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Have you recently read Phoenix’s series Savage Fever? Are you searching for a few friends to discuss all the highs and lows? Join Phoenix and her friends (and fellow authors) Malay Reneé and Parker Jones in this laid back, juicy episode focused on Danielle “Drop” Savage and all the mischievous things she gets up to in this sexy and risky series.

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Phoenix: Hello, I’m your girl Phoenix Ash this is Life as P I’m your host. They call me P. Thank you for tuning in. If this is your first time listening, I appreciate you giving us a shot, listening to my ramblings about any and everything related to Life as P, as an entrepreneur, as a writer, as a new author, as a newly single mom. So this is a lot of new, new going on. Anyhow. Thank you so much. If you’re a repeat listener, I appreciate you as I tell you every week, because every week you deserve to hear me, listen to it as a gratitude. Love you guys. So, so much I’m super excited. Because let me tell you all right. So you know what I’ve been going on and on and on about Savage Fever right?

So I’m like, that’s my baby. It’s in my series. You know, I’ve been talking about it for like all my life, because it’s based on this stuff that I did in grad school. So anyhow, my heart, my people, you know what guys introduce yourself, Malay, let’s start with you. Tell everybody your name, what you do.

Malay: Alright guys, my name is Malay Renee. I am a romance author under B Love Publications and the lovely miss P here is my pen sister.

Parker: Hey guys. It’s Parker Jones here. I’m a writer of women’s fiction and I love to write a lot of stories and I’m joining my lovely pen sisters Malay and P this evening.

Phoenix: Okay guys. So let me tell you why I’m so hyped up for me. I mean, a lot. I love them. They, my pen, this is right. So of course I’m hype, but Malay decides they, she is going to do a Facebook live talking about the Savage Fever series and she actually digested it in the way that it was written. So if you don’t know about Savage Fever, like you knew here, whatever, I’ll give you a little rundown. It’s the urban series it’s written out like a television series. So it’s done in episodes where now on episode four shameless plug out now on Amazon Kindle and Kindle unlimited.

So do that, but anyhow, their written in episodes where it should take you about 30 to 45 to read each episode. And so they’re really designed for people who are, you know, like to watch TV series, but don’t have a lot of time to invest in reading a book. So they go by very quickly. So Malay decides that she’s going to binge on it, right? Malay

Malay: Absolutely.

Phoenix: That’s what we’re doing on the TV right now. All right. So she’d been designed it and she does this Facebook live and I’m sitting there. So of course, guy’s you already know I’m bad at managing my time. I’m working on it. I worked late for the sponsor and then I get in and I’m like, well, let me look at the recording and Parker and Malay are going in on Savage Fever and honestly it brought tears to my eyes because I feel like both of them understood it in a way that it was written, like the whole purpose of it and everything. And I have never talk to either one of them about my intention on Savage Fever so that look proof is in the pudding, So I came and bought you some pudding. Okay. All right. So let’s get into, what are we going to talk about? Savage Fever Because not enough for y’all is buying is not enough for y’all is leaving a review. So Malay, who’s your favorite character?

Malay: Oh, so like right now in my head, my best friend, like in my head is Drop well, you know, her name was Danielle, but they call her Drop. So Danielle, Drop Savage that is my BFF in my head right now. You know, she looked crazy, but I love it. I like it a little low to medium, but that is my that’s my hunger right now. I love her.

Phoenix: Wow. So Parker, who’s yours?

Parker: Mine as well. And I think that’s why that combo was so well, because you can’t get enough of her. Like really definitely.

Phoenix: So y’all like crazy women.

Parker: We like crazy women and we knew it and we was both like racy, a little nuts, but we could do the right. I’m going to go with this for a little bit of a dad. We like that

Phoenix: So I’ve often said that I was writing something where I buried pieces of myself and everything that I write. And Savage Fever really gave me freedom. So like I’ve always had to suppress whatever emotion it was that I was going through at the time in the name of being strong and navigating some waters. I wasn’t ready for So Savage Fever it gave me the freedom to like all that rage, that anguish, all the anxiety, all that distrust, all of that. And then there was love and lust and throw it all into one book and enjoy myself as I wrote. So I very, some things, and after I wrote it, I was like, yo, something wrong with me, some room for me for real.

