Jules and Justice are back at it again, sharing the exciting news: Cool Black Nerd hit #72 on the Spotify Games Chart! Tune in as they continue the conversation, talking in depth about the Sony pre-order mix up, the come-back of multiplayer party games, and how people won a free Tesla! Wait what?


Jules: Good evening, everybody. I would like to welcome you all to episode number 21 of the cool black nerd podcast. This is scandium. I am your host Jews. I’m joined by our cohost. Justice hello. How are you doing on this evening? I have we recorded it. Me personally. I don’t think so.

Justice: No, it’s been awhile since we have, but I mean, given 2020, the fact that everything is topsy-turvy, I I’ll take a, I’ll take a little spin on this.

This ain’t too bad.

Jules: I can agree with that. So have you been doing what’s going on in your world? What’s up,

Justice: I’m trying to get out and vote today. Today’s early voting started here in Texas. So that’s my thing. That’s what I want to do.

Jules:  I can dig it I’m with that. And I’m all about voting. Were you able to vote today?

Justice: I was not. I got pulled into several meetings, so it is my duty to actually get it done tomorrow. They actually have a drive through near where I am. That’s going to be real interesting. Usually whenever I would go to vote, it was never more than, you know, 10 minutes. If that, whenever I would go, I’ve been very blessed in any of the times that I’ve actually gone to vote.

Throughout my life. So I’m hoping that that stays the same for tomorrow, especially with the drive through, but you never know, I’m prepared. I will pack a lunch.

Jules: I will look, I hope. Hope is not that bad for you. You know, fortunately, I did get a chance to vote today. I went this morning line was kind of long.

So I ended up going back a little bit later to a different place and you know, it was fine there. Uh, we had a group of people. Who were chanting and making a lot of noise, but they were the prescribed distance away. So they weren’t doing anything. Yeah, no illegal. It was just interesting to see. I hadn’t been in that all of my years voting and I’m not that old.

So I’ve been voting for 35. I mean, this is not like that, but I haven’t seen anything like that before. So that was a little bit interesting. They got him, you know, you know how you see the videos of people on a like Instagram and stuff. And it’s like, Oh, look at Karen and Kevin getting into it again. It was like those kind of like, they had one of those little, one of those little interactions.

Yeah. Nothing, you know, ultimately nothing came from it. Technically they weren’t, you know, doing it anything wrong or breaking any laws or rules or anything altogether. It took me maybe. Leaving and coming back to my apartment, it was about 45 minutes to vote. So it was a pretty quick experience. Honestly, probably would have been about the same, the first place that I went to.

I just had to get back. Yeah. Then I didn’t think I would have time. I don’t know. It wasn’t too bad, but there’s definitely a lot of people, definitely a steady flow. You know, I’m a huge advocate for voting no matter who you’re voting for. Good for people making a choice. An informed choice, especially making a choice and having their voice heard in some way.

Justice: to piggyback on that.I think the people have already made that choice and that choice is cool black nerd hit number 72 on the Spotify games chart a couple of weeks back. I don’t know if y’all heard this be following us on say what radio on Instagram or cool black nerd on Instagram. You would have known that, which is amazing top 100 at that point in time, I don’t, we’re still in there because that was when we had, I think we released another episode or they were just, you guys just started going back and starting listening to some old episodes.

Don’t know what it was necessarily, but we hit the charts that day. So kudos to everybody for supporting us. One thing that I’m going to be doing later, possibly, you know, we haven’t done a giveaway in awhile. So stay tuned on that. We also got some other stuff coming up to be able to debut for cool black nerd.

So best way to stay updated on that is to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, we have a page and I believe we have a Twitter, but right now we all on Instagram.

Jules: Alright. So if you, you know, we really just go out there and look forward, we got Facebook, Instagram. I am Twitter. I think we got tick talk too. Yeah, we are.

No, not right now. The way, you know, 2020 set up checking and savings really Instagram and that’s, that’s where you’re going to find. And that’s where you’ll find the most information about the podcast. That’s where we’ve had the most interaction from us would definitely be on Instagram. Yes. So please go check it out.

Justice: You can always also go to the, page and subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on new episodes, early access stuff, some exclusive content that will be coming. And we have a Patreon as well. So, you know, just keep updated by, um, following us on Instagram for the most part right now.

