Raw Mindset: The Power Of A Growth Mindset

A person’s mindset influences almost every aspect of their life. In recent times, the word MINDSET has become a buzzword, making people ignore this powerful tool capable of changing their entire life. In the race of catching up with the competition, chasing after success, we often forget to sharpen our most important weapon, the raw mindset.


But what is the mindset, how can it be utilized in achieving success, and how can we develop it? Let’s find out.


Defining Mindset


Every mindset works dually. While one’s perspective can open doors of success, it can also set rigid limitations based on your beliefs and approach in different scenarios. Theoretically, these two different sets of behaviorism is classified as:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Fixed Mindset


Growth Mindset


A growth mindset is not the key to your success, and it is not a magical wand whose one swing would help you get everything in life. But it is a lens, a way of looking at the world which can exponentially increase one’s probability for success.


A person with a growth metal approach will be more resilient, allowing them to overcome the hurdles and challenging situations in a  much more manageable manner. 


Fixed Mindset


A person with the fixed mental approach looks at failure as an assault, not as a learning opportunity. The lack of knowledge is perceived as an indicator of stupidity by such people.


A fixed mindset is capable of trapping you into self-defeating cycles. The rigid belief that a person is born with intelligence and it is impossible to grow pushes people into the vicious cycle of not trying and failing repeatedly.  


Difference Between Growth Mindset And Fixed Mindset

The growth mindset focuses on learning over failure, which frees a person from the fear of failure; they choose growth over stagnation. On the contrary, fixed mindsets constrain themselves to the belief of limited talent and intelligence, stopping them from trying. 


When compared to a fixed mindset which keeps a person bound to a state of delusion, a growth mindset can enable one to make more accurate decisions. 


What Mindset Do We Need?


Though a growth mindset seems to be the only ideal mindset to have in life, we will encounter situations that can only be tackled through a fixed mindset approach. However, the person who operates with a behavioral growth approach tends to attain the more desired success in most cases.


It seems pretty intuitive that people should perceive and keep working hard despite facing obstacles. The arduous journey to success is the teacher, and the one who dares to take the challenge will mold themselves into the person they aspire to be.


How To Develop A Growth Mindset?


Mindset is not a proclamation but a practice. It is just another angle of viewing any situation, which is far more efficient. Molding yourself into a new set of beliefs is a journey that will take years and will keep refurbishing itself throughout one’s lifetime.


The following can be the stepping stones of the journey of building a growth mindset:

  • Accepting that our brain is not fixed but malleable and it is possible to learn new skills at any time.
  • Praising efforts over results. Emphasizing the process will help effectively create a strategy, alter it and produce the desired results. 
  • Read biographies written by the expert in the areas that you are trying to excel in. 
  • Question and challenge yourself. You have to step outside your comfort zone. 


You don’t necessarily need to follow the footsteps of another successful person because sometimes what works for one doesn’t work for the other. Tracing the exact path might not bring the desired result, but discovering what works to help you achieve your success. Jenny in the Raw Mindset episodes says, “It’s always good to check in with yourself, your soul, who you are, whatever resonates with you.”


Keep in mind that this entire journey would be challenging and time-taking. Now and then, you will have to battle to avoid falling into a fixed mindset, and most importantly, you need to believe in yourself. As Jai from the ‘Raw Mindset’ episode says, “People come at an angle that your mindset is a problem. But what if you twist that and realize that your mindset has always been the solution,”

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