Oh Nice, A New Isometric Skateboarding Game

If you never had the pleasure, some of the best skating games ever made were incredibly simple, and used an isometric viewpoint. So it’s great seeing a new game, released in 2021, remember this and revisit some good old times.

Not every skating game has to be about insane combos, or a painstaking adherence to the bone-breaking realities of the sport. And not every skating game has to be a fully 3D affair, with the camera hovering right behind the skater’s ass.

This is THE RAMP, which is coming to Steam on August 3. It just gives you a ramp, or a bowl, or a pool, and lets you go nuts. That’s it!

THE RAMP’s features are described by its lone developer as:


  • tons of flow
  • satisfying & unique skateboarding gameplay
  • easy to learn, hard to master


  • NO unlockable stuff
  • NO score, NO missions
  • NO guns, explosions and helicopters

He also says “when thinking about buying The Ramp, please keep in mind that it is a very small game. Maybe not even a game, but rather a digital toy.” So it’s going to be cheap, then, and also simple, so don’t go asking for narrative-driven campaigns or advertiser-fuelled DLC.

Just skate!

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