The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Podcast on Social Media

As one of the most popular ways of content consumption, Podcasts are exploding in popularity. Though this means that millions of listeners are searching for new podcast shows to tune into, the competition amongst podcasters for listener’s attention is also shooting up the roof.

So, in this cut-throat competition, you should utilize every platform and strategy you can to reach the maximum targeted audience. And what better to find, connect and engage with your listeners than social media? By using social media strategically, you can create immense engagement with your listeners, grow your community, and skyrocket your podcast growth.

The Best Social Media Practices

Whether you’re just getting started on social media or are aiming for success, here are a few things to keep in mind to soring up higher peaks of success for your Podcast on social media platforms:

Choose the Right Platform

In the beginning, the idea of promoting your Podcast on all the major social media platforms might be enticing. But, as the show moves ahead and the pressure increase, managing multiple social media, keeping listeners on every platform updated on the new episodes, and planning and implementing social media strategies to attract more listeners from all the social media platforms can be tiring, and above all far less fruitful than focusing on building a brand image and authority on just a few social media platforms.

It is likely that your target audience uses at least one social media platform, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. As long as your Podcast does not have a special niche community, you’re likely to gain the most benefit through these sites.

Following are the top social media platforms with which you can reap maximum fans for your podcast:


Instagram’s versatility makes it an ideal marketing platform for your podcast.  The variety of content that can be shared makes it marketers’ favorite for brand building. Podcast hosts can share photos from their daily lives, go live and interact with their listeners, or create videos detailing their personalities in more depth.

In addition to posting audiograms, Instagram also allows you to run giveaways, and post longer-form content through your captions or stories.   

The right Instagram marketing strategies can really help you grow your podcast, but it will take some research, practice, and the right hashtags to see significant results. 


As the fastest growing social media platform, most of the influential podcasters are turning to TikTok for promoting their content and attracting more audiences. So, if your target audience is hooked on viral videos, then TikTok might just be your answer. 

But, to promote your podcast on this platform, you need to exercise creativity. By making an interesting video of your behind-the-scenes, or latest guest, or by participating in any viral TikTok challenge, you can increase your user engagement.


As Twitter is home to a very active podcast community, getting involved there could help you grow your podcast’s following and reach. Your listeners might already be tweeting up a storm, so why not join them? 

When it comes to connecting with your audience, Twitter is the best social media platform. Because it is focused on short-form content, there is no better place to promote an upcoming episode, announce a special guest coming up, or just find out what your listeners want to hear more on your show.

It’s also possible to share audiograms, sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, and even go live and host your own mini-podcast event. Your content will be shown to new listeners if you correctly use hashtags. With features like Twitter Spaces on the horizon, which are designed specifically to share podcast audio, Twitter appears to become an even more appealing platform to grow your podcast brand. 


LinkedIn provides an excellent platform for promoting your podcast. Talk with podcasters in your industry and explain how your podcast can benefit their listeners. 

It is an excellent platform to engage with your listeners via storytelling, and building strong relationships with high-end podcasters and niche experts. Using LinkedIn strategically, you can create a huge following along with attracting and connecting with potential podcast guests for your next episode. LinkedIn profile images will grab the attention of humans, while the hashtags in your profile will help people locate you on LinkedIn.


Facebook is another great platform for marketing your podcast. Facebook podcast communities help you reach more audiences, and get to know your listeners’ thoughts on your latest episode and their expectations for the upcoming episodes.

Though Facebook might turn out to be the best social media platform for many podcasters, evidence highlights that the chances of successful branding and marketing of podcasts on Facebook may not provide you the best return on investment. Therefore, we advise you not to choose Facebook as your primary platform to promote your show and fetch new listeners.

If you’re still not sure where to start, talk to your fans. Wherever your listeners are most active, that must be your top-priority social media platform.

Furthermore, use social networks that are right for your business. For example, a current affair niche podcast can reap the maximum listenership via Twitter whereas for some Instagram might be a better option.

Build a Brand

Before starting to promote your Podcast on your ideal social media platforms. Take some time to complete your profile on your social networks, including your bio, website, mission statement, industry, and any other fields they offer. Followers look at these for more information on the pages they like. Your social network will use this information to help them show your profile to the appropriate people.

Ensure your profile picture and header image are presented in a clean and professional manner. Use images that are familiar to your target audience. Display the personality of your brand!

To provide your fans with more information on your page, there are a number of fields that can be customized. Do your research, and create an account that hooks the listeners from the very first glance!

Expert Tip: Commissioning a customized image/logo for your brand could help you stand out and be more recognizable and discoverable to your listeners.

Don’t Shy Away From Promoting

Some people may be uncomfortable promoting their own shows (no one likes to self-promote), but that’s the whole point!

