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No one has the ability to put limitations on your life but you. So, are you dreaming big enough? In this episode, Jenny speaks with Ayannah Chance, Confidence Coach, about how she has turned her passion into a job, helping people achieve their aspirations – big or small. It’s time to step into your power, listen to your intuition and create the life you’ve always wanted.

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Jenny Welcome to another episode of the life adventurous podcast. I’m Jenny, your host. And I’m here to share some quite sad news that I don’t know what happened. But we somehow don’t have the recording from the next guest in this series. And so I just wanted to let you know that because this episode was supposed to be Julia Wesley and I had so much fun interviewing her and talking to her, because she’s a spiritual teacher, a soul blueprint healer and akashic records reader, and she helps people to remember and embody their divine purpose for being yourself. And we talked so much about the third eye and so many different things. It was such a great episode, and I’m so bummed that you won’t be able to hear it. I don’t know what happened to it. We had a full episode recorded, and it’s not on the actual SD card, there’s like four seconds there. So I’m just gonna say that it’s some kind of maybe spiritual blip or something. But I wanted to pop in here and say that, if there’s any mention of her or the past episodes with her, I wanted you to at least have an idea of who I was referencing and why you didn’t hear that episode. And of course, please check out Julia. Her website is divine. realignment, calm. And of course, you’re in for a treat. We have an excellent guest today for the second guest of the third eye chakra. You’re going to absolutely love this episode. And enjoy!

Jenny  Welcome to another episode of the life adventures podcast. I’m Jenny Holla, your host. And I am flying high because this is the third episode of the third eye chakra. And I’m telling you last week’s episode was so powerful. And I’m so grateful to be able to bring on a wide variety of people so that you can just get different aspects of each one of these chakras so that you can really see who aligns with you, who speaks to who’s going to help you on this journey. And so I’m so excited to bring Ayannah chance onto the show today because she is a big dream extraordinaire she has totally done so many things between working corporate having businesses, I mean even we didn’t even talk about this yet, but she’s had a close to death near death experience and I can’t wait to hear this story. And even so, like she has just stepped into our calling, and we are going to go deep and help you to achieve your dreams and aspirations. So welcome Ayannah chance to the show. I Anna I want you to share a little bit more about who you are. Don’t share the near death story yet because we’ll do that after but share a little bit more about who you are. And then I want you to share something fun.


Ayannah  Okay, so I’m, I’m a mom, wife, sister friend. Like I said all the things I think I said that to you before and I just when I say I’m a big dream extraordinary people might think well really what does that mean? What that means for me is I no longer put limitations on what my mind can achieve and believe and I strongly see that as my calling my way into what’s possible for me so much so that I know I can help people see the same thing. I know I can help them. I love it and what they’re calling should be


Jenny  yes. So something fun about you


Ayannah  got fun. Gosh, it is fun so this is like the boss’s real, but what’s something fun about me? Oh my gosh. Or tip: One of the things that helped me relax Believe it or not is I love to bake and make cakes from scratch. I’m talking about couture type cakes, kind of like you see in magazines if I actually had a business doing that once and I really love it.


Jenny  Yeah, I love it. Oh my god can I come have a cake j and I love


Ayannah  it’s the licking of everything when it’s all put together you know just I just love I’m that person. Yes, I’m that person who licks the bowl. Oh my god. Oh my god. Forever for you too, go on with that. I grew up with that. So summer seminar. I’ll be damned. I’m good. It’s already


Jenny  done had enough raw eggs in my life. I love it bring more batter on Yes. To go make a brownie batter or something Dude, come on. Come on now. All right, well, let’s let’s get into the third eye chakra. What does the third What I chakra mean to you in the work that you do.


Ayannah  At the beginning, one would say it’s definitely about intuition, or your gut, or that that voice, I see it spiritually, as well as physical and mental connection is the complete Mind Body soul connection, when you think about that trucker in this, and for me, personally, I know it’s coming from my higher source. And I believe in God. So that’s, that’s who my highest source is, it comes from him. And while you would always be there for you at any time, it takes some skill in knowing how to calm the noise around you in order to tap into it. But it’s still a call a voice of vision, a visual of thought of feeling, all that put together is what I see as intuition or that third eye, it knows, and it is our job to be able to know how to tap into it, it’s always there anyway, we were the ones that choosing not to say it was we’re the ones that choosing that to hear it or follow it. And it’s scary when you do, but it has your best interests at heart and 120%.


