This Parent’s Hilarious ‘Demon Baby’ Photo Is Giving Twitter Users Nightmares

2019-11-18 20:47:31

As if parenting wasn’t already terrifying enough — this parent’s viral photo of her “demon baby” is giving people nightmares.

Elise Bannister posted an extremely creepy picture of her son Finn on Twitter last week, captioning the image “We got a new baby monitor and I think that was a mistake.”

Bannister told “Today” that she could not stop laughing when she caught sight of Finn on the VTech baby monitor “silently staring at the camera like something from a low-budget horror movie.”

Twitter users and other parents obviously found it just as funny as Bannister did ― Finn’s picture had garnered more than 400,000 likes and 83,000 retweets by Monday.

Some commenters were just out there to express their absolute horror at little demon Finn: 

Others shared pictures of their own little monsters:

Bannister clearly took no issue with the mockery, jumping in on the fun herself:

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