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What got you here will not get you there. Today is the first episode focusing on the Sacral Chakra, and to help Jenny continue this journey of enlightenment in the Chakra series is Christine Gold. Christine is a spiritual medium, an intuitive energy coach and an old soul healer. In this episode, Christine and Jenny discuss the importance of learning to let go by embracing the spirit and listening to your intuition.

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Jenny: Welcome to another episode of the Life Adventuirst podcast. I’m so excited to be exploring all of the chakras with you and. We just finished up the root chakra and we had some of the most amazing guests. So I hope that you were able to expand your knowledge and your understanding of the root chakra and how you can, you know, improve your career, your money mindset, and all of that.

So today is the first episode as we move up from the bottom of our, you know, the lower part of our body up into the upper is we move into the sacral chakra. And the sacral chakra is actually right below your belly button and it’s responsible for your sexual and your creative energy. And it’s linked a lot to your emotions.

And so I’m not even like gonna sit and act like I can disect all this, which is why I have a super amazing guest on today. Her name is Christine Gold. She’s a spiritual medium, she’s an intuitive energy coach and an old soul healer. She guides Lightworkers to unleash her gifts, masses, depression, and anxiety that lead to their soul’s purpose.

So I want to welcome Christine to the show. And Christine, just share a little bit more about yourself, what you do. You can expand on what I said there, and then of course I’d like you to add something fun, like something fun about your life too.

Christine: All right. Thank you so much. I’m honored to be here. A little bit more about myself. Basically I call myself a former perfectionist, a former people pleaser, a former, I guess, uh, addictions per se, any type of addiction. I mean, addiction could be anything. And I am now located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. And loving it here. It’s basically a homage to my grandparents, they actually built the property around here, way back when I was a wee little type.

But, um, anyways, a little bit more about me. I’m a corporate burnout, had my spiritual awakening. Four years ago, um, dark night of the soul. Some people might resonate with that and you can have more than one. Some people have mostly just got chills. Yep. Yeah. And really we’re all here for a reason. My work started out as my mentor saying my anxiety.

My depression is because we are not living. From our intuitive, inherent gifts that we were born with and working with her, I learned all about chakras. I also opened up as a medium, so I connect with the other side and it’s a beautiful, sacred job. No, it’s, it’s a purpose. It’s not really a job. It’s something I love to do.

Um, and it has now evolved into Reiki master teacher, but more so it’s really segwaying to being anchored in God first Christ consciousness, of course, in miracle training to be a chaplain as well. Hospice care, really exploring the, the death aspect as well, because we’ve seen a lot of that, uh, in 2020, and even now in 2021.

But really not just a physical death, but the death of who we are used to be. So I work with a lot of ladies that are, you know, basically trying to find out why they’re here and through that work, there’s a lot of inner child work. That tends to come up. I’d say 80% of the time, whether it’s a block in their energy, or we’d like to like myself, put everything in little boxes and compartments and store them away and they leak out, we call them energy leaks and eventually it manifests as disease.

Which is, you know, part of my awakening as well. I had some, I had some issues, they were linked to my sacral chakra. I had early menopause, um, hormone issues, uh, a blood clot all within a year. So as soon as I opened up to spirit, yeah, everything changed. It was like, you know, when you hold onto a rope really tightly, I let go.

And then everything just came flooding out. That’s big. Cause I was holding on for so long, like in fight or flight for most of my life, because I wasn’t aware of how powerful and how perfect I already was. I had no idea. I was living with ego. I was living with other people’s expectations. Society labels, do this, do that friends, family, and no more.

As I say, they know Moss a little fun thing about myself. Hmm. I love talking to animals. Ooh. I work with animals that quite a bit. And when I’m walking, it’s funny, the owners that the dogs are like. Making their way towards me. And they’re like, no, come back. I feel like snow white sometimes when I’m out.

Cause I love nature and they just come up.

