Buying a an electric car? You might want to get your facts straight first. In this episode, Jules and Justice are discussing everything from their search for financial advice to why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others on Instagram and finally why you shouldn’t put your vape pen in your XBox Series X?

Xbox Series X
Vape Smoke in Xbox
Ford F-150

Jules: Hello, everybody. Welcome to episode number 22 of the cool black nerd podcast. This is titanium. And look here, you know where the, okay, let me do this first. I’m your host Jules. And I’m joined by our co-host Justice, Justice. How are you doing today?

Justice: I’m actually doing pretty good. It’s been one of those days where everything just falls into place. So we hope this one keeps going with this.

Jules: Okay. What else? What’s up? That’s what’s up? So look guys, we recorded episode 22. Well, the first time we recorded it last week and like, it was bad. Like everything about it was bad. I was bad. Craig was bad. You know, I don’t like critic. You know, we talked about it a little bit.

Craig records for us, Craig was bad. The conversation was bad. It was just messed up. My internet was bad. Justice was talking for like 10 minutes while I was trying to get me in. And that reconnected to just, it was awful. Everything about it was awful. So, uh, we let it go. If we rebuild it.

Justice: Might release that has a bloopers one day or something.

Jules:  I think you need to just delete it. That’s what I think you needed to do. So let’s just jump into it. I’m telling you guys, what are we going to do with this episode right now? The new destiny to expansion is out beyond light. We are both playing it. I’ve enjoyed it so far. How about you?

Justice: I have to agree. I was very skeptical because you’ve been playing Destiny longer than I have, but we both been playing it and it hasn’t had the best of content and sometimes, and some of the launches have just been, but this is actually. Intriguing. I like the story. I like the new powers that you get the guns so far.

Pretty good. I’m liking it. I’m really am. I don’t want to do cruise footer.

Jules: Yeah, well you have, in some of the new powers do seem definitely way overpowered for crucible. I like it too. I can, I really do. Can just echo everything that you said. I think the story is pretty good. They’ve gotten a lot better at telling stories, especially since Destiny 1. The story now is definitely intriguing. I’m very curious to see where it’s going to go. And I think they’re doing a better job of weaving the story into the gameplay. So, you know, you find out more of the story as you play the game and discover little secrets. You can kind of pick up some little tidbits here and there.

So I think that’s a pretty good thing that they’re doing to keep it engaging, even cause you know, with this game and games like this. After maybe a week, two weeks, you really just ended up doing it. You’re doing the same stuff you’ve been doing over and over. So they got to figure out some kind of way to make it worthwhile, you know?

Justice: Yeah. Or interesting at that. Cause I mean, it can be engaging, but if it’s not really interesting, why would you do it?

Jules: Exactly. So. At the beginning, you know, guys, I mentioned that, uh, episode 22 previous, it was messed up. So why are we playing this game right now? We’re just going to be talking to record and getting our thoughts out on stuff.

We’re going to kind of touch on the plans that we have for titanium originally. But honestly, we just going to be having a conversation and you guys get to listen in so welcome and I hope you enjoy it. One thing I do want to get off my chest off top, you know, last episode, I had some things to say about GM and have they had no plans for electric vehicles?

And, you know, next week they decided to prove me wrong. Like literally the next week they introduced the electric hummer.

Justice: And it’s sold out for pre-orders if I’m not mistaken within that day. Yeah, it is.

Jules: I can’t remember what they call it like premiere edition or. So division or something like that.

Yeah. Sold out a hundred thousand dollars a pop..

Justice: I just can’t do it. The only thing that I found to be appealing about it was, and I, we spoke on this a little bit, being that little cool, weird sideways spider crawl thing that it can do. But other than that, yeah. And then it’s a Hummer. That gets less projected mileage for most EVs at this point in time.

So it’s just like, what am I plopping down a hundred thousand dollars for us. So, and I mean, even the closest vehicle to it is well under that at least 60%.

Jules: So yeah. A lot of people are comparing it to, I mean, the obvious comparison is the Tesla cyber trucks. So yeah, right now the cyber truck is. About half the price with what?

