We get so caught up in the chaos of trying to take on as much work as possible all while meeting deadlines, spending time with family and taking care of ourselves. You get burnt out or spend all your money and you wonder where you went wrong. But have you ever taken the time to look at how all these things can work together to create a harmonious masterpiece? In this episode, Jenny and Jai will be discussing how you can start embracing the space between the notes because beauty needs a certain

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amount of time and emptiness to be appreciated.

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Jenny  Welcome to another episode of the holistic life podcast. I’m Jenny, one of your hosts

Jai  Just had to prove me wrong. Hmm, that’s fine. I’m Jai.

Jenny  He said that we’d have another weird intro and I went for something not weird.

Jai  Now that you said it is totally weird.

Jenny  Okay, so we are in the unfuck with full season, which I’m on fog with a bow you can’t fuck with me. And today we are talking about actually Jai is gonna do most of the talking. He doesn’t know it yet. Because this is more his, his area of expertise. One of them he has many, which actually Hold on, I’m just gonna put I’m gonna put a quick pause on this, I’m gonna throw this out there. So Jai is available for tech consults, well, paid tech consults, he’s only going to take a handful. And you’re going to pay for a console if you need help trying to figure out which gear to get, what kind of setup to do, how to get the things to do the thing that you want that has to do with text. If you’re trying to buy a GoPro or you’re trying to get the best setup, Jai is available for those. I’m just gonna throw that out there because literally, if someone wants help with that, it’s something that you can help with. That’s one of your many areas of expertise. It’s not our business model, but Jai is really good at it. So a handful of those if that’s something reach out to us. But the other area of expertise that Jai has is music. And today’s episode title is Space Between the notes. And Jai taught me this concept. I think a couple years ago, I don’t know if it was it. Where’s the Detroit house? We’re watching that music thing.

Jai  Brian’s house,

Jenny  right. someone’s house, Brian’s house, and we were watching the music thing.

Jai  It was definitely my friend’s house.

Jenny  Okay, is that when we talked about the space between the notes? I don’t think so. When we talk about it. I don’t remember

Jai  but it definitely wasn’t that situation.

Jenny  Okay, so anyways, let’s just say I don’t know jack about music. I just like the beat. And if the beating drops in the first 30 seconds, I’m out. Occasionally you’ll find me with a slower beat. Occasionally. I like I like

Jai  once every three Blue Moon.

Jenny  Yes. beers or blue.

Jai  No, not beers, because you don’t do Blue Moon you do make

Jenny  true, but I didn’t know if you’re thrown into it. Okay, so anyways, so my knowledge of music is about limited to the fact that I sang my neck, my back when I was 17 in my car with the windows down, blasted. And I wondered why truck drivers looked at me weird. That’s the extent of my music. Knowledge. And Jai taught me the power of the space between the notes. So visual. Oh, dude, seriously, when I look back, I had no idea. Like, I remember singing that song. And I remember this truck driver, like honking and looking down at me. And you know, whatever been like, you know, or whatever. And I was like, ooh, gross. And now I know why. Looking back. I mean, a cute 17 year old with the windows down thinking bad neck, my back. And I had no idea what I was singing. I just say the word that’s

Jai  one of the best. What do you mean? What were you thinking?

Jenny  I knew the words. It was popular. I sang it. I didn’t think about the meaning. I wasn’t paying attention to how disgusting this was. For me. At least I was thinking about the actual app, I just thought the song was cool because it was popular. So as I sang that, and I have a whole fuckin treasure trove of songs like that, that I know that I sang that I knew all the words to and I took pride knowing all those words, but I did not sing them actually knowing what the fuck I was singing. Okay, suddenly because I knew the words in the beat were cool. So, now you know about Jenny’s history with music and that’s why Jai is gonna explain this concept of space between the notes both musically and then how it applies in your life both together all at once.

Jai  Oh, yeah. You just had a visual look.

Jenny  You’re so bad. so bad. I’m sorry, I have one more thing to say. So also I’m sorry, I like you. I know you’re enjoying these stories of my childhood and possibly into adulthood. So I was dating this guy, and you’re on like date four or five. And I was so excited to share with him the songs that I knew all the words to. One of them is I can put it in your mouth, and you know, whatever else, but that one’s pretty bad.

Jai  Another very clearly written song that you probably didn’t know the meaning of.

Jenny  I obviously know what the words mean. But when I said it, I was just excited that I knew all the words to it. Right? So I’m like, dude, check out all these songs that I grew up listening to that I knew all the words to so I start playing them and he’s like,

Jai  Oh, shit, I gotta go wash my hair.