Jenny: What a beautiful visual that’s very, I just met imagining you walking down through the forest and just kind of like dancing around and since your name is Christine gold, you’re in your business’s 24 K healing. Right? I just get this vision of all these like gold…Gold dust. Right. Just being like spread around and you’re like skipping down the path. Like it’s such a beautiful vision. Yeah, definitely. Um, wow. Definitely a lot that we can unpack. I mean, even some of the things you shared, I definitely can resonate with. Right. You know, the burnout, the expectations. I mean, that’s what I’ve been working through over, I don’t know, the past handful of years, but ever since leaving corporate America.

You know, really unpacking and, and cause like for me, and a lot of the listeners have heard this, but just to bring you up to speed, right? It’s like, for me, it was like, I was very successful, right? Like I, I, I drove through all the stuff, made the six figures by my early twenties in a sales career, went hard and I knew how to make shit happen.

So I also as a powerful manifestor, but I also. Like just never really chilled the fuck out. Right. Like I never really slowed down. I never, like, I I’m sure I listen to my intuition, but not in the way that I understand it now. Right. Like it was just about the go go go. A lot of people said I was like a Ferrari and I took that.

I thought it was awesome. Right. Like, let me, let me go do this. And since I, as I’ve been unpacking, all of that really realizing and stepping into exactly what you said, like. Just listening to your intuition and realizing what got me here will not get me there. They’re meaning my future dreams, goals, visions, so that we have a lot to unpack.

And I just would love to just, can we go a little bit more into your story and share a little bit more about that story and maybe even some of the things that helped you, that you help people with? Like, if you have a specific system or something that you take people with who realize I’m burnout or whatever it is, you know, that thing.

And I want to get over here. How do you, how do you do that?

Christine: Well, there’s many ways that each client is different, but honestly, sharing my story really helps because then they’re like me too. Just like you were talking about sales. I that’s where I came from. I, I felt like a bobblehead. I’m like, yup, yup.

Everything you were saying. That was me too. I did the six figures and was I happy? Absolutely not. Absolutely not. And it really proves that money. Can not buy happiness and if you’re miserable and you’re, you’re, you’re a billionaire, you’re still miserable. So who cares? What’s the point? What is the point?

Um, and point is, um, we can no longer live, um, the way we were in 2019 and, and, you know, previous. That everything we’re basically rebuilding ourselves. This is the year of the Aquarius, as they say. So this is connection collaboration, co-creation humanitarian community. Doing things differently, doing things that we’ve never done before.

Um, getting into those, uh, scary places where fear likes to keep us safe and warm and Ooh, don’t, don’t stretch too much, but, you know, um, fear is really been thrown around way too much. Um, I say have courage to step into something that feels scary. But you’re courageous like a lion. That’s what I see, you know, you’ve really got to, and it’s not coming from well, I’m going to go get, you know, that let’s say Ferrari, for example, that’s a thing that thing will never fill the holes.

Those energy leaks that you have. It’s the feeling. So I take my clients through feeling. We need to feel everything more. How does that make you feel now? It’s not the shrink sitting on the couch with the notepad. No, not not that at all. It is me. I’m merely a guide and a vessel. I hold space for them, for them too.

Find out their own epiphanies along the way. And it starts really simply, you know, what were your dreams as a child? What did you dream about? What did you do as a child and what was maybe the first critical thing you heard as a child? Hmm to really make those connections. That’s where that inner critic comes in.

That says, you can’t do this. You’re not good enough. You’re not skinny enough, whatever it is pretty enough. Or you’re just, you know, I’ve actually had clients tell me that they were told they were stupid and I’m like, that’s, that’s terrible. I said, and really the lesson is, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

Hmm, how they feel. Yeah. And they’re projecting it out. So what can you do? You can either internalize that or you can flip it around and go, I’m releasing this because a lot of times we’re holding onto things that are not ours. It’s a lot of baggage and a lot of bullshit. Um, And, you know, really empowering them.

They’re highly sensitive. They don’t know what to do with their emotions. They’re like, is that mine or theirs? So I really give them the distinction. This is not yours. This is theirs. And you can leave it. Boundaries. Yeah. Creating boundaries with clients as well, but they really, um, have to go through like a series of, um, going through their fears, um, going through their language, how are they speaking to themselves?

