SiriusXM is starting a TikTok music channel to appeal to the teens

SiriusXM wants to reach the youth, and starting today, it’s going to do so through the cultural cachet of TikTok. Sirius, which owns Pandora and the podcasting company Stitcher, announced a new partnership with the social video app today that’ll bring TikTok-popularized music to the satellite radio provider. TikTok Radio, a new music channel, will broadcast trending sounds through the SiriusXM app, browser, and connected devices. Sirius says tuning in should sound like swiping through TikTok’s “For You” page.

It’s also using the partnership to launch a new Pandora series, called TikTok Tastemakers, that’ll involve popular TikTok creators, like Bella Poarch, hosting and curating playlists with their favorite songs alongside commentary. They’ll also promote the shows on TikTok.

The partnership really seems to mutually benefit both companies. TikTok gets even more brand promotion, while Sirius now has something to market to teens. Right now, the company’s most prominent deal is with Howard Stern, someone many teens likely haven’t tuned in to hear. Offering a TikTok station might make selling them a satellite radio subscription slightly easier — or if nothing else, it’ll make driving around in their parents’ car more enjoyable.

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