So what did you guys think? So let’s take it to episode one, right? So like it opens up with a stick up. So what do you think about that? Like when you first read it and you were like, okay, I’m in the middle of a stick up, but like seeing how the stickup happened. Would you feel about that?

Parker: Well, I think when you open up a story like that, and I I’m like Malay I been on the series, so I caught on or no on the fourth episode as well, but I just went through it. But I think when you open up something like that, first of all, you don’t know what to expect. Right. So as it opens, you’re like, Oh my God, Life I cannot hear what you explained. It is like an episode. I was like, Oh, for real, this is like watching law and order. But it was some quick action. Right? That’s how you draw it in. So that’s really what I was like, nah, I’m not moving. So let me finish this.

Phoenix: Okay. So that’s how it starts. But you know, it kind of was like a full circle in terms of how the episode one ends. So when episode one ends and Drop is on his doorstep, what did you think? Then?

Parker: I feel like she was playing when people emotion, she was playing her emotions. And that part, the first is how do you run up on him in a hole, like to being in the beginning of the book? Like when I first started reading it, I really thought this dude really owed her some money and he would get to the part that she actually, she did it and be funny if people in him and I’m like, Oh, this is how I know you. The crazy exactly. The right you show up on the door says drop. And you just like, yeah, whatever. Like, like, I don’t care. Like you still need to get me what I want. So boom.

Like you crazy. Her brother made it worse though, because he right there behind her a ride and I’m like, really is not right. That’s the part that got me told, because as I’m reading that… So I see why she ran up. But then you know what, her brother and the best friend. And I’m like, all right. So he really, really old her somebody’s like, you know, just bust them out real quick. But then when we get in the car and they’re like, yeah, so you really did that. Like, you took it out. I’ll be like, you’re crazy in broad daylight.

Phoenix: Oh, she was crazy in broad daylight. Like that.

Parker: Wasn’t like it, she was literally, you stay in near the team. Was the boat surrounded by nothing but mad dudes that we just Life. So you got to give me this money or what? Cause you can get me the money to rock and pop you, which I want to do it.

Phoenix: It’s like, if you go and check me, it was the person.

Parker: Well, not even just her running up for him, but it was the whole setting of the pace. It’s summer time, hot outside. The block is hot. Like I’m talking, you know, I’m in Brooklyn all day. Like I’m a baby. Like yeah. That’s how it is. The blast

Phoenix:  Yes. That’s all it is. So. Okay. How does the episode one, we also meet angel, right? Right. When you guys first were introduced to angel and angel slides Drop the note, what’s your take on angel at that point?

Oh, I felt like angel is a setup, but not a bad setup. Like, you know, like, okay. On the first by first name basis, like we just meet her so you can get dropped attitude on it as I’m like, okay, who the fuck is this? And why is she here? And what y’all got going? Because I don’t, I don’t appreciate this. But when she slipped in the note, I was kind of like, she, I dunno what she knew and my spider, since he’s the tingling, but you know, but yeah.

Phoenix: All right. So you got your spidey senses tingling. So now we’re moving on to episode two and so crazy. Because in my mind, I’m like watching it to see like, okay, what did I stop episode one.

Like what? But for me it plays like commercial breaks. So I’m like, okay. So it ends that way. Because TV typically ends up, you know, right before the commercial break, do something like you want to wait to see what’s coming up on the other side of the commercial. And in episode two, you know, she’s, she’s home. She’s like, you know, there’s a problem something’s going on. I need to know what it is. She’s wracking a brain and she goes home. So this is the first time we meet her parents and, and she’s looking at her dad and she she’s trying to figure out what her dad is. And it’s the first time we meet Moxy to So. So we meet like the extended cast, so to speak.

So when you first are introduced to Moxy, like the kids are coming home, they’re walking through the door and they’re like, what’s what’s going on? You know? Well, she’s walking through the door. She, she, she, she needs to know. And she’s looking at her father’s security. Like, what do you think when she’s entering the house, do you think that something is going to happen then? Or you kind of just following her through the scene

Malay: To see what’s coming next? Like how she is going to approach her up? All the light with the energy she is given off. Cause she was already like a little

Phoenix: Because. She is she’s off the hook. Right. So like, okay. So what did you think about how in… or in the shootout and these dead bodies on floor and she bumped before anybody comes to clean everything up, she’s got to get one thing off. So when you’re introduced to her fetish, what did you think?

