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Travelling to over 52 countries and going from welfare to millionaire, you could say Sandy Forster has lived an adventurous life. Today she joins the show to discuss the power of aligning the mind, body and spirit, delving deep into the magic that can happen once you have become open to the law of attraction. Listen in as Jenny and Sandy talk about the Root Chakra, explaining how the universe is here to support us every step of the way.

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Jenny: Welcome to another episode of The Life Adventurist Podcast I’m Jenny Holla your host. And I am so excited to kick off this series, this whole Chakra series. And so we’re starting at the root chakra and working all the way up to the crown chakra. And over the course of all of these episodes, you are going to meet all kinds of amazing people. I’m going to have a guest per show, and you’re going to have lots of different insights to be able to integrate into your life, to help you grow, become even better and make 2021 and beyond absolutely amazing for you. So today’s guest is Sandy Forster which by the way, did I say that, right? I meant to ask you before you show.

Sandy: Yep, yep you sure did!

Jenny: So today’s guest is Sandy Forster and she has traveled all over the world. So she is like my type of Life Adventurer she’s been to over 52 countries. She has gone from welfare to millionaire. She’s written a best-selling book. She’s won multiple awards. She’s created the millionaire mindset experience with students from over 108 countries, which by the way, that is one of my goals to be global and have students from all over the world. So I’m going to be listening as much as you are. So loved a welcome Sandy to the show and share a little bit more about, you know, who you are. Like, I want to hear a little bit more about the business side, but also I want to hear something fun. Like there’s got to be something fun and adventurous, which I know you’ve got millions of things you can share.

Sandy: Okay. So to give you a kind of a backstory really quickly. So I moved from a really cold state in Australia, Victoria, up to a Northern state Queensland, which is nice and sunny. So I’ll kind of opposite from, for the rest of the world. Before we moved, we traveled the world for 10 months. My parents decided to sell our house and travel the world for 10 months and then come back. And then I went to school and went to a high school while I was in high school. I met a boy, we went out for 11 years, we got married. I had a six month old in a three-year-old and we divorced. So then I started trying to turn what was really before just a hobby business. So I was designing manufacturing, swim, and gym where, and I would do that all winter.

And then I would find an empty store in summer down by the beach. And I would open the store up and sell all my gym and swim away and then close it up again. But suddenly when we divorced that income had to be my income, like previously, it was our play money. You know, we maybe put in a pool one year or bought some furniture for the house or when on a holiday. But suddenly that had to be my actual income to pay for everything. And it wasn’t enough. So I ended up a a hundred thousand dollars in debt and I was on welfare. So I was getting something like $15,000 a year from the government, which in US dollars at a time that was seven and a half thousand dollars a year.

So there’s not enough to survive. So I just was basically going backwards every, you know, every month, every week, every day. And it was really, really stressful. And it was a, not a fun time. Although, you know, people often say to me, how did you get through it? But everything that people go through, you just get through it in that at the time, it’s just your life. It’s just what you do. So anyway, I’m struggling away on the a hundred thousand dollars in debt and I’m welfare and all is around that time. You know, after about 10 years of really doing the hard or discovered the law of attraction, I completely fell in love with it if for no other reason, I think it was because it took me away from where my life was and I started putting all these processes and exercises into place and dreaming about how my life could be and dreaming about being a millionaire and focusing on that and affirming that and visualizing that, and that it just also much better than how my life actually was. So, so, you know, even if it wasn’t gonna work, I was having fun. It was making me feel better. So I really dived into the law of attraction, but I guess the more I understood it, the more I realized that, you know, it wasn’t something that was going to work for this person or that person or the other person. It was a universal law and it will work for everyone if they worked it. So, as I said, I really dived in and I created all these different processes and all these different exercises so that I would continually be focusing on what I actually wanted as opposed to how my life was.

Because when you were a a hundred thousand dollars in debt and on welfare, it is really challenging to focus on being a millionaire. I like it, it really is. So, you know, so I had to do lots and lots of different things to trick my mind, keep a focus on, you know, being a millionaire on having the home that I really want to have in the car. Being able to travel, doing all the things that I wanted. And basically the bottom line is it worked. I went from welfare to millionaire. I’ve created lots of different products and programs over the years. My absolute passion now is helping other, particularly women, but other people to really understand that it’s, it’s just a matter of rewiring your brain. And when you rewire your brain, what happens is the law of attraction works so much better.

So it’s not just about sitting around meditating and, you know, expecting a million dollars to drop into your lap. There’s a whole process. I take people through about aligning body, mind and spirit, because when you’ve got those three in alignment, then absolute magic can happen. You know, when you marry the practical with the metaphysical, that’s when the magic happens. It’s not all about, you know, as I said, just visualizing or meditating or a firm, and you’ve got to, you know, balance it all up. And when you do that, I said over and over again with my students, just money miracles, it’s just mind blowing. So, you know, that’s, my passion now is really helping women all around the world to create a Life that they truly, truly love.

Jenny: mmhmm well, we got… I love that, but we’ve got to sneak that a little bit of a fun aspect in there. So something fun about you.

Sandy: Something fun? All right. Something fun. I guess the main travel is my ultimate fun. So I’m an introvert. I literally am in my own little space. I’ve got two acres, I’ve got a spring-fed dam, Bali hot and beautiful swimming pool. So I used to spend my days here. I’m an introvert here by myself, love my own little cave thinking, studying, learning, teaching, whatever I do, but I do love to travel. That is my biggest Skype. And so I guess one of my most recent, I don’t know if you call it a fun, I call it a fun. Recent adventures was I watched a movie called Everest and I don’t know what inspired me to want to climb Everest because so many people died, but for whatever reason, I watched the movie about, Oh, I want to do that.