What do they say? Cause whatever you speak, declare, decree. You are…You’re saying, okay, universe. This is what I really think and feel about myself. It is cyclical, whatever you’re putting out gets cycled back in. So are you saying I’m, I’m no good. I’ll never get, this are, I’ll never have a partner.

I’ll never have a house, whatever it is. Number one, fear of public speaking. I’ll never be able to speak in front of people. Then you’re, you’re really limiting yourself. Um, it’s really time to start loving ourselves and saying, you know what? I feel I can do this. I might be scared, but I need to practice.

So I say, practice, rinse, repeat. I’ve had clients say, Oh, I would never, I always ask them. Well, what’s one thing you would never do. That is so silly. And so out there, and many times it’s dancing, singing, um, something that makes them feel childlike. I’m like, Oh, we’re always coming back to the child. Because somewhere along the way they were told they couldn’t do that or they shouldn’t do that.

Or they, Oh, you’re so silly. Like we had some kind of a shame and a guilt and an association with, um, a label. Yeah. I mean, I’m just thinking of this came up in a previous episode too, is.

Jenny: I’m thinking about the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz Ruiz. And he talks about, you know, the black magic and the white magic and the way that he explains it is the power of the words that we have.

And other people have on us, especially. When we were a kid, I mean, it does go throughout life, but when someone makes a declaration, you are this, you are that don’t do this, don’t do that, et cetera. That then becomes our, our, our quote unquote truth until we’re willing to do that work. So I want to go into the inner child because I, I personally was introduced to.

You know that doing that inner child work and unleashing that inner child. I was introduced to the, those concepts first with the holistic psychologist, who was, I found her on Instagram and I was like, what the heck is this inner child work? I didn’t really understand what it was. I now understand. But for anyone who’s hearing that for the first time, when you break down like what that is and why it would be important and like, The power of it.

Christine: Our, our inner child is anything that was prior to the age of seven that was suppressed. Um, it’s basically taking out the old program or whatever it happened to be all of our generational trauma. Right. All the stuff that’s been carried on and carried forward and, and passed along, it stops with us. And the work that I do is through being creative, anytime we’re creating and having fun.

And, you know, we ever done something where you’re like, Oh my goodness, it’s five o’clock already. I had no idea. I was having much fun. That’s what I’m steering my, you know, uh, clients towards is the sense of play because through play, it is therapeutic. So finding more ways to unleash those parts of ourselves that we forgot about.

Like I’m part of a, a poetry group. I used to write poetry and short stories as a child. And I, somewhere along the way I stopped and now I’m, I’m, I somebody’s, you know, ignited that spark within and I went with it. So we need to find more places where we feel. That spark, that curiosity, we need to become more curious about things instead of going, eh, I don’t know about that.

So it’s also a link to our sexual energy and, um, you know, sex is, is included in this, but it’s more of an intimacy. So into me, I see going through all of the chakra work, you know, someone who is not maybe has doesn’t. Says, they don’t have an imagination, but they do. They have to find those quiet spaces through meditation.

And have a visualization and I take them through all of their chakras and show them how to work with prayer, because prayer is powerful how to put boundaries and protections around them before they go out into their day, wherever they’re going open their chakras close or chakras. It’s almost, you know, are you familiar with smudging?

Oh, yes, I am. Okay. So that’s part of it as well. I bring in the smudging aspects. I bring in sound therapy because sound is amazing. It can reset the vagusnerve, which you know, is linked to everything we do. It brings us back into that parasympathetic state, which is a state of calm and relaxation, not the fight or flight where we have been operating from.

For way too long. So through that, through essential oils, through working with crystals, I used so many things. It really depends on the client, but I do take them through pretty much everything we just talked about. Um, when they work one-on-one with me, either through one off session healing or through the mentorship and groups…Groups that I do as well.

Jenny: So yeah. And you know, it’s, I love what you’re saying, because I think too, I feel like what I’m doing at the life of interest podcast is bridging the gap between someone who maybe is, has, comes from corporate or from a really traditional background. Who’s curious. And looking into more spiritual things.

