Peace and It’s Protection: The Secret To Protecting Your Inner Peace

In a world filled with constant stimulation and horrible news every hour. We constantly compare ourselves with other people’s social media highlights. The human condition is one that continually accommodates the needs of others to validate and be a detriment of our own happiness, success, and peace.

In this journey of constantly proving ourselves, we often forget to protect our peace. Therefore, to protect our peacefulness, we sometimes need to pause and take stock. We need to find ways to safeguard our energy and our peace whenever possible, and the most effective way to do so is shared in this article:

Peace and its Protection

Protecting your peace is all about crafting and maintaining a healthy environment of growth. Keeping your peace requires cultivating a safe space both internally and externally that allows you to be productive as opposed to just doing things haphazardly.

That’s the thing about peace — it has to be pursued. Peace is something you choose, something you create and maintain.  As put by Phoenix Ash in the episode of Peace and Protection, “Peace is not one battle. It is not something you gain once and own is all the time. It is something that you constantly gotta fight for and defend.”

How to protect your peace?

Protecting your peace is a form of self-love and self-care. It is not just about protecting yourself from the outside world or from stressful people and situations. Though it should be the primary focus, more importantly, you need to protect your peace against yourself. Sometimes our own mind, self-loath, panics, and confusion can wreck our own peace. When life gets difficult, and tough situations confront your peace, you might start sabotaging it yourself.

This is where you should never let your wall down to let such a situation or things come in the way of your mental peace. Here are the top four ways through which you can defend your peace against both the outside world and yourself:

Be Conscious of Your Thoughts

It is your thoughts that determine your state of mind, and thus the content of those thoughts should be monitored -after all, it is you who is in control. There is no shortage of opinion to the effect that the vast majority of what we worry about never even happens.

A great deal of our time and energy is spent worrying and allowing negative thoughts to control our lives. However, there is good news, too: we have tremendous control over our thoughts and our attention. A skill like this can be developed, similar to listening to your intuition.

Positive Thinking, Positive, Symbol, Hope, Trust

Say to yourself, “Nope, not today,” whenever a negative thought creeps in. Put a stop to it right away, and don’t let it continue. Try thinking of something positive instead of something negative – something brighter, something more enjoyable.

Keep an eye on how and why these thoughts are forming and guard yourself against things that make them worse. Avoid news that makes you feel bad about yourself, unfollow social media accounts that impact your feelings negatively, avoid gossip that makes you feel bad, and generally stay away from anything that makes you feel upset.

By surrounding yourself with good things, your mind is more likely to cultivate thoughts that ultimately lead to peace.

Recognizing Your Resources

Sometimes we have some very understanding and optimistic people in our lives who can help us show the brighter side of the day, even on the gloomiest ones. Recognizing these gifted people as a resource for your peace protection can be immensely helpful in the healing process.

Stay Away From Negative People

As important it is to recognize the blessing and resources in your life, equally important is staying at a distance from negative people. Therefore, this tip deserves its own spotlight, as we are surrounded by people who are our inner peace’s biggest threat. So pay attention to what people in your life do and how they make you feel.

Do you spend most of your time with people who complain? Do you have a partner who is constantly insulting you? Are you friends with gossipers or self-centered people?

A constant focus on the negative or being treated poorly by those in your life will destroy your peace and possibly adversely affect the path you are taking. Pick your company wisely and don’t be afraid to get rid of those who are bringing you down. You can either limit how much time you spend around them or confront the person about how they make you feel if you can’t completely break loose from a certain person (i.e., a parent or sibling you live with).

Declutter Your Physical Space

It’s often the case that the outside world reflects what’s going on within. The environment that surrounds us has a profound influence on what happens within. The more cluttered your home and workplace become, the harder it will be to protect your peace.

Making sure our physical space are organized so they support us rather than stress us out can free up hours and hours of our time. This way, it will take us less time to clean or find missing items.

Home, House, Sink, Interior, Design, Apartment

Decide what you are keeping and declutter the things you don’t need this weekend. You will be shocked by how much of a difference a decluttered space will make in protecting your peace.

Final Thoughts

All the four tips mentioned in the article are easy and actionable right now. Though having downtime, every once in a while is part of life. Remember, “Everything crumbles before everything shines.” Maintaining your energy and feeling at peace most of the time is what you owe to yourself.

When confronted with challenging times, constantly remind yourself of Phoenix Ash’s these words,  “This is the storm before you get calm, the rainbow’s coming, chill out, make it through piece by piece, one thing at a time.”

If you enjoyed this post, do listen to Life as P’s episode of Peace and It’s Protection, where Phoenix Ash talks in detail about how you recognize the threats and protects your peace on most gloomy days.

Peace and It’s Protection


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