Jenny  He was like, What the fuck is this? And I was like, these are the songs I grew up with. I like them. Yeah. Yeah. I totally see how I was sending a mixed message. So Jai, you’re touring? Thank God, I didn’t let you know all this song. So about month three.

Jai  Yeah. Oh, man. Oh, alright. So

Jenny  what a way to open a pago. All right.

Jai  Try to collect myself earlier. So the space in between the notes, just like anything, just think about talking, for example, if you were just talking to you and kept on talking, and you’re just talking about stuff, and you just kept on going, just talking about stuff like what happened this day in the morning, and we had breakfast and lunch and dinner and and all this stuff. And you didn’t pause, and you didn’t take a break. But in that same instance, if you were to tell the same story, we’re in the villages for two weeks. Very, very interesting place. We actually had breakfast with a friend this morning from St. Pete. And we caught up over drinks, mostly water, he had orange juice. Breakfast was good. It’s different. There’s time to take it all in, if you will. The whole point of this space is to take a break, to look around to embrace everything that is and talk about the actual concept. If you know if you listen, or even don’t make this as simple as possible, the music that you listen to is composed of many different instruments. You have your melody, your harmony, your percussion, right. So imagine your favorite song, right? beats, keys, guitars, whatever your favorite song is, just imagine, whoever did that song. It’s probably programmed behind the computer now, but you know, a group of musicians, every person who played that particular instrument, and the room and just playing whatever they wanted at the same time. It sounded crazy. It would sound somewhat chaotic. And this is how our lives are sometimes, because we’re trying to do all these things. And we’re trying to do them together. And we’re wondering why it looks like a train wreck. But like the composer comes in, and he’s like, hey, drum drummer, you’re going to play this. And not to get in the weeds about it. But you know, there’s different types of notes that have different counts, you have your quarter notes, well, basically a rhythm is like 1234, and you have your quarter notes, or eighth notes or 16th notes, your whole notes or half notes. So the whole note is going to be like the entire four counts. So you’re holding that. So with this concept, you put different notes in different places, right. So it’s not like you’re just playing a whole note for the entire song. If you could do that you don’t fucking breathe. But the drummer is playing a certain rhythm, a certain pattern. Then your guitarist is playing a certain set of notes, and then your piano players are playing a certain set of notes. But all three of these people are playing different notes at different times. But yet it’s composed The way that everything works together. And that the space between all these notes, and all these rhythms is what truly makes the music. So let’s take just one musician just playing one thing. And he spacing the nose, he’s spreading it out. It sounds awesome. And then you put him with someone else who’s still playing, like his set of notes, his rhythm, but he’s matching, not necessarily matching, but you know, he’s playing with other ones. So it’s, it’s a harmony now, it’s not the same thing. It’s a harmony, these things are harmonizing. They’re working together. And this is the whole concept of this thing. It’s like, what you’re doing, you get so caught up in like, go, go, go, go go, I got to do ads, I gotta be on social media, I got to try to sell to a cold market, I got to do funnels, I got to do this stuff. I got to do all this stuff, without sitting back and really looking at how all these things could possibly work together to create a harmonious masterpiece. So then, like you’re doing all these things, you get burnt out, you’ve spent a shit ton of money. And you’re looking at this train wreck wondering what happened.

Jenny  Because you took action, you probably did have some level of results. But it’s not, it feels off. Right? Yeah. Or you feel like especially with that burnout, like something or multiple things in your life are off. And that’s the train wreck.

Jai  That’s definitely a train wreck. Yeah. But it’s, it’s like finding that time to breathe in between. I don’t want to say the chaos. But between everything. You know, we look at situations and we’re like, oh, this isn’t going the way I feel it should go. So we jump in real quick segue, not segue. But talk about your situation yesterday.

Jenny  So basically, if you don’t know already, we’re not messing around the states, we sold everything. And we’re here, we usually like to stay a couple of weeks. And I was looking ahead to determine where to go next. And I had an idea of where I wanted to go and where we wanted to go. And I had this idea of this plan. And I was having a tough time finding places to fit the plan. Because of the plan, I felt like I needed certain things. And the more I got attached to the things that I felt like we needed, and the places we needed to go, like I kept looking and I kept not seeing availability in the next spots. And I was stressed out. And then I started jumping ahead because I spent a couple hours on Airbnb looking for spots the night before, it’s been a couple hours in the morning. And then I even jumped ahead. And I was already in July and August thinking oh my god, and what if we can’t find a place that is perfect that has the great thing over Fourth of July? And what if we can’t get here? And what if it costs more? And what if we don’t have a washer dryer? What if they don’t allow a dog like I had all the things, all the things that we’re building up all the musicians

Jai  in the room just playing whatever the hell at once?

