Ohio woman killed in attack by her Great Dane dogs, coroner official says

2019-11-05 04:33:17

CINCINNATI — A 49-year-old Waynesville, Ohio woman was killed by one or both of her Great Dane dogs in her home, said a Warren County Coroner’s Office official.

Mary Matthews was found by her husband shortly after he came home Friday, said Doyle Burke, chief investigator in the coroner’s office. 

“She was attacked by her dog or dogs,” Burke said. “She just bled to death by the bites she received.”

No preliminary coroner’s report has been released yet, he said. The coroner’s office will release a report once a toxicology report is finished, he said.

The dogs were known to police and the dog warden, Burke said.

“They’ve bitten our victim in the past,” he said.

Burke said there are other police reports filed about the dogs.

“These dogs were known to be aggressive,” he said.

Matthews was somehow able to force the dogs outside onto a first-floor deck after being attacked, Burke said.

Police were dispatched Friday afternoon for a report of a possible overdose in the 7000-block of Waterway Drive, according to a police report.

Police met the woman’s husband and son in the driveway. Police saw bloody footsteps in the garage entryway into the home. Blood was found in multiple rooms, according to the report.

Mathews’ was found dead by police in a first-floor bathroom near the front door, according to the report. 

Her low​er body had ​​​​​​”numerous cuts or puncture marks”

A baseball bat that was “heavily blood-stained” in the front and back was found on a living room couch. Grey sweat pants that were torn or punctured in “numerous places” that were heavily blood-stained were found on the living room floor.

Police documented signs of alcohol and prescription drug abuse.

Police found “two large but thin Great Danes” on a back deck off the kitchen.

“The deck was littered with dog feces to the point that the actual deck floor could not be seen,” according to the report.  

The chief dog warden, Nathan Harper and his deputy took the dogs to be held for bite comparisons, according to the police report.

This article originally appeared on Cincinnati Enquirer: Great Dane dog attack kills Waynesville, Ohio woman, police say

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