The One With Kyndra Crump #217

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The One With Kyndra Crump #217


We can all agree that we need a good laugh. Thankfully, if you listen to today’s show, you’ll soon be ankle-deep in jokes. Justice is joined by special guest, comedian Kyndra Crump and they talk about EVERYTHING including pride, war, Chris Rock and why dreads will never fail you. We’re not trying to over-promise but this episode will leave you choking with laughter!

Justice All right, all right, all right. It is not Wednesday night but SayWHA Radio coming at you guys got your girl Justice here with a special edition of SayWHA Radio if you are new to the show. Thank you for joining us. If you are from the SayWHA Radio family Welcome back. SayWHA Radio, for those of you who are new who do not know SayWHA Radio is about basically The Daily Show with friends usually, but today is a little bit special. gacha girl Jesse’s coming at you with an actual guest. You know we don’t do guests as much as we used to back in the day, but I figured we’d switch it up a little bit. We have with us today the wonderful the talented Kyndra Crump


Kyndra  Hello yes I’m re breaking this virginity I love it!


Justice  It’s been a while, anyone on and then a comedian no less.


Kyndra  Yes, I try to, you know, it came naturally. I wasn’t ever trying to be funny but when you have multiple people telling you to go after it I’m so cool. Why not? Let me let me do like Nike spin here’s a joke for you men out here wearing Nike from head to toe Where did that just can’t do it shame were so some you are married to them now. All right.


Justice  Well, see now an audience please don’t feel attacked if you got one and they try and she just is pointing out there is epidemic of this just so you know. So how did you start out in this comedy career because this isn’t easy. I think a lot of people see people like Pryor Murphy Hale, even Kevin Hart.


Kyndra  Yeah. Kevin Hart put Jamie Foxx in there. Okay. Yeah, so I mean, cuz when you start wearing a dress you already sold out. Alright, pride month it is. Here’s here’s a here’s a joke for you. How are you gay in Kansas? What the hell were you doing the closet the entire time? All right, I’m gonna start off lie. Okay, cuz I could have gone a little bit harder than that. But I’m not going to. Back to the story back to the story. So yes, started off with comedy. Oh, really been doing like 2016 was when I started. Like I said a couple of minutes prior that people have been telling me I’m funny I need my own TV show. So 2016 I started via Snapchat. And I will say Hey, welcome to the Kyndra Comedy Show. By the time my videos were vulgar. It was like little Kim’s hardcore album. And speaking of that, I wrote some of her songs. But she I want to admit that it got it got too vulgar. It got it got too vulgar. And they’re like Kendrick, you know, sex is funny, but do you know how to make us laugh or anything else? And a real comedian can make you laugh with or without using profanity. They can you know, same thing you know if you’re a rapper, if you can freestyle, and you can use no profanity. You got bars, you got to talent. Okay, so with that being said, I started studying after other comedians I was studying after Arnaz J. I love him. I’ll give you guys my top five Arnaz J. Steve Harvey, Cedric freaking amazing. Carlos Miller and Chris Rock. And so I started studying after love that list. Yeah, yeah, I started studying after um, those people. And one thing I realized is comedies were cycles. So you can take bits and pieces of a certain skin and then make it your own and stuff like that. So start studying after them and I just kind of like made sure I will write down some of my material but more so like it’s really 99% improv or really 100% improv because my mother always told me to think before I spoke and I never listen to her. And you know, sometimes you always have to listen to your parents. Yeah, they don’t always know best. Okay? So I’ll do what I want. So I’ll be thinking about you know, whatever comes to the top of my head, speak it out because you know, thinking hurts my head like that. That hurts my brain. I got time for that. laughing like my brain is overloaded when I start thinking too long. So yeah, that’s why I don’t really think and that’s probably why I didn’t do well in school. Yeah, right away with a 2.2 GPA. Haha. I added 400 students. I think I was number 373. I can talk about this now but I can’t laugh about it back then. Okay, it’s gonna be a 13 great Level Senior honey,


Justice Time heals wounds and man I can understand what the thinking thing computing power takes a lot. I blue screen a lot just talking to people sometimes. What was I saying?