But I know some other things that you actually wanted to get in into.

Jules: Yeah, for sure. So let’s jump right into the sheets. So look, last month, you know, or last episode, I had some, maybe not the nicest things to say about how Microsoft goes about making these X-Box releases and showing previews and things like that.

The tables may have turned slightly Sony made a mistake. They finally made one and it was okay. It was a pretty bad mistake with the preorder situation. So they had a stream, you know, the ultimate point of the stream was to really announce when the preorder was going live. They didn’t really have, you know, nobody expected them to have anything really new to talk about.

As far as what games were coming out for the PS five, they showed some trailers, you know, they had some fluff, it was some all right, fluff. And then they said, man, and everybody was excited. They said, Hey guys, Pre-orders are going live tomorrow. So get ready because tomorrow is when you’ll be able to preorder your PS5.

Here’s the thing though. Here’s the thing. Guess what happened? All of the retailers were like, nah, fam preorder start now. And we not gonna tell nobody. So if you see it, you saw it and you got it and you good. But if you didn’t see it and you didn’t know, we already sold out. If you can wait till tomorrow is gone, you’re bad.

So that awful fucking experience. But I will say the way that they were able to get out the controllers though, cause everybody was able to get controllers for a system. They came, yeah. I ran into like 50 different vendors showing. Oh, we got placed at your five controllers. So. I can be doing that. And then, you know, right on cue, X-Box capitalized immediately, like announcing a specific day and time that the Xbox boxes would be available for preorder.

And that is exactly what happened. So X-Box Microsoft good for you. You know, you won this round. You sound so hurt by that. We don’t know if they’re going to win the war yet, but they definitely won this round. They are they’re in a, uh, you know what, I’ll limited. They’re doing some other things that are pretty interesting.

One of the big advantages Sony has traditionally held. Over Microsoft is exclusive games from their studios. So games that are exclusive to PlayStation or exclusive to X box that, you know, won’t be available on any other console or they’ll only be available on PlayStation. And at a later time, they might come to PC.

Microsoft actually purchased. But there’s the studio. So the, the company that makes fallout games, the elder scrolls games, other scrolls online, like these are some big time like RPGs that, you know, I guess are going to now be X-Box exclusive. Like these are games that I would look forward to, but that’s the, but that’s okay.

Oh yeah. I forgot about that. But that’s a, and it’s also a rumor that they possibly are getting bungee, which is going to be interesting. Considering their previous relationship. Yeah. So I don’t know how to, if they, if they manage to pull that off, that’s definitely upping that, Andy, for sure. In these, in these console Wars, because, you know, for me, it always felt like Microsoft may not be that serious about it.

Xbox. It did because I mean, at the end of the day they also have PC. Yeah. Like if you play games on a PC, you’re probably playing on windows. I’m sure they’re getting some kind of. Licensing fee, at least from any games that are, are on PC, you know, not as you say it. I can’t think of anybody who was like, I’m gaming on a Mac.

Oh, no, I mean, I’m just thinking, no, I’m just saying, you know, everybody will do design work and UI UI and UX work on it, but you’re not hearing, Oh, I’m gaming on a Mac. How, which is interesting because the Macs are, you know, they’re extremely powerful. They could definitely handle it. I just don’t know why I.

Probably just the user base is not that large. The developers probably don’t want to spend the money to develop for it. When, I mean, most people who are gaming are on PC. That’s very true. I will say this though for Microsoft, they seem to be making moves.

Justice: We had talked about in the last show as well, or maybe in the shovel for them canceling mixer, which was their, you know, forte into online gaming streaming type thing, such as Twitch and.

Then starting to partner with Facebook. So it is kind of seeming like they’re getting into a situation. Well, not a situation, but kind of like a business deal where they’re like, we’re going to do these services with you. We just want a piece of the pie. We clearly cannot do it on our own. So let’s partner up, you know, if you can’t beat them, join them type situation.

They’re also, uh, recently read, they’ve gone into some sort of partnership with games out, and I’m really unclear what specifically this will be, but there’ll be offering games through GameStop and some sort of online service as well, which is interesting. Cause they close all their stores earlier this year and it was just like, Close all the Microsoft stores close out Microsoft stores.