A little bit less than twice the range seems like it will have more features, but we’ll see. I will, all I can say is we have to wait and see, because the truth is right now, both of those trucks. Could be considered vaporware. Like they don’t really have, I mean, Tesla has a working prototype. Like we’ve seen it moving on its own, but test even Elon Musk has admitted, you know, that they’re going to make some changes before, uh, the production of that vehicle.

They do have a prototype for the Hummer and it looks great, but. The Hummer is, uh, you know, kind of ironically pretty similar to Nicola in that it does not actually move on its own yet. So it’s just a shell with a beautiful interior, but we’re not really sure exactly how it’s going to perform yet. So everything is just predictions on both of those trucks really.

Justice: Yeah, it seems to be, you know, pretty much in the EV game, in and of itself, that is the deal that’s going on. And I did a little bit of research looking into some of the other players that they actually have in the game. And you have, of course, you know, Rivian has their truck, which I didn’t realize that they had, if I’m not mistaken, an SUV possibly coming out.

And I think that’s the thing that sets them apart from everyone else because the SUV market is the biggest one at this point in time.

Jules: Yep. It’s an SUV in a pickup truck. Yeah.

Justice: Then there’s Bolinger, which to me kind of looks like a G wagon knockoff for the most part. I know. Oh, knockoff like the actual military Hummer, but if I’m not mistaken, those are only going to be fleet.

I don’t believe that there’ll be available to consumers anytime soon, but those are the options currently for trucks and electric vehicles. I know Ford is. Possibly doing like an F150 type thing.

Jules: Yeah. They have announced an F-150 they’re going to be working with revealing all, whatever it is that they’re doing.

I don’t know if it’s going to be in, you know, specifically on the F-150. Cause they’ve been talking about that F150 for some years and they have a really, I mean, they haven’t done anything with it, which is weird. Cause they had an electric Ranger, like. Back in the nineties. I mean, first of all, it’s weird because all of the American car manufacturers had electric vehicles back in the, in the nineties and just let it go completely.

Yep. That’s true. So now, you know, as far as American vehicles, you religious down to Chrysler, Chrysler, Dodge Mopar. I know I said GM has nothing, but they really got nothing. They don’t even have partnerships right now. On one hand, I kind of like it. They are sticking, especially dyes. They’re sticking with that muscle car look, muscle car performance.

We want all the gas out of the gas station, all the horsepowers that can possibly be fit inside of the vehicle we wanted in there. And they’re at least for now seems like they are going all in with that.

Justice: Well, you have to bet on what, you know, I really do understand, especially in this particular time in history, it’s just unprecedented for everybody, businesses, families, just everything.

So you, you bet on what you know, and it’s just like, okay, then we’ll probably figure it out from then on. But honestly, That has been the downfall of so many companies putting all your eggs in one basket and not being diversifying or innovative as far as what you do know, it’s just like, okay, well, I noticed that Solomon, no, that’s not going to help you.

Even as a person, that’s not going to help you. You want to keep learning, even if you don’t want to learn a new skill, at least evolve, the skill that you have.

Jules: Yeah. I mean, look, I’m going to just say this. I’m not mad at the Hellcats like I’m, I’m kind of. If I had the money to afford one, I would probably do it.

I would, I would. I mean, I liked that muscle car look. I mean, that’s why I got to charge him now. I got you. I feel you. Yeah. You know, in the future, I’m definitely going electric. Like my next purchase. I’m fairly certain, it’s going to be an electric vehicle.

Justice: We’re talking about this, but what honestly is the appeal or even the.

Necessity for, you know, the next person coming on the line, buying a car for an electric vehicle, because right now, of course, gas is still vehicles in itself is still expensive and EVs are just. Insanely out of the reach of most people. So what is the appeal of the point of getting those at this point?

Jules: Well, okay. Well, the one that the EVs that people want are probably out of the range, because there’s definitely some that, that people can buy right now. Like the Nissan leaf, the Chevy volt. Those are like, they just recalled the Chevy volt for possible fire is. So again, uh, whether they were called it at night, you said cheap.

I’m just telling you what the price is. Like. I’m just saying that there’s electric vehicles that aren’t out of reach is all I’m saying, but the ones you want. Yeah. Those are probably a bit more expensive.