Malay: That’s like everything else, right? Yeah. Pretty much that it went hand in hand with everything goes like she really, she just had a real, like, I don’t give a fuck mentality. Like, that’s been a long with it. I was like, all right. So we dropped body… like that. And nothing phases her. She was like, yo, this is the thing that ain’t nothing like this. Right, right. That’s what made me love it more. Because like, like you were staying in the beginning and like what you writing it. It was a chance to kind of release everything into it. And in real life, day to day stuff, this is something that you would do on a day-to-day basis.

But in the fictional world I could do and be whatever I want to be taught. Everybody is like, just cause I can’t and I can get away with it.

Phoenix: She is definitely a… She’s a wild card. Absolutely. So when she goes, when there is a target that she has been chasing for a very long time and she finally hits her target and at a time when nobody really expects her to hit it. But she’s on the phone where her mom beforehand, like, what’d you think about that whole thing?

Malay/Parker: That was funny. Right? She had her when she had her without let me call you back real quick and you want to notice how I say we low key, crazy to me because I feel like I, we read that. We just went along with it. Like yeah, you too. Bye to go pop somebody real quick. No one that she brought the gold pop somebody, but we still like, Oh yeah, go get him Drop go get her. And then hang up with your mom real quick. Cause you don’t need to hear about it. So how to protect. Yeah,

Phoenix: So what do you think about her and E what about their relationship?

Malay/Parker: Oh, they like they relationship goals. Right? Old school kind of love. We gonna ride it down. Definitely. Yeah. Love

Phoenix: E is not violent. No.

Malay/Parker: I think the one I feel like they feed off each other and they balance each other. Like you ever hear like the whole like well ever seen it, I should say like when they’re the men and the men runs the empire, but ultimately is really the white that runs it. But you just don’t see her in anything. That’s the vibe that they gave off. Like he does all the dirty work and stuff like that. But in the background, he goes to her to check everything out. Like she like, yeah. I think you should do that. Maybe you should, if you don’t really feel like she really running everything in the background.

Phoenix: Yeah. All right. So I’m going to fast forward a little bit. So when the stripper dies, what did you think of that?

Malay/Parker: I thought she was stupid. That was my thought. Set her up, swear to God on the bride. But my thing was a ball. If everybody in the city know how to say Avenue to get it off and you know how to draw up and give it up, there was absolutely no reason why I’m going to lie to that girl. I want to do with it. And not only now, but you know how to do that. Your sleep is what is the ruthless? He has no emotion. He has nothing. So he, he promoted you. And now he was now. He was like, if you see somewhere and I feel like I’m like, my thing was, first of all, if you come to approach things like that, I snitching.

I tell her everything. Then on top of that, whether if she dropped the ball and killed her anyways, blood for the instance that Drop did not kill her, he was going to kill her, sort of get it right. It was over the phone.

Phoenix: I mean, I think, and this is me like getting to know my character. I think she was more afraid of Moxy because he was a man and he was a man and she knew intimately. So she knew that he was bonkers. She knew that. Right. But what she knew about Drop was all secondhand information. It was all a rumor.

Malay/Parker: That’s true. That’s true. She learned that day though. She loves definitely. But then I feel like she was on to something to Because the whole time that everything going down is ringing in the back of her head. Like why she followed her and stuff like that. It is raining in the back of her head. Like she really gotta be ruthless or is there really has to be a key point with her because why would he have me follow with her on a lot of people? Like why she should have followed her gut and kept pushing and the other way. Cause baby, not for nothing. Even not to the point to me following this the minute that she would’ve told me to follow her, I would’ve went in to her. Like, listen, I’m going to do something that I don’t know what you want me to do, but you got something going on.

Leave me out of it. I don’t want you to play my part. Let me just play my part. Like we could be on the same team.

Phoenix: I think that is funny, okay. Yeah. So Aurora is dumb, which is she… she is. She is. She thought she was doing something, you know, she thought she got her place to kill it. And then it was the wrong one. You have the wrong spot. Okay. So here’s, here’s a character that like, people don’t talk about often. So I’m curious if you even remember who he is. So what do you think about Lasso?