Correct. Cause you know, everyone had shuttered, their stores are in the block, down for the pandemic and Microsoft was just like, okay, we’re just not opening them up, open them back up. So now they’re going to be using, utilizing the storefronts that game sites still have, which is interesting. Considering a game stop has been kind of fallen off as far as brick and mortar stores.

For years during this lockdown, they have seen a surge in traffic on their website and things like that. But I don’t know if this is a bad idea on there. Yeah. The party seems like it’s, you know, coming in at a, at a good time for them, because they’re not the only ones who had a bad launch to Nvidia for their, um, 30, 80 graphics card.

Like, Oh, that was so, but that was worse than the PS5, as far as people not being able to grab that gap graphics card, it was just like, Hey, we had told people to send it out. Somebody saw it. Four people got it. We all out, it was really bad, but I think it’s just more of how people are responding during this pandemic to stuff that, you know, being able to scale up and actually handle situations when they come up.

But I don’t really see Microsoft making in the beginning. I was thinking it was bad moves, but not, it doesn’t really seem like it could be that bad.

Jules: I mean, I guess it’s a low risk move, right? If they’re not, if, because I mean, they don’t have, I’m thinking, you know, from a business perspective, let’s think about it like this.

So I’m going to sell my products, whatever they are, you know, that’s probably the, the biggest question to me. What are you actually selling in a game? Stop Microsoft, but from a, like, to pay for any overhead, like it’s very low. I guess. So I think that, you know, that they’re definitely mitigating a lot of risk that they would have, like if the products don’t sell, I mean, it’s not like Microsoft themselves are paying salespeople.

They’re not paying for inventory or inventory space. That’s all on game stop. Yeah. Yeah. So we’ll see, we’ll have to come back to that and kind of see where it goes with it. Yeah, I’m very curious about it because you know, GameStop does not have the best reputation. So I don’t know you, I feel like you go to buy some Microsoft product at game stop.

There’ll be like we can trade it in next week for the new one. So you paid $500. We’ll give you 35. And if you have the game stop games, plus we’ll give you 35 50.

Justice: Also, they were, you know, under fire during the lockdown for trying to stay open during the pandemic, considering themselves to be an essential business.

Jules: Yeah. I, if, uh, I mean, I feel like if they had closed, they probably would have gone out of business. They wouldn’t open.

Justice: Not necessarily, if they had such a surge online in their traffic, So I’m, I’m wondering if the offset wasn’t because according to them, they had an 800% increase,

Jules: 808 look, was it in sales or was it in traffic?

Cause I will, I will look at a website all day and not spend a dollar I’m think.

Justice: Well, from what they were talking about, the business insider video that I was watching, it was a surge in online sales. I’m going to say sales, they didn’t specify, specify traffic. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I mean, I know I sound skeptical, but I can see that.

I mean, people are in the house, the house board, which is going to do well in general, gaming went up thousands, not thousands, but thousands of percent, as far as people actually, you know, jumping online to game and finding out about games. Speaking of.

Jules: See, I knew what you were doing. I knew you don’t do that.

That’s all coming. So people are playing party games now, like crazy. Like we’re seeing a huge resurgence in these games online where people are able to just go in and play games with friends, essentially when they’re not like first person shooters that not sports games, it’s not mad and it’s not NBA. Two K is not destiny. It’s not doom or whatever else is games that like we talked about fall guys previously. It’s just a little minion, looking characters running around, competing in these little mini games names, and just trying to see who’s gonna, you know, make it to them. End one. That I am very, yeah.

Excited to play is among us, essentially. It’s like, There’s a crew of eight and they also look like minions. Ironically spaceman up to 10, I think minion spaceman, uh, on the ship. And there are two impacts. What is an imposter? The imposters run around and try to kill the other crew mates before they can repair the ship.

But nobody knows who they are. Unless they get caught. And that’s the whole purpose of the game. You got to figure out who the imposters are before you get killed. Before everybody on the ship gets killed,

Justice:  literally like some type shit on a video camera. And it is, I mean, watching people play that game, like watching it, you know, watching streamers on Twitch, YouTube, whatever it is absolutely hilarious.

