Seth Meyers Nails Donald Trump’s Hypocrisy About Ukraine Whistleblower

2019-11-07 05:14:22

Seth Meyers reminded viewers on Wednesday how President Donald Trump hasn’t always been so set against people submitting written answers as part of investigations.

Because, well, he once did it himself.

The “Late Night” host broke down the latest developments in the impeachment inquiry into Trump, prompted by a whistleblower’s revelation that the president pressured his Ukrainian counterpart to dig up dirt on potential Democratic 2020 rival Joe Biden in a July phone call.

“We all have the actual evidence now and yet Trump and his allies are obsessed with the whistleblower,” said Meyers.

“Trump wants the Ukraine whistleblower outed, and he says written questions are not acceptable,” he added. “Of course, when Trump had to answer his own questions as part of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, he felt a little different about the acceptability of written answers.”

Meyers then aired video of Trump insisting he had personally answered former special counsel Mueller’s questions himself.

“No one believes you wrote the answers,” Meyers responded. “For one thing, if Trump had actually written the answers, they’d be full of misspellings — Trump has misspelled his wife’s name, his own name, the word ‘country,’ and the word ‘Republicans.’”

Check out the segment above.

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