Kyndra  Yeah. But that’s really how it started. And you know, I had to go through a series of unfortunate events, trying to figure out, What the Hey was that I really wanted to be in life. And one of the things that I wanted to be some ice worker at a booty club, you know, I was my name was but then I realized I got two left feet or I was gonna be the first stripper in history bring a home pocket change who would have thought I was working for a nonprofit organization? Okay. Want to make up to or over $100,000 a year, you know, who doesn’t want to like partying with the stars? I mean, below. Get sexually harassed with a pay to get sexually harassed honey. To sexually harass me for free Listen, you throw me $1,000 Okay, yeah, this ass fat. Thank you. Thank you. That’s all I ask for man. You know, don’t give me some money if you try to rub up on me. Okay, and then $5 and enough hours I’ll say about that. Then I wanted to be a teacher. I thought being a teacher would be cool. But then I realized that I can’t Molly whopped students and I was gonna be hired an hour into my shifts. Okay, not not a week or month an hour, because he’s gonna be trying to talk back and then these fans want to be the child’s friend and I’m like, Alright, then I said I want to be like a hairstylist. You know, I thought hairstyles were cool. what not, you know, drawn Jheri curls on people, you know, bringing it back, like. This was recent. Oh, so then you can’t, that you have to stand up on your feet all day. And you and you can catch carpal tunnel. So what happens if you try to go home to masturbate? You can’t. Alright, so yeah, that’s that’s, you know, I couldn’t. I could, yes, it’s more out there. But for the sake of time I hit you with those top three, then.


Justice  That’s a lot. Yes. But at least Ace got you here. So I totally failed you. The journey takes you no time. I do have a question, though.


Kyndra  I think we all have had those childhood dreams of trying to be something. And then when you actually try you realize you know what, this ain’t cheap.


Justice  At all that Oh, yeah. Been there, done that. But I have a question. So there were some recent accusations that came out against Leslie Jones stealing jokes. And you were saying before that some people will take from everybody and I completely agree with you, artists objective and there’s no way you can’t say that you weren’t influenced by someone else. But if you take it and make it your own, that’s completely understandable. But after Leslie posted the MTV awards, I think Precious Hall came out and was like, Hey, you know, she stole my joke. And I found that to be a little bit strange, but you know, I want to get your take on it.


Kyndra  Oh, okay. So think Precious. I Need to go sit down somewhere. Maybe she was just trying to hit on Leslie. You know, and want to you know, bump coops with her shoutout to women out on all the real lesbians out there. Not the fake ones. You know, shout out to the lesbians with small fingers. Okay. shouts who are like, Oh, yeah, I’m not gonna live No, no cat, but I’ll second tittie though. Okay, get the hell out of here. Okay, back to the fact I don’t have women say to me, I’ll lick your titty, but I’m not gonna go down on you. So what are you here for?


Justice  How does it go? Oh, wow.


Kyndra  You know, it’s not, it’s not how it goes. It’s not for all the ones out there. No, I’m not gay, you know, hit his head as long as it puts me to bed. Back to the story. You know, it’s so crazy. Only men can only women can say that. But no man can say that. That is the world that we live in. But no, I mean, it’s crazy like that, you know? You can share with women like Why not? Let me rub your back. I’ll rub my back to the store. I’m veering off the row. So when when it calls what you say her name was Precious Hall when it came with Precious. I’ve never heard this woman. I think again, if she if Leslie stolen that she stole who cares man? Like I’m pretty sure out of the but what if Okay, what because this is what people will do as well. They have these people who are on top have ghost riders. Alright. So they’ll go into these comedy clubs, and they’ll be like, secretly writing down and recording people’s jokes. And that’s what they’ll do. They’ll take from, from the small given to the big type of thing. It’s like the man how the man takes from us as black people and pretty much does what he wants with it. That’s what they’re doing. So I don’t know what her issue is. It’s not like it’s Carlos. I think his name was Mininsia. Where Carlos basically took an entire skit. The entire skit from the great And I’m like, bro, how do you even remember? I don’t remember what I be eating for breakfast the day before you know not saying that my memory I bad memory but it’s like it goes to a part part of my brain where it’s like okay delete my How do you remember that? You know So with all that being said if Leslie stole a few like, okay, let her she’s been in the game for like, you know 2030 years can kid isn’t. It’s like an elderly person, let them curse you out. They’ve been on this earth since it was 1905. Okay. And they didn’t bend to the Spanish flu or they prayed and died and came back to life. Can’t they curse you out? All right, they’ve been on this earth too long. Alright, respect your elders, or I say needs to do to respect her elders. Okay, it is what it is.