Jules: It looks like it’s very fun to play and it is a game. Look, I bought the game. Y’all. I played the game for maybe 20 minutes. Like by myself, isn’t as online, I tried to, you know, I played online. If you’re not playing with your friends, that game is garbage. The thing that makes it fun is playing with your friends and just the shanangans. You have to edit that man… shenanigans. Oh man. Don’t edit it. It’s cool. The shenanigans that ensued, man, just. I’m telling you right now, justice, you didn’t pasta. I already know it’s you. I know it is because I saw you killed Colonel mustard in the kitchen with the ranch. Yeah. I want the canvas and that’s one of my favorites.

Justice: Like dang clues my shit. So I’m, I’m really amped to play among us. And I think it speaks to more just like, not everybody’s the best when it comes to shooting games, you have to have good reflexes. It sucks to lose, but in certain situations like this, it’s just, you know, it’s just whacked out fun. So I think that’s why it’s really catching on with everyone.

Jules: Yeah. Yeah. The games are talking about very simple mechanics. Like it’s nothing too complicated. Yeah. You play on your phone. Yeah, I think that’s pretty interesting. And you can play on your phone with people who are playing on PC. So cross. Yep. Uh, Sony. When will you, Hey man, they did it with that one game.

I can’t even remember the name of it, but they did it with that one that bracelet like blue remote control cars or something. Rocket league that rocket league.

Justice: And for a little while when people didn’t know it, they were doing it on fortnight. And I think they went back to doing it for on Fortnite at one point in time.

I’m not sure, but Hey man, maybe that’s something that we ought to do. Would you guys like to see us playing. Among us as we just shooting shit, watching Jules is trying to see if he can find, yeah, I already know it was you. I saw you.

Justice: Yeah. I don’t know whether to be offended or.

Jules: I saw you jumping to the vent to try to escape. After you killed the orange dominion, they don’t even have names or you make up your own name.

Justice: Oh my God, this is going to be hilarious. But I mean, after everything is going down this week, we need something to be able to, uh, kind of lift your spirits on that with the, uh, untimely passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I don’t even know what to do. If you don’t think that, you know, your vote matters in this particular upcoming election, I don’t know what else to tell you and helps you got you tubers who are giving away free Teslas to people as long as they registered a vote and can wait. Yeah. Yeah. David dovbrick

Jules: I feel like you kept this from me cause you want to win the Tesla for yourself.

Justice: Hey man, I was already registered vote. I just went in on their website and was like, Hey, put my name now. They didn’t tell nobody he had already done the contest. Vietnamese, the winners via FaceTime in front of their new Teslas. About two weeks later, I’m not mistaken. I actually caught it at the tail end of it.

So I wasn’t even able to. Get in on it, but I still thought that was really, really cool to be able to get so many people interested in registering to vote hail, even if they didn’t, they actually were registered vote. So that was pretty cool, David doebrick, which is a really big YouTube where I know a lot of people probably haven’t heard of him.

If you’re over there age of like 18, most likely. But, uh, yeah, he tends to give away a lot of stuff on YouTube for, you know, being a good Samaritan and others, stuff like that. So I thought that was pretty cool. Oh, that’s, that’s definitely very cool.

Jules:  So speaking of cars, Tesla has a couple of rivals out there.

They’re they’re, you know, they’re, they may be, they do one of them. Named it, the name of the couple is Nicola. I don’t know why you would compete with Tesla and named yourself Nicola, because obviously Tesla is named after Nikola Tesla. So, I mean, are you just going to copy him like that? Which is apparently that’s shown here frequently.

So. Recently Nikola went public, their stock. Yeah. Yeah. They went public. They did like a reverse acquisition, became a publicly traded company. They didn’t, I don’t think having an IPO or at least a traditional IPO, like there was a company that was previously listed on, I think it’s the New York stock exchange.

I can’t remember the name of the company, but they just kind of, it’s like a reverse acquisition where that company technically buys Nikola and all of a sudden that company becomes. Nikola and they just start training. So that happened, uh, you know, that’s some good news. That’s a good thing. That’s, you know, the good indication as you’re doing well in business, then they had a huge investment from GM, you know, and they’re gonna work with GM to produce there.

Sustainable energy sources, vehicles, whether that’s with a hydrogen or, or electric or whatever, that’s when all the hell broke loose, the shit hit the fan, but that’s when it happened. Apparently Nicholas just. There you got nothing.

