Sports Reporter Calls Out Patriots Fan Who Tried To Kiss Her On Camera

2019-10-23 16:49:38

A sports reporter who was working the Monday Night Football game at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is going viral for the way she’s going after an offensive fan.

Erin Kate Dolan, an on-camera personality for online sportsbook Points Bet, was interviewing fans before the New England Patriots-New York Jets game when one man in Patriots garb tried to kiss her on camera.

Although she felt obliged to be a good sport in spite of the unwanted advance, Dolan made her true feelings known when she posted a video of the incident on Twitter Wednesday. 

Short answer: She was “pissed!”

HuffPost reached out to Dolan, who did not immediately respond.

She is correct in that she’s not the first TV reporter who was the subject of an attempted assault.

Last month, Sara Rivest, a reporter for WAVE TV in Louisville, Kentucky, was doing a live segment outside a local music festival when a man planted an unwanted kiss on her cheek.

She ended up filing a police report and a suspect was arrested and charged with harassment with physical contact.

In 2003, ESPN reporter Suzy Kolber had to deal with an obviously drunk Joe Namath who kept saying he wanted to kiss her during a sideline interview at a Jets game. The experience led the former football star to quit drinking.

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