Justice  Okay, I can understand that. So, in that same, no, because I get what you’re saying. A lot of the time, I didn’t know about the ghost writers thing, but that does make a lot of sense. In the same thing, Katt Williams was doing a press tour for the new blacks movie that’s coming out. And he got asked about the same situation. And he was like, okay, you know, people steal from me all the time. I think the one that hurt me the most was when I said, You’re the entertainer. So for me, and everybody was like what he says, and I quote that from the kings of comedy. The very last joke that Cedric did was Oh, you know, if White people go to the moon black people we go into, we won’t be there with a Cadillac and got Rams on the spaceship, but he was like, he took that for me. I’m like, really?


Kyndra  Honey, let me say I must give you a secret of mine. Okay, it’s not. This is between you and 100,000 listeners because I know you’d be passing like that. Okay. Elderly people are some of the funniest people that you can come around and I hang out with a lot of elderly people. And they will say stuff and I’m like, Can I take that and use it for my material? So Kendra, I don’t care. I’m not on social media. You can have it. I’ll be your little ghost rider. Honey, I’ll be having, not my you. I’m naturally funny. But still, at the same time, you have to realize, like we said early in the beginning, comedy is hard. And especially if you got to do something like a 30 or 60 minutes set. And you got to keep these people on your toes. You don’t need some extra help. Now I can do fine by myself. Because you know, I just can’t look at me and start laughing all right. And there you go. We started so we started back to the story. Now guys, it’s not me, I looked like a squirrel with a trash bag wrapped around my head. Okay, some of y’all do this. Back to the story doll. No, I’m saying like, you know, I’ll have my mother say certain things. And I’ve taken that from her. When I said I love Chris Rock there. You know, what I have come across is he’ll say a line. And I’m like, I like that line. But I’ll incorporate one line. And I’ll go ahead and go full throttle. I’ll come across means on social media, and I said, Oh my goodness, let me put some razzle dazzle. So yes, we all do that like you can’t, you cannot be no comedian and, and not at some point repeat the same thing as somebody else said, Okay. We all have done that. At some point. When I just started speaking when we first started, like 20 minutes ago, this is all me. Like, like that song came up. That’s all Me. Me. So yes, it’s all me.


Justice  And I found that to be just kind of crazy because it was I had never heard that before. especially coming from Cedric the Entertainer, that’s when like you were saying that that top five that you listed off was like you know, I’m right there with you and Cedric the Entertainer is a person that I think is never really gotten the do that the respect that a lot of people give to others because he’s a really great entertainer so when I heard that I was like come on Cedric really?


Kyndra  what Cat Cat was just he had that’s what happens when you hang around a nightmare you become a hater well


Justice  That you know what possibly so I got I gotta get you have to get your take on this. I wish the other guys are on this but we had talked about it on the last show so Monique and her controversy Bob on it