Promote future episodes through social media by announcing new episodes, recapping old, and hyping old episodes. Link directly to your show’s website where fans can listen to the episodes, as well as images and audio clips that interest your fans.

Build a little hype before releasing links to your new episodes by releasing a teaser a day or two ahead of time. If you are going to have a guest on your Podcast, share an insightful quote or snippet from the recording. This will make your listeners eagerly anticipate your next episode.

Use hashtags in your podcast promotion whenever possible. The hashtags help people find the posts they’re looking for on social media. Make sure your content is seen by those who are specifically looking for it. Include hashtags in your bio as well.

Sharing multiple times is essential. Never assume your followers will get tired of your posts. In most cases, they just don’t see everything that’s posted. Users’ feeds on Facebook and Instagram are controlled by algorithms that consider a number of factors, so you will need to try several times to get your content in front of their eyes.

Expert Tip: One thing that most newbies fail to understand is that Hashtags research is the key to social media success. By using the most targeted and relevant hashtags, your brand can yield great success. But you must research and review hashtags across the platform you chose for best results. For instance, a hashtag on Instagram won’t give you the same return as a popular hashtag on TikTok.

Optimize your Social Media Content

Ensure that your visual assets are optimized according to each platform’s content requirements when preparing them for social posting. As an example, here’s how Buzzsprout recommends media size and layout for the most popular platforms and media types:

Landscape v/s Square

  • Landscape audiogram (for YouTube)
  • Square audiogram (for Social Feeds)
  • Landscape thumbnail (for YouTube)
  • Square image (for Quotes)
  • Vertical audiogram (for Stories)
  • Square thumbnail (for Facebook)

Image Size Recommendation

  • Widescreen (YouTube): 1920px by 1080p
  • Square (Social Feeds): 1080px by 1080px
  • Vertical (Stories): 1080px by 1920px

New to podcasting? We understand that it might be difficult for the new podcasters to design and make an impactful and captivating tease video. With over 10+ years of experience, SayWHA Radio Network can help you create bite-sized audience-winning tease videos for your podcast.  

Contact us and let the experts help your podcast listenership skyrocket!

Know the Algorithm

There is a direct relationship between algorithms and the content that users see. You are probably aware that the mere fact that you post something doesn’t guarantee your intended audience is going to see it or even enjoy it. Consider a few social networks’ algorithms when deciding which content to display and how their algorithms determine what content to show.


The following are the six core factors that determine your posts, stories, and reels on Instagram:

  • Interest – how you responded to similar content previously
  • Relationship – the extent to which you know the poster (e.g. whether you engage with their content frequently, whether you DM one another.)
  • Timeliness – how recent is the post
  • Frequency – your engagement with the app (i.e. once an hour, day, week, etc.)
  • Following – how many users do you follow
  • Usage – how much time do you spend in the app

The following the myths about Instagram marketing that most of the new marketers fail to spot:

  • Videos and Photos are treated equally
  • The detection of fake or inauthentic activity is also implemented
  • No matter how long comment is, it counts as engagement
  • There is no difference between the types of accounts (Personal, Business, Creator)
  • The ranking is not determined by engagement in the first 30 minutes


For the most part, Twitter (and most other social media platforms) used a chronological method to display content. However, to make sense of the vast amount of content shared on Twitter today, the service relies on an algorithm.

Four factors make up Twitter’s algorithm:

  • Timeliness – how recent a Tweet is
  • Activity – User activity (frequency of visits, number of followers, etc.)
  • Engagement – a Tweet’s Retweets, clicks, favorites, and impressions
  • Media Type – The type of media included (images, videos, GIFs, etc.)


According to LinkedIn, the platform will focus on postings that spark meaningful conversations and interactions between people going forward.

What exactly does this mean?

LinkedIn ranks its users based on ranking indicators that fall into three main categories:

  • Users’ personal connections ( typical interactions with one another)
  • Interest relevance (the language of the post, topic mentions, people, company, etc)
  • Engagement probability

The Bottom Line

Your ideal listeners are out there! If you use consistency, engagement, and strategically arranged content to market your Podcast, you will gain greater social media exposure and your Podcast can grow exponentially.

Need Some Help?

In the podcasting and social media industry, content is king. But, even after having the best content, many podcasters fail to reach their target audience due to a lack of adequate marketing skills. 

An initial investment of time, money, and energy in social media marketing, could immensely benefit your podcast’s growth in the long run. But, we understand that it might be difficult for the new podcasters to strategize and implement the best social media strategies. 

With over 10+ years of experience, SayWHA Radio Network can help you market your podcast to your ideal audience the right way. Want to see your podcast flood with loyal listeners?  Contact us and let the experts help your podcast listenership skyrocket!

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