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Are you truly happy with your life? Have you found your life purpose? Our guest today is Kirsi Englund, a self proclaimed rebel soul, who loves helping people elevate their lives to the next level. In this episode, Kirsi speaks with Jenny about her own unique journey into discovering her truth. Listen in as Kirsi shares how you can open up your throat chakra, find your voice and finally step in to who you truly are.

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Jenny  Welcome to another episode of the Life Adventurist podcast. I’m over here having an absolute blast. And you know what’s interesting, as I’ve said this a couple of times today is as if you’ve been following through the series all the way from the root chakra. And now we’re in the second episode of the throat chakra. So if you’ve been following along, you know that if you felt it, right, if you’ve been going on this journey, even feel that the energy has been very like grounded and like the lower three chakras. And now after the heart chakra, we’ve made a turn into the throat and beyond. So it’s like, you know, things might feel a little lighter, they might feel a little differently. And that’s okay, so I just wanted to bring that up as a point. Because each person that I bring on, like just more and more opens up for myself, I know it’s opening up for you. And that’s the point like for you to continue to recognize the notice trends along this journey. So as we continue on the throat chakra, and we really step into our voice and who we are, and really Oh, man, I have such a powerful guest on today. And I’m so excited because she has been on quite the journey, and she’s going to share a lot of that with you. Her name is Kirsi Englund. She’s got two kids, she’s been an entrepreneur for four years. She does a lot of spiritual and energy work. She’s a yogini. She is also like a life coach. But also she’s like a rebel at heart. So it’s like she wants to break all the rules, and help create like something new and different as a perspective for you to step into. She’s all about love and light and being a leader to help other people wake up to find their own voice and purpose. So Kirsi, welcome to the show. Share a little bit about you, and then you have to share something fun.

Kirsi Oh my God, thank you so much. It was like perfect introduction. I couldn’t have said it anymore. Better by myself. Thank you so much. Ah, yeah. What What shall I add to that? Yeah, I have two kids. They are eight and nine years old. So it’s pretty busy, home life here. And then also we got a puppy. Oh, is now eight months.


Jenny Wow.


Kirsi He you know he’s like a third child. Yes. The house? Yes. Um, yes, I have been an entrepreneur about four or five years and yoga studio owner for soon four years. And it’s still hanging on. I’m so like, glad and happy that this COVID hasn’t at least not yet. Hit hit that bad here in Finland that I can still have my yoga studio open. I’m really glad. And like you said rebel? I hate rules. And I just, I guess I’m here and also on in your podcast, podcast because I have this message to share everyone she’s like, be themself be real, be you. That’s actually one of my slogan. Be you, be real. I love it. I love it. Because that’s like, I think that that’s all of our journeys as humans to reconnect back to who we really are because of all the conditioning and society and the, and the rules and all of that. And I and I believe that that’s part of the journey of the throat chakra. So what does the third chakra mean to you? And your work?  Oh, really much. First of all, I have been struggling with my throat chakra. Well, I always since I was a child and teenager especially and that is quite weird. Since my last profession before I jumped into entrepreneurship, it was a class teacher. So that means as a teacher, I should have a really good skills with speaking and I should be okay. Like, just being you can stand in front of the public and you know, Share, share the things and everything stuff I love, but I have actually always hated it. Really much. So speaking is really important too, of course, since I’m a yoga teacher, now another class teacher and also a life coach. And I do Yeah, actually, everything what I do, I use my voice really much. So really important skill. But for me, throat chakra represents much more than just a skill or communication it represents to me like your own truth and who you actually are finding your own voice.


Jenny You know what I find interesting, because what you said is you said, because I was a teacher, I should have been good at this, you know, the speaking thing. But I also feel like okay, you’re teaching which means you’re teaching someone else’s content, right? You’re kind of like regurgitating something that you learned versus when, especially when it’s a life coach or you’re creating your own systems or you’re, you’re on your own journey. I feel like that’s a totally different thing. Yeah, because that’s like deep it’s vulnerable, right?