Justice: What I mean, is, is that okay? Most people know what you can do for an ordinary vehicle. You know, gas powered vehicles, you know, that you need to take it to get the oil changes, get the tires rotated to do some that I don’t think there’s enough education out there for the average person of what you would do for it and electric vehicle.

I got you. So a lot of this stuff is not. Like a lot of maintenance is eliminated by having an electric vehicle. But I don’t think a lot of people know that we’ve seen those memes when a lady pulls up to the gas station trying to yeah. Trying to put the gas.

Jules: Yeah. I mean, I, yeah, I don’t know. I mean, you just, people just have to get educated and you know, of course that’s something the industry has to do.

They got to figure out a way to get people more educated about that. And as far as like, why. People should be looking to get one. For me personally, it is about the environment. I think it’s a vehicle that I, that I can afford, honestly, off the top. Even if I was getting a gas powered vehicle, it will probably be about the same price the next time that I decided to get a new car or truck or whatever.

So yeah, for me, the price is not the issue. Part of it is gas. Yes. Gas is cheap right now. But it may not always be like, the only reason it’s cheap now is because, you know, geopolitical influences the Saudis have been flooding the market with oil and gas because the United States started producing more of our own.

And we’ve been using that. So they’re actually driving the price down artificially right now. So who knows how long that’s gonna last. And you know, that is a finite resource. At some point is going to start running out and it’s going to just naturally get more and more expensive. Like we can go back and think about those days when, you know, in some parts of the country, gas was $5 plus a gallon because there was a shortage or because an oil field caught on fire. So for me, I guess those are the factors in, like you mentioned, it says a lot of maintenance costs that you don’t have to worry about and dammit, Jessica, they just, they just cool.

Like, I want, I want the big touchscreen in there. I want, you know what I’m saying? I want, I want all that. I want the self-driving. Ain’t nobody got time. I ain’t got time for that. I don’t have time to be installed, installing all that kind of stuff. I don’t, I can’t do that. I do too much work with computers at work, I’m good.

Justice: The reason why I ask that is because a lot of people. Aren’t as knowledgeable about this stuff. And as you said, you’d have to be on the industry to be able to educate them on that. But I only know what I don’t know, basically. So I don’t, I think a lot of people don’t know what to ask and they feel stupid for asking, like, do I have to plug this up at my house when my light bill go up for this stuff?

Because I’m charging it at home. Do I have to pay for it? And this is something I’ve actually heard. Do I have to pay for it when I park my car at the place at whole foods? Yes. It’s still like gas, that type of stuff. But. I don’t think that it’s really out there as far as knowledge on how these things operate and where you can go to buy this stuff and things like that.

Because honestly, if you buy a Tesla, you would have to go to a Tesla to be able to do that stuff. For the most part, one of those charging stations. So you a mess. That’s a little incorrect.

Jules: Well, no, because not every single one is exact same. No. Right. But for fast charging, you’d have to go to Tesla, but they actually come with adapters.

To work with the other two standards of charging in the car so they can connect to, you know, the charter that you see at whole foods or wherever. It just won’t be the fastest possible charging, which is not for most vehicles. Anyway, if you go to one of those places,

Justice: But the reason why I brought it up is because even like with wireless charging, like right now with your phone, most people are like, well, when I’m at home, it charges so fast.

Why isn’t it when I’m using this? Rinky-dink when I got from my cousin or cause competitor, I mean, you see what I’m saying? That’s tough. Isn’t known by everybody. It’s just like, okay. The one that came with your phone is specifically designed for it. The one that your little cousin gave you that lights up and does all this and that it’s not designed for that.

It’s just like, Hey, if you have access to it, I can charge it. I can’t charge it the best, but I can charge it. So just in talking to some people, I’ve realized that there’s a lot more to go there. I mean, for instance, When you’re on a road trip, you know, that there’ll be a gas station within a few miles of another one.

At the most, you, you wouldn’t go over a hundred miles where the next one, that, that, that can happen, but it’s not feasible for the most part, but for charging, you would have to really plan that out.

