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At some point in our lives, most of us have second guessed our worth or felt unsure about the value that we bring to the table. This is a feeling Jenny knows too well. Listen in as she explains why you should be proud of what you have accomplished and challenges you to be fully yourself without apology.

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Colette Baron-Reid
Skunk Dancing


Jenny: Hello! Welcome to another episode of The Life Adventurist. I’m your host, Jenny Holla, and you are in for a treat. So, if you noticed, we actually, I have switched some things up and this season name is spirit animals, and each of the episodes, you’re going to see a different spirit animal, and I will be sharing different inspirational messages, things that you can take an implement to your life, maybe challenges that have come up for you, obstacles, whatever it is.

Okay. So some of the names you might be like, like this one skunk spirit, you’re like, wait, what, who would name an episode? Skunk spirit. But the thing is, is what I did is prior to recording all these episodes, what I did is I actually pulled from one of my Oracle decks, the Spirit Animal Oracle by Collette Baron- Reid.

And I pulled whatever, 12, 10, however many cards they pulled for the upcoming seasons. So this was also mixing with some intuition and some love of what are the messages that not only you, but also myself need to hear over the next few months as we close out 2020, and the very first one was skunk spirit.

And I kind of laughed because I wanted so bad for it to be like something really nice. Like, I don’t know, like a whale or a, you know, a bunny or, you know, some things like, I don’t know, a little more like less ominous, like a skunk cause it’s like skunk. Oh cool. You know that stinky skunk. But I will say, though, in this deck, this skunk card, it is actually very attractive for a skunk.

You know, there’s like wearing a mask and it’s got like pretty colors if it’s tail and it’s thing on like a dandelion and the theme of the skunk spirit is know your worth. So as I was thinking about knowing your worth, I think this is so perfect because. I gotta believe that all of us have different points in our life where we have second guessed our worth, or we were unsure about the value that we bring to the table some time short-lived and other times it lasts for quite some time.

And I say that because. I for myself. And I know other people, like you can be rocking out in your life. And this happened to me in corporate. It’s like, you’re, you’re knowing your worth, you’re owning your worth. And then for whatever reason, something in that environment shifts or changes, and then you start doubting your own worth.

And then that builds up. And if you don’t catch it, or if you aren’t working on ways to make sure you’re still stepping into your power, it can end up pulling you down and the thing is I look back and actually this just came up because we’ve been working on our business 2JHolla, and I know that we have so many things to offer this world.

And even like for our podcast, the one that me and Jai have, if you’ve never listened to it before, check out The Hollastic Life podcast, we actually are really hovering around that thousand, top thousand podcast mark for a couple of different categories and we’re definitely shooting to be under the top thousand.

But if you want to hear more of like me and Jai, or if you want to hear more of me and then an additional dynamic hop over and listen that, but I say that because it’s like, I know we have good stuff to share, but sometimes, and this is, I think been must be part of my like life learning or whatever. It’s like, I’ll be very strong in certain areas of my life where I really know my worth, but over the years I’ve really struggled stepping into my own power. When it came to my own content, when it came to the things I was creating and bringing into the world, and I have doubted over the years, the value of what I bring and if you’ve never met me before, or Hey, maybe you’ve been following me all this time and you can definitely Google this if you like, my maiden name is Jenny Olding and I don’t know about seven years ago. Somewhere in that range. I had loans, a business called lifestyle change international, and I had published a book called rock your lifestyle. It’s your life start acting like it. And I was helping people to really connect to and own their life and really fall in love with it.

And at the time I was in my mid twenties, I don’t know what I know the numbers aren’t here for sake of the story. Just go with it. You know, it was my, maybe my mid twenties, late twenties, whatever. And I was putting his content out, but I also had a lot of expectations to where I wasn’t good enough if I didn’t produce a certain level of results in a certain period of time.

And also I had second guess a lot of what I was doing cause I was in my twenties and some of the people who were around me, who I had mentored with said that I need to look a certain way. I need to act a certain way in order for people to take me seriously. And. With the content I was putting out, I was like second guessing, like I owned it, but I was second guessing it.

And it’s crazy because I ended up choosing to stay with corporate because that felt safe and it felt like the thing I was supposed to do. But when I look back at that content I was creating and all this stuff I created, that was part of that business model, which mind you, it hasn’t gone away. It’s still going to be a part of 2JHolla and everything that we do as part of the business and the life adventurist and everything like that.

