SayWHA Headlines Quick Update 2/17/15

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Quick update of the crazy things happening the week of 2-16-15:

Same-Sex Couple Marries in Texas Under One-Time Order

Penis Reduction Surgery Performed On Teen With Phallus Measuring 10 Inches Around

Doctors Perform Tracheotomy On Bobbi Kristina & Prepare To Bring Her Out Of Coma

Couple Filmed Having Sex In Broad Daylight Charged

Man Punches Self In Face, Claims Police Brutality

Kids Clothes With Pandas Having Sex On Them Are Selling Like Hot Cakes In Indonesia!

Kids Clothes With

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Iggy Azalea quits Twitter because of ‘hatred and pettiness’ online

Jay-Z being sued by 21-year-old rapper claiming to be his love child

Bill Cosby: ‘I Applaud’ Eddie Murphy For Refusing to Play Me in ‘SNL40’ Sketch

Mo’Nique says she was ‘blackballed’ after Oscar

Former Game Stop employee robs store, is recognized by clerk,

Naked Woman Stops Traffic To Masturbate In Front Of A Car

Amber Rose To Release Tell-All Book This Year

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