Kirsi  Yeah. Yeah. And I was, I think that was one of the things I quit I, I was about two years, I had my own class, teacher. And then I just realized, like, Oh, my God, I, that job didn’t give me any joy. I was just like, exhausted all the time, just like counting days when it’s the next vacation, like, Oh, this can’t be my life. Like, I really, I can’t be working like this for the next What? 30, 40 years like, this has to come to an end, I realized that I do like teaching. Actually, I do love teaching. And also, I realized I’m good at that. But there was something in my heart saying to me, like, there is something else you need to teach, there’s something else you need to share. And then I started to dig deeper to my own truth. And here I am. Yeah, you know, it’s thinking with you. Around the world, I live in Finland, did you say it already? Maybe, is it?


Jenny  That’s okay. Well, we’d love to hear it again. It’s exciting. Now, you know, I was just sitting here thinking like we we have such parallel lives. Like, it’s amazing that we’ve connected and we were chatting about this before the podcast, you know, just how much we have in common. And I’m really curious about this, right? Because what you just said about, you know, you’re in a job you realized, you know, like, I don’t really love this, and I don’t know, if I want to do this the rest of my life. You know, I feel like that’s the same thing. I have thought over here. However, one thing I’m really curious about is here in the States, it seems as if the whole working thing is all about working time getting very little vacation and maxing out. And my impression is that in Europe, overseas and other countries, you know, and I can only assume and you’re gonna have to fill me in, like in Finland, like I have this idea that on the other side of the world, vacation, you get lots of it. People aren’t like, you know, working 80 hour weeks like they are here in the States. But you fill me in and let me know, because I found it very interesting that you had a similar thought that I did. But I thought some of that had to do with like the work style here in the States. Does that make sense?


Kirsi  Yeah, it does make sense. Actually, we do have quite much vacation here in Finland, and some might even had six to eight weeks per year.


Jenny  So that’s just entry level?


Kirsi  That’s why I was counting.


Jenny  Yeah, that’s just entry level? Like when you start? You’ll get six-eight weeks.


