me until the other day talking to one of my son’s friends. He’s a little bit younger than him, but he’s still on his fins. I’ve forgotten necessarily how we got onto him. Basically. I was like hanging up the phone, talking to this and he was like, why, how hanging up the phone? It clicked with me. I was like, fuck, that would not even make sense to him. Hanging up a phone does not make sense. Ending a call. Make sense to him hanging up a phone would not. Cause he’s never seen one of the phones that you can hang up.

Jules: Never heard a dial tone.

Justice: Yeah. I think I broke him when I said that.

Dre D: Well, I’d be like, Hey, you could look at like the, the retail industry, especially with electronic retail. I made it. There is a time where, where you had like a circuit city, radio shack, all of these different, big electronic retailers that were I’m sure. At some point there were like, I mean we’re settling like new Wage technology and whatnot. So we always got to be a business. Cause we always get to get in like the, whatever the new stuff comes out and that shit went down pretty quickly, got to a point where it, now you have like what best buy really? The only store that you could go into and see like electronics.

Jules: A lot of those stores…They were like, you mean people don’t buy music on CDs and we outta business.

Dre D: Yeah. And that way it happened quickly. Like all of those stores within like a year peer, which has gold copper USA circuit, city, radio shack, all of them were just gold in a matter of like 10, 15 years completely

Justice: Not even that… let’s not even go with technology necessarily.

Dre D: Oh yeah. Toys R us.

Justice: I remember KB toys….yeah, man. I remember as a kid, like, you know, when we went out and you know, just in case We was always, you know, bugging mom to go to the toy store, like there was nothing like that feeling. I don’t think kids would ever have that now. Cause you just go to a Walmart and they run to the toy section.

Dre T: Just look on Amazon.

Dre D: Yeah. And if that’s the funny thing, like stores like best buy really still only exists for those people that still want to go into the store and see what they’re buying before they buy it on Amazon. Is there a lot of people go in there and be like, Oh, okay. Yeah, this is what it looks like. So you want to go ahead and put that in the best buy credit? Nah, what’s wrong with you… I just wanted to see what it looks like.

Justice: Touch it, feel it.

Jules: I’m trying to buy this refrigerator. Okay. We’ve got to set up, you delivery will be $37. Pfft, I got Amazon prime

Dre D: Buy this refrigerated on Amazon, sir you have a nice day! Yup. And the, the video games, industry stuff in there as well, the only store left is game stopped and they barely hanging on by a thread.

Justice: Barely they try. And they, I mean, it’s like buttons on a fat man’s shirt.

Dre D: You there hold it off. That can’t be making a, them. They have to be making just enough to stay afloat. There is no way that they’re making enough to be comfortable.

Jules: Well, I can tell you what a part of it is. They pay their employees 7.25 an hour. That is true.

Justice: They struck a deal with Microsoft. I’m sorry. And then later part of a 2020 don’t necessarily really know how this is going to work out, but I know that Microsoft had already closed all of their stores, but their supposed to be partnering with GameStop to be able to utilize their storefronts in some way, shape or form, I don’t know.

Dre D: Well, here’s what I’ve seen from what happens when you partner with Microsoft lately, that’s the end of your company. Usually mix have learned that the hard way you side with Microsoft and Microsoft is getting ready to destroy your company. So it’s not a good thing that gameStops partnered with Microsoft at this point.

Justice: Well, but that’s the whole figuring out a way, I guess. Oh no. Okay. They, they bought that entire like a studio in some other studios as well. So we’ll see what happens. To your point for people who wanna know how to apply their skills in some way, shape or form. We have some resources on the SayWHA Radio website. Some, a lot of these will be for free because there are tons of classes out there that will be able to teach you, you know, some common sense stuff. Unlike the people that were posting on Dre Ds page. Some of them are free. Some of them cost some sort of money. Others. You just actually just take the test. If you don’t want to take the tests, you just got the knowledge other than the tests you wouldn’t, I guess you would get a certificate for saying that you past class, whatever, most of them, you can just take the class and not actually have to pay anything. So we’ll have those resources on the SayWHA Radio page linked below.

Dre D: Oh, so to say that you do what I like to hear that I don’t have to pay anything.

Justice: This is actually a university. I’m going to say the name, cause you’re going to laugh at it, but there’s a university.

Dre D: The Minimum Wage university.

