Save $220 on Vizio 65-inch P-Series Quantum

Save $220: The Vizio 65-inch P-series Quantum 4K smart TV is on sale for $979.99 at Amazon as of March 23.

The flow of new streaming content shows no signs of slowing down. Just when you finish your Justice League marathon, you need to prepare for the epic Godzilla vs. King Kong showdown and the triumphant return of Emilio Estevez as a reluctant hockey coach. If you’re ready to settle in, now’s the time to upgrade your home theater with a brand new 4K TV that’s perfect for streaming.

If you want a TV with advanced features at a reasonable price, you can start with the Vizio 65-inch P65Q9-H1 4K smart TV on sale for $979.99 at Amazon. That’s $220 off the retail price, which is also $20 cheaper than the last time we included it in our list of the best 4K TV deals of the week. 

As a 2020 TV model, the Vizio P-Series Quantum comes with exactly what you need to enjoy all types of entertainment. Its signature Quantum Color provides 120% more colors than standard 4K TVs for more intense images. The screen can also get incredibly bright for a clearer image even in bright rooms. If you prefer to watch in the dark, it still provides crisp blacks and high contrasts that are useful for any shows or movies. 

And gamers will love the P-series as a top choice if you upgraded to a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. It comes with the new HDMI 2.1 port, which allows for high-performance gaming at both 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. That allows for both speedy gaming and incredible images, but HDMI isn’t supported on too many TVs so far. So if you plan to play the new Resident Evil Village when it finally releases, it won’t hurt to upgrade now. 

So for a TV that does it all, an asking price of $979.99 isn’t too shabby for a 65-inch Vizio 4K TV

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