Jenny  So when you say what do you say? Like? It is intuition, or


Ayannah You know, that’s, I’m glad you said that, because it is sometimes a she is sometimes the heat. And for me, I call it my she, she she knows. And when I hear her, I know how I relate to people because they may come across the same. What do you mean, you hear her? But I say people, it’s you. There’s an inner voice, right? And the best way to describe it to people so they could start understanding is it’s your inner voice. So you start thinking, Am I hearing myself part of it is yes. And part of it is actually for me a different sound. It does she does not sound like how I sound right now, she is talking to me in a way that because the the language or the vision because I’m also a very visionary person, because it comes from something that I don’t normally do every day, it comes from a place that I don’t even sound like those aren’t my words. Those aren’t how I think, that’s not how I think, that’s not what I was first, my first instinct would be to do. When it comes to money like that. I know, I’m tapping into her. She’s talking to me, she’s letting me know, walk this path or do this thing or step out of the way, or just so many. So many life aspirations came to me through her. And that’s, hopefully I’m explaining right, but that is how I see it no longer in it. But that’s how I see her.


Jenny And what I love about this journey is as you know, each guest who has come on the show has a different way of explaining what this is and what this means to them. And I think that’s the beauty of this work because you have to find the words and the things that resonate with you. And then that’s the way that it works for you. And also to you sharing that helps open up the possibility for someone else who may hear that voice. Like do you feel that everybody has a voice? Do you feel that everybody can hear this voice?


Ayannah  Those are great questions. First one, I believe everyone does have a voice. But it may come to them in a totally different fashion than the next person. Like I have a friend of my best friend, she hears her voice through visualization. So it’s, some of it could be for some people, that means they’re centering, and they let they let it come for her is the actual physical appearance or something in position in such a way given to her in such a fashion that she knows, okay, I talked about this, you know, maybe in her prayer life, or maybe just running her journal, I spoke to this, give me the sign, you know, signs and wonders, give me this sign. And that’s how it came to her exactly how she phrased it. So it got it became manifested from just a record thinking about it or writing it down. Others may hear it. I have a touch of that too. Like I mentioned, I can hear my voice. But I would say for me, it comes through visions, dreams and visions. That’s why I’m a big dream extraordinary. It becomes so clearly things that when I’ve had these visions when I was younger, no idea what it meant. I saw myself doing things, found myself in foreign locations that I’ve never seen before. I’ve been in pyramids in my dreams and then whenever wherever comes reoccurring, you said What is that about? The why is that exact dream coming to me in the exact same way, but the exact same sound and feelings. There’s something about it. It’s not just your mind just letting go of things. There is a purpose to it. So when I get my visions, I stop and respect them. Hmm.


Jenny  Yeah, that respect. Yeah, and You were saying, you know, before we started, like you’ve been talking to your family about how to connect more to that intuition, that inner voice that experience. So is that also what you do with clients? Oh, absolutely. So