So me and my daughter decided to track to Everest base camp. And it was the most amazing, the scenery, the people, the experience they yaks The like, everything was just so totally mind blowing. So the not so fun side was while I was tracking, I actually get altitude sickness and I did so many things beforehand thinking that I’d be able to completely, you know, it’s a lot out, I’ll be fine. I slept in an altitude tent over my bed for, you know, months beforehand, but not over my body. Just doesn’t, you know, assimilate oxygen properly. That way I ended up getting helicopters off the mountain. She kicked me out of the hospital with fluid on my brain and the lungs nearly died.But, but apart from that a little bit, it was the most fun thing I was advising.

Jenny: Oh my gosh. Well, I’m glad you survived. And I’m glad you are here to share more of your story and definitely looking forward to digging in a little bit. So let’s just talk a little bit about what the Root Chakra means to you and how it really ties into, you know, when the root chakra is aligned or not aligned, you know, when it’s, when it’s working and not working, what are some ways you can tell, like, lets talk a little bit about that and how it relates to money and money, mindset and abundance.

Sandy: Yeah. And for me really, the rich Chakra is all about safety, the survival support. So, and honestly this just relates to money in such as the biggest way possible. I don’t think people really understand how important the Chakras are and aligning them and you know, really looking up to yourself so that all your shoppers are, are working in tip top shape. So basically the Root Chakra is really about win. When you don’t feel safe, when you don’t feel supported, you can beat in this place. Cause we will understand that if we came from caveman days, like way, way back, way, way, way eons ago. And our body’s is still kind of wired that way, our brains as to why that way our nervous systems is still wired that way. And when it comes to things like safety and support, what happens is back in caveman days, if you want support, as in, particularly with women, if you want part of it, the tribe, the community of something happened and you were ostracized, that was certain death. So that was it. You were just going to die. That was you, you couldn’t survive on your own. There was, you know, woolly mammoths, saber-tooth tigers and all sorts of things. So you had to be part of the community. You have to be supported. Okay. So what happens is when something happens in our life now that we don’t feel supported how our system instantly goes into kind of stress mode.

And that stress again is going back to caveman days is stress came from, you were going to die. You were either being chased by something was going to kill you somewhat in the tribe was had a disagreement with you and get to kill you or you are being ostracized. So that’s stress means you’re a certain death. So therefor you’re not in the creation mode. When you, when you are running from death, when you were running, you know, for your life, you are not in creation mode, you’re not in the place where you can think logically where you just basically getting away. And so how that relates to money is that if you are stressed, if you’re not feeling supported, if you were in that scarcity mindset, your firing all of those ancient, ancient brainwaves, they are ancient, you know, energy through a system of I’m about to die.

And so you completely ruin any chance of you being able to manifest. Have you been able to attract of you being able to bring it into your life, what you want? And when I was a hundred thousand dollars of debt, I lived in that, I lived in this scarcity mindset. I lived in this place of feeling completely unsupported. I live in this place feeling like, you know, I was never going to be able to change things because I was so stressed. But I think one of the things, and this is why, how my life transformed. One of the things that really helped me was doing things like visualization and meditation and saying affirmations because it calmed my nervous system and doing that because I was focusing on what I wanted and instead of how things work.

And when you focus on what you want and you say you just fear sort of slowly, slowly, slowly counselors system. And when your nervous system is calmer, then your able to start manifesting. Then you are able to start a tracking. Then you are able to start thinking clear, you are able to come up with ideas that can lead you to a path that you had never thought before. You can say, you’re suddenly aware of opportunities in situations and people and connections and all sorts of doors can open. So I really encourage people who, you know, feel that they may be in that place with the stress or feeling unsupported or really running on scarcity. Just start by doing something really simple, like meditating, like honestly, meditating, just even if it’s a five minutes, people think meditation is all about sitting around or coming, you know, legs crossed standing when you head for an hour or two, but it’s not that like, I literally, the first thing I do when I get up in the morning, you sit up in the bed, put my timer on for 11 minutes and I just meditate every single morning without fail because meditation is, I liken it to the sort of like the cleaning brush of the pipe, the channel between you and the universe. Okay. So, so think of yourself as down here on earth and you think of the university is, you know, the way up there you could call it, God, divine, whatever you want to name, you want to give it for, this is a channel between us and, you know, we get ideas and thoughts and the inspiration of go here or do that or whatever.

And what happens is over the years when we’re not really connecting what we are not listening when we are not looking after our bodies, when we’re not, you know, eating the right foods or just generally not really taking care of this temple that we have, what happens is that pipe gets kinked and full of muck. And so even though we want to be guided, we want to take the right actions. We’re unsure. We don’t know because we’re not really getting any sort of guidance where, where it’s all muffled, it’s all static. So meditation, I believe clears that path and you come up with the most amazing ideas. And you know, for me, honestly, think of it.

I was a hundred thousand dollars in debt and on welfare. And then I’ve come up since that time, since I decided I was going to meditate daily. And you know, obviously all the other different, more of a reflection processes that you use. But that, that was the one that I believe really cleaned is the pipes I’ve came up with the most amazing ideas that have transformed my life and literally created millions of dollars in a matter of months that I’m not smart enough to think of. Like, I’m literally not smart enough because I dropped out of school in grade 10. I’m sorry, grade 11 didn’t even finish high school, no money, connections, no people connections, no great skill. And yet, how did I, how have I made like it’s, you know, over $12 million and now how do I make all that?

