Super Tuesday: Mike Bloomberg ‘didn’t realise’ Elizabeth Warren is still in Democratic race

2020-03-03 11:32:12

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared to belittle Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign during a campaign visit to Texas.

While walking through a neighbourhood with a press gaggle, Mr Bloomberg was asked if a “third place finish would be good” on Super Tuesday.

“If there’s only 3 candidates, you can’t do worse than that,” he replied.

“Well, there is Elizabeth Warren too,” the reporter said.

“I didn’t realise she’s still in, is she?” Mr Bloomberg said.


The animosity between Ms Warren and Mr Bloomberg has been the most obvious during the primary. Ms Warren called Mr Bloomberg an “egomaniac billionaire” prior to the Nevada democratic debates. During the debates Ms Warren continued her attacks on Mr Bloomberg, comparing him to President Donald Trump and drawing attention to his use of non-disclosure agreements to silence employees with harassment claims against him.

“I’d like to talk about who we’re running against: a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians,” Ms Warren said during the debate. “No, I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg.”

Regarding Mr Bloomberg’s non-disclosure agreements, Ms Warren said during an interview that she had drawn up a release form that would protect Mr Bloomberg from being sued while still releasing the women with claims against him from their NDAs.

Ms Warren continued her onslaught against Mr Bloomberg in the days between the Nevada debate and the South Carolina debate. While on stage, she once again grilled Mr Bloomberg on horrible statements that have been attributed to him by individuals inside his company.

While describing her experience of losing a job when she was 21 due to a pregnancy, she said she was thankful she didn’t have a boss like Mr Bloomberg.

“At least I didn’t have a boss who said to me, ‘Kill it,’ the way Mayor Bloomberg alleged to have said to one of his pregnant employees,” Ms Warren said.

Mr Bloomberg immediately denied the event happened.

“I never said that. And for the record, if she was a teacher in New York City, she would never have had that problem. We treated our teachers the right way, and the unions will tell you exactly that,” Mr Bloomberg responded.

More recently, Ms Warren went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was prompted to discuss her dislike for the former New York Mayor further.

“It seems like you don’t like him that much,” Mr Kimmel asked the senator.

“True. But it’s not personal, it’s just everything about him,” Ms Warren replied.

She then once again compared Mr Bloomberg to Mr Trump.

“Look, here is this guy who makes a bazillion dollars and says, ‘ Well that must mean that he’s qualified to be president of the United States’ and then thinks he can run for president when he’s got a record of embracing racist policies, when he hides his taxes. Does any of this sound familiar?” Ms Warren said.

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