Jules: Yeah. In some electric vehicles. Yes, you would. Yeah. Some of them just plan it out for you if you put in your destination.

So again, that depends on what vehicle you have, but your rights. So range anxiety is definitely a thing for people who drive long distances on a regular basis. If you have maybe a long commute for work, I could see that potentially being an issue and, you know, maybe. Electric vehicle is not for you. Yeah, because of that.

Justice: I just think there needs to be a little bit more education on it, but I think that’s probably honestly with a lot of stuff, if you’re going to buy something, please do your best in looking it up, seeing what advantages and disadvantages it has, you know, stuff like that.

I wish some people would do that when it came to finances, but you know, it’s just the way it is.

Jules: Yeah, I guess so I guess, so speaking of doing research before you buy new stuff, some new stuff came out. We got a new X boxes, we’ve got new PlayStations. They’re out there in the world.

Justice: What was interesting to me, I don’t know if you saw this, but somebody actually put out a video and it was a tik-tok video. And they were like, Oh my God, I can’t believe in my Xbox series. X is smoking and it was supposed to be funny, but they knew what they were doing. What exactly happened. It was smoking. They had actually put their vape pin under it and it was being pulled up through the, uh, vents on it.

So, and X-Box actually had to release it somewhere. We can’t believe we have to say this, but please don’t put vape smoke in your Xbox series X.

Jules: Yeah. I’m pretty sure that actually they’re probably damaged the one that whoever did that, I’m pretty sure they probably messed up something or will eventually.

So from, from what I’ve been hearing and seeing around the internet, it looks like the launches actually went pretty smoothly by some of the pre-order hiccups, especially with Sony, but I haven’t really seen anything too crazy about them. Other than them being sold out. But I mean, you know, that’s what you expect exactly.

Your favorite retailer definitely had a field day with that, where they oversold the PlayStations. So people who were able to get them, they still told them, you know, they shipped them out to a certain batch and then the other people, they were like, Hey. 2021 is probably going to be your year for a five.

Oh wow. Who did this game stop? Oh, of course. You know, I should have known that I was a part of me was thinking Walmart, but yeah, games, definitely game site. No understand how game stop is still in business. No offense. Anybody who loves game stop or who works there. I just don’t, it’s one of those companies, I feel like they’ve been hanging on by a thread for a long time.

And I don’t, I just don’t know when, uh, when it’s coming. Go file it. Yeah.

Justice: Yeah. I think they’re indicative of a larger problem that we’re seeing ultimately just, and the pandemic brought it out more than anything. Me and you had talked about this previously on one of the shows. I forgot which one it was, but you know, people had so much anxiety about not having money or figuring out where their next meal was coming from and seeing people in nice cars and nice houses and kind of making the assessment that, Hey, they have everything when it’s just like, they were probably living paycheck to paycheck too.

And now we’re seeing that these companies are basically been doing the same thing too.

Jules: Yeah. Yep. For sure. Definitely got some companies out there living paycheck to paycheck. Great example, uh, AMC movie theaters, I mean, outside looking in and got him and, you know, I’m not pretending, like I just been looking at their balance sheets or anything, but, you know, AMC theaters, you know what I mean?

It’s … everybody goes to AMC, right? They had the little movie pass thing that was working, you know, $20 a month go see your movies. They had it set up so that it was sustainable. You know, and I felt like it made good sense. And then the pandemic hit and they was like, look, we got enough cash from maybe three months and that’s it.

We, the filing for bankruptcy, we need help. Like I think recently they sold almost $50 million worth of stock to private investors just to raise some cash. So, I mean, they going through it and even as they were doing that, they were still like, it’s possible that this is not enough. Yeah.

Justice: So, so I questioned it and I really wish we could get like some financial advisors or people in finance necessarily on here.

So if you know anybody you want to come on the show, I would love to be able to ask you some questions, but it seems to be indicative of a larger problem of it being. Not seeing the foresight. It’s just like what we can get now or what we plan for the year. Is that just how the industry is? And I can’t see that it’s that because you, you had the same thing with their notes.

