Stephen Colbert Reveals The Dumbest New Trend Among Anti-Vaxxers

2021-07-23 00:04:42

Stephen Colbert said anti-vaxxers have been cooking up weird ways to get around Facebook’s crackdown on misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine, such as changing their groups to names like “dance party” to evade detection.

“So get ready for new dance crazes like Actual Saturday Night Fever, the Harlem Ache and The Floss (Of Taste and Smell),” he joked. 

They also use code words, so instead of saying someone “got the vaccine,” they’ll say that person “danced” or “drank beer.” Pfizer is called “pizza” and Moderna is called “Moana,” as in the Disney film. 

“If you’re going to describe something you think is killing everybody, maybe don’t use code words that are things that everybody universally loves,” he said. 

In one group, a member said her husband got sick after he went on “a cross-country trip where he spent 2 nights with dancers.” 

“In this case, ‘dancers’ is code for ‘vaccinated people,‘” Colbert pointed out. “But now her husband has a perfect alibi for going to strip clubs. Honey, I spent the night with two ‘dancers,’ and now I have ‘chlamydia.’” 

See more in his Thursday night monologue: 

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