Kirsi  It depends. No starting level. Yeah, it depends on profession. But it can be two weeks or four weeks. I think the quite basic is four weeks. Yeah. The basic here is barely two. Yeah. And you’re encouraged not to take it in many. Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. But otherwise, if people work, like the normal working week, I it’s, it’s pretty much like eight hours per day. Sorry, that’s about a 40, 40 hours per week. So but even with that, I mean, you could say the same thing here. But I feel like the culture here in corporate America is about being the first one in and the last one out, you know, improve, you know, showing off to your boss, like it literally is a badge of honor for people here to not take their vacation and say, Oh, look at me boss, like I stayed in work. Do you know how I look at all this? You know, it’s, it’s, it’s, that’s one thing I don’t like about the culture. And so while I say that’s something different, we both had aspects that we didn’t like about our jobs where we were looking for something else. I mean, that’s one aspect. Because no matter where you are in the world, everybody could very easily have that thought, like, I don’t like what I’m doing. But I thought I just assumed that a lot of it was driven by the fact that we’re expected to work so much. Yeah, that’s, that’s almost like horrible that that thought is planted into our minds already. When we’re so young, like, go to school study, get good grades, go to university, get good grades, like just go on and on and on and on. And then people just massive breakdowns comes, and then they are at work, and they’re like, Oh, my God, my thought was, is this gonna be my life? Actually, really? I have studied 16 years of my life, and it now everything here. And I like I didn’t freak out. But I was like, no way. There’s got to be something else. Yeah. And the really important factor for me was actually, it was some picture in Facebook that I found. And it had four questions that I read through. It was like something about is this your job or your dream job? And the first question was, are you good at it? I’m like, hell yeah. I am good. With teaching. Next ones. That’s the world needed. Oh, yes. We, definitely need teachers. Third one do you get paid for it on the hour Okay, good paid. I was like, satisfied with my salary. The fourth one. Do you love it? No, no way. I did not love what I did. I mean, the kids were nice and my colleagues were nice. But did I actually love it? That was really easy. No. And that was the moment I really realized like, No, okay, this is not for me and time to look for something else. Time to follow the heart. Yeah, tell tell, I want you to tell this story right in everything we talked about before and everything you sent in, you know, to come on the show you we’re talking about the story of your throat chakra and how this has been a lifelong story. You even have a chapter in your book dedicated to it. Really just take us through that story. Because it’s so powerful. Like I love I love the way you open your book to like you just have some really powerful stories and I want you to share them. Yeah. Well, then when I realized that I do want to do something else with my life. Kundalini Yoga was in really or has had back then and still has really important place in my life. So it was one Kundalini yoga class that it was like lightning strike, it hit me like, Oh my god, well, this is what I want. Because I have always been really, really spiritual person since I was a little girl. So it had it had everything it has had those mantras and singing and spirituality, chakras, teaching all these things, what I loved. So I applied to Kundalini yoga teacher training, and I became a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. And that world kind of sucked me in. But there was quite many things that I did not accept or rebel me. I was like, wondering, if someone is like telling me this is how you’re supposed to do things. I’m straight like, no, my heart tells a different story. For example, Kundalini Yogi’s often wear white, or they may have white turbans on or they are vegan, or at least like vegetarian, and do not drink any alcohol. Well, that’s like, No, no, no, and no, for me, I am. I do eat meat, even Of course, I prefer organic meat. And I don’t eat meat every day. That’s also remember, because the cheese are important for us. I do love wine, especially sparkling wine. And I do love luxury. I do love five star hotels, by the beach. And like all this stuff. And when I then opened my yoga studio, and I open it, like from the scratch. I didn’t have any client base whatsoever, but I just knew was something I needed to do. Like I wanted to open my own place. And the clients didn’t start to roll in as fast as I was hoping for even if I did have a really good communication with the universe. And I was like asking help from but and yeah, you know, the greater greater mind. And then I started to doubt myself like, okay, what’s like going on here? Why? Why is in my business? Like, why? Why does it like to start roll better? And then I started out myself, like, Am I doing now something wrong? Like should I now start to be a vegetarian. Should I now do this and that, and that was a quite long journey. I think it took like half year one year that I really doubted myself. But then it was one holiday trip in Europe in Alanya in Turkey. And it was a actually it was a Kundalini Yoga retreat, held in five star all inclusive, luxury hotel. And I loved every second of it. And it was my first vacation ever, without kids or husband. So my kids were back. I think they were five and six or something like that. Or five. Yeah, my first week abroad alone in that beautiful luxurious place. I was like, hallelujah, I’m home. And you know, the feeling just like I felt like all the puzzles clicked. And I realized like, this is me, this is my truth. There is nothing wrong with the fact that I can be a Kundalini yoga teacher that I can be a Reiki healer that I can do this and this and this and I can still follow my heart follow my intuition eat, what what I need eat what feels good in my body and all the other stuff. So that was like this really turning point. One luxurious yoga retreat. Yeah, definitely. And then I realized, like, this is the message I want to bring people since I have kind of bumped into many persons and stories that people want to be more spiritual or want to find something more out of their life go deeper, but then they are a little bit afraid, like, No, I don’t want to give up with this in this, then I don’t want to dress all cotton clothes. And you know, I don’t want to give up my heels. Well, you don’t have to. Yes, yeah, you can be yourself.


Jenny I love that. And it is a journey. Because, you know, I think I always had some rebel in me and I always did things outside the norm. However, I also very much played by the rules. You know, I was also have I followed all the rules, I wanted to, you know, get the pat on the back, I wanted to get the good grades, I wanted to, you know, get the praise and stuff. And even just, you know, my journey. And I and I know, I’ve shared this on the podcast, a bunch, but it’s it’s relevant, you know, to this, I went into corporate America were my first job was working for a company that was in Ohio. So in the Midwest, and it was all about, like, you have to wear pantyhose with your suits. Like that was definitely like the thing that you had to do, or you weren’t professional, like, there’s all these rules, like I had to get a blue suit and a black suit. And I had to be very conservative and all these things, right. So that’s what I started with. And I was green, like, I was new. So I was like, Okay, this is what they do. But then as I went through my, you know, career, you know, where I ended in my corporate america career was with a company where I dyed my hair, purple, pink, and blue, and I wore, you know, bright orange dress, and I, you know, like, whatever, like orange polka dot dress, and I just owned it. But even then I still colored in the lines. Because, you know, the older people who were at the companies I was at said that it had to be a certain way. And I was always curious. I’m like, Why does it have to be that way? Because, okay, I know that impressions are important. But if I also can bring the goods, if I’m also good at what I do, why does it matter what I’m wearing? You know? So like, what do you think about that, you know, when you’re stepping into who you are, and you’re like, stepping in owning your voice? How for you is just being a rebel? I don’t know, like, how can we do this? How can we embrace that rebel aspect of ourself.