Justice: No, but there’s a university that offers tuition free degrees. So you can have associate degrees. Bachelor’s degrees, even master’s degrees and master’s of business administration, masters of health administration, master’s of science for some not mistaken… IT or computer science. Don’t quote me on that one. I know that they do have computer science or technology related degree, which are really in demand degrees. The only thing that you pay for, or the tests for those particular degrees, that’s it. So you can actually have those things where you’re not paying so, so much for the type of stuff. And even those tests can be compensated by grants from other places. People can donate to your tests and things like that. So they try their best to be able to make sure that their offering these courses and the knowledge and the information is up-to-date and you wouldn’t pay as much as you would. But I think the nature of the, the university is what always throws off people.

Dre D: No, no, you’re going to have to say the name for it. You can’t just….

Justice: The university of ********

Dre D: yeah, I’ve heard, I remember hearing about that when it came about, I’ve actually heard of that I’ve ever seen seeing advertisements for that and

Taz: You know what I’m like don’t say it… this is not a commercial. We are not offering free advertising.

Jules: You know what? I am with Taz. Bleep that name out.

Justice: Okay. We’ll we’ll we’ll believe that the name, but again, we’ll link it on the SayWHA Radio site. And so you can look at the information, but we’ll bleep it out.

Dre D: I will say off the top of that. Any other resource, I mean, any other advice that I could add to that is do not, no matter what skill you have, just don’t be complacent, never get complacent, always look to improve, whatever it is that you are currently skilled in. Or if you want to go into, if you, if you have an interest in different fields, just never get complacent because it will, the world will pass you by very quickly.

Dre T: Even If you gotta degree. Yeah.

Justice: My dad is always real good about that saying that we keep him young by, you know, updating him on stuff and telling him about stuff and talking to him about stuff. And I don’t think I really got that until my son became a Vagrant. He started telling me about stuff and I would, you know, take the time to look into other stuff and actually doing this podcast will keep me up to date because I have to look at what’s going on. We have to talk about this. We have to have knowledge on it, but I realized that you’ll never be able to keep up with everything. There’s no way you shouldn’t want to do that. But stay informed also be empathetic, there is so much shit going on out there. That can be a lot. And so a lot of that is just being dealt with by one person in some, some way. And then, then they got kids that they got to deal with something wow. Dealing with $7 and 25 cents an hour being out of your paycheck every month. So when you say stuff like that and you don’t really have something to back it up, some logic that will be helpful in that situation for that person…. And doesn’t make you look like a Dick, shut the fuck up. This is why I’m always, I’m really okay with people saying, Oh, well, sometimes we need to sensor with some folks with some ideas like that, you just need to shut the fuck up. I’m sorry.

Dre D: And you have those people and you have those other people who, whose only ideas come from, like come from whatever group they support. They don’t have their own ideas that they’ll just say whatever it is that they’re like, if they’re a Republican or whatnot, like the Minimum Wage thing. I don’t think obviously its in politics, but I don’t think they should be a political, like a necessarily a political T like it should be like a humanity topic. Like, it should matter if it’s a liberal or if it’s a Republican, that’s pushing the idea. Is she, the only thing that should matter is can a fucking human in America survive off of this money. I don’t care about the political parties that I hate that people always bring that into the equation. Cause that’s always with breaks down any negotiations have conversations about it because people start bringing their political views in to something that should just be based on a actual human beings. Just a regular human being. Forget the politics. Politics shouldn’t have anything to do with that. Can they afford to live here? No. No. Okay. What do we do about that?

Dre T: It is that group that really irritates me because it was like one of the us that if you’re a Democrat or Republican or whatever, that you’re going to agree with Democrats or Republicans on literally every single issue. I… it’s statistically almost impossible to agree with a human beings on every issue. But somehow within the political parties, nobody ever disagrees or anything that tells you right there. And this is just a group thing.

Dre D: Yeah. It is a group opinion. Like there’s people who don’t agree with what they would have happened and they just, they don’t speak up or they won’t go against the, the group or where a party because it it’ll it’ll hurt them or what not. So you just go with it. Just don’t bring that shit to conversations with me. I hate that…because if we would discuss this of all the liberals want to do this… okay, I’m done. We’re done. I’m not talking, I’m done with this conversation. Once I hear those words, I hate that.

Dre T: Yep. At that point, the person who is biased and they got to make their decisions to be part of the anti….

Dre D: It’s a liberal, it’s a Republic, it’s all, whatever. And just once you, once you categorize it all ready, know your position like you just did. I don’t even want to hear it anymore. Cause I already know that. But that group position. So what do I need to listen to you for? If you don’t have your own opinion, what’s the point of view talking like I don’t get it.

