Rudy Giuliani Once Locked Himself Out Of His iPhone, Visited Apple Store For Help

2019-11-01 04:48:28

Rudy Giuliani once had to seek assistance from staff at an Apple store in San Francisco after he entered the wrong passcode into his iPhone too many times and inadvertently ended up disabling the device.

Perhaps more embarrassingly, the February 2017 flub came just weeks after Giuliani had been named as President Donald Trump’s cybersecurity adviser, NBC reported Thursday. Trump had hyped Giuliani as “very much of an expert on cybersecurity” when announcing his role.

Giuliani is now Trump’s personal lawyer.

NBC investigative reporter Rich Schapiro obtained Apple’s internal service ticket relating to Giuliani’s visit. “Customer came in with an iPhone that had a forgotten passcode and the phone had been disabled,” it read.

Giuliani confirmed the incident on Twitter:

But his claim about the FBI was quickly dismissed:

Schapiro last week revealed how Giuliani had butt-dialed him twice in the previous three weeks, a revelation that set Twitter alight ― as did Giuliani’s latest technological gaffe, with many critics highlighting the potential national security risks: 

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