Kirsi Just love yourself more. I don’t know. Just self love, love yourself, the way you are. just freaking look at the mirror, say out loud, yell, dance, do whatever, but just, you really need to love yourself. I think that’s the first step and accept yourself the way you are. And then after that, it’s just baby steps. Like, like I said, I do eat meat now. But I don’t know if I’m gonna be a meat eater. Always. I don’t know, life changes, everything changes, my truth changes. Since I believe there is no ultimate truth. Like there is I have this truth now. And it can be totally different in 510 years, who knows? But just like accept the one you are right now today, and go from there. Love yourself. Yeah, I mean that and like, you don’t have to try to be someone because you already are. You are in like a divine human being already, like a spiritual, being just in a human body. We are all souls already perfect the way we are.


Jenny And I think I get it now where I’m at. But if I can step into my brain where I was at before, I would intellectually like what you were saying. But I would also wonder, like, I’d be like, well, I already am myself. When really when I look back, there was things I always wanted to explore. But like I was afraid to explore them. For example, I got the idea. I wanted to do like partial dreads in my hair. And I would have never ever ever done that. Or even if I’ve thought about it, I wouldn’t have done it while I was in corporate America, but I still would have been like, but I’m being myself. I’m still loving myself, right? But as I like peel those layers off. Yeah, there was something else there. So I guess the question is, how do you know you’re like, hey, love yourself. But how do you know if what you’re loving is actually like that true self that’s coming out?


Kirsi  Yeah, that’s a hard one, tricky one. I guess it’s also something to do with the way you feel, can you feel like really joy around you and in your life, because joy is so important aspect of life also. So, and like the feeling good, like wherever you are, whatever you do, and who however you kind of like define yourself your own personality. So do you feel good about it? Do you feel joyful? Can you experience joy around other people, and also like, honoring other people’s truth, like in Kundalini Yoga, we have This mantra sat naam, sat in the truth and naam meaning like the name identity, and it means I am honoring my truth, but I am also honoring your truth. So I guess it’s also accepting yourself and your own truth. And then you can accept others and vice versa. When you can accept the others truth also, then you know that Okay, now I’m really good, like balanced here. You get what I mean?


Jenny  Yeah, it makes sense, because it’s still a journey, right? Because there’s different layers as this unfolds. And I love what you said about, you know, checking in and seeing, like, how does this feel to me because it’s almost like if you feel like there’s this person inside of you, or this voice inside of you, that’s like, trying to get out, you know, or like, like, God, let me out, you can’t stand this


Kirsi  Your body will tell that’s also like listening to your body or body always tells the thing also with throat chakra, and with every chakras, because our bodies are a mirror, like no one probably our listeners also, if not, so now, you know, body is your mirror. Yeah, it always tells where all the where all the like imbalances are. So for example, throat chakra, like I have struggled with it so much every time. I’m like, really excited, or like, I’m really nervous about something about expressing my own truth, or, I know I have to go somewhere up to the stages or some other thing comes up. So I always get really tense around here and my neck and like, almost get this like throat pain. And I know that it’s not any real pain, like I have. Kind of like, I know the difference when my throat is actually like hurting that I’m getting flu or something. And the difference when it’s only some weird tingling. Now I know there is something going on. And then I asked myself questions like, okay, have I been totally honest, myself? Is there something that I’m not telling myself? Is there something that I am maybe lying to myself? Like no body tells your body is so wise?


Jenny Yeah, I mean, that’s come up as a theme throat this entire series of being able to tune in and listen to your body. And I think because we work with a lot of A type entrepreneurs and professionals, and do you know what A type is? Do you guys have that saying?


Kirsi I have heard it , but remind me again?