Malay/Parker: Look, man, I don’t like him to say like, none of them people laugh. So he is the dude that’s with Moxy, right? Yeah. He right here, me in her, whatever you want to follow the leader, dude. Yeah. But that’s why nobody talks about him. Nobody talk about the errand boy write, because I feel like in the minute can be like a bank, like the Moxy Because I didn’t like him when I first met him. And then what? I didn’t know that it was a lot to turn into a whole, we really hate his guts, but I’m still there, like my him to die.

Phoenix: So you’re introduced to him, you don’t like him?

Malay/Parker: No, I don’t because I’ve got a funny vibe. Like the first introduction, when the, when the kids came in to the house, he told the kids to leave the room in all the kids kind of looked at him like homie what?

I had to step in and right there, my dad, could you tell me what to do?

Right. And it’s the first thing to say something. All the kids is like, okay, we got weed now. So when they land and he kind of just like gave them, like, it wasn’t really real like this, but I got the vibe that he kind of gave them a stake. Like once I’ve got that, I’m like, yeah, I don’t like him. It is a reason why I don’t like him. And then as we got further in a way that he liked talk about his son that rub, that grind my gears, it rubbed me the wrong way. So now I really don’t like him. Right. He showed us definitely why he wasn’t.

Phoenix: What about Moxy though, like what do you think in terms of like, is he a adversary that you like, Aww, you know, like what do you think of him as an adversary?

Malay/Parker: Moxy is all for herself. And I just feel like if y’all had, if him and Sarah had a plan on how they was gonna leave the business as partners, then you should just roll with that. And if you had a problem with it, you should be a man and go to sir, as opposed to go and buy her in his bed, trying to set up. Drop like, what was that about? All of that, that big Because. I don’t like to make music played for the beginning. That was never really his friends. That’s where I’m at with it. Because especially to the eye, there’s a little farfetched. I think we on like three or four at this point that I was about to bring up. But one of the situation with his aunt, like that part. Yeah. That to me, it didn’t throw me for a loop, but that’s what I kind of felt like.

Yeah. He was never his friends. He be in the state the entire time. He is so cold. Like, Oh my gosh, like somebody is to look around. You can just have no emotion. It’s the people that are related to you. Blood, like, come on the way he be treated. His son like that is crazy. Now is it now?

Phoenix: So think about this … he is cold. He can be very ruthless, his personality mixed. What serves personality for him to be at the house for so long. Do you think that that contributes though, to who the kids are?

Malay/Parker: Absolutely Drop is definitely a mixture of my definitely. I I don’t, I’m not going to tell you a mixture. Because certain like real cool, calm and collected Drop is not cool. Calm and collected. The only time she went and collected was that in the big, on a funeral, it was the only time.

Phoenix: But sir has a temper. It will. You violate if you push him far in the us.

Malay/Parker: Oh yeah. You write and write Because doesn’t have to be pushed far enough son. She’s ready to pop off. Yes. Yeah. What about that? Action. I need the why he said that damn dummy to go to her because she was set up because he was like, I basically raised her. I talked to her, everything she knows. So I know how she got like, you know, We just don’t know how to get killed. I mean, that’s what, it was dumb. What he was doing. He was ready for her to get away and to get out of the way.

Phoenix: Because if you send her off and if he knows the first of all, so wait for him to test Drop. Yup, yup. Yup. Do I know her? Like I think I know her and her movements, like I think I can know. Right. And be in a hothead. It’s not hard to, which is why he was able to know where she was when she was at the apartment…

Malay/Parker: Also that cockiness about her. It’s it’s the combination because you walk in and in the project, it’s like, Oh, I’m untouchable. Yeah. You want to touch the ball in the hood, but somebody always wants to touch you like,

Phoenix: Right, right. But she’s also got this air of cockiness where she’s just like, and if you try to touch me, I’m good with it. That’s why You were to show up.

Malay/Parker: There you go. So I get to show you better than she can tell you. No, for real. But can we talk about So and that’s what I really like. It really tickled me. I was dying. What I already, when they was at the club and her brother and dad, not that she was about to be the one to cut up. And then she kind of like turned her off like that. What about Angel? Because I was like, yo, you better get busy.

Phoenix: I know you do know… Angel has demons. She has, you know, she, she tried to be cool. She didn’t want it.