When I’m just me, I’m just, Sandy from, from the sunshine coast to who loves to walking the dogs on the beach in the morning and coming back and chilling at my house, like, how does that happen? It’s because I really work on understanding that we are this spiritual being and there is more to what we can do, what we can create, what we can have, what we can experience and just, you know, us and our physical illness just ask and who we are because the universe is there to support us every step of the way the universe wants a far more than every single one of us than we could ever imagine.

And when we think that we have to start a business on our own, or we have to try and get an advanced in our career on our own, or we have to, you know, do something, start a side hustle on our own. When we think it’s all about just us doing something we are. So in a mistaken, we have got the universe backing us. And if we just take the time to really step into our spiritual illness and really connect with that connect to the divine part of us, then we have the support of the universe knowing that alone, and really helped to balance your Root Chakra, knowing that we have that support. It’s not just us, it’s the entire universe backing us.

And when we get that, when we understand it, then when we believe it, then that starts to build a little bit of confidence in, I guess, in ourselves, because suddenly we feel like we’re not doing it all on our own. And so having that confidence allows us to take actions and do things that we otherwise wouldn’t have. So let me give you an example. So I don’t know if you’ve heard of the movie, the Secret, most of most people that are in kind of spiritual circles inheriting, and then maybe to say to them now, when it first came out, we could buy in Australia because there was some sort of, I don’t know, some sort of legal thing until they get on TV. We went able to find, so I, I only saw the trailer and I didn’t really know what it was about.

It never said it was about the law of attraction, but I just got to have this feeling. I had something very much to do with what I was teaching, because I’d already had my book, how to be wildly lucky, fast. And you know, it’s all based on manifesting money through the law of attraction. So I decided to out of the blue, I thought I’m going to email them and see if that, cause I just know this is going to transform the world. I want to email them in and save them on a present. So I emailed to the website and said, you know, I love what you’re doing here is going to transform this planet. I haven’t seen it, but I just know it is, I’d love to send you a present and I’ve got an e-mail back from Rhonda Bern, the producer, she said, we get hundreds of emails. And in that I never get any, I don’t know how I got yours, but yes, I would love a present.

But I seen in my book and also in my program, I’m a millionaire mindset and she got it and email it back and said, did you watch the secret? And then write your book? And I say, no, my book’s been out for ages. And she was like, wow. You know, anyway, she decided that she wanted to fill me to be in the secret, but the secret was already out. But they were taking someone out that were going to put someone in. They ended up filming me for an entire day, but my energy has a bit high in the person that took it out is kind of a more low. So that took the people in the secret and expanded their wrongs. But what ended up happening was I said to all of us, it’s crazy. I don’t understand how, how come we can’t buy it here in Australia?

She said, well, you know, we’ve got this agreement. We can only sell, we could sell all over everywhere else. We can not sell to Australia. And I say, can someone else go to Australia? She said, sure. She said, but that we can only sell it to people in America. We can only sell too. You know, Americans, I say, what are the American company? Yes. We could sell from America. The American companies. Yeah. Well she said show as well. We have an American company. I don’t even know why I had an American company. I like it… Wasn’t putting any money in it. I didn’t have, I have no idea that I had, but I have this American company that he’d set up, you know, a decade ago for some obscure reason when I was in the States I thought it to be a good idea. So I would say, well, can I sell in Australia?

She said, sure. Now I know nothing about importing. I know nothing about, you know, buying a product of a wholesale and then selling it at retail and distributing it throughout the Life. But she said, yeah. And I did that and it made me close to $3 million in like less than a year. Yeah. So, you know, what I’m trying to get at is cleaning that pipe cleaning that pipe allows you to feel supported, get ideas, but the big sacred is taking action on the ideas. Cause most people come up and I’m sure that there was probably one of people that go, Oh, well, this movie is amazing. I’d love to let them know and give them a present, but they didn’t, they didn’t, they didn’t want to reach out.

They did nothing, but I took the action. So when you really work on yourself, when you work on your sharp is when you meditate, when you connect to that divine part of us and the divine itself, then amazing things can happen. Like I would never have thought in a million years that that could be something that I would do. But you know, ideas come in here, you call them inspired ideas. And it’s a matter of taking action and knowing that. And, and I think that, and this is part of it. I, I don’t know. You consider myself a business person to this very day. I still do. Do not consider myself a business person. I am a creative person that just happens to come up with ideas and then make money from them.

So, you know, everyone that’s listening, you know, money may not be your goal, but let me tell you, I’ve been in a place where I was a hundred thousand dollars in debt and I’ve been in a place where I’m a millionaire. And I had to tell you that the millionaire is a lot more fun. And the side benefit of that is you can make so much more of a difference. So the amount of people around the world that I’ve been able to give a micro loans to and a change their life because they’re being able to start their own little mini business and then, you know, bring more money into their family in the family’s last change. And the kids can go to school and all sorts of amazing things. So I think sometimes can be The in spiritual circles. There is kind of a sudden thing about money, like wealth and spirituality don’t mix. You’re either really spiritual and you’re broke or you’re all about money and you’re a nasty person. But the thing that I teach my community and my students is the most money. You have the more of a difference. So you can make in the world, you get to decide what you do with the money. Yes. Movies and TV and all those things. They like to portray people with money as bad. I don’t actually have a TV that’s connected to the outside world. I just have a TV and then, you know, watch DVDs. And my daughter decades ago gave me Beverly Hills 90210 And I just found them when I sent you a cluttering the other day. And I started watching it and I was amazing.