Jenny  Yeah, so the A types are like you know, the overachievers, the perfectionist, that people go, go, go. I didn’t know how that translated for you. So


Kirsi  No, but I have heard it before. But it was the same like I was. Yeah, it’s like so we work with that type of person. And that’s, that’s, that’s me. And I’ve been working on like unfolding all those things. So you know, the tuning into the body. When you’re going so fast sunup to sundown, a lot of times you ignore your body, or you ignore these notions, like you said, with the tingling in the throat or whatever, anything to being a perfectionist, or being you know, an overachiever you expect so much from yourself. Like you just expect that you should already have this done. You should already mastered this, what’s wrong with you? Like it’s a lot, it can be a lot of negative self talk, depending on if that’s kind of the way that it shows up for you. So I guess what I wanted to kind of go into is like, what the throat chakra like you said, when you’re paying attention, you know, dig a little bit more into your story, like, what was it like when you had it? embrace your voice? And you hadn’t stepped into that when it was really? Yeah, oh, my god. Well, my voice was like cracking really often. And all this kind of like, Oh, this kind of came emerge and what like, well, not stuttering, but always really hard to express myself. And that’s also I have one whole chapter about this. Well, it’s kind of like the line in my book throughout this theme, but I have especially one chapter in my book, it’s called spit it out. And it’s about my realization, that since third chapter is all about communication, right? So I have been speaking now much about my own truth and about expressing your one’s truth, but it’s also about listening. So when I was feeling really uncomfortable, and feeling that my voice cracked a lot, and then I was also feeling like, or I felt like people weren’t listening to me. I always felt like I was about to say something and then someone other just like, took the place and I’m like, Okay, okay, I didn’t want to say anything either. Anyway, so I felt like I was not being listened to. And then I realized later how these two connected like listening skills and speaking skills, then when I became more brave and became more honest with myself, That I wanted to express my own truth. Then I started to notice, ah, okay, now people are listening to me. So it was all before this when I was that shy, girl, like not confident. So then it was like people were not actually paying attention to what what I said. And then I also realized that I wasn’t a good listener, either. Like, it’s always really easy to blame on others. You don’t listen to me, why don’t you listen to me? And then I realized, okay, well, you know what, my listening skills are not that good, either. Since listening has to do so much about being present. And you’re like, really, genuinely be interested in what the others says. And I am still way to go with that. For example, when my nine year old boy comes in like ba ba, ba, ba, ba, I’m like, okay, lowdown and still I know I have a long way to go. But anyway, just just to be present. And really listen. Yeah, so you can read all about them from my book.


Jenny  Yeah. What’s the name of your book? Share the name of your book?


Kirsi  Yeah. It’s called a path to Nirvana, a rebel journey towards freedom and inner peace. Love that. And it’s available. I think I saw it’s available on Amazon in the US. And then where if you’re outside the US, Amazon dot de. So from German?


Jenny  Okay, perfect. So I’m curious. And I don’t know if you’ve ever explored this. So when you were talking about when, when your throat chakra was blocked, or when you know, you really had stepped into your voice? And how it was like, you would maybe go to say something and then maybe didn’t take that chance, or you started to be like, Oh, you know, have you ever explored the difference between someone who’s more introverted, and shy or introverted just by itself? And they’re not speaking up? Because that’s more their style? And then, you know, when it’s someone who really could be speaking up, does my question make sense? Like, if you ever explored that, and maybe you haven’t, I don’t know. But I was just thinking,


Kirsi  Yeah, it makes sense. But I’m thinking I have maybe not, that’s an interesting subject to to look on. But no, I don’t maybe have any of your own. Well, I was just thinking, right? Because if you’re introverted, you may still be owning your space, you may still have a voice. And when you do speak up, you own your truth. And that was so also to I was just thinking, if someone’s an introvert, they’re listening, and they’re like, well, that happens to me, but I guess maybe it wouldn’t happen to them. Because they wouldn’t feel like Oh, I should have said something. They’re they’re content with not saying anything. Yeah, maybe that’s the difference. Right? Hmm. It’s interesting.


Jenny  I think in my husband, Jai’s he’s more introverted, right. And it’s like, he doesn’t speak very often. And an extrovert could look at that and be like, Oh, well, his throat chakra, he needs to speak more. Yeah. But when he speaks, it’s very on purpose. And it’s very intentional and very thought out. Like it’s Yeah, that’s not an accident pointed that out.