Ayannah  you know, when I help women I, right now I’m helping a lot of women. So kind of say it that way. To me, you know, ready to go, I’m here. But I have a lot of women who are at this point when they want to make this step change in their life, and a lot of times they find themselves making a step change towards their aspiration. My dream, I always wanted to do this, how many people say that I always wanted to do have my own shop, have my own business, like yourself or myself or just have something that gives back to people this there is a push of surface or push to give or push to express themselves, even if this thing in your corporate job, but you have a wish to go to the next level or totally different position altogether, there is that poll and helping them hear that voice. I tell them, if you can’t squash it, meaning your life before our wonderful life turned upside down last year, myself amongst everybody a million things happen at this thing, I always had to do things that we thought we wanted to do, but they turned out to be hard to do. Because you keep up with yourself or keep up with your neighbor or keep up with society or what we think we should be accomplishing. When all that quieted down. If there’s that desire, that aspiration that pops back up, you’re like, Oh, yeah, when I was a kid, I used to, oh, I used to think about that all the time. And it’s coming back at you, rising to the surface because the noise went away. We’ve become such experts at noise filling that that voice that’s inside you gets muted, and he or she or however it however you want to call it your inner self is always there. Mm hmm. When I talk to my family, I have a son and a daughter. So as my husband, I talked to them about, you know, I talked to him deeper than what does your gut say I talked about, you know, what does your with your younger self say now? I give them reminders. You used to do this? You used to do that? He used to hold on to this all the time. Do you see yourself doing that now? And they’ll look at me like oh, yeah, I still do that. How does that make you feel when you reminisce or think about that? Does that show you where you should be going for it? For example, my daughter, this little girl withdrawing anything, anything and everything, all the way around the walls, floors, me herself. She just finds a way to just express herself. And the most basic thing and she won’t kill me when she hears this. But this book that we used to have as babies that we say this is a door is a red door. But we said what is that and the first instinct you and I will say is a door. So we expect this is the door she said it’s red. And we’re like, okay, so it’s it’s the way we look at life that starts to build who we are. Everyone knows that. But it’s that voice that’s still there that is just building and waiting for you to hear. I told you, I really do enjoy being creative. Now I can’t stop her from creating these magnificent paintings. She’s going to school for art design, it’s all flowing into where she wanted to go. And there was no push by me. It was just her naturally seeing her progression. So always ask her what you’re sharing her voice to tell you to do. What, how should you drive that? It should just say Oh, it just came to me. Yeah, yeah, this is your sheet talking to your little girl. I love that.


Jenny  I love that you’re cultivating max. I feel like a lot of times, you know, like me, I’m definitely more of an like, and we work with Type A entrepreneurs and perfectionist and gogogo type of people and even so, I know my parents majorly supported me, but at the same time, somewhere along the way I picked up that like I had to be perfect with what I was doing. And so kind of like, I guess I got a fear at some point as a kid. You know, unintentionally, of course, my parents didn’t try to do this to me, but like, you know, or whatever, a teacher, whoever, wherever it came from, you know, that whole following what I wanted to do, I wanted to get the A plus I wanted to get the pat on the back. I wanted to, you know, do what I thought was the right thing to do. So that I could be viewed okay by the people around me. Versus I you know, really and just that that innocence of the child who does that just came to me, and it’s still as good if not better, and it’s not even about a good or better but it’s as good. It’s as good as someone who’s trying to play by the rules and make sure that they’re always showing up in a way that will be approved. Does that make sense? It’s like you know, you’re always looking for approval versus approval.


Ayannah  It’s said, knowing that’s you. Yeah, whether anyone likes it or not. It’s yours. Right? You have to love it. Before you look for other people to love it. Absolutely,


Jenny  yes, yes. Okay, so let’s take a quick left turn and talk about, you know, the near death experience.