Maybe you heard some of these words, maybe haven’t, but like they want to get over to that other side. And if any, you know, like I was explaining before I’ve been straddling on, but I’m, I’m like letting that left foot off of like the traditional way and actually like standing with two feet on the other side and going, you know what this stuff works, this stuff is real, but I think it can be from my experience.

Just a lot to go through and let go of those old programming. So with, from everything you do, do you feel like that there’s any specific reason why this can be challenging to really shift? Do you feel like this is all based on the sacral chakra? Like what do you think contributes to like that being such a tough transition, at least for me and others who may be, find it to be tough to.

Christine: Um, the unknown and ego, ego likes to yeah. And ego stands for edging God out. Cause we’ve had a lot of wounds in regards to religion. I see that a lot as well. And I have my own, so I know all about it, but really getting in touch with ourselves. It literally, um, whether, you know, you’re journaling because I keep a gratitude journal and a dream journal because our dreams are messages and there, you know, deja vu happens for a reason and that’s why we need to pay more attention to our intuition.

And what is that while we’re talking right now? I have a butterfly come through my mind. That’s intuition. That’s the, we need to play games with spirit because spirit and, you know, our, our guides, our angels, our loved ones, our collective team, they’re waiting. We just have to say, okay, I’m I’m here. I’m I’m ready.

Right. And, but here’s the thing you got to get out of your own way. And that’s the ego. The ego is done mask. We’re taking that off. We have 20/20 vision. Do we not? And we tend to be in the left brain more, the left brain tends to be that, um, that masculine energy, that fight or flight that’s where that comes from.

We’re we’re, we’re now shifting to the right, but here’s the thing we’ve we don’t want to become separated there. We need to come to the one to source to, as Buddha would say, you know, we’re not just a drop in the ocean. We are the ocean.

Jenny: Yeah. Hmm. I’m just sitting with that because I think that if this is resonating with you and you’re listening, just sit with that, sit with these things.

This is part of the work, you know, and if you’re an, a type like me and you’ve been, go, go, go your whole life. Sometimes these moments of silence and these moments of pause and reflection, we haven’t accepted. That, that does count too. And it for sure does it still counts, it still counts as work and part of the process, you know, and that’s, that’s part of what I believe you’re talking about with the reflection and the pausing and, and inquiring, especially with the inner child work, it’s like paying attention to those things that come up.

But also too, when you’re working with someone like Christine, they’re going to help ask the questions. And invite the exercises, invite you to do the exercises that are going to help you go deeper than you could probably do on your own. Would you agree?

Christine: Oh gosh. Yeah. There’s so much information out there.

Um, it’s really go with how you feel. What if you’re like, Oh, I like this person and I like this book. Um, I like this podcast. And that’s what you go with because it’s really opening you up to maybe places you’ve been closed off to and meditation, isn’t sitting in Lotus position, you know, with your back straight meditation, as like they say, chop wood, carry water for me.

My meditation is prayer. My meditation is out in nature. Uh, my meditation is yoga. I do yoga every day because it not only connects the body, the mind, the breath, everything. It does everything for me, but everybody’s different.

Jenny: Of course. Well, and everybody’s in their own journey, right? To find those things. I think what you’re going to find as you listen to all these episodes is you’re going to hear for you, right?

Like everybody’s going to hear that string of things that comes up in every episode. Right. It’s gonna, I feel like it’s gonna be different for each person, but you’re going to hear a theme. And if you start noticing a theme of this thing, that’s sticking out for you. You’re like, that’s what you want to go deeper on.

You want to work on, you want to, you know, work on your growth because like, that’s, it’s like, it’s just like, it’s speaking to you.

Christine: Right. And that’s what you’re talking about. The intuition and tracking, tracking our emotions. I, I have affirmations that I use with my clients in regards to sacred. I honor my emotions.

Many times we, we suppress, I honor my passions, my desires, I’m emotionally healthy. It’s safe for me to feel and express my emotions. A lot of times we hide or we don’t want to look, you know, and be embarrassed or that’s a shame. That’s a shame guilt wound there I’m flexible and open to change, which, you know what?

