When you are growing a business from the ground up, sometimes it is important to take a step back and re-evaluate the direction you are wanting to go. In this episode, Jenny and Jai discuss where they have been and the big moves they have made to discover who they are as they find their footing as Unfuckwithable business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Jenny: Welcome. Oh my God. It’s been so long. We know it’s been so long. We are so glad to be back. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to another episode of, I almost said the other podcast, because I’ve done so many episodes of that one. So welcome to another episode of the Hollastic Life podcast.

Wow, that feels good to say again. I’m Jenny.

Jai: I’m Jai

Jenny: We are your hosts, your leaders. Why? Why is he tripping out? I’m I’m I’m apparently being way, way, way, way, way too formal. Yo, what up? We’re back. So we’re back. We’re back. We’re back. Oh my God. So we have so many things to update you on Jai, update us, update us what we’ve been doing a lot, man. So 2021 came in.

Jai: That’s right. We haven’t done a show since 2020, right?

Jenny: Yeah. It was like December. It was the last show.


Jai: This was like the first quarter in 2021 almost over. Wow. Yeah. Right.

Jenny: We took a break and then it is so we’ve missed you so much. We know like we’ve, we’ve heard from you. I know, we know you’ve been waiting for this, so patiently, so, you know, things happen like when you’re building, growing, transforming a business yourself, sometimes it’s good to take a pause and it’s almost like a reset right?

Where you just kind of take a pause and you reflect on where you came from. You show gratitude for where you came from and. Sometimes it’s time to like, take a shift in a new direction. Right. And that’s really what happened. Like our business has gone through a lot of transformation, a lot of growth. Um, a lot of ahas, a lot of, okay. It’s almost like, you know, in high school you’re kind of awkward. Well, typically like the typical story about high school, Jai was fly.

Jai: I was, I was awkward in some aspects.

Jenny: Right. But you know, like typical, you know, like in middle school, high school, you’re still kind of like awkward or grown into your body, especially if we’re talking like.

Maybe seventh, eighth, ninth, 10th grade, you know, somewhere there. And you’re, you know, you’re awkward and you’re trying to figure yourself out and you kind of like think, you know, everything at 18 and then you think, you know, everything at 21, and then you think, you know, like, you know, like there’s all these phases where you’re like, I got it right.

It’s almost like where we came from before. It was kind of like that awkward, like teenage years. You’re just kind of figuring it out. You think you’re cool, right? And then you’re like, well, damn, I know myself even more now.

Jai: I wouldn’t say I, I didn’t. Yeah. I thought we were cool… to every step of the way, but yeah, there’s definitely, I guess what, with what you’re saying…

How I see it in how I would connect to it is like, you know, you’re, you’re kind of trying to find your way, you know what I’m saying? Like, do I hang out with the quote unquote with the cool kids? You know, when my thrown in with the freaks and geeks, you know what I’m saying? Do I want to be the pretty girl or, you know, the jock or whatever, you’re just, you’re just trying to find you.

And then you’re like, Oh, this is who I am. And I’m fine with who I am. And then that’s kinda how you, you find your tribe, your community, your audience. In the high school?

Jenny: Yes. Yes. So we have, we have found our audience, which of course is you, but we’re also getting even more clear into who this podcast is going to be speaking to moving forward.

And we are calling all a type entrepreneurs, perfectionists, overachievers, the go, go, go type of personality. We have found that you are our peops. And it’s like a 90 to 95% chance that you’re sitting in listening and you’re like, yeah, that’s me. Because that’s who we’re attracting into our life. That’s who we’ve attracted to our business, into our coaching programs, into our products and services.

Like, so pretty sure you’re like, yes, that’s me. So we’re going to be having like very specific conversations. To help you level up your life like that level up, level up, level up, level up, level up, level up.

Jai: Oh my God.

Jenny: Part of it has been on my podcast life adventures, podcast. I’ve just been like, Oh my God. I know. I’ve just, I’ve like literally had this amazing series going on over there. The chakra series, if you’re into all the woowoo stuff and you want to learn about energy, how on over there it’s been a blast, but anyways, back to THL yo, so we had a cafe, so like we’re rocking out man.

We’re we’re we’re we’re like out in the world, out in the energy. We not in the vibes. We’re like riding the waves. I wish you guys could see Jai’s face. So we’ve had some requests to begin to video more of us. So if you want to see more of us than you want to make sure not necessarily during the podcast, I don’t know.