Kyndra  let me Can I can I already knew what you listen first off ladies. Okay, I’m gonna keep it real with you because I work with the public currently. That’s why I say currently because hopefully around this time next year I will have my own radio nationally syndicated show. You are definitely welcome on Okay, I’ll have you in a nice hotel. All right, but still bring your band as Miranda Maria de be trippin. They always want to be like no English no English that’s an English stop it with that being said so uh, Currently I work at the airport Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Concourse B, as in Bravo 09. I’m at a kiosk. Come see me. I’m there Friday, Saturday and Sunday, sometimes Monday in the summertime until school starts back. Leave me a tip. I’m not talking about your penis. I’m talking about pocket change. Ladies and gentlemen with a strap on back to back story shouts want a woman out there but their straps in the dishwasher. I’m tired of coming to your house and I’m looking for a place to pick up a strap. Come on now stop it, but at least it’s back to the story. So yes, I see a lot of women which I see men would do rags, guys, some of my co workers the ones that work outside got they do rag and they got the audacity to try to holler at me, bro You look terrible You don’t even have no conversation you look like what you’re doing and where are you at type cat cannot pull up on you. Yeah, yeah, let’s look at the bank and give me some of your money sir. Back to the story. So with that being said, like a week ago, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah, it was a week ago. So new week. Last week on Friday. There was this girl she was going to Miami and she had a see through dress and just her underwear. So you can see that right? She couldn’t get on a plane like that. I would not respect her because she had colorful looking hair. She was like tasting the rainbow everything she had a bra on. That’s what it was. She just had underwear and no bra but she wasn’t even like no a cup B cup it was just cup Okay, that’s what it was called. It was nothing minus eight Okay, so with that being said she couldn’t get on the plane looking like that. But the way that she didn’t have a bottom but she looked bad it’s like her we’ve looked like it was like you know about to go rob a bank set it off. You know, so to me, she looked bad. I respect you. She looks so stereotypical. It looks like the black person who doesn’t leave a tip but she might leave a nice tip that’s how she looks. You don’t look respectful. Okay, who shows up with no bra and a see through? They come on now. What do you think about their children? That’s the reason why they cry because they see the atrocity. Okay, so going back to the story, I see women all the time and barnas I see and people might say well what if that’s the only thing that they had? Listen when you come to the store to food stamps you have money you don’t want to Hey, I got food stamps for gold chain trading those foods as $500 you get don’t you probably don’t even need because your baby don’t eat all that much and you start feeding your child some vegetables, they wouldn’t eat that much that 500 kalasha to the month but now trading that money and go buy you outfit you can go to the secondhand store Okay, and get you a nice little outfit for under $10 All right, come on now like it’s like to me You never know who you’re going to meet. You never know who you’re going to come across. You always try to look your best. It does not matter what it is. You know like don’t wear a bonnet there’s always protective styles or different things that you could wear. You know what your hair is so that way if you’re on the plane everything else you don’t want to mess it up you know stuff like that and that’s why when all else fails get some dress okay? Dress will never fail you buy my story when I was in high school, which was not that long ago when I was in I remember I was in like 10th grade and I can’t know at first it was freshman year I came to school my hair wrap which my mama did not see cuz she left before I did but I’m pretty sure she would have seen that she would she would have knocked that hair wrap off my head and it would have been turned straight you know how black moms can just do that for whatever I look at then all of a sudden your skin change like I’m gonna slap the you know black off unit so they look out look at you like Michael Jackson 2005 rest in peace of King back to the story so with that being said With that with that being said I came to school my hair wrapped up that one day okay, nobody said nothing. A year later I came to school my sophomore year and there was this girl who was in my math class and she said, “ Kendra, wash your hair wrap. What’s wrong with you? Almost like she made me feel alone. I said I didn’t have anything to say after that day. I never showed up to show back up with my head wrap because what she basically was telling me was I was surprised those words came out of her cuz she was low thought bot right? But she was a low key low thought box but you know even though she was out there being a harlot she still had self respect and she still care so what I’m just basically saying is women who come up in there with bonnets on what they what they pay here’s the worst part they’re gonna wear that same stuff back to bed and now you wonder why your you got fleas in your bed because you have been wearing the air has caught the fleas and it jumped on your on your clothing and now it’s on you but I honestly for me personally like even like wow there’s a difference when you go into Walmart and Target like even you know you dress a little bit differently but you ain’t gonna catch me in Walmart with no with no scarf on like all but I kind of will bump it out on both at both stores but it’s still acute bombing type of stuff you know situation you know so for people for people to just like I said for and then the women getting upset over here trying to cancel Monique Oh, look at her she’s in a robe y’all she was in her house. She’s not out and about, like it’s just all about a respect thing and I can’t honestly respect you. If you have your pants sag and if you have on its own if you got your chest out and you got you know, got the week you know what a day after that. What the see through dress girl, a girl is walking down the concourse, like you had, you know how you Have a jean jacket with the cut off sleeves. She has a jacket but just a bra on this. I’m trying not to call them out on their names. This female dog had a freaking bra on, and another girl later that day had a scarf and just a bra and a jean jacket. That’s it. No not I had I got a little quick video of this other girl, these three girls, one of them. She looked like the Pillsbury Doughboy and she had a half shirt and some shorts shorts and everyone turned around like I heard some I heard somebody in the bathroom do that, you know and it was because they have food toys because they saw and they regurgitate because they saw that mask you know I got it on video and people like oh my goodness, what are they wearing? I said, bro, like you can’t make this up and she had a bonnet on and she has some Jordans but you know Jordan the Jordan man looks homeless like it’s just the whole outfit and ensemble looked bad man look bad.