I think we’ve done this for over a year. We’re I think we’re pretty adaptable and resilient. I embraced my sexuality. It’s a natural part of my life. There are a lot of sexual trauma that that’s all being uncovered right now. Big time. And I’m sexually balanced and healthy. Yeah, meaning I’m not too overly over here and I’m not over, you know, it’s a balance again, Buddha balance, everything is coming back to the center and how I feel right.

Jenny: And are those, and those are different, like affirmations you were saying that we can say. How did those come up?

Christine: put them up on the mirror, in the bathroom, put them in your car, put them on your phone, put them on your computer, write them down a hundred times until it’s make your own. Like, I have a whole bunch of affirmations on my, on my website and on Facebook you can grab whatever, like people have affirmations all over.

Jenny: No, I love that. So I want to go a little bit and kind of like shift gears. I feel like it’s the perfect time to go a little bit deeper into the sacral chakra. Okay, what is it? And then even we were chatting a little bit before we actually went live with the conversation about like, kind of the different shocker as in how you were explaining, you know, the lower and then the heart and then the upper.

So just, we chat a little bit about that.

Christine: Yeah, sure. You know, I, shocker is I’m like, Oh, you know, um, they’re, they’re only please energy wheels, but as you get, I mean, we all have, it’s all about our energy. It’s our aura. I do work with, um….quite a bit. He was asleep in profit. If you don’t know who he is and check him out, he works a lot with the chakras.

The color colors are very, yeah. So, I mean, when you were working with the sacral chakra, we tend to think of orange. It’s also linked to water. Water is our emotions. It’s also linked to taste because that is our senses. Right? Coming out. Those are one of our senses that we feel, I, you know, if clients want to strengthen.

They’re sacral. If they find it’s a little weak, meaning their creativity stifled, some part of their sexuality is stifled. Um, they’re feeling really low vibrationally there. You know, they can, um, open it up with, like I said, essential oils, affirmations, getting work, done. Even the food you eat go towards though, you know, the orange, the oranges, the peaches, carrots, of course, because that’s what you see.

Your, your crystals, um, your Cornellians your moonstone? I will say moonstone. That’s like one of my favorites and ladies, I mean, we are highly tied to the moon. I want to bring that in as well. You find around the full moon, you’re feeling crazy. You know, it’s, it’s normal, you know, until you figure out how to, cause something’s off in your sacral chakra, it’s highly tied to that.

And it’s also tied to our cycle, right? We’re ladies, it’s a very powerful time to manifest things as well. Um, if you’re into the moon, but the moon is, you know, we’re, we’re, uh, 70% water as well. So if the moon can move tides, it can move us. Can it not? Yeah. Yeah. So, um, lower three chakras. Those are tied to the ego, the root chakra, which is our survival, right.

And sacral, and then your solar plexus is that’s the ego again, that’s like, you know it because I can go both ways where you’re so passionate and fiery and sometimes it’s overbearing or you’re so meek and, Oh, I don’t know if I should do that. I can’t do that. So those are your lower three. Getting those, honestly, figuring those ones out are really going to release the heart because the heart is the soul.

Our heart chakra is our intelligence, not the brain, but the heart. There’s been a lot of study on the heart intelligence. I think of Greg Braden, I think, uh, Joe Dispenza, um, I think of Bruce Lipton. There’s even that heart math.

Jenny: Oh my God. We were just going to say it at the same time. I was like there’s heart math.

Christine: Yeah. So know that to be true. That that is where everything should sit. And then the throat, the third eye and the crown are the upper three and they’re linked to divine consciousness, your divinity to the universe to God. Hmm. So really trying, I call it the Holy Trinity. I think of it as a triangle. Cause that’s the power point is up through the crown.

Jenny: So a question that someone may have, cause I’ve had this in the past, when I first started exploring all of this, it’s like, okay, you know, you hear this stuff and it sounds good balance your chakras and clean them out and close them and open them. Like, what does that really mean? Or how do you know that they are clean?

How do you know that you’ve opened and closed them? Like, how do you know. That you’re imbalance.