Ayannah  Oh gosh. So, in manufacturing, I was one of the companies I worked for and worked on this huge tank. So imagine a huge steel tank in front of you. And one of the processes called for changing out one of the plugs, because it was in an area that needs to be sterile. I was working with someone else, and he started the system, but didn’t follow the directions of the computer system. So starting up this particular program, he didn’t realize that there wasn’t a pause, like an input, pause for someone to hit okay, everything set back in place, the plugs being put back in place. So he started it, and that program just ran straight out. So what he ended up doing, while he unplugged it, he started to do that, at the same time, the tank was doing a pressure hold test. So I didn’t know that was happening at the time, but I’m with him. And I’m standing and I’m a short person. And I’m standing, I’m standing like head level, the forehead is right in line to where this pluck comes out. So while he’s I’m standing right there, just watching him I’m doing like this audit. And while he is unscrewing it to take it out, that voice said, move three steps left. That clear, I’m not gonna like that clear. It just moved three steps left. So I just moved three steps left. The moment I stopped moving, he screwed it up enough. It was doing the pressure test that a puck came flying out, and it would hit me square in the forehead. It would have killed me. That’s how much pressure force was behind it. Because it was right in line to hit any sprint head. So it didn’t dawn on me until later. Because I’m kind of like you. I’m like, Okay, let me assess the situation. Let’s shut it down. You know, let’s make sure everything’s safe, before I mentally lose it. An emotional breakdown. Right, meanwhile, that person she did mentally lose it. He left screaming and having an affair. So I was going to have to shut it all down. But it wasn’t until I got home. And my whole I’m still on a drone like for most of that day. And when I got home, it came to me. If you don’t listen, you will be in debt. No question about it. I had my bosses and everybody came through and they actually said, well, where were you positioned? And I showed them so yeah, but then I just moved. And they just looked at me like if you didn’t move as much pressure coming out of there, you would have been dead, he would have been a casualty. And because of that, I’ve learned from that point on, I said, I’ve been hearing that voice. I don’t always fall. I didn’t always follow it. But I decided to and say pro life. Plain and simple. Similar.


Jenny  No. And it’s powerful. Because that’s very intense, yes. alarming, powerful story in that. The power of listening, and especially with you being a big dream extraordinary You know, when you’re working with clients, how do you get them to listen, because you had a near death experience where you were so grateful you listened. But I mean, if we also let’s say we just turn it be dramatic, right? Okay, a client not following their dreams means they’re stuck in the same muck all the time, and they’re hating what they’re doing. I mean, that’s almost a near death experience, too, if I’m being extreme. Right. Like you’re reliving it every day, right? Yes. And there’s someone he she it speaking, right, right. And they’re not listening. How do you help them? Listen, how do you help them develop it?


Ayannah  Oh, gosh, there’s several ways to do it. But one way I always like to do is a way of eliminating the noise. So I get them in this state of calmness or centering and get them in a centering state. And I present this very sad situation to him like you went to bed thinking about having your life be a certain way. But the moment you wake up the next day, something’s changed. Not only are you doing what you always wanted to do, but you’re getting the reactions that you want and you’re feeling a certain way that you always wanted. And I ask them when they still have their eyes closed. What explained to me describes to me what that is. You don’t know what changed. You don’t know how it changes. That doesn’t matter. The fact that Has it changed? And that sounds kind of simple. But when you release the, I don’t know how, I don’t know what I, you know, I, you you got all this noise in your head saying, I don’t know how I’m going to do this, I don’t know how I get to a to b, there’s got to be steps one through a million before I even get to a one. And no. So you’re bogged down with the how tos. And when you eliminate that, or eliminate the noise and eliminate that instead. But what are you doing? If you hadn’t? If it could just work out for you, if it could just be just being what is it that you’re doing? And yeah, it takes some folks a little bit of time to say, but there’s no but you wake up and it’s changed. It’s like you say you’re going to work, same thing, rat race every day, this day, it just changed. What are you doing? And just, if I can get like two or three sentences out of them to express what they’re doing, we go in deeper with each one I’m looking and listening for every word because I’m pulling there got a value that’s being elevated, they have a consciousness that’s being awakened, they have a feeling that’s being re emerge on pulling out each one of those words that they’re they’re explaining to me, and then tapping to When’s the last time you felt like that? What were you doing? And how can you bring that feeling to you right now? If you had to set that? Where do you feel it in your heart you fill in in your arms? You fill in the lakes you fill it in? And your soul in your mind? Where do you feel it? So when you start connecting the feeling to the physical location of your body, and then you start connecting all that to where it can power could possibly be there for you. Because He always was there. You then like oh, okay, so it doesn’t take a million steps to start walking towards your path. And that’s and that’s the error A lot of us make that we think we have to take one big giant leap in order to save you. No, sometimes it’s just an awakening of your soul in your consciousness. And then you’re on the right path forward, all the house will come of it. You make up your mind. So this is what I want the house across. So in your exam, best Target has to start with them either or some folks are like me, and I can have them just give me a vision and what they’re thinking about and describe what’s around them. Some folks are rarely able to do that. But those who find it a little difficult because they’re full of noise. I help them get rid of that noise so they can hear it.


