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Have you ever had a story that you are really attached to in your life? Perhaps you once had a bad relationship and now you think you will never find someone your compatible with, or maybe you were bitten by a dog and now you dislike all dogs. In this episode, Jenny shares the message of the Porcupine Spirit and how to approach these ingrained stories with a beginners mindset. Life is filled with surprises and experiences but if you’re not willing and open to see them, you will never know they

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Colette Baron-Reid

Jenny: Holla, what up life adventurists. Welcome to another episode of the Life Adventurist Podcast. I’m your host, Jenny holla. And I am super excited that you’re here with me and I am revved up. I cannot wait to get into this episode, but before I go any further, I just want to reference that I have pulled oracle cards from a spirit deck that Collette Baron Reed has created, and I’m using her tech as inspiration to be able to bring some inspiration into your life. And I love these cards are so beautiful and I love the messages that these animals are bringing into our life. And so today’s spirit animals, Porcupine, spirit, porcupine spirit, and the message is time for a beginner mind.

And I absolutely love this because this is something that we teach and that we have taught. Like we teach our students, we have taught this in a couple of different speaking events that we’ve been invited to and really just, and, but also too, we teach it and we set the foundation to have a beginner mind, but I think that this is a tough one for people to really step into because having a beginner mind is about approaching.

Your life, a situation, a scenario, whatever it is about approaching about approaching something with innocence, curiosity, approaching it. Like you’ve never seen it or heard it before. And I think that’s tough for a lot of people because there’s a lot of things, especially with. Google and YouTube and social media and everything being on our fingertips and Alexa and Google echo, whatever, like all those things.

There’s all these things that are at our fingertips that we are able to be like, Hey, what’s the answer to this? Hey, what’s the answer to that? And then too, I mean, generally speaking, there’s nothing new in the world. There’s really nothing new. I mean, there’s do have mentions, but when I’m talking about like mindset and thinking, and especially when it comes to losing weight and, you know, changing your life and being successful in.

That kind of stuff like really like the core principles still hold true. The thing that changes is someone’s perspective, or maybe the voice of that person, like specifically, like for example, there could be five different mediums or five different Chemonics leaders. Um, there could be five different intuitive coaches and they all have something really powerful to say.

But you resonate with one or two of them for many reasons, you know, maybe you have a similar life path. Maybe they have accomplished something that you want to accomplish in your own life. Maybe it’s just as simple as not liking their voice or not liking their mannerisms or not liking what they stand for.

And it just doesn’t resonate with you. Okay. And so I said all that because what happens is. Is when we listen to stuff like our mind. And I definitely, this is, this is something that I can, can relate to. Is our mind looks for something new. Like for me, I crave new experiences. Like one of the things that people think I’m crazy for is I love to drive.

When it’s a road or like a path that I’ve never driven before. Like, I love that because for example, if I’ve never driven from, um, I did this before, so I had never, I hadn’t seen like El Paso, I’ve never had, it had not been to Midland Odessa, some of the places out in West, Texas Amarillo. And so when I planned a trip, I planned a trip where I flew into El Paso.

And then I drove up to like Abilene and big spring and some of the towns there. And then I went over to Midland Odessa, and then it went up to Amarillo because I wanted to see what those parts of the country looked like. Or even just, I mentioned on last week’s podcast, how we were in Texas, you know, even driving to Texas, I wanted to drive up through like Northern Mississippi and Northern Louisiana.

Cause I hadn’t driven that before. I’d only driven lower through  and so I love. Like seeing new roads or seeing different areas that I’ve never seen before now, granted, like if I had to drive some of those drives on the regular, what would happen is that would happen to you? They would probably become boring.

Right? They would become repetitive and you would just kind of zone out or whatever. And so, um, we love, we crave. We crave new experiences. We crave…I crave fun. I crave new experiences. I crave. Uh, it’s almost like people be like, Oh, you know, how, when is it ever enough for you? And I don’t know, maybe, maybe if I go to some medical professionals that maybe I quote unquote, have a diagnosed, diagnosed problem, but I’m not looking to have a problem.

I freaking love it. But I say that because knowing that that’s how you, how you are in your mind or knowing that that exists for you. It’s like, how can you look at things in your life, especially if something has been frustrating? No. Especially if something has been frustrating you, or if you’ve been struggling with something lately, like how can you approach it with a fresh perspective?

And the fun thing is, as we transform, as we evolve, as we grow.

As we transform as we evolve, as we grow, we realize that the stories that we found to be true about our life and our situation are like no longer. True. Right? Like, have you ever had a story that you were really attached to in your life? Because here’s the thing in life, an event happens like that is the truth and event happens.

But when an event happens, every human who was there and present and saw the event, they each, each human filters that event through their own perceptions, it filter that event through their own perceptions and life experiences. And so the 10 people that witnessed an event and the event happened are going to tell 10 different stories.

Or maybe have 10 different reactions to a piece of news or to something. Okay. So have you ever have you, Oh my God, Ms. Dog, have you ever held on to his story too long? Okay. Cause stories like, like they, they define us. And we talk about them and, and, you know, I had a story for a long time. So I was in a relationship for a while, and this was before Jai, but I was in a relationship for a while.

