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In roundups of the best mattresses, you expect to see all sorts of reviews concerning things like comfort, durability, support, and pain relief. All of this is obviously important for getting a good night’s sleep, but there is another activity commonly performed on mattresses that requires careful consideration.

You know exactly what we’re talking about, right? 

Sleep is important, but so is your sex life, and your choice of mattress can have a big impact on how you do the deed. Fortunately, there are plenty of from top brands that offer everything you need and more.

How does your choice of mattress impact your sex life?

We’re not suggesting for a moment that you should prioritize your sex life when shopping for a mattress, because sleep should always come first. You’re probably going to be sleeping on your mattress for longer than any other bedroom activity (unless you’ve got serious stamina), so we recommend focusing on your sleep needs when making a purchase.

You shouldn’t completely ignore your sex life though, because nothing kills the mood like a poor mattress. Your choice of mattress can influence how you do it, how long you do it for, and how frequently you do it. You need something that is firm enough to let you switch positions freely, supportive enough to protect you against injury, and enough to fall asleep in after everything comes to a beautiful crescendo. 

We don’t need to tell you just how important a healthy sex life is for your physical and mental wellbeing, but the link between your and your mattress might not have been so clear. You now know, so there are no excuses. It’s important to think about the mattress features that matter to you and your sex life.

What are the most important mattress features to satisfy your sex life?

There are a bunch of things to consider when it comes to picking a mattress to boost your sex life, but we don’t have all day. To keep things simple, it’s best to focus on firmness, breathability, durability, comfort, and support. It’s also important to think about how easy a mattress is to clean, because things can get messy.

We know that purchasing a mattress can be a stressful process, so we’ve tried to make your life a little easier by highlighting the important mattress features to satisfy your sex life: 

Firmness — Do you like when doing the deed? If you do, you’ll need a mattress that’s firm enough to back you and your partner up. Some people prefer a soft mattress, but this can cause discomfort when you’re balancing precariously on your knees.

Breathability — Sex can be hot and sweaty, so you need a mattress that breathes. The best mattresses draw heat away from your body and let air circulate. This results in less overheating during moments of passion. This is also essential for people who tend to get hot when sleeping.

Durability — If you’re going to put your mattress through some work, it’s important to think about durability. You don’t want to end up with a broken or damaged mattress after a particularly enthusiastic session. If you really can’t trust yourself not to break your bed, you should look for mattresses with generous guarantees. Fortunately, there are plenty of providers that offer multi-year guarantees.

Comfort — Who doesn’t love to cuddle after sex? Comfort probably isn’t the most important mattress feature when thinking about sex, but you’ll want to be comfortable before and after doing the deed. 

Support — If you’re throwing yourself around the bed, you’ll need plenty of support to stop you flying into the wall. The offer support in every corner, so you shouldn’t slip off and end up on the floor.

Cleaning — This is something that’s easily forgotten about, but you should always consider how easy it is to clean a mattress. Some mattresses come with removable covers that make things a lot easier to manage.

Take all of these things into consideration before you make any sort of purchase decision. If you take your time and make sure your mattress of choice delivers these key features, you should avoid disappointment.

What are the best mattresses for doing the deed?

We’ve scoured the net for the mattresses that tick the most boxes when it comes to satisfying your sex life. We’ve carefully considered breathability, firmness, durability, comfort, support, and more to bring you this lineup of your best options.

You can find popular mattresses from top brands like Sealy, Nectar, and Eve, with something for everyone and every budget. You just need to check out the options listed below and pick a favorite. What you then end up doing with your mattress is up to you. 

These are the best mattress for your sex life in 2021.

Cooling • Soft yet supportive • Works with adjustable beds

Has slight odor when it arrives • Some reviewers still got hot while sleeping

This is a firm and comfortable mattress that provides the support you need as you switch positions.

Sealy Premium Hybrid Silver Chill

A combination of memory foam and springs makes this comfortable for sleep and supportive for sex.