Justice  I definitely is not giving me a good picture as I imagined I don’t want that in my mind.


Kyndra  It literally says it looked bad and looked and they cuz I was I saw them and I said okay, because this was around the time I was getting off and maybe like an hour into my last shift and I saw them I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough. And I was like I hope they make it back down here before I leave and they did and I had to get the camera out real quick and I was like zooming in I said y’all Look at this mess. Look at this mess. And a lot of my followers they reply back to my story they say Kendra what in the world and I said people like that that they’ll they’ll find an officer they’ll probably up or cut it oh


Justice  Oh yeah. Okay, before we go I want to do a headline with you real quick. So we always do our crazy headlines with Florida and this one right here so Florida man gives chase to officers and throws baby at cops. Oh man, I saw how hot the water is now. The man basically got stopped by cops and whatnot and then started going to chase and had his two month old in the car with him. At the point where the car stopped he got cornered by the cops, got out of the car, ran away, got cornered again and to distract them literally was like catching through the baby and then kind of like jerking around the officer when I saw that. I was like, does this sound like some shit from a Looney Tunes cartoon?


Kyndra Thank God he had a fast reflex because that would have been bad. Right? I was really concerned about that child you know and man it’s just that really that I hope he’s there are people out there in the world who deserved to have the rest of their life in prison not the people who are drug traffickers man like him like child abandonment people they need to be on the same island as low as the perverts Okay, y’all just nobody can reproduce. Okay, you’re all just sick in the brain. I’m gonna tell you what it is in Florida man. I’m gonna tell you what it is in Florida. Number one is hot down there. Okay, heat makes you angry. Okay, it’s hot. And on top of that they over especially in Miami I went I went to Miami broke my Miami virginity earlier this year. And I went to a couple of restaurants and the food was too sugary like the drinks and it was like the seasoning too much seasoning. I said this is another reason why Florida is off the rockers. They are overseas meaning and over sugar fine your food which makes your brain malfunction. That’s the reason why I figured it out and it’s hot. Okay, so the heat plus your brain is cooking man equals bad decisions equals what Florida does, so that’s why I came up with that theory months ago somebody is probably gonna steal that from me and that’s fine because it’s out there. The circle of life, right? And I think another person wasn’t like somewhere in Florida where a guy was chasing a banana man. Like Yeah, like but like one of those gorillas you know on Super Mario Kart, the gorilla dollar bananas like I think it was Charlemagne to God talk about the donkey of the day. I didn’t get a chance to listen to him because I’m like, bro I don’t have time for stupidity today. So as far as bro a bet comes and then that makes me wonder like these be the man. These be the men now a women you allow these men to shoot yo club. That’s the one thing that also pisses me off. You know how they say Don’t know woman need no more kids and like it’s always a woman who have like 1015 children who gets pregnant but for whatever reason, the woman who who who who sits here you know it feeds the birds she’s been married for 30 years can get pregnant one time why bro like what type of crap is a conversation because you impregnating the wrong people I said this woman has 510 15 That’s why she is still on section eight because they allowed us bull crap now okay let me let me stop because I’m about to piss everybody off and I don’t care I literally I literally will piss anybody off i get i get cancelled every other month especially on Facebook. I’m gonna tell you really quick story literally three minutes less than then you can get data last week there was a guy and you guys are getting the first exclusive before I dropped this on my podcast there was this guy I posted this I said status said I want to post I miss my man so bad but I don’t you know want the wrong one thinking that’s him right? funny little funny little status. So here comes one guy who doesn’t even know him now. Now that I don’t know him, one of my other statuses got reposted by one of our mutual friends. And so he decided to go on my page and he started looking at my statuses and so he wrote on there saying “ man this day and age these women in this day and age are very sad and saw us roll back to him. Yeah, and you wanted them


Justice  Whoa, shots fired.