She had the same thing with Nicola and so many other companies where they’re just faking it till they make it. Why is that the problem? I don’t understand. And hell going back to Enron, if you even want to go there, it can’t even say like, it’s a, a new thing. This has been going on for years. Yeah. Yeah.

Jules: Right. And I mean, I, I feel like part of it is because everything now has become, so like do it now be profitable now, like be innovative now be, you know, everything is now, now, now, now, now, and then even when you take a look at the stock market, like the stuff that, that people are trying to get into our stocks really that maybe not have proven themselves, but they’re, they’ve got a lot of potential.

So, if you look at something like, like perfect example is Tesla. For many years, Tesla was not a profitable company. They just kept raising money. And Elon Musk was like a celebrity and the ideas sounded great. Right? And even now the company is like not consistently profitable. They’re not as profitable as their stock price would indicate, but like their shares are over $500 a share.

Tesla itself really is a company that if something doesn’t go exactly right, they could be in some real trouble. Yeah. So I think that’s part of it. Like we got this instant gratification culture, I guess. And I think companies, we think about executives and how their pay is probably tied to stock prices.

I think that a lot of the things that they do honestly might just be about goose and that stock price. It’s like they’re incentivized to do it. I think we should probably do an actual in-depth show about that. Does it, I mean, truth be told I could be a hundred percent wrong, but that’s just how that’s, what I feel is the right thing.

Justice: That’s the point of this show. We talking to how we’re looking for more information for again, hit us up. social media. Cool Black Nerd on IG and… well, IG mainly.

Jules: Yeah. I mean, you look for us on Facebook and Tik TOK and all that. You gonna find us, but we might not find you so you don’t get an answer from us…

Justice: or [email protected]

So I’m just wondering if it’s mainly just because of the Cinderella thing, but then this is just something I just came up with my own. So you have stocks that are just based on hype for the most part. So wework. Evaluation was, you know, through the roof, then people actually see what they’re doing and it’s just, it falls to the floor even then, or I won’t even say fall to the floor, but it at least half dropped, but still they were in the billions, as far as the evaluation of the worth of this company.

How is that possible? It’s just like you see that this is not sustainable. They are deeply in debt, but still billions of dollars that this company is worth because of name and what.

Jules: It’s hype this hype and I, you know what I’ll say, this, this is something that I’ve seen. I’ve seen some of the, uh, like the professional traders.

I’ve seen them blaming like the apps like Robinhood or DOE for letting you know, millions and millions of people that know literally nothing about trading stocks, have the ability now to do it for free. And do you know, right from their phone. So they, for them, that’s part of it. Like a company is able to generate hype with those people and they actually will drive up the price.

So that’s what some of them are blaming it on, which, you know, I’m sure it has an effect, but at the same time, like this issue, that stuff like that was happening before we had these trading apps. So maybe it’s a little bit more pronounced because of that. But. I don’t know if you can, because honestly, if that was the case, you’d still have the same issue with the traders who were trying to find people to just buy stock.

Justice: It didn’t necessarily know, you know, what it was. They could drive it up and tell these people, Oh, this is the biggest thing since Googgy the glop.

Jules: Yeah. You talk about the Wolf of wall street, where they just they’re selling everybody to stocks to drive up the price. Then they sell it. And get out of it before people find out what that is really worthless.

Justice: Yeah. Right. It can’t necessarily be that because it would still be the same thing. And honestly, since Wolf of wall street is a thing or has been a thing don’t know if it still is, I can’t really blame it on people who don’t necessarily know very much. It may just be a fear of missing out type thing.

Same thing that Instagram and Facebook and just social media in general has perpetuated for so long people just feeling like, Oh, well they’re having a better life than me. Why I will forever not understand that. Why isn’t it just a pretty picture?

Jules: Oh man. Yeah. I mean with us, I think it’s just human nature that in general, people are always.

Comparing themselves to other people. And then keeping up with the Joneses, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of that stuff allows people to put an image out there that is not the truth. And I think it’s, I think it’s hard for some people to, to recognize that that what you see on these pages is curated heavily.

Yeah, right. I’m gonna you this, you know, what got me out of, cause honestly, I, I did used to look at man, people are doing it big, like on Instagram, Twitter, whatever, like I, you know, but what got me out of it, and it’s kind of funny is because one of my, one of my friends we had dated like in high school and hadn’t dated for a while and kind of grew apart or whatever.