Kirsi  Because it actually It has nothing to do with how much you speak. No, no, no, it’s just like a thing that you when you speak, you say it like with power, actually from your third chakra with power, and then through your fourth chakra with love, and then you express it through your fifth chakra. So it’s never only the fifth chakra as now listeners, has been on this amazing journey with you. Because all the chakras are connected, right? So it all starts from your belly frame of your from your fire, your place of yeah, from your fire, your place of your own wheel and and confidence and then you always really important, at least I think it’s really important that everything would you say you say it through your heart chakra with love. So it’s like saying things loud and clear. But with honesty and love. And it doesn’t mean that you have to be an extrovert, of course, yeah, we are all different. And no one never ever can know what’s happening inside of another person. Never. So what you talked about there where it’s kind of like through your fire through your you know, with love and then speak it out. So one of the things that you had talked about before or you know, you talked about in the intake form was about speaking your truth. Yeah, so, I guess I guess it’s another this is another just like hypothetical question. And you guys know after all these that these are all conversations and like, if I stumped the speaker, it’s not on purpose. It’s just It’s curious questions in the conversation, right. So if you’re talking about speaking your truth. I’m also wondering like the difference or if there is a difference, because sometimes there are things I want to say I just don’t say them because I don’t necessarily want to like hurt someone’s feelings. Yeah. So what do you think speaking and owning your truth? What does that look like to you? or What does that journey like? Or when do you cross the line and maybe it’s too much. And you’re too maybe maybe your throat chakra is too overactive? I don’t know if there’s such a thing. Yeah, really good question. Yeah. And definitely your all your chakras can be overactive or underactive, or like unbalanced balance. Yes. That was a good point. So what was the question? I totally lost it, I went into non directive.


Jenny No, but that was kind of part of it. Like owning your truth and speaking your truth. How do you know, if it’s like too much.


Kirsi  Yeah I know. I got it again. Yeah. Thank you. So um, it’s like really? No, no, actually out. You know what I’m feeling like my own throat chakra, right. It’s like waking up. Oh, that’s awesome. This is so good thing, because you are never ready. And like, my whole journey has been about Throat Chakra. And I’m, I’m not even close. Ready. So this is exactly a good like, I’m here, kind of like speaking on your show about my journey. And like, how I have been struggling with it. And I still do, we are never ready. And I’m always learning new. And I’m like, really? Physically almost feeling like it’s getting stuck here.


Jenny  Oh, my gosh, that’s interesting.


Kirsi I’m sorry, you have to say no was more that isn’t like to really, I lost it.


Jenny  This is awesome. This is actually this is real. This is such a learning experience right here.


Kirsi  I want to be honest here. You know what I’m, I’m, this is exactly what I’m speaking. So one more time, we were speaking about under active and overactive. And then you said about


Jenny  Owning your truth and speaking your truth. So if you’re going to do that, how do you know when it’s too much? And you’re being maybe too aggressive? Or too?


Kirsi  Thank you! Because I totally lost it! Yeah, I usually by myself is having a conversation with someone. And then then I totally disagree, then I just, like try to use the love and really fade as as honest as I can. But with love, I have found that that’s the best way to do it. But then also, there is occasions that I have just learned that maybe sometimes it’s just to better like keep your mouth shut. Like so it’s the balancing. follow your gut listening to your intuition, what do you do? But to say your truth? If you know that with your truth, you actually going to hurt someone? So then maybe I would be careful with what I say. But yes, I have been in in in many that kind of situations, especially now with this COVID thing, because we all have really many stuff going on, and really many opinions. And really many truths about this whole situation. So I’ve been in view that kind of situation that I have felt like, I would like to share my truth. But I have anyway felt like maybe in this case, it’s like better to try to change this up drink or just say like about the weather? Yeah, that’s a good point. Because I think trying to think back, I think it was like a therapist I was working with who told me, there will be a time, especially as it relates to COVID, and your truths about code like COVID, or politics or whatever, there’ll be a time. And really, this could be anything, I guess anything that’s extremely touchy and controversial, right? There’ll be a time when it’s time for you to go fight, meaning not, you know, not fight but like when you can stand in your power. And there’s going to be some kind of a movement or some kind of a thing that you can put your energy into constructively in a way that supports and aligns with your higher truth and aligns with your power. And that’s where you can go, you know, stand in your power, share your truth and go fight for what you think is right, or whatever that is, but then a lot of times follow your injuries. Yes, yes. But then a lot of times, you know, like along the way, I think where people get mixed up because they’re trying to argue with people online or argue with their mom or brother who believes really different like, what’s the purpose? What’s the purpose of arguing just to prove you’re right, like Like you said, it’s leading with love. And even though that is your truth, and I think you’re I think that you are allowed to still share your truth, but if it always ends up in an explosion or if it always ends up in like weird, tense feelings, like you said, Maybe better to go. Alright, let’s not talk about that. Yeah, Yeah. Just and you sense it like, with with who you can I believe you sense it?


