Seth Meyers Skewers Sean Hannity’s Latest Ridiculous Defense Of Donald Trump

2019-10-25 03:42:38

Fox News host Hannity ― a vocal supporter of Trump ― earlier this week claimed “do us a favor” was actually just one of the president’s “go-to phrases” and “a verbal aside.”

Meyers expressed his astonishment at Hannity on Thursday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Late Night.”

“That’s your argument?” he asked. “That saying ‘do us a favor’ to a foreign leader is equivalent to you saying ‘ya know?’”

“You have to understand, Trump says ‘do us a favor’ the way Valley Girls say ‘like’ or how Jesse Pinkman says ‘bitch’ all the time. It doesn’t mean he’s a criminal, that’s just how he talks,” Meyers continued.

“Also, he’s a criminal,” he added. 

Check out the segment above.

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