And maybe 15, almost 20 years later, we kind of reconnected and, um, we were just talking and. She mentioned that she had a boyfriend and I was like, what do you mean you have a boyfriend I’ve never seen you with a dude, like at all. And she was like, who do you think is taking the pictures? And that kind of broke Instagram and Facebook for me.

Cause I was like, you know what, who he is taking a picture like what’s going on behind the scenes that. You don’t get to see. And I was like, damn man, bye. That’s great. Busy like that. Like just that simple conference, that little simple comment, like broke all of that for me. Cause I was like, you know, you absolutely.

Right. Who knows what it took to set up shot? Who knows what it took for this person that looks like they’re in a, some kind of luxury condo they could absolutely just be sitting in the lobby of a hotel. Yeah. Who knows? I don’t. So that took that away for, for me. But I think a lot of people don’t look at, they don’t look at it that way.

And like I say, if people just try to compare themselves to what they see.

Justice: I do still kind of have a hard time with that. And it’s just mainly me, my opinion, my psyche, because I’ve grew up in a different generation. I was able to see different stuff. You know, lifestyles of the rich and the famous was pretty much the same thing for us, but you were always knowing that you had to do something you had to work to be able to do that, to get there, even to fake it. If that makes sense. And I guess that’s the way I kind of see it. And it’s the same thing with people who are very much in shape and they’re just, you have people to go like, well, I want to look like that.

Do you not realize it? They probably are starving themselves and things like that. And it’s just knowing what goes behind it. Same thing with commercials. I love, I used to love watching food commercials. I’d be like, Oh, that looks so good. Didn’t know that half that stuff ain’t cook or it’s fake food. So I guess being able to have that, that knowledge and it’s out there.

Still kind of throws me that people will believe that this is still something that one is not attainable or two is not real rather than just being an aspiration. And another thing why you need to take a picture of it anyway.

Jules: No, I don’t. I’m not going to say that, you know, I’m not a picture taker myself, but I do get it.

Like I understand that you want to, yeah. I get actually taking the picture.

Justice: Sometimes I do. I do wish I was more of a picture but that’s like you said, I’m not really a picture taker person. I do wish I was, there are some things I think back on like, damn, I could have had a picture of that, but I’m not even gonna lie.

Jules: Even with me, you know, not putting too much stock into what I see on social media every once in a while. I just want to flex for the ground. It is what it is every once in a while. Like, you know what, because I can throw this out here. Yeah. Cause I can’t, I get it. I get, and maybe that’s it.

Justice: And I think if people were a little bit more truthful with themselves on that and were allowed to just say that, I think that it would be easier, but you have all of these people who are out there going, like, I want to look like the Snapchat filter you.

Can’t there’s a reason why that’s there is to be entertaining. That’s it not for you to look like that or whatever. Now, some people take their shit too far cause they just want the attention. Which is a totally different thing I don’t necessarily want to get into, but I just think we have some deeper issues that kind of flow into in and of itself is what I’m basically saying.

And I don’t know what we can do to necessarily fix it, but you can still catch us on Instagram SayWhaRadio. Cool Black Nerd Podcast.

Jules: You know what I can say this? I can say, if you follow us on Instagram, whatever we post is going to be, you know, the real deal, unless we just flexing for the gram and hopefully you’ll be able to tell the difference.

Justice: You know, what’s funny. Uh, I try my best to help out new podcasts or struggling podcasts with some tips and things like that.

Up until the point where you will have to pay, because I do consulting in and things like that. I’ve been doing this for a while, so I can help out if you want help. But I know one of the first thing that they ask all the time, like, how did you get your Instagram? So some of it as just like, okay, at that point, I honestly got lucky, but this is over a period of 10 years.

Wasn’t just something that happened overnight. And honestly it was through a lot of trial and error. And when you say that to people, I can literally see them, their eyes just kind of glaze over like, Ooh. Yeah. Like they don’t want to put in the work. That’s the fun part is crazy. So when you see these companies have been able to make it to where they are and you still don’t want to put in the work to be able to try to keep it seriously, you’s going to flex on them like that.