Kyndra  So when I said that, you know cuz I want you on my page to get off. So when I say cuz he started first I’ll just let’s just keep it real. You started first. He could have just like, laughed at it and kept it moving. But now he said, you know, he’s like, oh, the next day he says, Oh, don’t don’t you play with me How? Like, like, you I come down there you know, I’ll get I’ll see you my address not so far out of you. You are effing with the wrong one type thing, right? And I’m like, oh, okay, well send me your address. And I’m ready to go ahead, send me your address, right? And I said, that’s what you promoted out here that you beat out women, you because of my you people. This is what I learned like, and this is coming from because I hang out with her people, street people, pimps, prostitutes, all these types of people. And the reason I do is because Jesus did it. I mean, come on now like, Are you too good to go talk to your local crackhead? Come on, they go. They can teach you you know things about that lady, I had a cracker. He taught me how to break an answer back into the story. So with that being said, because what I realized is people who sit here and threaten you online are not about that life. They’re just doing that for show. And I let him know that. I said, you can be so quick to put your hands on a woman but you don’t want to fight a man. And so literally he said to me after I was winning the conversations, he said to me, You know what, I hope you get hit by a truck and die. And I’m gonna be there. And I said, so this is what you do: you troll people and wish death on random people whose page you jump on bluff. I put five laughing emojis, right? And then a whole bunch of people started laughing at what he said, and laughing out what I said. And then some men jumped in. In the comments. He says, You know what, when you die I’ll spit on your grave? I say I said so I don’t know where I’m going if you don’t do that much research. He’s like, he’s done talking to you. Like I stopped talking to myself. I said you don’t want to know my profile. You don’t want to stop. I say I got all day and literally I have all day Honey, I am at work responding back to you, okay, don’t even matter. I will send you an audio message. And then he said he kept saying he did. He said he to dick bitch and died. And I’m like, oh, man, well, you want to teach me how to do it. Because I feel like since you keep saying to you, you’re professional, right? And then and then some guys jumped in the comments. And they said, bro, like, you need to get some help, you know, and then he never sent me his address. But what he did was since he got those guys comments, and I mean, their DMS and started, you know, talking reckless to them. And when they shut him down, he had blocked them. And I said, Wow, but like I said it goes to show I piss people off every month every other month. And as soon after that he realized everybody was ganging up on him. He stopped responding, you know, all day, I don’t care. I will say especially when you come on my page with negativity now. Again, I do not respond back. You know, when it comes to trolls like I don’t respond back when I say you know what, I got tired today. You know, hopefully this will teach you a lesson but you know, what the craziest part was? He posted and I don’t even know that you can do this on Facebook. In the comments. He posted two videos of himself like he was just showing himself one fucking girl. Yes, he was just posing and sending the video and then he didn’t say anything. And I’m like, are you? Is this your main cause is how you make it right? So literally, and I’m like he’s in a gang. I come to this certain hood and Atlanta cuz he was he mentioned something Gabi row which is for the ones and out the ones in Atlanta we it’s on old national wish 2030 years ago old national was one of the best places but when they put that bus on honey, you look good luck with that back to the story. So it’s cleaned up a lot more but you don’t want to be calling an old national after a 7pm story. So he said he said I got He’s like, I got knickers on Gabi roll. And he was talking about to the one guys I got niggas on God, bro, I’m gonna shoot, I’m gonna get one of them. Like, we don’t gang up and shoot you. And I’m like, bro, like, he says, I can’t make this up, you know. But like I said, once he realized I was winning and I wasn’t backing down, he went away.


Justice  Of course, of course. That’s the way it always goes. And I have to say to see, keep doing what you’re doing Kyndra Don’t let them people even faze you up, man. If I could show you and some of the fucked up messages that I’ve received over the years during the show. And, some of the audio messages when that stuff started becoming a thing. Yeah, we’ve been doing it that long.


Kyndra  What would you say to get people to send you threatening messages?