Malay/Parker: Definitely, definitely was. Her family was definitely wrong. So I could see why So brought her in to keep Drop company. I can definitely, he gave her a best friend. That’s how that works

Phoenix: Also because he, the good, at least in my mind. Right. So the good thing about sir, is that, although he was the belief that you are a good, he will still make plans in case he’s wrong. Right? Right. Yeah. Like he will be like, okay, you know, I want to pass this down, but I sense that something’s going on right now. Meantime, let me help my kids build a team. Right. Because and his things is you need your own people to trust. You can’t do secondhand trust. Right?

Malay/Parker: Right, right, right. And how they need to set that up perfectly. Because I think all of the kids mimic the parents, like somehow some way mimic them and they connected.

Phoenix: Right. Because Warren, is calm and cool.

Malay/Parker: For a little bit more like his dad. Right? I think he got to be pushed. Yeah. Just like right. All right. Yeah. Father. And I think that, well Drop, we don’t Drop is Moxy like that. To me, we’re like a dash of her father. And I feel like dash is like the combination of the boy got like a tad bit of everybody. Not for nothing, because I feel like he related, he was around. Right.

Phoenix: He was around them, you know, that’s maybe that’s Moxy’s problem. You act like them.

Malay/Parker: Yeah. There isn’t a problem. That was one of the things. I think that’s something to note that I’ve pointed on in the line, because my thing was you thing here, and you talk me, like he talked so much dirt about his son right now. Oh, you sent him to school and he came back and he always upstairs and this, that and a third. But my thing was at the end of the day, that’s how he was raised by if he wasn’t at your crib, he was at the third grade all the same way. He respect to you as a parent, he respected him as a parent. So you can be mad at what you rave, like you did it. And I think he was more so mad. Because okay, sir, over here, like, all right. I’m about to step out. I’m about to get any for these kids or whatever the case is.

I think that he was upset because his son was going to have a more powerful than he was. Think that’s a fact because he’s not ready to relinquish his power.

Phoenix: Yes. Dash has everything. So he can think. Right. And he’s smart. And so that means to be able to communicate with, you know, whatever partners they had and then he will let it go and let it go. And damn, she’ll go on and let it go. If you think you want to do

Something to Drop because the two of them together, man, listen, and they get baby in life together.

Malay/Parker: The two together, everybody knows me because how to hack your, having a conversation. Especially if the mom has the mamas is over. They’re like, listen girl, like, I know what you do in a day. You have to be with him. So you might as well. Just that, that was crazy.

I see what’s happening. You know, as a mother, you always know who loves her.

Right. Right. You know what? You love the innocence of it off like, Oh, he looks good today. Oh, is she looking good today? I’m like, okay, y’all looking good around here.

What do you feel about that? Like, could you, and I’m just like, Hey, come on now in real life, it don’t happen like that. And they keep getting distracted. This stuff happened. Yeah.

Yes. That’s right.

Phoenix: So okay. So let’s lighten it up a little bit. So when Warren and Angel slept together

Malay/Parker: What did you think of that? First of all, let’s talk about how we got the, the part of the book and they slept together, but we don’t find out, like they ask some sneaky links. Yes. Pretty much. I thought I wasn’t, I wasn’t mad at it at all because the same way jobs need a busty woman needs to be a good woman by his side. So angel is planning on her part.

Phoenix: And Warren is unapologetic with how he feels for her.

Malay/Parker: He definitely taught her sister, like, listen, I don’t know what the fuck you got going up. Right. And all you can do is respected. Because right.

Phoenix: A couple of people who could feel comfortable checking Drop.

Malay/Parker: Yeah. Right, right. For the fact that he did check her over angel, Drop a kind of like, okay, so you like about this, right?

Right. If she, if she don’t do nothing else, she’s not going to cross her brother.

Right. Right. But that was cute. That was cute. That’s a good look. Good luck. Yeah.

Phoenix: I didn’t get down for him. Warren is a pretty, pretty wild guy. When it comes to sex, he is, he’s very direct. Very

He gets to the business. He is not… He is very clear that angel is tasty.

Malay/Parker: He is right for you telling me that I’m yours. Proof it to what he would, he would do what she wanted him to do.

That’s true. You can make me at the end of the day, you still going to be okay.

Are you still got right? Like where are you a real life? Like, where are you doing?

Where she was from the first she, she was the all over him to, in her mind. She was like, yeah, she just, it was like a dream for her. And she couldn’t believe it. Like, why are you?

No. And that’s a good look. Yeah, definitely.