Dre T: You know, I thought the only reason you had that opinion is because liberals’ have the opposite of

Justice: And it’s like, you know, the religious debate. And I think that’s mainly where it’s rooted in, well, this is my backing. This is what I’m going to go with. Really? that’s the entire basis. All right.

Dre D: Yeah. That’s it because these people that I have, I have grown up with, this is what they told me to do this, this, this and that. So that’s my opinion. So your opinion is, is that you don’t have an opinion. No, I have an opinion. Okay.

Dre T: And even with that, I mean that the religious things, you know, I know that people are pretty strong and their religious beliefs, you know, you know, everybody believes in different guys, different has different, you know, everything when it comes to religion and that’s a sensitive topic for a lot of people, but everything in politics doesn’t tie back to religion. So I understand if certain people are affirm in their stance, on let’s say abortion or on, you know, gay marriage or whatever, you know, I’m going to respect your having that opinion. But Minimum, Wage like, in what way does religions have back there? This is one of those places where I sing with them. There should be some nuance. There should be some room for you to have a difference of opinion with people who are in your same party, but they never disagree. Like how do you uniformly agree with every single Republican on, on every single issue?

Justice: And the reason why I brought up for the religious thing is that its similar to the thought process with the people who going be like, Oh, you need to believe in my God. And that’s it. And they take it to the extreme because its just like, if you don’t have the same backing that I do, like I had no legs to stand on and I just got to become aggressive with you. It’s the same thing. I really don’t know necessarily where that comes from. Other than them fearing, fearing you challenging their thoughts and their belief systems in some way, shape or form is going hurt them. It’s like a fight or flight thing that comes on in their mind. I don’t really know. But I, I see the similarities between the two. Yeah. We gonna get some foolishness in here before we leave.

Dre D: What the Florida? I know we have some.

Jules: You might as well say what the Capitol

Justice: kind of kind of. So in one of the instances in the Capitol, when they said that a computer was taken from Nancy Pelosi’s office, the woman who took it,

Dre D: Oh I thought it was that guy…

Justice: and no, no, no, no. It was a, it was a, he took a, he took a document of some sort. Yeah. He is in the documents of some sort, the woman who took the laptop wanted to sell it to a Russian spies. That was her goal.

Dre D: She does know that that’s treason right.

Justice: I don’t get what they were doing. That would make any sense. They were sitting there screaming in there that it’s treason in the way that you can’t take this country from us. But they were going to give this to another country?

Dre D: I feel like you be better off killing somebody as opposed to get charged with treason to be.

Justice: She was 22 much like the Soho Karen who, you know, last week was tripping about being 22. And she shouldn’t be judged upon her, her actions because she’s so young.

Jules: No, you need to get that at that exact quote. And she said, because that was priceless. She was like, I’m 22. He’s 14. That’s like the same.

Dre D: That is a huge difference. And Oh no. Oh no,

Justice: If you guys haven’t seen that video because at the time that we recorded the show, it was only one part that has been released. So there’s been the second part that’s been released and it just got so much worse.

Dre D: No, I don’t think I have actually heard the second part. Oh yeah.

Justice: And it just, it just, it just got so much worse and no matter what she is still, you know, continuing to be like that, even her family came out and made a statement saying we don’t condone her behavior. What she was saying just was not making sense and her lawyer as well, just like I was trying, she wasn’t listening. I don’t know what to do. She clearly has a mental issues. That’s not going to work. That’s not going to work, mam. Don’t try to do, Oh, she’s crazy  defence. That’s not gonna work.

Dre D: Yeah. Yeah, come on now.

Justice: She… yeah that is what she was looking to do. I don’t even know how to say this….

Dre D: Oh no, this is it a name?

Justice: I heard a woman pull his gun on man while having sex in a moving car.

Dre T: Yeah. That is like the most dangerous shit you could possibly do.

Taz: She is just trying to spice it up.

Dre D: That is a lot of spice Taz… so she pulled out a gun on him while they were having sex and a moving car.

Taz: … She doesn’t care about her life, my life… she doesn’t care about nothing.

Jules: You know, I’m like, Oh, I’m going to go here and say this. I have heard about people putting a gun on somebody while they were having sex. I’ve heard about people having sex while moving in a moving car. But I have never heard of those two things happening simultaneously.