Jenny  Yeah, no, and I and it sounds like this is a lot of work helping them to find their true purpose. which then leads to the big dream


Ayannah  you are all connected, right? And because if you if it’s there, especially if you’re coming to me saying yes, I want to make this change, I’m tired of where I am, is already talking to you, she is already talking to you. Because you have something pulling you to say I need to reach out to a coach, you are raising your hand and saying there’s a change I want to make. So we already conquered that first thing. And without you even knowing it, you already started your conscious awakening, your energy has already shifted. Because you’re you because you raised your hand and sought out a coach. Yeah, we’re not pulling you to the table, you’re voluntarily coming. So you have that awareness and you’re ready to do that, then we already know we are ready at a good spot for you to start pulling from so it does make it easier, because they’re not being dragged to the table. Right?


Jenny  How many like spouses or friends try to drag their spouse friend at the table? Come on, I need you to show up.


Ayannah  Now and it doesn’t work you’re either you’re doing it grudgingly and you say I’m never gonna do this again. And even if it’s what you want to do, or you hold that experience against yourself, because that might have been the thing you needed to do. But the fact that someone is forcing you to do it, the memory in that connection, too. It’s kind of like I didn’t like feeling forced, versus I enjoyed what I did. So yeah…


Jenny So then how do you think about big dreams? So like you said earlier? Like, it’s like a big dream, okay, what does that really mean? And people always say dream bigger, dream bigger, dream bigger.


Ayannah  So thinking back to when we were growing up, and this he could be anything you want. Right? And at the time that was praying that he thought I’m going to be president, so I want to be an astronaut or all these things and yeah, our history has shown there were certain people who represented those particular attributes of being an astronaut or president. We’re at this stage today where that’s no longer true. What used to be that picture of With that role or, or attribute to us, it totally shifted. And so what people may say, you know, oh, I want you know, wonderful the world has a trillion dollar listing, they Pat your head. Yeah, that’s nice. You know, go go cover. Now we’re saying, okay, really? So how would you do it? And it just, you know, it just changes the scope of the conversation. So when I say Dream Big is actually going back to when you were younger, I said, What did you really want to do? And where did you really want to be? Who says you have to be in the 4050, United States to do what you want to do? Who says you can’t be on an island somewhere doing what you want to do? How are you going to do it? What’s stopping you? Just you. So it’s me when I say dream big, I really put it towards that notion, or something that’s big, hairy or honest, fully audacious, fully audacious, kind of like, we will look at like, Are you kidding me? Like, no, that’s it, you know, something huge as if so, for me, just to give an example, my big, hairy, honest and audacious dream is I want to help a million people start their business, just I want to help a million million people just make that start in their business. That’s my goal. That’s my train, to just say, so that, and whatever business it is, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. If you want to be a dog walker, great. You want to be a garden? extraordinaire, great, whatever it is, I want to help a million people. Start it, go for it, do it.


Jenny: Yes. Especially now with everything that’s happened in the past year, so much has shifted where people have really woken up in their life, right? Not everybody, a lot of people, you know, they’re kind of, well, what do I want? And you know, we’re still going to need employees, we’re still going to need people to fill those roles, but also to what’s wrong with having, like you said, a dog walker side business that still counts. It’s to totally do that, or whatever it is, like, whatever it is that you want to do. That’s it. And like you said, it’s shifted to where it doesn’t have to be this way or that way. Or show up, you know, and work and say, I am so glad the days are over, where it’s like, Imma go work for a company till I die. Like, oh my god, more variety in my life.


Ayannah  Oh my gosh, yes. You work for that gold watch or that magic pension? Trust me, neither one is there for you anymore.


Jenny  But I just read I just read someone’s social media or a meme or something today that was like, you know, you know, that job used to have? Yeah, they don’t even know your name anymore. Because of course, we all like to feel a level of importance, like, Oh, I’m important and look at what I bring to the table. And while that is true, a company is just gonna move the hell on like, yes, it’s over.