Phoenix: This is like, not me. Let me say yes, you girl. Yes. You,

Malay/Parker: I like her. She his mama. I’m going to keep saying that. That’s the, that’s the mom like regardless.

I’ll definitely put in that. On that’s on my, on the, kids’ kind of, I’m going to put it in with the group they take after a certain adults. And angel is the mom like your mom? It in a way his mother, like, like I said, they brought, they brought her, her as a friend for her. Like, you don’t need a friend Because at this moment, you have a lot going on in and we need the money to be on your site. And originally when it was the parent, the mother, I did have a friend who, until my off the books, back in the girl that left. Right? Like they had a full load.

Essentially. Even though they’re saying you got to build your team, technically they’re building the kid’s team. Because they’re really just redesigning what they did. Exactly.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Right. Exactly. This is the formula. So there is executing the formula for them.

And, and all of that, she was, she was the niche. That’s like a son and the crane on the back pain.

I don’t like E. That’s why started to pick up on her know she needs to be in the house. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah.

Phoenix: Because sir. Really intuitive. He is. He may seem like he putting himself in wild situations, but he’s intuitive. Because in his mind, if he got to come to this, then it got to come to it. Right, right.

The, write this out. Is it going to work out how to go work out? I think you need to fire is a security department though. You need it.

Absolutely. He does. Well, she said that he would help them and he was running point and helping them, trying to fix it for you and let Moxy do it. And he was like, freaking kidding me.

Malay/Parker: And that’s what I was reading it with him. Hold on. Right in front of all. Let him tell you what to do about my house.

I also like an early sign that Moxy was moving as to the only head now. Right. All of the security I’m telling, putting all the pieces in place. So he’s trying to get him out regardless. Like any way you look, I already look like the boss. I run your own.

Right. All right. Listen, I’m going to tell you that. I kind of figured it out like certain little home sickness, little situation. And then she inspired me to get away with that. But I did not put it. I didn’t know how he was doing it. I found out the Moxy was the snake. I’m like, all right, so sick. But the reason why you think that’s something to do with Moxy. I don’t know what else am I to be doing? What he’s doing something that’s. Right, right. But how can a whole day

I’m not going to hold you on the way at first. I was like this angel be in a sense here and to be doing something with sir. Oh, I’m glad it didn’t turn out that way. Cause I was looking at how funny at first to let the slide notes, what is this a setup what’s going on with this?

Phoenix: You were looking at it through Drop’s eyes. Because Drop absolutely. I’m not sure what about you?

Malay/Parker: Right? And if you bite into a lot, until I get a good feeling about you, you have to be on the outs. It’s like, I’m not doing this with you. Right? Absolutely.

Phoenix: So the funeral, So at, at the end of the funeral, you know, Moxie is walking away after him and dashed and had words so to speak. But you know, Warren and Danielle came to his side, like I got you. So at what point? Like what do you feel at that point? What do you think?

Malay/Parker: I think that’s just going to kill his dad. I think they all go, you know, like he got to go out, but they go on to let the Dash handle it. And if you can’t, if you can’t do it, I’m going to step in to a problem for the one us is going to be the trio. They all got a body him together one way or another, they find out that he has something to do with her music. Oh, lights out and look, you know?

Phoenix: Yeah. But at the same time he got to know Moxy can’t hold his own.

Malay/Parker: Oh, absolutely. And I think that’s what makes him so dangerous. And now you’re in the, in the circle. And like you said, he was controlling the security at the house for you to feel comfortable because you never leave the house. Like he was around you all, all situated in one situation. He could have anybody walk up on you all at any time. And he proved that when he had them goons run up on Drop in the projects, that was like, what? But he felt it count that always that’s the thing too. Like, is he trained somebody to do well, a lot better than him. So like, yeah. You know how she moved because you trained her in the same token. Like when I’m Because she serves daughter

Phoenix: And sir as the strategic thinker, right. Is not on a temporary he’s strategic. All she needed was a dash a strategy. That’s it? And that is Dash two point O, right. Exactly. Well, she needed, it was a little bit. So what do you think about dropping her relationship with her?

Malay/Parker: I feel like as much as the mom balance the dad out, I think she balances dropped out to like a year and it’s funny. Cause in a relationship like, okay, we know that Drop was grown, but the one I see her and her mom together, I still see her. I was like a little kid to her mom, like, Oh, all right. I get it. I heard you like, you’d be alone at home. I still get like this kid in love with her and her mom. That’s good. That’s that’s good

That I was able to communicate that. Cause she is, that’s a momma’s boy.

