Save 35% on Amazon (UK deal)

SAVE 35%: The MyHeritage DNA test kit is on sale for £49 on Amazon, saving you £26 on list price as of March 23.

You might have seen MyHeritage in the news lately, since releasing its Deep Nostalgia AI-powered tool. This clever technology can animate photos of loved ones, and more than 26 million images have already been through the system. It’s really cool, and a little terrifying.

This service is free (with a MyHeritage watermark on the bottom right-hand side) but the MyHeritage DNA test kit is not. If you want to discover your ethnic origins and find new relatives with a DNA test kit, you would usually have to pay £75. However, the kit is on sale for £49 in Amazon’s spring sale, saving you 35% on list price.

This popular DNA test kit provides a detailed ethnicity breakdown from 42 regions around the world and pinpoints your origins from over 2,100 geographic regions. It’s massive global database also enables matching to relatives based on your DNA.

Discover your family secrets and save over £20 on the MyHeritage DNA test kit from Amazon.

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