Like, I didn’t say it back then, but I was being brainwashed and how they perceived everyone who was really, really rich, like probably 98% of them are really mean and nasty and horrible people. And that’s what we’ve been kind of ingrained. Right. So, you know, spirituality and money absolutely makes sense. It just makes it, you can make as big a difference, you know, not just be yourself, but for other people and really make a difference in the level.

Jenny: Yeah. You know, one thing I wanted to comment on with what you’re sharing about how, you know, we need to like, okay, well, you know, it’s just me. I love to just walk my dog. And I live here, you know, in Australia, like how did just me make all this money? And you said it was about cleaning that pipe and that connection between you and God, universe, spirit, whatever you call it. So one thing that came up that I be, I’m curious, your take on this is I feel like there’s a lot of people out there who teach on making a million dollars in 52 seconds, hurry up, make money. And you know, everybody’s selling these strategies. And I feel like a lot of people chase these strategies. I mean, I’ve been in tons of these meetings and stuff, you know, I’ve, I’ve listened to speakers, authors, coaches stand on a stage and say, you know, if you’re not willing to invest the big dollars, you’re not going to make the big dollars.

If you’re not willing to do this and drop everything, you know, like whatever they’re saying. Right. And I feel like it’s, it’s a totally different energy in someone who is maybe chasing the dollar or the idea of the dollar or the idea of being a millionaire vs just the simplicity of what you said. And so I’m just thinking, you know, for anybody who’s like, Oh wow. You know, I’m still trying to make it. And I haven’t made it if it’s really just as simple as cleaning that pipe between you, your connection with you and God universe, spirit curious what your thoughts are on. Like, you know, that, that chain of people who are out there, you know, selling the dream. And it just seems like this black hole, like, you know,

Sandy: I mean I spent a lot of money on, you know, chasing the dream from people selling the dream and I completely understand, but I think that’s just one side of it. So, you know, most of the people that are kind of selling the dream, not so much now, but I know when I first discovered the internet and first discovered marketing and the first discovered, you know, everything back in the early, around 2001 ish, it was all men. It was all men like, you know, this is the dreaming overnight millionaire, blah, blah, blah. And it was like, and it was all about doing, doing, doing, doing, doing. And there is nothing wrong with doing, I mean, doing is such a massive part of actually creating because the movie, the secret was actually inspired by a book by Wallace Wattles, which has written like at the start of the 19 hundreds about that.

And I have 110 and in there he says, by thought that the thing that you desire is bought to you. So it’s the thing that you thought, the thing you devised brought to you, that by action, you receive it. So action is a massive part of creating success in creating abundance, having a life that you truly love, but it’s only hard of the equation. And that’s why I say, I love to teach the practical with the metaphysical because when you do the two together, that’s when magic happens. Because if all you’re doing is doing, doing, doing, doing, doing, and your mindset, isn’t in the right place. And you’re energetically looked not aligned with success and abundance, then you’re going to be doing, doing, doing a new.

And particularly as a woman, you potentially going to burn out because as a woman, what happens is we are created to attract. We are created to bring things to us and a man is created to do, do, do, do, do chase after that. And so, particularly as a woman, if we spend all our time doing, we just going to burn out, we’re going to be overwhelmed and frustrated and they are all the energies, but that actually push you away. What we desire. We’re not in the creation place. We’re not in the attracting place. We’re not in a manifesting place. So we need to spend that time doing both now for a lot of men that doing, doing, doing that, suits them, that’s who they are.

That’s what they do. That the interesting thing. And this is why we need everyone to understand. I’ve recently been asked in calls where I’ve heard from people that I would never hear from otherwise. So I don’t know if you heard of Clubhouse, but I’m in there listening to what’s going on. And I was going to call the other day and I talking about mindset and it was so interesting because one of the guys there we were talking about you, do you ever kind of get over those things, those little blocks that you have because they’re, I’m really big on helping people to rewire their brain so they can break through those blocks. And one of the guys said, you know, my friend makes a hundred million dollars. So rich it is ridiculous, but he still want valet the car.

So it’s like, he’s got this block from whenever I went and he had no money that he just won’t get a valet whenever he goes to an event or we have to go somewhere, we just won’t get someone to valet the car. He’d rather pocketing self. And you know, because if the money and so we all have, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a, a a hundred millionaire or whether you’re just starting out in your business, we have these little blocks and we need to be aware of them. You don’t have to know every single one, but you just have to understand that you have these blocks. And I sometimes don’t even like to call them blocks. I just call them resistance. Like you have an anchor and all you needed to do is cut the anchor. And then you can use sort of a fly off.

But when you are aware that you have things that your brain is wired a certain way, and you may be wanting to create success, but there is part of you that is holding you back. Once you are aware of that, and you can do certain processes and exercises to just, like I say, cut that anchor off and just say, you can move forward much faster. So it really comes back to you. You know, you’re the one that has the choice every day, what you are going to focus on, what you are going to think about, what are you gonna talk about? Where are you going to put your energy? And when you do that, you make the choice to get a raise your vibration or lower your vibration. And when you’re doing things that make you feel good, whether that’s laughing, you know, with your children, patting a dog, walking in nature, I like to walk down by the beach.