Justice  So, in the beginning in the beginning, like you say so when we started out in the SayWHA radio, it was really SayWHA radio, and we will say pretty much any and everything but we were also young, so like a lot of the stuff, you will definitely get cancelled for now. I remember one thing that we got the most hate on, and I didn’t even think that it was that bad. But I was like a joke for you. I got a joke for you. Go ahead. We were like, Okay, if you think about it, Nelson Mandela is not like dating material. And everybody’s like, What the hell are you talking about is Nelson Mandela. This is a man who’s been in jail for like, God knows how many years he really didn’t have very much, you know, society time. And most of the time when you think about the people that you’re supposed to be dating somebody that’s been locked up for I don’t know how many years isn’t really high on the list. That wouldn’t even be that bad. But we got so much fucking hate about being black bitches and all kinds of stuff where they saw God,


Kyndra  What did you exactly say that was? So I told the jury don’t under Okay, you said that he’s not let we’re in the back some you said he’s not dating material. Because what


Justice  We were Okay, so the show at that time, we were talking about dating black women. And they were going by, you know, the standard. She’s basically checking off the list of what is considered to be somebody that is okay to date. And one of the girls was like, Okay, I’m not dating somebody that’s going to jail. And I said, Well, why does that matter? And she goes, Well, I just don’t feel like that would be a good person. I was like Nelson Mandela has been in jail. You are saying that you wouldn’t date somebody like Nelson Mandela. And I continued on with that, just down that line of questioning. And at that time, we could do live shows. And at that point, you could have callers come in. Girl when I tell you all the people that were


Kyndra  What exactly you just asked a question once you date. My girl, yeah, I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you the joke that got me the most hate on Facebook and then we can wrap it up like some y’all need to do aren’t you? tired be on your 30 kids, sir. Back to the story always plenty How? My own mom aside, how many siblings have you got on mom’s side? Two on daddy’s side? 50. Ah, I said a joke. I said, I said, I’m like, bro, like, keep it in your pants. I said transgender women? Aren’t women? Let’s call them x men.


Justice  Yeah, I can see that. I can say that, that


Kyndra  I didn’ realize that joke. Got back. I got that from someone. And I’m like, Oh, this is hilarious. I’m gonna put this on my Facebook. And then next day. Now what happened was at this time, because that was two and a half years ago. At this time I used to do, I would do a Sabbath. And for the ones that don’t know is basically that day of rest, where you just spend time with the Lord. And so every single week, it was all my, my Sabbath were on Tuesdays. And so I would just, you know, spend all day with God. And this particular day, as I’m about to get into my Sabbath. I just just happened to her her God say, check your check your Facebook and I’m like, I think I’m but I’m breaking the Sabbath. He’s like, check your Facebook. And I heard from him, like in a while after that. Like he’ll answer the phone with me. Sometimes they hang up. So I checked my Facebook, and I literally woke up like it was 10 o’clock in the morning. I’m checking my Facebook and I see a bunch of messages like what do you talk about? They are women. You know, stuff like that? What know prior to that way, I’ll say take that back. I’ve posted that joke at midnight. Like 12 all three, one of one of my followers, I went to school him now these are people from my school that were bullying me. One of my followers at 12:03 has said You’re right. He’s like they’re they’re mutants or whatever. And I’m like, oh, shoot. Okay, well, I didn’t have to go that far. You know, he said that I didn’t say nothing, right. Wow. Yeah, he went that far. I said, I said, Okay, that’s what he said. Right? And I guess people skipped over that joke but then again, I think because I’ve seen him wrestle, he’s like, you know, try and do this WWE thing. They don’t want to try him because this is a strong man, right? And so with that being said, I woke up the next day, it was like two or three like it was two or three haha. And then he wrote that comment that was at level three to level five. I went to bed and woke up as I’m about to start my Sabbath. I don’t, I just don’t feel right in my spirit. And that’s when I heard God say check your Facebook. And so I check it and people are going off. And they were arguing for two weeks straight about all my posts. I didn’t say anything. I allow them to argue with themselves and those arguments went from transgenders to you my mom’s students like what you did back in high school. Whoa. So it literally started to unfriend me. And people say, Well, why are y’all bullying her? She didn’t say anything hateful about transgenders people. And then somebody said, Kyndra, I have a transgender friend and they thought this joke was hilarious. And they’re like, I don’t know what the issue is, you know, but I had people backing me. They said, Are you okay? Like, and I said, you gotta you gotta you know be like, I sound fine. But to me, it’s not that serious. I was about to say, “What bathroom y’all want me to meet you? Like oh man. But I’m telling you people you want one thing I realize is man, people have bigger balls online than they will in person. Oh wait, I’m telling you like that same guy who was popping off and going crazy and blocking folks. You can’t. You can’t keep that same energy he’s not gonna keep because when he sees you in person, he’s just gonna look at you and then he’s gonna just like back off slowly. I’m telling you to true Are you you literally are pointing out that I beat out women because they speak the truth about me and one thing also I realized is it’s not what you call is what you answer to if he knew for a fact that that he is not a female who is who’s like that he should just not like kept moving but you respond bags so you are a woman or you kept saying he didn’t like to everybody like bro it’s this time of the month you know, hey, we’re giving you the price Okay. I’ll be here the next day. I know you got I gotta go be a productive young adult in the United States of America. I’m trying to get out. I’m about to go live with a rapper at a game house in Calabasas, California. I think he lives out there. JC onto railtel I know you listen to this podcast. I’m shouting you out every podcast I go to. respond back to my dm so you can’t see me but you can hear me respond back to my dm now since April 19 2020 8:08pm and April 2021 and 9:38pm Thank you


