Royalty-Free Podcast Music: Discover The Best Free and Paid Platforms

What change can music make? Well, for starters, just remove the background sound from your favorite movie, you will realize that the entire emotions have been drained out. The same is applicable for podcasts music.

Bring a higher quality feel and value to your podcast by putting tunes into your episodes and boost your listenership. Today there are dozens of free and paid platforms for you to choose the best royalty-free music for your show. In this article, based on our 10+ years of experience as podcasters, we have compiled the best platform for podcast music both paid and free for you to choose your favorite melodies from:

Why Do You Need Podcast Music?

From associating cheerful melodies and upbeats to positive interaction to somber and slower music with gloomy encounters, podcast music creates the vibe that draws listeners’ emotions into the show and skyrocketed the audience engagement.

Other than instantly creating credibility, music adds more professional value to your podcast. Filling the dead space with melodies instantly sets the tone of how you want your audience to feel while listening to your show.

Music can add life to your episodes, making them more engaging and enjoyable for your listeners

What Types of Music Are You Allowed To Use In Your Podcast?

The three types of music that you can safely use in your show without breaking any copyright laws are:

Royalty-Free Music

Whether free or paid, with royalty-free music you have the right to use music without paying any price for your every use. Though all royalty-free music is not copyright-free, sources or companies do pay royalties to the creators behind the scenes. But so far, this category of music is the safest to be incorporated into your podcast.

Public Domain

Since the recorded music present in the public domain is now considered as derivative work, they are no longer under the protection of their original copyrights. This enables users to freely use both the songs’ lyrical and musical compositions for recording, and using them you can create your own version of the song to be used in your podcast.

Do know that all public domain music is protected under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1967. For more detailed information about the legal usage T&C of this confusing category, you can read the detailed summary of the law from  USA Copyright Law for Sound Recordings.

Creative Commons

In this category, the creator of certain music sets terms on how and where their music can be used and usually requires the podcasters to attribute the creator’s work to the show. While choosing your podcast music from creative common make sure to read the fine prints of creators’ terms so that you can use the music according to your own convenience both commercially, and non-commercially.

When Can You Use Music In Your Podcast?

Every podcast needs quality royalty-free background music, sound effects, or jingles in their episodes. Music can be embedded in podcasts at multiple occurrences, along adding values and listeners’ interest it also serves numerous added purposes. You can use the music in your show as :

  • Intro/outro music
  • Background sound

While adding music to your podcast, make sure you are adding life to your episodes, and not a distraction. When used wisely, music can transform your show from better to the best and strongly convey your message to your listeners, but if not it can also mislead them.

Podcast Music: Best Free Platforms

1. YouTube Audio Library

Why YouTube Audio Library Is a Good Source of Free Music - VIDEOLANE.COM ⏩

With a huge selection of instrumental music, you can choose the most appropriate sound for depicting every emotion in your podcast from YouTube Audio Library. (creative commons and royalty-free music)

2. Pixbay

Royalty Free Music Download - Pixabay

You can access and download numerous music for both non-commercial and commercial uses through pixbay. (royalty-free music)

3. Free Music Archive

10 Best Sites to Find Free Music for Videos

With free access to a large library of songs and artists with trackable popularity information, you get to choose the most popular music for your podcast through Free Music Archive. (royalty-free music)

4. Soundcloud

Downloading tracks – SoundCloud Help Center

Thousands of creators upload their creative commons works on Soundcloud that can be directly downloaded by podcasters for free by applying, ‘to-use-commercially’ filter. (creative commons)

Podcast Music: Best Paid Platforms

1. Soundstripe

Soundstripe | Blissfully SaaS Directory

Either choosing single-song licenses or monthly subscriptions, Soundstripe provides you access to thousands of songs at affordable prices.

2. Epidemic Sound

The new 'My Music' will be called 'Playlists'

Being one of the top platforms especially for royalty-free podcast music, Epidemic Sound offers access to all its content to podcasters at $15/month.

3. Audiojungle

▷ Best Alternatives to Audiojungle | 6 Reviews! -

Audiojungle provides its users with either a one-track rate or a monthly subscription service for choosing quality music for their podcast.

4. Storyblocks

DC Inno - VideoBlocks Rebrands to Storyblocks, Expands Into New Mediums

Podcasters can download unlimited royalty-free podcast music from Storyblocks for $20/month.

Word To The Wise

Podcast being an extremely engaging and connecting platform, every single detail you add to your show can make huge changes. Music can make a big impact on your podcast’s overall effectiveness. Encompass you feeling to your loyal listeners through different melodies and transforms your audience into your true podcast family.




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