Christine: It’s a feeling it’s like you’re in flow and you know, when you’re doing something, it’s just, again, time just, there is no time. Yeah. It reminds me of the matrix. If you really want to talk about it, if anybody’s watched the movie, the matrix, it’s that same idea where they’re in slow Mo but everything is happening in perfect balance and reason.

That’s how I see it. Yeah. But it’s only because I’ve practice. I do it every day. It’s something you do everyday. It’s I work with a client and she’s in France. There’s a bit of a language barrier. But this lady is amazing when she can’t think of the word in English, she has a Google translator. She sends it to me and she’s laminated all of the prayers and the chakra stuff that I set for.

So she could have it on the wall and she practices twice a day. Yep. Being dedicated, like this is a dedication. I say, intuition saved my life. I’m not kidding because I’ve had two attempts to die by suicide. Okay. I do this work. It means so much to me and helping other people find their Holy shit moment.

Yeah. This is why I do the work that I do because I know it helped me. And I know there are other people going. This is, I need this. Yeah, this is my life jacket, my life saver.

Jenny: So true because I think I just keep going back to the A-type thing, you know, to do this stuff. At least the way I experienced life.

It was like, I perceived as if I was happy all the time. Of course I had other emotions, but I’ve, I’ve always been a very happy-go-lucky person, positive, et cetera. So to go in and look at this stuff, That was uncomfortable to go in and think about things that I may have been hurt from. You know, I mean, myself, even, I have experiences in my past where I have been sexually abused, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually was willing to say that.

And, and say those words, because I was like, yeah, whatever. It was probably my fault and, you know, cause it happened. And then I was like, well, okay, that happened. And then I just like buried it. Right. So I could be happy, go lucky again. So what you’re talking about is how I feel like it’s like having the commitment.

You also have to be ready to go through this work. Whether, whether it’s because something major happened like you, right. Where you needed something. To help keep Christine alive and to help you push forward, you know, or it’s like, you’re just ready, but it is, it is different to go through this work and to dig in and, and really bring up things that.

You feel like you already move past, but yet if you couldn’t even talk about them, then did you really move past them?

Christine: Exactly. We, we distract ourselves whether and I, or we numb ourselves out and you do have to be ready. I actually, I, I have pre-call with clients before I work with them. I will not work.

With just anybody. And I’m not saying that’s because you know, I’m this and I’m that? No, it’s because I want to make sure we’re on the same page and that they have to do the work. I’m not here to fix anything. Yeah. I’m only here to guide you to fix for yourself too, of your own Epiphanes and Oh my goodness.

It had nothing to do. It was, you know, it was my uncle that abused me and then I turned around and abused myself and then. And many times we find out we have narcissist. We attract a lot of narcissistic relationships because we have not established a boundary and no is a complete sentence. People like stop people, stop exhausting yourself and being the martyr and then paling yourself to save others because you don’t want to look at your own stuff.

I mean, I’m speaking from experience here. I did it my whole life and that’s what brought me down twice. So I’m just, you know, I I’m really ahhhh you know, whether it’s through drugs, um, whether it’s through food, whether it’s through work, whether it’s through sex, any, those are all addictions and then scrolling social media.

That’s a distraction and a numbing out and sometimes a trigger all at the same time. And the news. I honestly, I don’t watch it. I don’t want to know anything about it. I can investigate my own things. Because news is never evolving with spirit. Yeah. Ooh, I like that. And it doesn’t matter. Who’s in charge presidents, prime ministers.

It doesn’t matter. It’s what are you doing about yourself? Cause that stuff outside of you is never going to change.

Jenny: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I definitely, I hope that that really hits home, you know, for, for you listener like that really hits home. Especially with everything that’s been going on because myself I’ve never liked the news.

And then I started looking because it was like, Whoa, what’s going on? And I kept trying to look for the answer. The answer never came. The answer was always moving. It was never like completes. And then I was like, well, what am I doing? I’m stressed. I’m anxious. I’m frustrated. I’m snippy. I’m all these things.

I was like, no more news. I’m done. You know, like you said, you, you can get everything from internally connecting. To yourself. You’re your higher source God universe, spirit, like you said before, we started Mickey mouse. Like whoever it is that you resonate with, you can really go deeper and, and trust and know that this is going to deliver you the results that you crave.