Justice: Well, okay. So when they did the acquisition, as you were saying, going public, these short seller Lindenberg had actually come back with some other questions when they were overseeing this company is like, is this a viable investment?

So asking mainly just questions that you would have a company that says that they have this source for emerging electric vehicle technology for not only cars, but also semi-trucks and off-road vehicles, things of that nature, or just the technology in general, to be able to put into other aspects in some way, shape or form, they couldn’t answer them.

So at that point, the. Company actually put out their findings to just like the world. And the thing that got everyone is Nikola’s response to it. So a couple of items that they’d actually raised Nikola at one point in time was accused of, of using other components from other people that they had sourced in some way, shape or form and, and passing it off as their own in that, in their response.

Nikola was like, we never said it. We actually made this stuff. We just said, you know, we have this. Product just cause we put tape over their name doesn’t mean that we said we made them w w huh. Then they pull up sweets and stuff where the guy’s like, Oh, we make this, we make that, we make this, we made that.

We make everything from the ground up. We’re not like Tesla where Nikola. Oh, Oh, okay. So also, do you actually have this Nikola one, which is their semi truck that, that actually made mostly, this is the part that can be it’s the one I like made this amazing video Nikola one in motion. Make a little one in most of that truck, man, that truck was riding so smooth.

And considering that this has been a big, I mean, a big step forward in alternative fuel technology for these large trucks, because they’re everywhere on the roads. And then we need to be able to have things, you know, go from place to place in her, you know, more environmentally friendly fashion, right?

Jules: Yes. For sure that truck was riding smoothly. It looked like it was just out there floating across the road.

Justice: So it turns out it was floating across the road, but it wasn’t actually doing that from any type of propulsion within the car. It was rolling down a Hill angle, the camera to make it look like it was a flat road.

Oh man. What was so terrible about it? Is that in again, in the response to this report that had come out from the seller. They said we never in any way, shape or form said that the motion of the vehicle came from any directional propulsion of the Nikola one or any of our products. I’m sorry that you felt like that is what we in.

We intended to mislead you in any way, but please read the facts of what has been sent to you or something of that nature. And I was just like the gall. You put a video that says Nicola one in motion and it is a vehicle. Why in the hell would I have to sit there and then go, is this a Hill? Have you just put this in neutral?

Justice: Oh, well, well here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. They, they didn’t put it in neutral, cause it didn’t have a drive train in it too. It was just. I mean, it was basically like we got a little red wagon. We put a semi truck shell on top of it and we pushed it down. This Hill, give us come preorder basically.

Cause they took preorders for this vehicle based off of this video. And other shows that they’d actually done displaying this beautiful truck that people thought was, Hey, this is the future of, you know, alternative, fuel technology. And it was not even, it was, I was. So just having those flashbacks and getting pissed off all over again.

I like how then, if that’s not enough, as you said, named themselves after Nikola Tesla, and you also have Tesla, which is the other electric vehicle company. At one point in time, or I believe this was a few years ago, they sued Tesla for infringement on that design of that same truck. No, I do remember this.

Yes, they did. They, they were, they said that the Tesla semi was infringing upon their desire for the Nicola one. Continue. That design that they were specifically stating that, you know, it’d been infringed on by Tesla was where the placement of the door handle was, how it opened windshield, the windows, things like that.

That’s what they stated within this lawsuit. And it’s been going on for years, actually still is going on. Through this same report and, and Tesla then doing their due diligence afterwards, they were able to find out that they didn’t even own this pattern. Nikola did not even own the patent of this design.

They’d actually bought it from a man in Europe somewhere. And has been passing it off and is all given this amazing story that he just came up with in the middle of the night, one day and fourth came the Nicola one. No.

Jules: Yeah, well that whole patent situation sounds like Apple with their touch touchscreen.

So they need to let that go. I don’t know if anybody else knows about that, but Apple put has a patent. And they tried to enforce this for touch screen phones. The patent was user touches, screen device response. First of all, how does something like that even get, how do they even get to a point where they have that patent let alone all those lawsuits got thrown out when they tried to enforce it.

But I, I just want to know who even approved that. Like I’m about to make a pattern for hats. Okay. You puts a hat on their head. Hat remains in place. They come on, man. What else is he supposed to touch screen? What else is it supposed to do? Nicola. It’s a door handle. It’s supposed to open the door. What else does it do?