But when I look back at that content, I look back at the post they made, I like, Oh my God, this stuff is golden. Oh my gosh, this stuff is amazing. And I still do that to this day. When I look back, I’m like, man, I was sitting on a gold mine and they didn’t even realize it because I was second guessing myself and not knowing and owning my worth.

And as this has come up as a recurring theme for myself, which is interesting because as I said, just a few minutes ago, If you know me, or if you know, you’ve met me before any like friends or coworkers are always like, Oh my God, Jenny so confident. She, you know, does all these things. And she’s so good at all this stuff.

But like I said, like that one thing that I’ve been really learning is like, been this life lesson, learning how to own it when it comes to being my content. Right. Like my things, because I can sell other people’s stuff. If I believe in it, I can. You know, I really love connecting with people, like are really like own who I am as a person, but it’s really that content thing that gets me stuck.

And I’m ready to release that and not have that anymore, but just saying like this just came up, like we were actually on a business coaching call this week and this came up again and this came up really hardcore today. Just really thinking about like, gosh, is my stuff, any good and wow. That stuff before was so good.

And how can I make sure my stuff is so good and so perfect that people actually love it and they take action from it and they change their lives. Like how do I make sure they change your life in two seconds? And I mean, like there’s so much pressure and so much wrapped around trying too hard that it has been taken me out of flow state.

And also, I want to thank you if you are a subscriber and a regular listener to the life adventurist podcast, because I’ve taken a little break over the past X amount of weeks. I don’t know how long it’s been, but I know that the, there hasn’t been a new episode in awhile. And part of that was because I was like, Oh, I don’t know what to talk about.

I don’t know what kind of value I can give them. I want to make sure that they’re really good and it really changes their life. And it’s like that thing that is that one thing that they send to all their friends. And there was so much pressure about around creating the most perfect content and making sure that it was the best thing ever, that what it did is it stopped flow and it stopped action.

And so I want you to think about yourself, where are you out of flow? Because you’re trying too hard. You’re attached to an outcome. And if that outcome doesn’t happen, then it’s such a letdown that it completely throws you off. And has you second guessing your own worth and your own? Okay. It could be happening with something as simple as weight loss and really finding that body that you’re excited to be in and having the energy to do the things that you want.

And this is something that we’re working on at 2JHolla. And we’ve really been putting a lot of focus on is helping people to really, you know, have the energy to run around with their kids and to be able to have the, you know, like the, the energy and feel really amazing about their bodies to be able to go do those adventures and to go you know, like ride their bikes longer, or Jai always says like, Oh, when we’re out, we just got standup paddleboards, by the way. So, you know, we’re out in the paddle boards and he’s like, man, I got to keep taking breaks. Like I want to have like a better endurance and I want to feel better when I’m doing the things that I love.

So that’s what we help people do. And that’s what we’ve been focusing on. And the things that we teach in our next levelation program and our thrive system are like the things that exactly apply to this part of life, which is like owning your worth and the business side. And, Oh my God, because what I found is if I’m, if I really think about over the years, I was focused on like a financial outcome.

I was focused on like, I wanted to help, but it was, I think, cause of everything sales, I can tend to be very money driven. And even though it was about helping people and that’s what I focused on. Cause I knew the money would come. But also in the own business, it’s kinda like, Oh, you know, everybody’s like, Oh, I’ll make that goal.

Like you want to make $50,000 there’s a month or a hundred thousand dollars a year, whatever the amount is. And so I was so tied up into that outcome that when it didn’t happen and after I’d given it, my all, I felt deflated and I second guess my own worth. And so I share all that because the things that we teach, like I was saying in like mix evolution and thrive system and what we do on that side of the business, we really teach people how to, you know, focus on, like, for example, the weight, like if you’re focusing, I have to lose 15 pounds, I have to lose 15 pounds or insert whatever weight.

Then it really becomes tough to lose that weight because each week that you weigh in or each time that you check and see how you’re doing. All the focus is on this one thing. And this one thing, isn’t even the thing that pushes you over the top that has you really enjoying and loving life. It’s this thing that ends up bringing more stress and frustration in your life, which then feeds the cycle of emotional eating overeating stress, eating frustration.

Oh my God. I just started for the hundredth time or whatever. Going back to this own your own worth. And when it comes to business and the lesson, you know, that I’m coming to learn is, wow, it’s shifting the focus in the business because the longer I focus on that thing, that wrong thing, that’s not going to help me get there.

I’m going to stay in this cycle. I’m going to stay in this like a hamster wheel. You’re just like running and running and running and you’re exhausted. And it’s exhausting from doing this. So once again, I share this story and I ask you, where is this happening in your life? Where are you trying too hard?