Ayannah  They’ll miss you the property senior nice card, and you probably get some real good well wishes on your journey as you walk out the door. But trust me, if that’s not the company does not have your name in the marquee. They are moving on with that.


Jenny  Done. Yeah, no. I just think like you said, I love what you said about just really questioning everything. I mean, I’ve been questioning so many things my whole life because as much as I colored between the lines, I was such a rule follower. Okay, like, in so many ways, right? I drew the lines in every way possible. But at the same time, I always had things that were very different, like people always said, Oh, you’re lucky. Oh, you’re lucky. And I would manifest something really amazing. Because I was like, why not? And so I went on to study abroad. I didn’t pay for those to study abroad, I had scholarships, cover them. scholarships that we’re not supposed to believe are supposed to cover them. I got a scholarship to color cover my flight to Mexico, when I did my study abroad in Mexico. Why nice, right, right now, but if we just follow the rules, it’s like, the rules are good. I mean, there’s societal rules and whatever, we could probably go off on a whole tangent talking about that. But it’s like being willing to break the rules of what the culture says. Like what you said before, what the culture says is possible, or what the shoulds and codes and all the bullshit I get are really passionate about this, because I’m just like, sick of all the bullshit that we’re told we’re supposed to do. When like you said, in your words, that voice that, that she that it that he that voice inside of you, is screaming that it wants more. And you’re ignoring it. Because you feel like or your parents said or someone told you that you have to do Yep, fill in the blank. I get so angry.


Ayannah  Yeah, all the limiting beliefs we put on ourselves, all the assumptions that we put on ourselves or even some of the interpretations oh my gosh, we’re gonna have a whole talk about interpretations by itself. You know what, what you believe and how you interpret what someone else said. And now you made it a whole part of your life. And now you can’t move from A to B because you think someone will think a certain way. Oh, that just drives me absolutely crazy. It’s really nothing. You business for other people think about you


Jenny  won’t even just like if you’re tuning into what we’re talking, the energy has already shifted, right? We’re both passionate about this. But it’s like, it’s like that little bit of edge that edge comes in. Because I don’t know, it’s like a totally different energy versus if you think about what we just talked about a few minutes ago. It’s just, it’s like your shoulders go down. It’s like you can, you can have more peace, and you can just relax. Knowing and listening to that inner that inner voice, that inner voice you


Ayannah  can do, you can trust yourself, if you can’t trust anyone else. And if you need to trust someone, because we all do, we have that need to to have that trust, you can trust yourself, you can trust what your intuition, your third eye, your you’re, your she, your your guy, you can trust that voice. That voice has 100% great intentions for you. And once we start doing that, above everything else, all the other folks, his voice and noises that we hear, you’ll know what’s for you and what’s not. You and I and I’ve got to grow into this. You know, you know, you don’t just automate, I didn’t automatically wake up last year and said, Okay, I’m just told these in person. This, you know, I’m only hearing myself and going after my pictures. No, you, you got to work at it. So you got to purposefully work at it and purposefully say, this is the voice I want to hear. How do I tap into that level of energy? How do I keep myself there, where maybe people around me aren’t there and they don’t understand. So that’s the power of coaching as well, right? You have a partner who’s going to guide who’s going to be there, taking your steps with you, so it is still your path. And we’re there to take that step with you. So the judgment left the building at 90, when we checked it out the door, there’s no judgment, and you had a safe place. So when you have this safe place thing you can explore, I think people just need to know what they can trust, and trust yourself. And that you’re not being judged for those feelings. You haven’t. I’ve met so many women who have the golden handcuffs on them. And they either are facing someone facing abuse at home, but you will never know because they put on the mask. And they’re going to work because they have that big level job. But their dream is to get away to live somewhere else. Their dream is to find peace and be happy. Yeah. So we talked about big dreams too. You know, for some folks being at peace. That’s the biggest thing that they can even imagine. How do you help people get at peace? You got to help them clear up that noise. So they can trust themselves?