And, um, we’d been together quite some time. And when we parted ways, I was like, Oh, you know, Oh, men are just worthless. You know, I was like, I don’t want to date anybody who doesn’t have this certain type of job or, you know, they’re just trying to take advantage or, you know, guys are pigs. I had a lot of things like that.

And I had a lot of like, had a lot of stories, had a lot of stories that I was, I was holding onto. And so it’s like every person I would meet and greet would hear the story, Oh, this is how we met. And this is how it all went down. And then all guys are pigs. Or, you know, I didn’t really say all guys are pigs, but you know, like, Oh guys, guys, aren’t guys suck, you know, I’m not going to find somebody who really loves me.

I’m not going to find somebody who is worth a crap. Like just whatever it is. It’s a story that I had believed to be true. And I held on to that story for a while. I told it almost everywhere. And it’s the thing is sometimes you don’t realize the places that you’re telling the story, whether it’s out loud to friends and family and strangers and coworkers and whoever you’re telling, maybe even telling yourself in your mind, you’re telling the story over and over and over.

And sometimes you don’t even realize. Until you become aware and you step into the porcupine spirit and you’re like, all right, time for a beginner mind. Right? That’s essentially what happens. You may not like consciously say that, but that’s essentially what happens is you say, all right, I’m gonna step into this beginner mind.

And I’m going to look at this with fresh eyes and I want something different. Like I’m sick of telling this story, man, this story doesn’t own me anymore. I’ve done that multiple times. I’m like, Oh my God, this story does not own me. Not I’m done telling this story. I don’t need that story anymore. And the thing about life is that there are surprises and, and coincidences and experiences and all kinds of things that just are all over there.

They’re right in front of our eyes. But if we’re not willing to be open and look for them, we never see the things exist. And so one thing, you know, to speak to this a little bit is, um, you know, in college, I was always looking for opportunity. I was very open and looking for opportunity and I would always, like, one thing that I would always say is I would just, you ask the question, if you get a no, then, then you know where you stand, but even so of course you can take it another step and be like, okay, get to know.

And that means not now. And then you figure out a way to present it differently and, you know, try to get, get a guess. And what I mean by that is like in college, I, I wanted to go on a study abroad to Mexico. I think my sophomore year. I wanted to go sometime in the middle of college. And I was trying to get my scholarship to cover my trip to Mexico.

And they were like, Nope, sorry, doesn’t qualify. And the Spanish classes in school in college were kind of boring. So I kind of stopped taking them, but I still had Spanish as a minor. And when it came to my senior year and I was like finalizing all of my credits and seeing what I could do and whatnot, I looked and I was like, well, I mean, they’re going to have to drop my minor.

I need to fulfill. You know, the credits that are still needed to get my minor in Spanish. And so I looked into the study abroad program. Again, it had the exact amount of credits that I needed to fulfill my minor. I went back to the scholarship board and asked if this scholarship could cover my trip to Mexico.

And they were like, yep, absolutely. So that’s an example of where it was like a no turned into a yes, but the thing is, is like, there’s a lot of things that may not be available because you’re not willing to ask or not willing to. Make connections or, you know, just be open and available to the surprises that surround us.

And I think right now, you know, many of us are allowing others to dictate how we live our life. We allow others to dictate how we view our life. And you know, when you look at the world with fresh new eyes and you detach from stories that kind of held you hostage a whole new world opens up for you a whole new world.

And we’ve talked about this a lot in our trip in Texas is just, you know, since we started getting out and traveling and getting out into the, you know, the outdoors and seeing different places, You know, especially after taking, I think, um, I don’t know, we took like an eight month break or however long it was, we took a while and then we started going, we went over to the East coast of Florida.

Then we went to Tennessee and now we’re in Texas and we’re just experiencing different scenarios, different people, different, environments, different. I just, it’s just different. And you kind of, you’re experiencing the world. And the thing is, is, you know, you’re kind of like, Oh, well, this is how it is because you’re, you’re believing a story.

You’re believing a story that someone else has told you, for example college. Yeah, so many college stories, but in college and my freshman year, I played volleyball. And so I missed fall ball for softball. And I went into college with two or three friends that I played summer ball with pre college. And so they were on the softball team and they filled me in on everybody.

They were like, Oh, this person’s, this, that person that, you know, like gave me the scoop of who everybody was on the team. Cause I didn’t get to spend that first, like freshmen fall ball season with everybody to acclimate in the team. Cause I was playing volleyball. So when I came around, the girls were like, Oh my God, there’s this girl.

She’s absolutely like horrendous she’s so mean. We don’t like her you should stay away from her. Like you, you know, she’s really weird. So I went into that situation. I was real standoffish and I was like, yeah, hi. And I played right field. She played center. So the thing is like, we still have to work together, but I was like, Oh, the girls told me you were weird.

I didn’t tell her this. But I was like, I had my guard up. And what’s interesting is that girl ended up becoming one of my best friends in college. And she was really, really cool. But if I would have held onto that story, From what others told me and didn’t experience it myself with the beginner mind with fresh eyes and looked at it, you know, with just like a new view.