I think that’s the big thing is it’s belief and expecting that this work will, work. I got you. Like this work will provide results for you. Anything you want.

Christine: Absolutely. Yes. Just to, you have to do the work. No, one’s no, one’s going to do it for you. And, um, yeah. And, and, and separation that that’s part of the narrative as well, is trying to separate us when United we stand divided.

We fall. I actually posted that yesterday and that’s an old quote from ASAP. Um, Yeah. And you think of Nostradamus too. I mean, this guy, like Einstein, they always talk about the science part, but you know what? They were highly intuitive.

Jenny: Yeah. Didn’t they say? Yeah. Cause like it was like, I think Elon Musk, Einstein, Tesla, like a lot of them received this information as a download whether when they were sleeping or when they would fall asleep, which one was the one that used to sit in the chair?

I can’t remember the Einstein. Who used to sit in the chair and then he would have like, uh, something like tied to his hand. So that, that way, when it fell, I’d wake him up. Like he didn’t want to fall quite asleep. He wanted to get in that, like that beta dream, that dream state. So he could get those downloads to be able to, you know, and.

I don’t know. I’m just, I’m just thinking, like you said, of all the like external factors that feed into this and, and, you know, people making judgements right on this type of work or these types of things that we’re talking about here. And once again, I, I personally, I feel like it still comes back to following what resonates with you and what’s calling you, but also not, I guess, How do I want to say, it’s almost like stepping into your power and following that for you.

You’re not doing the changes for everybody else. You’re doing the changes for you, the growth, all of that.

Christine: Yeah. That that’s, that’s really the only reason. What, what is your motive? Is it for someone else? Are you trying to prove something? Are you trying to get attention? Really? You need to look into a lot of us.

Don’t want to look inside because it’s. Scary or I get clients that say, if I open up, I feel like I’m going to unreal. Well, I won’t be able to, I won’t be able to sustain. What’s going to come out. And I said, honey, you know, I feel you I’ve been there. And I, I got your back. Everything I do is all about unconditional love.

Forgiveness of self, which is huge. When’s the last time you forgive yourself and others, it releases the poison because you don’t die from the snake bite. You die from the poison. So are you’re releasing that and healing. That’s why we’re here. Three things. That’s it? Healing, forgiveness, unconditional love.

That’s why we’re here. And we’re all making our way home to get there. There is no me it is we.

Jenny: Yeah. I love this. This has been, there’s been a lot of different aha moments, exciting things that we’ve talked about. So if someone is like, Christine is my person that I want to connect with, hear more from where should they go?

Like, what would be the next steps? If someone wants to discuss doing inner child work or working on sacred or any of the things we’ve talked about?

Christine: Sure. Uh, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. I have a lot of, uh, free content and I also have a 30 minute discovery call is so…

Jenny: and all of those are the same? Where, how did they, is it all 24 K here?

Christine: That would be good to say. And then website is 24 K healing.CA. As well.

Jenny: Okay, perfect. No, I definitely any, any other partying tips, wisdom story, anything else that you want to share before we close up?

Christine: I would like I tell my clients, uh, you know, and to anyone actually, your, your time is now and you’re so needed. It’s no more hiding. It’s time to step out into who you truly are at a soul level and find your purpose. That’s why we’re here. And the quote that I came up with years ago, because I made the connection myself. I don’t know where I was, but I had one of those moments. And I use it. It’s my tagline. That’s my motto.

Healing begins where the ego ends.

Jenny: I love that that’s power. Yeah, healing begins.

Christine: I, sorry. I have a podcast as well, and lots of, um, lots of spirits it’s based in spirituality, but mainly, you know, with the healing aspect, um, the power of healing, your energy show. So you can check that out. It’s it’s on podcast. It’s on YouTube. Have fun. Enjoy.

Jenny: Yes, definitely. No, I appreciate this. This has been powerful. Thank you guys for listening now. Now, you know, let’s let’s trust and believe that you’ve taken the first step to heal your sacral, chakra, and yourself. See you next time.

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