Jenny: Yeah. And that’s extremely powerful. Because it just depends on where we’re at, in our journey. And I think regardless of what level you are, what experience or what age, peace is really something that can be very underrated. For some. Absolutely because they’re, you know, I think sometimes with big dreams, people think oh, I want the big house, the big car, the big whatever. But ultimately, what you just said about someone who’s looking for peace, peace opens up the whole world for you. That inner peace, that inner freedom, that inner knowing. It’s like you know, we’ve been developing this whole concept about becoming unfuck with Hubble and becoming you know, just this like unshakable. So when shit happens, you know, like COVID for some of us COVID hit us and it fucking laid us out. Some of it it teetered us some of it it didn’t bother us okay, and and that’s the thing like when the next quote unquote COVID and not saying virus but the next big thing hits you you get laid off your company goes under whatever you get a divorce someone pass it like something happens you know, it’s that it’s that ability to still process it and be human but you’re not like swayed by the outside. You’re not swayed by what other people do, you’re just doing what you’re listening to. You’re following you because of me? True freedom and true peace is when I’m not listening to anybody else. Bottom line, no. I mean, I’m talking down to marketing. You know I wear this because it makes me look good. Yep. They’re telling me it makes me look good. Now if I choose and I like it, it makes me look good. I mean, that’s a whole nother level of work right to really identify this thing. Did you get this thing because you’re supposed to have the thing because it makes you look good or whatever Did


Ayannah  you get the thing because you truly want it and you nailed it is what is going back to go this is the year of the wine. That’s my family. This is the year of the wine and it may sound very ostentatious, but The truth is go after what you want. Because what you want is that pure feeling, that pure sense of who you are without the limitations of what society tells you what you should want, and how you should want it. Why, and then it becomes a need. That’s not what this is about. When we think we were little, we wanted basic things when we were little, yes, it was the need for survival, great, but the wants was probably more prevalent underneath, you know, if we really think about it, the wants for attention, the wants to be held the want for that connection with with your parents, or with a loved one. That’s still as important today as it was, since the day you were born. Right? And we gotta get back to that. That’s creative. So getting the house, the car, the land and all that. If that’s your dream, great, but I’m asking you, what feelings does that bring back for you? What does that do for you? How does that serve you? You know, so you have the thing? And you’re still miserable? that that wasn’t it? That wasn’t it? Were you getting the thing? Because society says you made it because you think you have to black Amex card. What is it? about that? Who are you living for? Yeah, because COVID is hard. You don’t know what can take you out the next day. Something you can’t even see can take you out the next day. And you think you’re healthy. And you may find out you have an underlying condition that you didn’t even know about that it came out just now. So what are you living for?


Jenny  Yeah, and how can you? And how can you start moving towards that big dream today?


Ayannah  Yes, the dream is that when people are always waiting for you, here it is. As long as you’re living, waiting for you. You could be 80 years old and going after it. Absolutely, no age is waiting for you. But if you’re not going to step towards it, it’s not going to hit you in the face. It’s not going to be there for you, you won’t get to experience it. So it’s all about taking this like we have and experiencing that dream you always have experiencing for me it’s experiencing the vision, seeing myself Arby’s telling myself, where I want to be in my business and how that’s running and how many people I’m helping Oh, my gosh, 2 million people. I saw it, and I want to walk towards it. I want to walk towards it. And that’s the fun. The joy is in the process. Yeah. It’s not in the result. The joy is in the process. So I’m having a lot of joy right now. I love having fun talking on YouTube.


Jenny  And like I can see it you guys I get that I have the pleasure of seeing and experiencing the joy of watching her light up when she talks about these things. And I know that you have the experience of listening and you can feel if you’re tapped into energy you can feel her joy, for sure. period and a story period Mic drop. It’s on and and you know and I would even I would even you know challenge you to even say you listener you even say it is happening it is mine and claim it step into it. You know because as long as it pays off in the far future, it’s always often the way for our future. Yeah, bring it close even faster by claiming that shit. Oh my gosh, it’s mine. Step into it.