Jenny  Yeah, you totally can. I mean, think about pre COVID and pre 2020. Right. Like, at least here abortion was one of those topics that you just didn’t talk about with people. Maybe you talked about with friends, but you weren’t kind of like openly be like, Well, what do you think you know about abortion because it was just kind of create a lot of attention, intention. Yeah, it was just it was just a lot. So I think those are some good examples. And like you said, it’s really about tuning into your body and, you know, learning because sometimes you will make mistakes, and that’s okay. That’s part of the journey.


Kirsi  Like I just did. No, I think it’s so awesome. You asked me twice the question. I’m like, Can you repeat one more because I just have like, Oh, shit, like, I went to for other conversations or other and then I totally forgot that first step. And then I was just like, I was, I was kind of like, having this panic moment in my head, like, Oh, shit, oh, shit. What am I supposed to say? Right? This is? Why if and this is, oh, this is awesome.


Jenny  But you you’re demonstrating really well, like a way to handle it with grace and ease, where you’re just laughing. You know,


Kirsi  It’s exactly laugh to yourself.


Jenny  It’s not like this mortifying moment that you just accept. Whatever, you’re human. Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome. So one of the things that I wanted to, you know, really explore is like, on your website, you mentioned like, are you ready to find your inner power and show yourself to the world? Do you have a process? Or how do you how do you help someone find their inner power and show themselves?


Kirsi  Yes, well, I do have one on one clients and one on one work. And then I have also different kind of group group programs. One is actually starting soon, pretty soon, I think it already has started when this episode comes, could be like that is called rock your business and this master mind. And then I have also this e-course called soul business creator. And they’re in that ecourse there’s actually different levels that you can pick you can have only the E-course if you would like to do like that. Or then you can book me and have me as a coach there. Love that as well. But yeah, one on one or group programs, or online. Where can they go to find you for those? My website is


Jenny  Spell it out. spell it out.


Kirsi It’s K-I-R-S-I E-N-G-L-U-N-D


Jenny  Yes, I love it


Kirsi  But it’s easy. Englund, so it’s almost like England. There’s just like “U”


Jenny  Yes I love it. It’s so it’s such a beautiful name. What would be your best tip to somebody who’s ready to really embrace their inner power step into their throat chakra. And really just be like I’m here world what would be your biggest tip that you would give?


Kirsi  Well, actually, that love your mistakes love you and like screw everyone else. Seeing what everyone else thinks even if I know this really hard that has two year years worth adds to it. It’s a lot of work for me to put myself out there put myself on Instagram, Facebook, do live videos, everything is like still, every time a bit frightening. And I’m learning and like, yeah, also action, do stuff like get out of your fucking comfort zone. So like imagine I am from Finland here now it’s being with you. And the most uncomfortable thing ever. Since this kind of speaking has always been a big issue for me. But here I am. And I think this is my is my second or third. It’s my second second like this kind of like real podcast ever. Hmm. So it’s just go the fuck out of your comfort zone.


Jenny  Yeah!


Kirsi  Be you be real.


Jenny  Even so I mean, you speak multiple languages. So I’m not sure which one’s your first second third or however many you speak. But yeah. is English. Your first language?


Kirsi  No, finish. Yeah.


Jenny  So there you go. Already right there. Like you’re already doing a podcast interview in a second language. I mean, I think that’s more than enough to celebrate, like, yeah, and if you want to have like a really like comprehensive discussion, you know, I mean, can you imagine me doing a Finnish one with you? I would be like, Yeah, what up? Like, right.


