Skyrocket Your Podcast Donations: 3 Simple Steps!

There are numerous ways to monetize your podcast, but donations are so far, the easiest and most convenient way for your podcast admirers and listeners to support your incredible work. Donations are also a great option because, you can keep a huge portion of the earnings to yourself, without handing over a big chunk to the advertisers.

As part of our podcast monetization series, in this article, we provide a simple guide to generate an earning while you podcast through donations:

Step 1. Choose a Platform

The first step towards donation is choosing a platform to accept the donations from your loyal listeners. The two most popular platforms donation collection service providers in the podcasting business are:


Using Patreon is easy, especially if recurring donations are important to your audience or patrons. As a creator, Patreon provides incentives to your audience for their donations by providing exclusive content. Each level or tier has its own rewards or incentives, based on monetary value.

Donors will have access to more exclusive content and reward the more they donate. Your podcast will look and feel more professional with Patreon as it takes care of all the technical parts. It’s free to sign up, but it will take a percentage of your donations.


PayPal offers an electronic alternative to traditional paper payment methods by supporting online money transfers. Simply open PayPal and follow the setup instructions to create a PayPal account. Thereafter, you will be able to share a unique link with your audience.

You can also include a donate button on your podcast page so that donations are even easier to make. You can allow your listeners to post donations as often as they wish. PayPal is free to use, and subscriptions are never charged. It does, however, take a percentage of donations you receive.

But, your listeners won’t start donating just by looking at the donation button on your podcast page. Though providing value-adding and fun content to your listeners will majorly push your audience to show you their support by donation, you need to fuel in extra motivation if you really want to collect a substantial amount.

Step 2. Approaches to Motivate Your Listeners to Donate

For a successful donation campaign, an engaged, passionate, and loyal audience is a must. But, there are a few creative approaches, through which, your listeners are most likely to support your work:

Simply Ask

If your audience loves your work, they will understand that creating content to entertain them is not an easy job. In this case, sometimes, just asking nicely can be enough to motivate your admirers to support your show.

But, this works only for a podcast with an already large, established podcast community that truly values your content. If you have a group of listeners who tune in to every episode, don’t shy away from asking a small thankyou in return.

TIP: If feeling extra creative, you can also use metaphors like, ‘buy me a cup of coffee’, or ‘buy me a bear’ while asking for donations on your podcast page. Though less salesy, it can encourage your listener to support you.


Utilizing a platform like Patreon is the best way to accomplish this. Previously, we discussed the levels and tiers for donations you can build through Patreon and the rewards or incentives you will receive if you donate a certain amount.

An incentive need not be tangible or have any monetary value to make this a very productive method. Even never-before-heard content, bloopers, or a private Q&A session, can greatly impact your audience, and make them feel a step closer to the show and the host. To gain access to even more great content, listeners may be motivated to make a donation to gain access to exclusive content.

Share Your Dreams and Goals

Talking about your goals and dreams may not seem likely to inspire others to support you. As humans, however, we are deeply affected by hearing another person’s vision.

This passion ignites something in us and causes us to think beyond ourselves to help others. Your passion for achieving your goals may not only inspire others to accomplish theirs, but it can create a desire in your audience to want to be a part of your success as well.

The Upgrade

This approach works best when you need some extra cash for upgrading your podcasting equipment or studio. Suppose you want to buy a new microphone, you can ask your listeners, “Buying a Shure microphone and improving my sound will be possible once you all make a collective donation of $100. ”

Step 3. The Action

The final step to get your motivated donors to show their support to your show is a highlighted “donation location”. But, what is the best way to get people off the show and onto your donation page?

Highlighted Donation Buttons

You can embed a “donate button” in both PayPal and Patreon. It is appealing both visually, since an official “donate” button gives a professional look, and in terms of how easy and simple it is for listeners to give.


You can put your email list to good use if you’ve already invested the time and effort to build it up. Providing your listeners with free content and extra value through your newsletter subscription gives you a chance to ask for something from time to time.

Incorporate a link to the relevant platform throughout your email message along with all the information about your podcast. This way, the listeners can easily donate by clicking the link and it will take them directly to the donation page. Just make sure you are not too aggressive in asking for donations. Instead, talk about how you are glad to accept donations for the show if the listeners are enjoying what they are hearing.

Word to the Wise

You should never forget that the power of donation lies with your audience. You cannot force your audience to donate. So when you ask for donations, you should be gentle and not pushy. Despite the fact that a call for donations goes unanswered, you should always remain professional and courteous.

Keep your listeners engaged by creating valuable content. Loyal, dedicated fans are most likely to donate to you since they love your content and what you do. As a podcaster, your focus should be on creating high-quality content and engaging with your listeners in order to build and strengthen these relationships.

Need a Hand?

Make it easy for yourself to monetize your podcast. We’ll make it simple. As a podcasting network, on-air, for over a decade, we can help you in every step of your podcast, be it starting a new podcast from scratch, to increasing the listenership and engagement of an already running show. Invest in your passion and turn it into a profitable business.

All you have to do is contact us, and together, we will assist you in building a podcast less ordinary!





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