Phoenix: It’s her baby girl. And like she had a boy, you expect the boy to follow the father. You don’t know what the girl’s going to do.

Then she comes up and Drop is out of her mind. And when Drop to tell some of my, I got a call you back, so you know exactly what Drop going to do.

Do you know, like right on the other end, like you got to go to the Bush, my coach and I see your home later. All right. All right. Be careful. And also the kids, like don’t hurt my babies.

What about Warren’s relationship with his mom?

Really good relationships with they parents, which I really, really liked that. I mean, we got in the kind of like when you’re in this genre, a lot of the time you always feel like it’s not a dairy. It’s the parent, it don’t matter if there is one of the peers that ain’t, she always, and we saw that with … So we know that she was like, whatever, but then the Savage is balanced it out because both of those parents are actually like, I get it. This is how you feel. But lets sit down and have a conversation about this before and you do some stupid, like, you know, you might feel to some stupid, but we not to talk it out for you get to that point.

Phoenix: And that’s important to show is black parents because I feel like black parents don’t have a reputation for being balanced people. And so I feel like they’re black parents and they not only balance each other, but they try to find ways to balance their children. Right. Right. Isn’t for me, it’s like a relationship. I mean, as far as their criminal activity is something illegal at this point is just like, they’re actually pretty decent parents.

Malay/Parker: Right. But not enough. And that’s what happens like, okay. For instance, like when you, when you watch like the movies and they do like the mafia, that’s exactly how they, apparently you may face is something like that and you don’t really realize that they knew it behind closed doors to be illegal. We just going to go with the goodness. Something like that to her.

Phoenix: Yeah. As possible to be black and balanced. Yes, definitely. Okay. Well guys, thank you so much. I’m not going to give too much other stuff away. Because episode five is coming very soon. Episode five though is going to be the series Finale is very much like a series finale that you will watch on TV. I think you’ll be very satisfied. It’ll be full. So it’ll be quite a bit longer than the previous episodes have been. But you know, we got a lot of, I got a lot of shoes to tie right.

I thank you guys so much, this is so much fun. I appreciate it. I want you guys to, I’m talking to the audience now. I’m sorry. I just be talking, you could please go to a Kindle, Kindle unlimited. The Kindle app is free on almost any phone now. Like I just downloaded it for free. Cause you know, I like freestyle too. So I did that. I’ve read my book on Kindle its very easy. Savage Fever y’all tryin’ to tell yall.

God on it now and you know, hit me up on Twitter and so forth and we’ve been talking about it, but you know, continue to pick it up. This is my baby. I also want to I’m like Malay, Malay recently released a book. I’m going to go to tell them and where they can find it.

Malay: So the title of the book is called New Balance and it is on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Amazon unlimited, you just type in Malay Renee and boom. It will pop up.

Phoenix: Why don’t you spell Malay for them just in case.

Malay: You, right. All right. So it’s MALAY RENEE. Or you can put it the regular E because some computers don’t do the whole little hyphenated thing, which is your phone books put in the regular e and boom it’s gonna pop up. Most of the time it comes up on my books in a row. So boom, a whole catalog. I’m going to be here

Phoenix: And Parker…have you had your author anniversary? Right?

Parker: I did! Today is my author anniversary, my book published one year ago. So I’m excited and I’m so happy to have met you guys. I love you all. Like for me, my first novel, well all of my books are on Kindle Unlimited as well, and you can check out Friends and Lovers since we are celebrating the one year anniversary for that. So yeah. I have to check that out and leave some reviews guys. Like we love reviews, you know, like not for nothing a, let me just tell you about the Savage Fever this book is right up there with the Urban Street lit that I loved as a teenager that made me fall in love or read it. So, you know, this is your passion project and we felt every bit of that passion.

Yeah. Like for real, for real, for real, I saw a post yesterday on Facebook, like, Oh, what was the book? Or did you fall in love with I’m like, yeah, that was good. But my sis is up next with this. So yeah, definitely check it out and stop sleeping on it. All on the books. Absolutely. You tell your friend, go to tell your momma.

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Do follow us all. Thank you so much. I appreciate everyone who joined me until the next time where we can exchange power. Peace.


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