Jenny  Oh, it was so exhausting. And it got to the point where I definitely was, I was ready to eat snacks. And if you’re new to us snacks means sweets, snacks. Candy, I was ready to go potentially had I kept going down this path. I would have been ready for a three day binge. And I was just exhausted. And I called a friend. I’m like, Oh my god, it’s not working out. What should I do? And he was like, Whoa, God, damn, Yo, this is so negative, like you are in a negative spot. It’s like losing something like a getaway. Like stop, take a breath. You need to go to the pool, you need to go ride your bike, you need to go drive the golf cart around like you need to go do something. You need to stop. She’s like, how long have you been spending on this? I was like two or three hours today, two or three hours yesterday. She was like, yeah, that’s too much to stop. It’s like you’re continuing to press through. And then here we are today. So what happened is once we kind of like pass through all that, you know, I was like, oh, maybe we can go up here maybe we can go up there and we started making some calls and then today I booked our two places back to back and then we’re we actually I didn’t even necessarily want this but it worked out perfectly. We have the next month booked out basically and it’s perfect to take us through July 4. We get to hang out with some friends. We’re gonna go somewhere in Alabama. We’re gonna like it’s all gonna work out and it’s gonna be amazing and perfect. But then I started thinking Well, what’s after that? I’m like, dude, that’s already a month in advance. Like I do not need to look that far in advance. I don’t. I don’t even need to have what I can do though, if I can allow the space between the notes and I can allow this all to settle down, and just enjoy the moment and be in the moment. But I can also start asking people, right, it could be like, oh, we’re going to be, you know, Western Nashville, and we’re making our way to the Dakotas, where should we go, right. And that’s what’s going to bring the ideas in that space between the nodes. And

Jai  that’s what I was telling you yesterday. Yeah. You don’t have to control everything. When you, when you let go of control, is when you really start to be in control. So ask yourself, like, where in your life or you just letting the musicians play whatever the fuck they want, when they want. And ask yourself, if this was the masterpiece, the soundtrack of my life would I want to sit and listen to this song. And stop, understand, sit back, look at the important things and realize how they work together and understand that you don’t have to control it, because things are working for you. Things are working for you, the more you believe that understand it and actually let it work is when you’ll start seeing the magic

Jenny  when it’s interesting, too, because when you are looking to force the flow or you’re looking to have that control. Money, Monique said this perfectly. She was like it’s almost as if like, if you go too far down that path, it opens up all these other doors opens up all these other doors right now it open opens the door into wanting to eat bad now it’s open the door to not wanting to work out and then the door opens into not wanting to do the things like the meditations or go outside and now you just want to stay in the house which then feels that cycle, right? Which then creates much more of that, that musicians like you were saying them all playing those instruments, when really what you prefer. And what feels so much better is allowing the space between the notes. Why do you think it is that sometimes we go to that chaos or we feel like we need that like control over that chaotic thing in our life when it just feels so much better to ctfo

Jai  that is another podcast for another time. But conditioning and social constraints, guys, thank you for tuning in. If you want to follow our nomadic journey, because we have post we have an ig tv series on Instagram called holistic living, which is basically documenting the majority of it and I’m gonna say all of it, the majority A lot of it we’ve been lacks last couple of days, videos, we have rails, a lot of it is really really cool. Really, really fun. Really, really interesting. So definitely the number to underscore j holler at Instagram, you don’t have to worry about anything else because Instagram is where we’re popping right now. It’s really poppin on Instagram, so holla at us on Instagram. If you want to check out our newsletter, that’s o h a n a if you’re looking for something if you’re if you’re listening and we resonate, and you’re like oh my god, I am so ready to level up and take myself not only your life and your business and your health and your wellness but take you to the next level, reach out to us DMS

Jenny  take you the next level with your mindset with nutrition with fitness, wellness, like I said, you know it’s the whole you but I want to give like specific things because you know, as you said that I just got this vision of being like, you know, telling somebody, look, you want to change your nutrition, we can help you do that. And we’re going to help you change your nutrition habits. Come on in. But guess what, that’s what you’re gonna come for. But all these talks and all this podcast like you’re gonna get all of this and so much more. So come to us for the simple thing that your brain can wrap its head around, which is nutrition, health bonus health, fitness help, but know that like you said, it’s so much more. Alright guys see you on the next episode.

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