Ayannah  I tell people something simple. We were talking about peace. You could say I am peace and love and just let that run all over you, let that encompass you. I am at peace. And watch how you feel. Watch how your whole energy share


Jenny  it because here’s the thing, you know, when I feel like it just Can you be angry and say I am peace? No, you can’t. It would just be it. It wouldn’t work. It won’t work. Like because the minute you feel into it. If you say if you’re like oh, it doesn’t. You can say the words but if you feel the words,


Ayannah  your whole your whole body’s rejecting that right then and there. That just doesn’t work. It’s like I don’t even believe it. I don’t even believe you’re smiling saying I’m at peace. Now that doesn’t work either. You gotta have it. Yeah, you got it. Have it embody who you are.


Jenny  I love it. So if someone’s listening and they’re like, Oh my god, I am so ready to dream big I’m so ready to make 2021 and beyond my life I am ready to step into this I’m ready to make it happen. I want to learn how to connect to this she he it in my life. I want to learn how to listen. I want to learn how to step into my intuition more so I am ready to make a change. And ion is the person I want to do it with or I’m ready to like tag along and follow her on her journey and I want to learn more like Where did they go? What are the next steps? Where do you hang out?


Ayannah  Oh, awesome. So I hang out a lot. It is The gram again, visual person so that always love pictures, pictures may tell a million stories about the situation. Some of it, you got to say there’s a lot of filtering there. But you know, you kind of get through that. So I’m always there, you can find me on Instagram at a chance coach, that’s my handle. You can also find me if you want to talk to me directly, the offer I’m giving to just your listeners is that I’m offering two free sessions, and those free session and you guys come in three weeks, so we’re gonna, we’re gonna hit it, because once we go, you’re going to realize how powerful this is, and you’re gonna want to go through it again, you want to really dig deep. So it really works to have a little break. So you can think about it. And we come right back at it again. So two sessions, three sessions in three weeks time frame, they can find me at a T chance coaching. calm. Wow. So


Jenny  hold up, hold up, I want to make sure I follow this. So you’re giving two people one free session, or you’re giving two coaching sessions to as many people are, I’m like, Whoa, I’ve never heard this. This is awesome.


Ayannah  No, I’m giving two free sessions to as many people Oh, yeah. The calling gets flowing. So if you wait on it, I may be talking to you in December. But the key The key is to free sessions, to as many people who are willing to go on this journey. How am I going to help a million women start their business? If I don’t talk to at least a million women? Yeah. Now this will determine if this is right for you absolutely is always a choice. But I know the only way to make my vision happen is I need to talk to people I want to talk. I want to help you. So yeah, two free sessions per person.


Jenny  And we go from there. You know what’s awesome about that? It’s something different. And even so it gives you a chance to really feel what her coaching is like, because one session is going to be powerful. But the second one then if like you said, like, it’s just kind of like, it’s like next level shit.


Ayannah  Yeah, you’re gonna walk away thinking, Oh, yeah, I need to come back. We need to do it again. I’m gonna I’m just going to say you’re going to, you’re going to say that you’re going to want to come back and do it again. And we’ll make that happen. Well, we’ll make any arrangements we need to make but you have to start with the power of purpose. Yes.


Jenny  I love listening to your voice. Yeah. It’s like, yes, we’re like adding on some mic drops here. That’s right. Yes. Your Grace. Let’s go. Yes. Oh, my God. Yes. I’m gonna claim it for you and everyone else. I’m so excited that I was able to be a part of your journey to helping a million people. I know that we’ve added some more numbers to it here through this chat. And you guys stay tuned because we’re closing out the rest of the chakras series with crown chakra with three amazing guests. So come back, listen more. Thank you, Ayannah. Thanks for being a guest.


Ayannah  Thank you for having me. I’m so warmed and welcomed by you. Your energy is fantastic. So I’m so blessed to be here today. Thank you.


Jenny  Alright, catch you guys on the next episode. Thank you for listening to the life of interest podcast. If you love this episode. Remember to subscribe to your favorite podcast app. For Course Information freebies and to stay connected join our ohana that means family at Remember to stay positive, enjoy the journey and most of all, keep those eyes open for all of the adventures surrounding you.

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