Kirsi  Yeah, exactly. Say It’s like about being proud of yourself. That’s like we humans, we forget it just so easily all the things we have already done. That’s also a good tip for you to write down all the things like what do you have already done? And when you get this or should like moments or oh shit, I’m not enough, like, Who am I to do this? Who am I do, go and do that. So just wrote yourself a note somewhere. All the things that you have already done and like really see the list? And like, wow, actually, that’s me wow, good job. Right, like, remind yourself of all the things you have already done. Let’s have fun. Laugh your mistakes. Yeah. Well, it’s a form of self love. Right. It’s like celebrating the wins, and just, you know, letting yourself appreciate and enjoy those moments. Again, and again, and again. And again. Yeah, you know, and it’s not necessarily having an ego or a big head. It’s just really just reflecting and looking back on all the progress. You know, sometimes  Celebration, it’s so important.


Jenny  Yeah, like, it’s a big part. Because sometimes like, especially since we work with people, and I mean, they come to us for weight loss, but they get so much more like it’s like, we always say like losing weights, the byproduct. And if you just focus on weight loss, you know, you’re going to be like, Oh, why didn’t I do it? Why didn’t I do it? Why didn’t I do it? And you know, along the way, versus like, if you’re just having fun and enjoying the journey and making the other little changes. Next thing, you know, you’re like, Oh, my God, I lost 30 pounds. Oh, my God. And a lot of times, because you see yourself in the mirror every day, you don’t even realize you lost the weight. Because you think you look the same as you did. If you look back, you’re like, holy cow. That shirt doesn’t fit me anymore. Those pants don’t or whatever. You know, I’ve outgrown all those things. That’s the same thing with life. Yeah, it’s the same thing with life. You can look back and be like, I grow I outgrew those things. And I would venture to say that anybody listening, this podcast is into personal development, growing, leveling up, really stepping into the next level in their life, and you are not the same you have last year. You can’t be you can’t be and if you are, then that’s another question.


Kirsi Yeah, that’s another question. And you can contact me or me to go deeper in that if you wish, right? Actually, if you do feel like that, that you are like, little bit stuck, or you would like to do something else. I have this freebie in my website, you can go and check it out. It’s the seven day free ecourse about finding your purpose. Like you feel like little bit stuck. And what would be my next step? What is my message? these kind of questions, so go and check that out.


Jenny  Oh, that’s perfect. I love that. And there’s a lot of people especially coming out of, of these COVID times, you know, because COVID is really, you know, how to stop and really evaluate our life. So if you’re feeling like you’re wondering what the next steps are, that’s perfect. I love that you put that together, you know, and if you’re listening and you’re like there’s something inside you tickling. Let’s say we just talked about paying attention to your body. Right? You might feel it in your solar plexus. You might feel it in your heart, you might fill it in. You might feel it in your heart, wherever you’re feeling that little like nudge if you’re feeling it. Just take that Earth action.


Kirsi  Yeah, take the action. I love that. Well, this nice quote. How does he know go? Oh, of course I can come up with no, but he says something like, take take the action. Oh, no. Okay, well, anyway, Well, anyway, take action. Take action.


Jenny  I know I put up quotes but he has so many. The way the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing is that it


Kirsi  The way to get started is to take action. Exactly. Thank you.


Jenny  You’re welcome. I got you girl. I got you. I’m your I’m your throat chakra camrade. Chakra comrade I’m here to support you in just kidding you already have it. You’ve already been on an amazing journey.


Kirsi  Yeah. Thank you so much for being with you. Yeah, such a learning experience again for me. I know I you know, I have another thing I can add to my list. Well done.

Jenny  Yes. I love it. And thank you for coming on you guys. This was such a powerful episode about the throat chakra. Stay tuned for next week’s episode as we close it off. Thank you Kirsi or as you taught me before Kirsi

Kirsi  A sharp R

Jenny  So grateful that you were able to join us because I know it’s really late for you. So thank you for joining and see you guys in the next episode. Thank you for listening to the Life Adventurist podcast. If you love this episode, remember to subscribe on your favorite podcast app. For Course Information freebies and to stay connected join our ohana that means family at /ohana. Remember to stay positive. Enjoy the journey and most of all, keep those eyes open for all of the adventures surrounding you.

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