New York Times Editorial Board Debunks Donald Trump’s ‘Transparent President’ Boast

2020-01-14 02:04:37

The New York Times editorial board tore apart Donald Trump’s baseless old boast about being one of the most transparent U.S. presidents of all time in an op-ed published Monday.

The newspaper’s board wrote in the editorial ― titled “You Call That Transparency, Mr. President?” — that “this is true only if you measure transparency by the president’s tweets, which are too often characterized by incoherence and dishonesty.”

“By every other metric, Mr. Trump is a master of muddiness,” it said in the article centered on the costs his family has landed on the U.S. taxpayer. 

The board noted how Trump has battled to keep his personal finances out of the public eye and directed his administration to stonewall the impeachment inquiry over the Ukraine scandal.

“The president clearly believes that he should not have to answer to anyone for anything, be it his stiff-arming of Congress, his ‘discussions’ with Ukraine or the cost of his golf habit,” the board concluded the op-ed. “He is wrong.”

“As with so many of Mr. Trump’s evasions, Americans deserve to know how much they are paying for his family’s highflying lifestyle,” it said. “And they deserve to know before they cast their votes in November.”

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