I mean, I think a lot about like kids and I, you know, what, I don’t have kids. And so I’m just, I may miss some of the minor details that those of you who are parents are going to be like, Oh, that’s not how it is, but I’m thinking about the concept here. Cause I feel like with a kid, right? There’s like this, this childlike playfulness, this curiosity, and a kid is like wanting to experience the world.

But as a little bit like hesitant, you know, like certain things, maybe some of them did bust through and they’re like, Oh, I don’t care. I’m gonna go see everything. Um, you know, cause kids almost like when you’re younger, like kids and then also, you know, into teenage years and college years or whatever, you know, two different things.

But I feel like, you know, In general when you’re younger, sometimes you’re just more blissfully unaware, which can cause and get you into a lot of trouble, but also can really bring about some amazing experiences in your life. And you know, the kids who are the playful energy, you know, in there, and they’re going around and trying to experience the world, you know, they’re going to, you know, run into something they’re gonna.

Fall off something they’re going to burn their hand. Like something is going to happen. That’s going to have them go, Ooh, I don’t know about that. You know, without the guidance of our parents or guardians or whoever is in the life, you know, they may just can still keep that story. When really maybe like, for example, let’s say they put their hand on the stove or in the stove and they burn it.

They might be like, Oh God, that’s horrible. I’m never doing that again. And that’s right. They probably never will, but if someone’s not there to guide them and show them and teach them. And help them understand that, Hey, look, you put this glove on before you touch the stove and now it’s okay to do. And so I encourage you to really just sit back and think about your life to really just, ah, just really just reflect and see where your life is working for you and where you perceive that it’s not.

And I want you to get out a journal, a piece of paper. I want you to get out something that you can write on and where your life is not working for you. I want you to write those areas down and then I want you to really just think about like, what are the stories that I’m telling myself that I’m believing that are that hold true for me right now about the situation, for example, Things are really rough right now.

You may be, don’t have a job or maybe you’re coming under some things financially. And so, for example, maybe your story is that and maybe there’s some truth in it. Maybe your truth is that, Hey, things are tough. Um, there’s no jobs out there. There’s no money to be made. I can’t find any money. Like this is horrible.

My life sucks. Okay. This really dramatic, but this also could be what you’re thinking. And maybe even a bit too raw. So I apologize, but I just wanted to like give an example and you know, it’s like that story. I want you to write down that story. Like, what does that story that exists or holds true for you about the situation that you’re not comfortable with, or that’s not working for you and then you to examine those stories and see which ones it’s time for those stories to get an upgrade.

Like, what’s a news story that you could adopt. What’s a new philosophy. What’s a new mindset that you can adopt about that thing in your life that can help you to take this porcupine spirit and take this beginner’s mind to create a new future and a new possibility for yourself. Because the thing is, if we go back to the money example, you know, the thing is, is maybe what you can do is when you uncover that and you’re like, Oh my gosh, I want to get some from the library, some money mindset books, or I want to start listening to some podcasts or some audios that helped me to adapt a new philosophy when it comes to looking at money when it comes to looking at opportunity.

And the thing is, is there are people out there right now, and I’m not talking about the people that are getting blasted right now. Like, Oh, you know, Amazon guy and you know, all these people are making so much money and they’re benefiting off the poor. Like I’m not, I’m not talking that I’m just talking.

There are people out there who are making a lot of really good money right now. And there are people who are spending a lot of really good money out there. So the thing is, is anything is possible. There are people who are buying their dream homes right now. There are people who are, you know, um, have had the best year in their business.

There are people who launched their business and have the best year in their business. So. I just go back to say, look at where life is working for you and where it is not working for you? Write down the stories where your life is not working for you, examine those stories and see which ones that you could be willing to let go of and create a new story.

And along the way, you know, with this, with this, with this process, it’s going to be a process. It’s not going to happen immediately overnight, but remember to be playful. And just remember the beginner mindset, because like I said, that fresh, that fresh look at the world, you’re going to see things that didn’t exist before.

You’re going to see things. You’re gonna be like, Oh, that’s been there all along. So thank you, porcupine spirit for bringing this amazing wisdom in our lives. And really, I know that this moment, this moment right here is a launch point for you. This moment is, is it as a. A point in your life where things are going to change.

Things are going to change right now. And I can feel it. I actually, I feel very emotional and I just feel like I want to cry because there’s those of you who have been waiting for this, you’ve been waiting for this moment. You’ve been waiting for this guidance. You’ve been waiting for the, for the courage you’ve been waiting for the clarity you’ve been waiting for this to be able to be the thing that helps you unravel.

Everything that’s been holding you back and just start to pull that string, right? So that you can really paint a new reality for yourself. All right. As I said, I have started to say in the episodes at the end, please reach out, follow me on Instagram at the life adventurist. Also, we have our, um, our business account to at two J holla to underscore J holla.

Um, We got that over there. I’m more active on stories and we are on the feed on the life of ventures page. We’ll probably look to amp that up at some point, but reach out, follow me, reach out, send a message. Tag me in your stories, especially the podcast episodes that you loved and we’ll see you next time.

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