Justice: But I loved Tesla was super petty with their response, which was basically how can you sue us if you don’t even own. It was literally that in court documents, of course the court documents went on and on, but like the essential reply to that is like, okay, we found out you don’t own this. Who the hell you think you’re trying to sue.

And even with all of this information that you said, they have a big investment with GM and GM is steady, trying to figure out what they’re going to do with this, because it was 11% stake in this company.

Jules: Well, yeah. So look so that I actually looked at that today. Um, the company is actually stock price is going back up.

GM has not signed the deal, but I guess the word on the street is they’re actually renegotiating the deal to get a larger stake. So GM must, there’s gotta be something there that GM likes. If they’re going to go back in and try to make an even larger investment, to be honest with you, I think it’s probably more to do with a GM, not really having anything right now, as far as electric vehicles or alternative fuel vehicles go.

I mean, you’re starting to see some companies really starting to make some moves. Like, you’re seeing a lot of the European car manufacturers coming out with, uh, electric vehicles, some of the luxury manufacturers like Porsche course, you know, people already know about Tesla. Audi is coming out with several electronic vehicles.

We see Ford now getting ready to come out with that Mustang Mach II. I think you see in a lot of the competition move pretty heavily into alternative fuel and GM. At the moment has nothing. So hopefully for their sake, I guess Nikola has something that they’re able to use, but Hey, right now it doesn’t look too good.

Justice: Yeah. And the CEO, the guy who was claiming all this stuff at that time, he was always talking in terms that he really didn’t understand and would say that during presentations it’d be like a RPG. I really don’t know what that is, but you guys know what I’m trying to say? No, we don’t. That’s why listening to you.

And there was one interview that he had done. He was like, Oh, you know, Tesla has this, Tesla has that, but we are the only, I believe he said car company or car facility in California that is completely off the grid. That is, you know, solar. You do a Google earth over that company. There are no solar panels anywhere on that book.

It’s like, dude, why?

Jules: Well, okay, well look, this may be, this is what’s happening. Maybe like me, when they signed up for electricity in the building, they had the option to choose solar. And, you know, mine, let me choose wind energy. So that’s what I chose. But you know, ain’t no  windmills near me, I get, so maybe that’s what he means.

Justice: No, because this is, this is the thing in that interview, he was specific. That’s what gets him on every single thing he wrote, he wrote a check, his ass and cash. Every time, you know, people were coming with the receipts, he was like, you go on our roof right now. You’ll see banks of these panels. We are the only ones who were fully it’s just like, really?

And then you pull up that Google earth, which had been done a month after he had said what he said. And then that player. Maybe they took them down to clean them. Maybe he did that to his social media too. Cause after all of this happened, he disappeared. He resigned. Yeah. I was going to say, well, he’s not the CEO anymore.

So he resigned from the company and then cleaned every single one of his social medias he would have, he would have to cause he, I mean, that’s what happens when you have no credibility, man, you can’t, you can’t be out there just making provably false statements. I got. I’m not even going to say that CEOs.

Jules: I mean, they shouldn’t lie, but I mean, they do, but at least they’re not just immediately provably false, but we’re seeing that a lot with a lot of people, you know, nowadays it’s just, I think it’s just the climate that, you know, that we’re in. We see a lot of people just go out on TV and say ridiculous things that are, like I said, easily, easily.

Provably false and Hey, they seem to get away with it. So why not? But I, I guess that, that is what I’m saying, because, you know, as we said, there are notes, but you know, so the whole thing, wire card, which was a finance company in Germany that,

Justice: I mean, it’s pretty much the exact same thing for the most part going around saying, Oh, we’re in technological advancement of payment systems right now.

And. All of these airlines are using us in these shopping and all this other stuff is actually being utilized by us. When it turned out, nobody was really utilizing them. They had been saying on their books for years. Oh, we have $2.3 billion in here in money. And the place where this was actually stated on many statements was a bus facility.

And nobody check this out. Once they went to go check it out, they were like, okay, no, it’s in his bank. And in a thing, it was Thailand. And the bank is out of, like, we don’t know who you’re talking about. We’ve they don’t even have an account here eventually. Yeah. Eventually it turns out they were like, yeah, we don’t know what at 2.3 billion went really well.