And so I’m going to the ocean, whether that’s doing visualization, but affirmations are focusing on, on your goal. But when you’re doing things that make you feel good, you’re raising your vibration. And what happens then? And this is the key right now, energetically, we have a smorgasbord of things waiting for us, a buffet of things, just waiting for us to pick from when you’re in scarcity, when you are feeling unsupported. And when you’re feeling stressed, if you go to that smorgasbord, but if you got blinkers on, you can only see the things that are going to bring you more scarcity and more feeling unsupported and more, you know, all those things that make you feel bad.

But when you spend more time feeling good, whatever that happens to be, and I’m not saying, and this is going to help you create more money in your life, but I’m not saying you have to think about money and think about being abundant, thinking about being prosperous, just doing anything that makes you feel good. And then suddenly that’s how you go to the same smorgasbord of Life. And suddenly you see all those things that weren’t there before, all those things that weren’t there before, because when you are focusing on what you truly want, what happens is we’ve got a little thing, have a base of our skull or the reticular activating system. And its basically the, the gateway between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

And when you think about something focusing on it and give it lots of energy, you’re basically saying to that reticular activating system, Hey, this is really, really important to me. This is something that’s really important. And so the gateway opens and that thought, or that that experience goes in and settled in your subconscious and it becomes a belief and it becomes something that your, your entire body understand is really important. So what happens to the most people? And I know it was for me when I was a hundred thousand dollars in debt on welfare and I was really struggling. That’s how I was thinking about focusing on stress, about my bills, worried about how I was going to pay my whole energy was just completely out of whack. And so what happened is basically I was feeding that into my subconscious saying, this is so important because I was spending so much time and focusing on it so much energy, so much emotion, really strong emotion. So my whole system was being wired for this is really important. So we went up when I go out into the world, when I make any decision around money, it was always a bad one. Cause he was always going to bring me more of that same or that struggle more of that stress, more of that or whatever. But when I learnt about the reticular activating system and learned about what you focused on is what you create and learn about the law of attraction to learn about rewiring the brain. Then I realized I needed to feed my brain what was important. So as I said at the very start of our powerful, I understood that when I focused on what I wanted, not only did it make me feel better in the moment I was rewiring my brain, I was rewiring my self-conscious to then go out in the world and all that smorgasbord instead of only seeing scarcity and being unsupported and feeling stressed, suddenly I could see this idea or that idea or that connection or that person or that course or that whatever. And so it all comes down to your, the one that gets the choice to think, how do you think you’re the one that gets to choose how you feel?

So someone might do something to you that normally in the past, you might’ve gotten really angry at really annoyed at, but you know peeved at them. But when you spend time in those emotions, your just because of motion is what creates that subconscious belief creates that wiring. When you’re in that place of feeling negative, you are just going to create more the same. So suddenly you realize, you know what, I don’t care. You know, that that was what they did and I’m going to feel this way about. So whatever happened, someone cut you off in traffic instead of giving a finger, because then you yell at you. It’s like, well, and then you get the choice in every moment How do you feel what your thoughts are? And that ultimately will then create your reality and create your tomorrow is create your future. So the bottom line is you want to feel good as much as you possibly can.

Jenny: Yeah, no. And that makes a lot of sense. I mean, in my own personal journey, you know, recently I’ve always believed in this stuff from an intellectual level and I’m just now stepping into the belief at like that energetic level being like, Oh, you know what? Cause I I’ve been, what’s the word like unwinding all of the corporate programming cause I was a national sales rep and I traveled all over the country and I’ve always been very go, go, go and work hard for success. And I left my corporate job a year ago. I said, you know what, I’m going in for the business. I’m making this happen. And I’ve been rewiring my brain. And even before that, I was starting to rewire my brain where it’s like, I don’t have to operate that way.

So I totally get this. And it’s like a, it’s like a different, the way at least I’ve been experiencing is like a different level of belief and even trust and letting of that control where you want to control everything and be the one in control of, I want to tap in this way because I’ve, I’ve had a lot of success by being in control or what I perceived in control, right. Where I was like pushing through whether it was in flow or out of flow to make things happen, you know, making good money and all that. And so, you know, one of my questions was cause it’s like, you know, you’ve, you’ve got your story right where it’s like a a hundred thousand dollars in debt. It’s worried about your bills, all of that. But then my, my next question is, okay, well, if you’ve hit, what you’ve perceived is a good level of money because it’s different to everybody.

Right. But just for sake of conversations, you’ve hit six figures, which has traditionally, you know, that ideal amount that people want to make from like a, just like a society level. But it’s like, that’s a lot of money. Cool. But like, you know, there’s so much more so as you’re going through that, it’s not necessarily because if we talk about the root chakra, been about safety, right. And be in about that. Well, if your making a hundred K at least for me, I felt very safe. I felt good. Like, I feel like all that base was there. So then it’s like, when you hit that ceiling, whatever amount it is, a million a hundred million, right? Like I feel like with the law of attraction of abundance, any amount is available and possible to you, but why do you think that sometimes we hit ceilings? Or how do we break through those ceilings?

Sandy: Yeah. Great question. Great question. So a couple of things can happen. First of all, let’s say someone’s just starting a business and they’ve been hustling away and you know, doing all the things and then they, they bring some lines at work in and things start to change and they do hit that a hundred thousand dollars. First thing that can happen is they can actually going to fear because it’s like, Oh my gosh, I’ve done this. Am I going to be able to do it again? Is this going to be possible? Is it just a fluke? I mean, I don’t know if I can sustain this. So sometimes speaking how many, the second thing is sometimes that complacency you can say in, Oh, I’ve made it now. And so the processes and things in the actions that they take to actually get to that a hundred thousand dollars, they can let it slip.

