Sen. Ted Cruz Picks Late-Night Twitter Fight With Jimmy Kimmel After Scathing Segment

2021-05-25 03:37:42

Jimmy Kimmel mocks Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) as often as he can during his late-night show. But he seems to have touched a nerve on Monday night and this time, Cruz fired back on Twitter.

Kimmel went after Cruz in his monologue for sharing a Russian army recruitment ad and dismissing the U.S. military as “woke” and “emasculated.” 

“Ted Cruz, who four years ago took permanent residence up the ass of a man who beat him in every election by calling his wife ugly and slandering his elderly father, says this is emasculating. Primarily because Ted Cruz is not human. He is a moist, gelatinous tubeworm whose elastic-band pants are filled with an inky discharge every time he speaks.”

The late-night host often compares Cruz to a blobfish and even called their one-on-one basketball match in 2018 “The Blobfish Basketball Classic.” 

Cruz tweeted a reference to that match and suggested they settle it on the court again:

Kimmel didn’t exactly accept the challenge:

Cruz beat Kimmel in the game, but it wasn’t known for its highlights. 

“Just like a blobfish, the game was sloppy and within moments we were gasping for air,” Kimmel cracked afterward. “We played one on one. It took almost an hour to get to 6 points ― which would be a lot if this was a World Cup soccer game. But it was not.” 

The game was expected to go to 15 points, but they wrapped it up at 11-9. 

The loser was supposed to donate $5,000 to the charity of the winner’s choice. Instead, Kimmel donated $10,000 to both charities ―  Texas Children’s Hospital and Generation One in Houston ― and Cruz did the same. 

“You’re a good sport,” Kimmel told Cruz after the game. “I still think you’re a terrible senator.”

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