Where are things feeling very difficult and uphill and frustrating where you, if you really think about it, you’re still in a cycle. And it’s the difference between being in flow and not being in flow. And when you’re in flow, You can attract even more things to you. And the thing about our lives is that we may be in flow in certain aspects of our lives, but there can be a couple of areas of our life that aren’t in flow.

And those areas where we’re not in flow can almost act like. Racks are, or what are those things in the garage where I don’t know why I’m thinking of like, mechanics, but you know, like in a garage you got a car and then there’s like those little stoppers by the wheels of the car, won’t move anywhere when they’re working on it.

It’s almost like that, like the areas of our life that aren’t flowing or in flow act as those stoppers. So we can only roll so far until we hit that stopper. And then it causes like a, like a backup or, you know, like a pause or whatever. And then we have back into flow in another aspect, and then we hit the stopper again.

And so if I, if I think about the skunk spirit, okay. There’s going to be a link in the show notes. So I was looking up things about skunks and I was like, there’s gotta be something interesting about them. And so most people, when they think of skunks, they think, Oh my God, stinky spray, stay away and like run from them.

But one thing I thought was really cool. Is it skunks do this like warning dance before they’re about to spray. So we’ll include a link in the notes, that vision. So I’m like looking at it right now. And it’s kind of funny because. It’s like on it’s four hands is doing like a handstand and it’s moving around.

Actually it looks kind of cool, but in wildlife, like that’s supposed to be a scary thing, because think about, it’s like making itself bigger. Like when a bear stands up on his hind feet and it’s like rawr getaway, like this is like the same thing. So skunks do have before they spray. And it just reminds me of ourself, like I dunno, how can we do this funky thing that gets them into a state of flow? That’s kind of funky and unconventional that gets us tapping into the fun and joy and freedom. In order to own ourself. It’s almost like the skunks, like, yeah, bitch. I’m about to spray you, but I’m warning you. I’m going to spray you.

So you’re just going to accept it, whether you like it or not. And I’m going to do this dance and you’re going to run away and that’s fine. I don’t care. You can run away. You can not like it because if you don’t like it, I’m going spray you, anyway. I don’t know. It just, it’s kind of ironic to me and it reminds me of us.

How can we do that? How can we. You know, kind of like do that dance before we step into our worth and own ourselves and fully be ourselves without apology. That’s what I want to challenge you to is fully being yourself without apology and being aware of where you’re holding on too tight and how you can shift that energy.

It’s not always going to happen right away. Right? Like sometimes it will happen very quickly. But sometimes it’ll just be habits that have been there for a long time because they’re, they’re attached to a trigger. And so one of the things that we teach is the revolution blueprint. And we basically, what we help students do is we help them really understand like the self awareness.

So a lot of what we’re talking about here is about that self awareness and becoming aware of when. Things come up for us that aren’t serving us or behaviors that we have or patterns that we have. And just becoming aware, because if you’re not aware, you can’t change it. And then the, you know, the next stage is the raw mindset, which is ready, able, and willing.

So you have to be ready, able, and willing to make that change. And then we get into the sustainable wellness and we get into the adventure and exploration, but it’s about really feeling balanced on all levels. And so knowing your worth is like one of those foundational things that really helps you. And I’ve said it a couple times, but it helps you to step in that flow and own your worth and, and, and be that skunk on the, on the handstand, you know, doing the dance.

Like this is just who I am unapologetically. Cause I’m, from that space, you can continue to attract people, attract amazing opportunities into your life. Be able to really just tap into like the love and the bliss of every moment of life. And that is what the skunk spirit is about. So check this out. I just thought of this and I thought this would be so cool.

So if you’re listening and you’re like, Oh my God, I love this. And I really want to figure out how to do this, or I really want to figure out how to. Figure out that revolution blueprint. All right. I just, I just need a little help, so you can reach me on it to gram at the life adventurist, or you can send us an email at

Send us an email. And we actually I’m opening up a few spots for lifestyle realignment calls, and this is gonna be so much fun. We are definitely going to help you step into a different energy. We’ll work together. Just be one on one time. And so if you want to hear more about that and how you can really make that shift and how you can step into knowing your worth and really owning your life and having more freedom, fulfilment, fun well-being, if you really want to like a little bit of a jump-start to doing that.

So send us a message. Send me a message and we will talk a little bit more and see if it’s a good fit and we’ll get you into a lifestyle alignment call. All right, until next time, can’t wait to share more about the next animal spirit and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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