Huh. And of course I got to walk back all this stuff and they’re doing an investigation. The company’s pretty much going under, but it’s just, how do they get to this point? And nobody is saying anything because clearly this could be. As you said, fact checked in some way, shape or form because this was on statements and they had not only was this headquarters listed at this bus facility, but it was also listed as, you know, where’s all this money actually being generated and being held.

Jules: So it was just like, well, I think it might be me and a group of friends. We’re actually having this conversation just about the internet in general and internet putting so much knowledge at your fingertips, but. What a lot of people don’t realize is that it may not be good knowledge or it may not be things that are correct.

So like you saying that they, you know, they keep talking about this 2.3 billion, 2.3 billion, 2.3 billion, and you go search for this company. I’m sure you know, that you will find plenty of sources that quick glance appear to be reputable. Yeah. They got 2.3 million, so you’re like, Oh, okay. Let’s do it. You know what I mean?

Like it’s. I think we just live in a time where there’s so much information at our fingertips that we don’t verify it properly anymore. I’m going to pose another question. Play devil’s advocate. What if it’s just as what you’re saying, because there is so much people just like, say, I don’t want to go do it, somebody else to do it.

Yeah. Essentially. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Like you just, so somebody just goes and searches their nose. They would have found all kinds of stories about this. Brilliant tech CEO. She’s got this amazing product. She’s got these people on the board.

Justice: Okay. Okay. With her, I think is a little bit, cause she was very calculating in how she did all of this house.

She set it up. But with these two men in general, Wirecard CEO, I think is Dan Marsalis, wildcards at CEO and Tesla’s CEO two of the same coin for the most part, because they will make extremely poor mistakes and nobody would say anything. They’d be like, Oh, it’s a little weird, like, look, I said, well, he didn’t know actual acronyms that he’s talking about for his own products.

The Wirecard guy couldn’t even actually tell you specifically where his headquarters of the money that was actually being held and things like are generated from. Stuff like that. He’s just like, okay, if this is the portion that people are actually honing in on, you would, I think that you do a little bit of due diligence, but I guess it’s kind of like what you’re saying.

I don’t have to, they’re going to believe me. Yeah, Elizabeth Holmes was a little bit more in my eyes. She thought it out a little bit more. Like she used legal teams. She was a lot of intimidation and NDAs and things like that, to be able to keep her secret. And I think hers was more like, okay, we’ll fake it till we make it.

But these people weren’t even faking it. Like you could see it. It was just this shit ain’t right. But it can support light on everyone else who is actually, you know, doing everything that they can to, to be able to bring these great products to, to you. Like I’m looking at car companies like Vivian, like what you got, like the gel should actually work and lucid air is that, and here’s the thing, you know what I agree with you?

Here’s the thing. Look at this, not Caribbean. I’m kinda like, okay, Riviera, I see what’s going on. That’s I’ve seen some things from Moravian where I’m like, all right, Rivi, it might be legit lucid air. I don’t know. I don’t know about that. And, and just to give a little background, lucid is another electric car company, but theirs is more of a.

Luxury brand. If you guys are a little bit more inclined or if you want to look some things up. So Lucy’s name of the car company, Arizona, the line of the car, but there was another car company that was kind of competing with Tesla back in the day called Fisker. And people were thinking that maybe they’re along the lines of them as well, because Fisker came out, it looks cool, but the car wasn’t right.

Really anything. And didn’t live up to it. More along the lines of a DeLorean than a Nicholas situation, but yes. Yeah. I agree with that. So Fisker actually came out with a car. It was actually, it worked, it just didn’t work well. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Pretty much. But lucid it’s just like right now they’re building up the infrastructure.

They’re doing all this stuff and they do have cars. I think like prototypes that are actually moving in. Can’t be used, but as jewel said, it’s just, yeah. I want to know who the imposter is now.

Jules: Oh yes. Who is the imposter? I see what you did there. And I like it. Oh man. That’s what I feel like. Oh, everybody you talking about me.

Justice: It was me in the kitchen with the candle stake, but who, who else over here with, with the nickel one rolling down the Hill. I need to know the top of the Hill pushing away. They’re talking about, they got a semi truck.

Jules: Oh man, man. You know what? I think that’s a great place in the podcast.

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