Dre D: So my question is if they have been sex, where does she pull the gun?

Jules: It was in Florida. It was in the glove box… in the center console.

Justice: You just put a gut out of your ass. I was like, Oh my goodness,

Dre T: You could have made that worse would be if they were like driving with a foot or something that at the same time, like, I dunno how you’re going to make that any more dangerous. Like what else could you do?

Dre D: So what was the how to do this?

Justice: The crashed into a tree.

Dre D: Oh my goodness. Like it was just so casual.

Taz: I honestly thought they was going to make it but I guess not…

Jules: You know what? I’m not even gonna lie to you.. in order to get out there you probably had to be an expert to begin with.

Dre D: Oh my goodness. No, there’s got to be terrible. The crash into a tree. You, a person is holding the gun accidentally fired.

Justice: No, he did not get shot. They didn’t actually have very serious injuries, but yeah, they did crash into a tree reading the entire thing was it? That was crazy.

Dre D: I wonder what the charges would be.

Justice: Oh, she was charged with armed robbery.

Dre D: Wait… she was trying to rob him?

Taz: Was it technically rape too?

Justice: Taz that’s a good idea, but I don’t think that he wanted to press those charges.

Taz: Maybe the sex was consensual the robbing was not.

Justice: That’s possible.

Dre D: Oh my goodness. I am so confused.

Dre T: Did they know each other prior? Like, Oh, it was, this is like a prostitution hookup with me. And it was like, Hey, you know,

Justice: It was, it was not a prostitution thing, but they did know each other prior. And they had had sex previously. What it looks like is that after having sex, he was supposed to take her home or whatnot and they started it up again. And at that point, I guess she thought that she could get some money or something from him. And she pulled the gun out on him, asked him for the money. I’m thinking that it’s, you know, just kinda being a little as Taz said spicy? He was just like, okay, we just keep going. And she was like, no, I want the money. And at that point he realized that she was, you know, being serious, and he punched her on the face.

Dre T: So that is not how you get money from somebody that you having sex with? You should not have time to pull a gun to get money.

Jules: I agree with this assessment. Yeah.

Dre T: You couldn’t ask him for money while y’all were having sex? At that point he would have said yes to almost anything. You’ve had to pull a gun on him.

Justice: That’s what she thought.

Dre D: Do I even need to ask you what race? This couple or these two individuals were?

Justice: Nope.

Dre D: Okay. America pretty much.

Jules: Well how much money was it?

Justice: that she was asking for? $200.

Dre D: She did this. She risked her life for $200. $200.

Taz: Her whole life?

Dre T: All right. So did they?

Justice: Yes. It wasn’t really serious, but they were injured.

Dre D: Yeah. He got in there.

Jules: Well, she can.

Justice: And just because this one kind of went along the same lines, I’ll just go ahead and finish it. I would say that if you’re trying to have sex with somebody using Pam cooking spray as a, as a lubricant is not advised because that person into a violent rage, which is what happened to Barbara Hall for a day. Yeah. Barbara Hall. I … I am sorry, I can’t say it right. I can’t say it. It’s just tickling me every time. I’m trying to say it. But she was charged with aggravated assault after the man that she was sleeping with was like, you know, this is kind of dry needs some lubricant. She’s like, I got no lube the man.

Jules: The man was dry?

Justice: No, he was he told her she was kind of dry.

Jules: I’m not familiar with this kind of intercourse.

Justice: He was like, it’s kind of dry, we need some lube and she was like, what? And he went to the kitchen, got the Pam and she came back. He sprayed and she flipped the fuck out and like beat the shit out of him. So…

Dre D: Of all of the things that, that humans lubricate they’re scared and stuff with you, you thought to use PAM?

Dre T: He walked past the bathroom.

Taz: I think that it was him assaulting her. Okay?

Dre D: Oh my goodness.

Jules: Im gonna go ahead and say that I’m I’m on her side. On this one.

Dre D: I would have to agree.

Jules: Ma’am they have like coconut oil, baby oil in it… Shea butter?

Dre T: He walked past the whole bathroom, all this stuff. Y’all just named this in the bathroom. He walked past all of that and we’re straight to the kitchen. Who decides I need some kind of lubricant. Let me go look into that. And Pam…

Taz: that’s probably what he use by himself.

Dre D: some vegetable oil… He was looking for the country crack. He couldn’t find it. So he got Pam.

Jules: That’s worse.

Justice: We gonna end the show on that.


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