  • Price (Twin XL-California King):
    $2,074 to $2,599
Straight memory foam is great for sinking into bed after a long day, but you don’t necessarily want to be sinking into a mattress while having sex. That’s why the Sealy Premium Hybrid Silver Chill is such a great option — it features both memory foam and coil springs. That means it’s soft for sleeping, but firm enough to switch positions during sex.
The mattress is hypoallergenic and has cooling technology built in to keep you nice and comfortable while you and your partner smash. It’s also suitable for adjustable bases if you want to get real freaky with it.

Absorbs motion • Cooling • Medium firmness

Some reviewers complained it was too firm

Firm and cooling, this mattress is ready for you to get hot and heavy.

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt

Tempur-Pedic’s conforming memory foam minimizes motion transfer no matter the late-night activity.

  • Price (Twin-Split California King):
    $1,699 to $3,398
This Tempur-Pedic mattress minimizes motion transfer, which means you can move around all you want during sex and your bed will stay in place. It’s made with pressure-relieving material that was originally developed by NASA to absorb the g-force of astronauts in space. If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for your sex life.
The mattress has a medium firmness, so it’s right in that sweet spot. It also features cooling technology to keep it cool to the touch. Plus, its antimicrobial treatment keeps the mattress free of allergens like dust mite dander and mold. The mattress is also compatible with Tempur-Pedic’s smart base if you want to reduce snoring after your bone sesh.

Three foam layers • Quilted mattress cover is moisture-wicking • 365-night home trial • Forever warranty

No handles • Not the most supportive when it warms up

The Nectar Mattress is a good all-around mattress, but shines when it comes to breathability.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress has an adaptive cooling cover that draws heat away from your body with every move you make.

  • Price (Twin-California King):
    $898 to $1,498
The Nectar Mattress consistently features in roundups of the best mattresses because it’s a real all-rounder. It delivers on just about everything, but really shines when it comes to breathability.
Nectar’s quilted mattress cover is moisture-wicking, breathable, and softer than standard cotton covers. This means it draws heat and moisture away from your body, so you can rest easy without sweating through the night or during romantic moments.
This popular mattress also responds to your body’s weight and movement, molding to your body as you shift around. The premium memory foam makes sure pressure is distributed evenly for an impressive level of support. This can weaken when the mattress warms up, but this shouldn’t put you off the Nectar Mattress.

Good for joint pain • Grid and foam layers for support • Flexes to your movement in real time

Some reviewers had trouble getting comfortable on the mattress • May be difficult to switch sleep positions

Purple’s grid provides flexible support, though some reviewers had issues switching sleep positions.

Purple Mattress

A breathable grid eases pressure points while providing good support.

  • Price (Twin-Split King):
    $599 to $1,698
Unlike typical mattresses, Purple doesn’t rely on memory foam or springs to provide support. The Purple Mattress features 2 inches of a breathable gel grid that cradles pressure points for great support. If you have bad knees, some sex positions can be painful, but the Purple’s grid could help ease some of the discomfort.
The comfort grid flexes to your every move, so no matter the position — sleeping or sex — you’ll be comfortable and supported. Underneath the grid is two layers of foam for even more cushioning.

Supportive • Durable • Handles for moving • 10-year warranty

Not the best for hot sleepers

This durable and supportive mattress can handle just about anything you get up to.

Emma Original

If you’re planning on putting your mattress through a lot of use, the Emma 10-year warranty could be handy.

  • Price (Twin-California King):
    $799 to $1,449
The Emma Original mattress features high-quality foams and an innovative European design. The result is the ideal amount of pressure relief, support, and comfort, which is all great for doing the deed.
If you’re planning on putting your mattress through a tough time, this might be the best option for you. The Emma Original mattress comes with a generous 10-year warranty, which is a nice thing to have on your side. You shouldn’t need it though, because this mattress can handle just about anything.
This mattress provides good support for all types of sleepers, with Airgocell technology regulating your temperature and high-quality foams adapting to all body types. It might not be the best option for people who tend to overheat, but it still ticks a lot of boxes.

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