So in those two cases, a lot can happen if they can actually go backwards. And I’ve seen this time and time again, ’cause, they’re going to fear it. And then I think that it’s not going to be sustainable. And as soon as they go on to the fear, they stopped sort of manifesting. They stopped feeling confident. They stopped making actions. And it can, you know, if you take a few steps backwards and the same with going into complacency, you know, just feeling like, you know, Oh, well now we have made it. Everything’s great. You know, I don’t have to worry. And it’s like someone whose has been wanting to be a fit and lose weight all of their life. And may they want to lose, say, I dunno, say 50 pounds. And they lose say 45 pounds. And they’re feeling like, Ugh, got it made. And I started in chocolate biscuits, have his cake and eat on the couch, eating chips.

It’s like, you got the kick, the workout. It’s ongoing. A lot of people think that people that go from welfare millionaire or are people that become overnight successes, that that is it, that they’ve got wine and its for the rest of the life they are made. But it’s not like that at all. Being abundant and being in that abundant mindset and attracting prosperity, it is ongoing work for the rest of your life is like, you’ve got to continue. You do a little things every day to keep your vibration high, to keep your focus on what it is that you want. And if you let that will slow down and then it goes away. But the other side of it, once you hit a a hundred thousand dollars, if you want to go further and even to get to the a hundred thousand dollars, you’ve got to become a different person.

You’ve got to think a different way. You can’t, you can’t create. And you know, if you let’s say you’re sitting at a a hundred thousand now and you go, okay, I’ve done that. I should be able to 10 times this, I should be able to get to say a million dollars. Let’s even just go with the 500,000. I should be able to get to a 500,000. You’ve got to be a different person to, to create that 500,000 for starts. So you’ve got to take different actions. We’ve got to think different thoughts. You’ve got to, you know, put in different processes and exercises within your own business to get there. But the other side of that is you also have to get your body or comes back to the root Chakra again, you got to get your body comfortable with making that extra money.

So if you’re making a a hundred thousand, now you want to make 500,000, you’ve got to do process of the exercise. And these are the things that I had to teach my students to completely be aligned with that 500,000. Because if you try and make that 500,000 from a a hundred thousand, your nervous system again is going to do with anything new, anything you could say, going back to caveman days, anything, you had a new type of fruit, a new type of animal and you type of person that they see, any of those things could kill you. So if it’s new, your nervous system, that goes more and it will, it will stop it. You would rather stay where it is even if it’s not where you want it to be.

Because you are nervous system is saying this new thing. I’m not quite a hundred thousand dollars. You have your logical brain. It might be saying if this one, this one is that your nervous system and how you’re wide is saying, and this is new. I can’t do this. You got to do different processes and exercises till you get your system, your mind, your body to really embrace that 500,000 to be comfortable with a 500 a thousand before it even comes. Because otherwise you’ll do things that will make that money disappear. Just like people have had no money, win the lottery. And then, you know, one or two years later, they’re back to nothing, if not worse because their outside circumstances have changed, but who they are inside that has not changed a lot.

And it’s not that they didn’t get good, you know, advice or investment advice on the financial advice is that they did not change on the inside. So you have to change on the inside. You have to rewire your brain to be with that so that you can accept it. And then you’ll find that things will start to flow in and you start to create.

Jenny: So I’ll just share a little bit open here, right. And be transparent with everybody. So I think what just happened is I just had an aha moment kind of like unintentionally, I wasn’t even searching for it, but I just had an aha moment where I think I’ve been avoiding admitting this. Right. Because I’m like, Oh yeah, you know the abundance I’ve got it all. And I’m doing so much leveling up in my own life right now. Like there are so many things that are going to grow so exponentially this year. But when it comes to the money aspect of things, I think for me, I have like a temperature barometer for whatever reason, implanted by society.

Like I always want to make six figures and I made six figures by the age of like 24 or something crazy. Right. So it was like, Oh, I did it. And then I never really thought beyond that. And it’s like you said in the brain, but were you really felt it and believed it at the core level. I never really believed it at the core level because of what you just said where it’s like, maybe something there kind of scares you about it, or you’ve never had it before. And it’s really not that scary and everything in your brain once all of that. But then like everything else aligning and I’m like, Oh man, you know like that definitely. Cause I mean, I know that I am extremely like magnetic and powerful and I have all the things, but I haven’t made more than six figures. You know, I, and I made that in my job in the corporate job, you know, the most money ever look at me live in the good life, you know, but I think it’s because of that temperature barometer that I had, I wanted to make six figures to prove I could do it at a young age.

It was like one of the only friends of mine who did it. And then that’s, that’s it. I never really kinda of like readjusted the temperature.

Sandy: Yeah. And that’s it. You do, you got to readjust. If you have comfort zone, you’d have a comfort zone around money and you know, you can really work on, on hitting that goal, but then you’ve got to continue to work. And I think one of the problems that people have is they sometime set their sites to be, so they set them so big. So let’s say that they are just starting their business and it’s like, okay. My goal is I really want to make, you know, a half a million dollars into the next 12 months or two years or whatever. And what happens is the universe can do everything. I like the universe is going to completely make that happen. And that is just a, that’s in a blink of an eye. No problem. But what happens with us is our brains say, even though they’re not saying it on a logical level and I’m not hearing it, but at a subconscious level going in that that is so not possible.