I don’t know if we’re going to do that or not. We’ll see what happens, but video us. Shenanigans putting like faces to the Jenny and Jai of the THL. Then you definitely want to hop over to Instagram and follow us at, at the number two, underscore J the letter J holla, H O L L A. Because I know we’re a little behind, but we just discovered reels like yesterday, like yesterday.

And the thing is, is with the reels. Like we knew they existed, but like, they were like, it was like, you’re dead to me. Like we had no interest in it.

Jai: So disinterested we, what is the re… resistant? Resistant?

Jenny: Yes. And we made a huge goal to be in a year that we were going to make more videos and we are still working on that goal.

But I share that because really literally right now us saying what we’re doing is like, look, I’m just saying. Y’all ha that’s like the word of the day. Y’all I don’t even say y’all that much, but it feels so right right now, you know, why? Oh my God. Look at the shirt I have on.

Jai: Is that why? Because you have your Texas shirt on?

Jenny: I am totally embodying all of Texas, right?

So y’all are y’all are our accountability partners. Okay. We just said we got to do videos and come watch us on our Instagram and then you’re going to come over there. Y’all gonna come over there and be like, yo, where the video that I’m serious, call us out on our shit. If we ain’t doing it because we have a goal, I was just saying, you need to, but we like don’t.

I don’t want that energy. Me too. So this episode is just for you to hear us bantering again, get excited for what’s yet to come and us to also let you know what’s coming in this whole season. I mean, literally we’re so fucking excited guys. This season. Is the unfuckwithability season.

Unfuck with the ability. It’s just another version of unfuckwithable. Okay, fine. This season is the unfuckwithable season. How would you say it? Just said I’m fuck with ability. It’s like, it’s just a, it’s just a y’all grimmer people. Let me know what this is. It’s like a we’re going to continue.

Jai: Yeah.

Jenny: So, so basically this season is going to be unfuckwithable and everything that we’re going to be talking about this season is really just to help you become even more.

Jai: Yes. So even if you’re like super buttoned up and professional and you don’t want to say it, but you’re saying it in your head, or you have to like make the sensor noise or, you know, whatever. Hey, we’ll say it with you all day, every day or for you and fuck with it.

Jenny: Yeah. Oh, so one of the things you said is, so we’re focusing on a type entrepreneurs and we are unfuckwithable eight, whatever. Yes. You can just keep saying it, just throw it in randomly. So we’re, we are working with a type entrepreneurs, right?

And we’ve also expanded our business into the wedding industry and working with wedding pros and brides, and like what Jai just said. So we are on Clubhouse if you’re on Clubhouse, follow us on there. So I I’m on clubhouse as at life adventurous. And Jai is at:

Jai: ThaHollasopher

Jenny: Yes. So if you’re on clubhouse policy over there, but we were in a clubhouse room with wedding pros and one of the wedding prisoners in there is like an etiquette coach. And it was awesome because we had a room. We do a room every week on Tuesdays at 1:00 PM Eastern, which is called the unfuck withable, for wedding pros.

Yes. And she was in there. She’s like, I love the name of this room, but I’m not going to say it so excited to be here. It was awesome. So shout out, shout out for sure. So yeah, so like it’s going to be fucking amazing season. What else do you wanna say?

Jai: I’m super excited. Although it might not come across away…

Yeah. Okay. Super excited about this season, mainly because I feel like we’re, we’re really stepping into bio. This podcast is about to like launch off. launch that’s. Yes. Thank you. I was like, that doesn’t sound right at all. Yeah. This podcast is about the like blast off in a major way, and I’m, I’m super stoked, super excited.

Jenny: So this is a really random. But the blast off thing, my brother used to do this countdown and it would be like, you know, I don’t know. I don’t remember when he would do it, but I know one of the times he would do it. Okay. I do remember when he would do it, but I don’t remember why and all the aspects. So we do this countdown.

It was like a countdown to like stop touching his toys or something, or get out of the chair he wanted, or, you know, like something like that. So he’d count down from 10, like all when I get to one you’re you’re in deep shit. So he’d get down to one, you know, eight, seven, six… three, two, one, and then he’d be like blessed off Christmas day. Finally. Whoa. We just keep adding words to add time to them. So that’s what their main move blast off blast off Christmas day. Finally. Wow. Aha. It was random. I’m going to have to ask him if he remembers that. So anyways, y’all this is what the season is going to be about. Like random, hopefully not random because it’s J and J okay.

But like powerful life transforming shit!

Jai: Word.

Jenny: Word to your mother.

Jai: No, not to my mother. Just word, word.

Jenny: All right guys. See yo, next week!


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