Justice  The Fabulous Kyndra Crump. yeah tell us about anything that you got coming up shout it out. Now let everybody know


Kyndra  Okay, I don’t know exactly when this podcast is coming out. Do you do it the same day live? You post it up the same day.


Justice  No, I’d probably be a week or two. Okay, well, nevermind.


Kyndra  I got it. Well, Dad there was something that was happening this Friday but y’all gonna miss it? It’s just a comedy show on zone


Justice  Can they catch the replay?


Kyndra  Maybe they can’t. Well, this is what you guys are going to do and this guy named Joe boss radio So Joe as in Joe, okay. Boss as in B O O, okay. And the radio. Okay. As in radio. Okay. Joe boss radio on Instagram. He actually has the flyer. We’ve been promoting it for the last couple of months now. I will be going first. You know, it’s not, I will say, the best. First, but I don’t want to be last. I like to be first. Let me do it. Let me get out the way you know, let me just sit here and talk about whatever. But yeah, I think maybe you can if not then just follow me on Instagram and I have my own comedy. I have a podcast that I had to place on YouTube and everything else. So my pa my Instagram is The Kyndra Crump show D is in the KYNDR A CRUMP show name with no money sign like ASAP Rocky sh Lw okay. Y’all need to start doing so and so Middle School. Just like people get like like aluminum foil and put them on a tee to make it look stupid. Oh, I think I should do that with my tea bags. Sorry. No aluminum foil. Come on now. Talk about my Willis. My podcast is the Kyndra Crump show. Same as my Instagram name and my YouTube name is Kyndra Crump. Make sure you subscribe right now I got 2.3k subscribers. I’m moving on like the Jeffersons. Thank you all for him. Please. Y’all keep supporting Portland. This podcast and this radio show and everything like they really have been working hard and they’ve been through hell. back they start you know, they had to go through that period with a bunch of hate. And now I guess they have a bunch of love and stuff like that. So y’all please support, tell a friend and tell a friend man.


Justice  Same here, man. Go and check out Kyndra’s podcast, make sure you go and look up, see if you can find the replay of the comedy shows. She’s also been on a few podcast press tours for the most part, but keeps supporting everyone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for being on the show. Thank you. As always, please continue to follow us on social media SayWHA Radio for all platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all that jazz. Again, thank you for tuning in. As always, the biggest compliment you guys can give us is to really, really, really share, like, subscribe, review the show on iTunes, Google Play, thumbs up on Facebook, everything. Tell your family friends about the show. We may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but hey, let them listen and we can come to an agreement. You know you don’t like this, but that was funny. Yes, it was. Thank you for tuning in. Catch us next week. Same bat time, same bat channel. 

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