Like you are insane. You are crazy. It’s not going to work out. I don’t know who you think you are. And so you actually self-sabotage because you got to also think about what happened within your tribe. So you don’t want to be ostracized by the tribe or that certain death. So within your tribe, your community, your family, what were the messages you got growing up for me, it was the rich get richer. The poor poorer. If someone was doing something and making lots of money, there is probably something on the other hand knowing, or like no one in her family had any money at whatsoever. So people had a lot, the money was, seems to be, you know, potentially bad people. So as part of that, you take that on board.

So I didn’t want to grow up to be a bad person. So even though on a, on a conscious level, I wanted to be a millionaire I want to do. And this was in before I wanted to be a millionaire, I just wanted to have enough money. So it wasn’t in debt. You know, there was a part of me that didn’t want to be that person that had a lot of money because then I would be one of those people and are bad people. And these people that, you know, stood on people and, and didn’t care about people and was greedy. So you’ve got to kind of work with all these things or is that you don’t even know you don’t even usually aware that it’s there. And one of the things that happened for me with my daughter came home from school. One day, she said to me, in two days time, we have our school dance.

Now I live on the sunshine coast, very casual. So wearing whatever you want to school dances is perfectly fine. She said, I needed a pair of shorts set up at the time. I have no like literally no money. And she said, I probably need a pair of shoes too. And I’m like, dang man, sorry, we just don’t have the money. And she was like, well, you never buy any, anything you never. And I literally didn’t. I never bought my kids. Anything when we were at shopping, never have thought that many, you know, an ice cream or some chips or crisps or anything like that just didn’t cause we just didn’t have the money. She’s like, you never buy me anything. And you know, how come you can’t? And, and I’m like darling they want to send me, you just don’t have any money right now. And she’s like, well, can’t you just put it on credit card.

And at the time it was just not possible because my credit, how has that there? And that’s kinda off the phone. And I remember feeling all of these emotions. I was feeling angry because she was asking and I was angry at myself because I didn’t have the money. I was embarrassed because how come I’m still in the situation? Cause I was learning about the law of attraction. And so it’s like, how come it’s still happening to me? I was feeling frustrated, I was feeling scared of my life. Always going to be like this. And I’m just really saving with the motions. But unfortunately angle is the one that was winning and I can picture myself. I can see what I look like. I have steam coming out my ears and my temples was robbing. I was yelling so much. I spit flying out my that. I turn around and say, look, don’t you understand that we’ve gotten their money.

We are broke. We have no money. And she turned to me, she was that 10 at the time, I think had to make it a hand on him and said, well, if that’s how you feel, whenever you talk about money, the universe is never going to make a switch. And it was like, I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. It was like, Oh my God, she’s going to write, like I just thought like, Oh, I am, I’m putting all my strongest emotions into not having money. Even though I spending time affirming, visualizing. And we, all of these places in the feelings, wealthy and wonderful. I was putting my strongest emotions into not having money. So energetically, that was the signal I was sending it out to the universe. That’s what I was telling my brain was most important.

And so that’s why I was creating it over and over again. So that really helped me. It’s amazing how, you know, the kids who you think are not listening to a thing and you say, they tell you that what you’re saying is completely stupid and ridiculous. And yet they’re taking it on board. It was like, it was a really cool moment. And it really helped me to say that I need to keep my eye on the prize and focused on what I did want and not put all that energy into what I did.

Jenny: Right. No, and that’s really powerful. I have an, I have another question that came up two and please correct me if I’m not relaying what you said back properly. So I feel like what you had said is you’re like, okay, as you were leveling up, each time you level up, there’s going to be a different set of exercises and a different… things that you will need to grow into different set of questions, different set of maybe skills that you’ll need as a person. So you’ve got whatever exercise your working on for a mindset, connection to the universe, abundance law of attraction, but also the personality in the level up of you as a person. Right? So in each one of those levels come, I guess, is what I was just thinking. It’s just more of like a, just curious.

So when you hit those levels, you know, of whatever income, why not just keep going? Why not just keep leveling up or is it just because there’s no one to talk to? Who knows what to do with that next level? Or like, you know, like, why not just keep going? Why would anybody stop at 12 million are a hundred trillion are whatever the amount is.

Sandy: Well, we’ll, that’s the thing quite often, depending on what sort of community you are connected to, or for the masterminds we’re in and what sort of groups are in you don’t have people that are doing beyond that. And so you don’t feel it’s possible. I think it’s so important to find a community, find people who are doing better than you are doing so that you can think bigger because, because if all your friends are not even broke, but if all your friends are just, you know, doing okay, then if you’re the only one that starts to sort of step above that, you’ll find that you think that they want you to do well. You would think that they’d be excited for you. But what happens is when you start to do well, it starts to make people feel uncomfortable because it starts to show them that, well, hang on a minute, they could or should also be doing the same or better, but they’re not.

So they start to feel less than, and rather than step up to the plate and do more themselves, quite often, people try and drag you back down in here. So you want to find the community that thinks bigger than what you do. And that’s why, you know, one of the things that we do with an hour and a millionaire mindset experiences, I make people send me all their successes, all of the things that they are manifesting and creating and you know, all the money miracles. And then I read them on the live calls. You know, I share a, a, a handful of them on every Life call so that everyone who is part of the program can see that this is absolutely possible normal everyday people who just joined the program just like you are doing it and so when you build that belief, that’s when it is possible to go further and further.

So when you, when you talk about that on a practical level and on the mindset level, on the mindset level, you, you’re not doing new things every time you go to the next level, you’re doing the same things, but with just a bigger amount, it’s not like you, you, you do this sort of process for that level. And then now you, at the next level, it’s a different process is really the same thing over I have over just like someone that wanted to lose weight, but don’t have to recreate and entirely different exercise process. If they’ve lost to a certain amount of waiting to go to the next and they just have to be consistent doing it every day, just keep doing it every day and, and they’ll get to where they want the same with manifesting more money. Can you just do the same things?

Geez, there are processes that light you up from the inside out and just do them. You’re not on a consistent basis and just think about different amounts of money, but on the practical side, yes, we do need just to surround ourselves with people who are doing better than we are. We might need to up level our skills in some way to a call us to a program, find a mentor, do something, you know, in that practical level. Because again, I can join the practical with the metaphysical. That’s when the magic happens,

Jenny: You know, it’s, it’s, you know, it’s kinda cool about this. And I, and I hope that, you know, everybody listening has thought some of the same things. So I’ve had like five to seven, 10 questions come in that I wanted to ask. And then I realized the question. I was like a limiting belief, limiting belief, limiting belief, like some of the ones that I was going to ask. And it was just interesting because I think that’s also a part of the work, right? Noticing and recognizing what your limiting beliefs are so that you can then rewire your brain.

Sandy: Exactly. And that is, is the very first up is just noticing when you’re talking about something, focusing on something in reading something, you know, taking part in the conversation, whether it’s with other people that are in your head, but just becoming mindful. It’s about being a mindful manifester. When you become mindful of your self and your life, then you are able to make choices. But when you are just rushing around being a human, doing all this stuff, you are just not mindful. You just, you’re just going with the flow, but you want to instead be mindful and be conscious and be aware. And then you get to make the choices and the decisions are where you put your energy. And when you put your focus.

Jenny: Well, which honestly, with everything that’s happened with COVID right. Even though there was a lot of like, you know, sad things and, and people who have lost their lives, you know, I believe that there’s always a silver lining and this is probably going to come up multiple times throughout the series, because what you just said about people rushing around and just being a blur in their life versus like taking the time to just notice, be present, pay attention, become aware. I believe that this pandemic and everything we’ve experienced over the past year with the huge disruption in our life with lock-downs and things changing and things, closing and borders and whatever, based on where you live that almost, or it was, I’m not going to say almost, it was a blessing in disguise for a lot of people because it helped a lot of people to realize like, Whoa, I don’t like what’s going on or I want to change something or…

Sandy: Exactly. I totally totally agree. I found because one of the things I do, I run our law of attraction, coach training and certification program. And I certified people to become law of attraction coaches all around the world. And what I noticed in that whole period through, you know, when COVID started so many more people were wanting to sign up and become, you know, going through our training. And, and I thought it was just because, you know, people had time on their hands. But what I realized was it was because people had suddenly taken stock of their life. Like it was almost like, okay, I had this job. I thought it was the cure. I thought that everything was fine. You know what its not.

And you know, maybe I’ll just lay it off to a little amount of time or maybe my hours a car, but maybe it’s off forever. Who knows. But what I do know, and this is what they were telling you. What I do know is that I needed to be in charge of my life and my finances. And I, you know, the nature is to become a coach, whether they choose to go on and create an empire around that or just, you know, a part-time business or just bring them a little extra money. But so many more people decided to kinda take a different path than what they have normally done and what they would normally do because they realized that they had to be the one instead of relying on a boss, on a business that the government should come in and just say, Hey, sorry. I realized that they had to take action.

So yeah, I think it’s been a huge wake up call for so many people that it’s exciting.

Jenny: This has been extremely powerful. This is cool because I’m getting chills all up and down my arms. So it just as confirmation that this has been an amazing talk, lots of good things we’ve been talking about. So Sandy, I know for sure that anybody who has a pulse who’s listening is like, Oh my God, I want more, you know, and if you feel like Sandy is your teacher and you feel like you’re vibing with everything that she’s talking about and everything she’s been sharing and you want more, where do they go? What’s the next step? How do they, how do they work with you or where do they go to continue the conversation?

Sandy: Okay. So what are the first thing is if they want to get, a guide of visualization money affirmations, I put together a little money, manifesting bundle. They can go to a wildly wealthy That’s wildly wealthy but they just want to learn more about me and become part of what I do. You can just go to a wildly wealthy dot come.

Jenny: Okay, I’m going to add one more in, because I saw this on your profile before this and the clubhouse. If you are on clubhouse in your part of the beta and you have an iPhone, I saw you were going to start doing some clubhouse chats. So what’s your clubhouse handle?

Sandy: Sandy Forster.

Jenny: have you started scheduling those chats yet?

Sandy: No, I’ve got my practice one on a Saturday.

Jenny: Okay, cool. Yes. And can I keep an eye out for that? We’re also on clubhouse too. We are going to start doing some chats as so definitely. I was always like, Oh, this was like, it’s a cool platform. And people are really excited about it. And I think if you’re a part of the beta and you were on there, hop on, be a part of the conversation and thank you so much. Sandy for being a part of this. I think that we’ve really kicked the shocker series off with a bang and nice grounded bang to bring more abundance and money and freedom and everything else in your life. So thank you for being here.

Sandy: Thank you so much. Jenny and I love what you’re doing. I love any woman that goes out there empowering other women. Thank you.

Jenny: Of course. All right guys. See you on the next episode of the life of interest podcast. Thank you for listening to the Life Adventurist Podcast!

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