That’s it.

Jules: Thanks for, I mean, like I said, I think maybe kind of look at the, at the pay structure for some of these executives. It seems to me that sometimes the way that they’re incentivized is just to get their stock price as high as possible. No matter the cost, thinking of people, faking it until it make it.

We, uh, you know, November 3rd came and went Justice. I hope you got a chance to go out and vote. I definitely did. I hope everybody listening had a chance to go out and vote. Yes, if you didn’t, uh, I want you to know that I’m very disappointed in you, honestly, I don’t care who you voted for. I just think it’s important for you to be educated and for you to make a choice that you see fit for yourself.

But again, now that that’s said and done, you know, I’m sure everybody’s seeing that we are having a contested election, which I it’s. It’s interesting to me that that’s even a thing I’m going to put it this way. I have seen the same people who are contesting the presidential election. Be very satisfied with the results from the congressional seats and from the Senate.

So I don’t personally understand why we’re claiming rampant fraud in the presidential election, but the votes that are on the same ballots as the presidential election. We’re okay with those. Nope. No, I think that’s for me. That’s all I have to say about it.

Justice: No. Interesting. I get it. I get it. Well, first off, I will say congratulations to the president.

Elect Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris. I have to say that it was basically new grad HBC Grad fun fact. Did you know she dated Montel Williams?

Jules: Really that’s. I didn’t know that that was the price. I didn’t know that I was like, wow. See, I knew, I knew she was out there on the yard. She was having a good old time.

Justice: She was, she was like, you know what, before I become vice-president I’m gonna just.  show him how they supposed to do it. Flex on him one time, flexing on the gram if they had it. But. I find it hilarious that I’m old enough to have been able to vote when the 2004 George Bush and Al Gore. And I remember thinking to myself like, this is weird.

Like, I don’t know who the president is going to be next year. What is going on? And that went on for a while. But what I didn’t know at the time was that it was such a close race. Like it came down to hundreds of votes. Yeah, that’s crazy. Right? Hundreds of votes in one state. And to me, that was just like, so my high school basically could have meant the difference between the president at that time.

That was mind boggling in one state, Joe Biden is leading like 127,000 votes. That’s not a small March at the high school. Come on. It’s insane. And that’s, that’s one, that’s one place where it’s like that. There’s so many other ones where it’s, you know, 40 K and 50 K 80 K. And to the point where the overall total is 5 million votes he’s ahead. Why are we still having this conversation?

Jules: Well, you know, I don’t know why we’re having this conversation, but I think you, you know, missing in the 5 million votes that Joe Biden is ahead nationwide. I just want to point out that the last few Republican presidents that we had, I think with George Bush Jr.

They did not actually win the popular vote. They just won the electoral college. So, you know, take that for what you will, but that’s the system that we have in this country. So it is a hundred percent possible to win the presidency without actually winning the popular vote. And, you know, as long as we have the electoral college, that’s going to be the case.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about some, some legends legislation that I recently found out about the 15 States have signed on to it, like as part of their. Some of them have like ratified it into their state constitution that as soon as enough States. They collectively have the number of electoral college votes to guarantee a win.

As soon as enough States sign on to this legislation, they are going to go with whoever wins the popular vote. So the person may not, you know, president may not, or a presidential candidate may not win the state, but their electors will still be pledged to whoever actually won the popular vote. Right now there’s 15 States that have signed on.

So I think that’s pretty interesting. That that’s a thing that has happened in States have actually signed on to the one I heard about was Colorado. I think that was the most recent one. Maybe I think it was actually this election where they had it on the ballot and it was voted for by the people of that state.

Justice: That’s cool. Well, I mean, throughout history, there’ve been many times where even Republican predators in it’s Republican and Democrats on both the basic of both sides is saying they want to do away with the electoral college and it’s just always fallen victim. Whatever necessarily agenda is going on at that time.

Jules: What did I want to go from that? I started killing a thing and I lost my train of thought, you know, the Weaver and it looked like a, it’s like a bird…? I don’t think they know too well. I know they may not know, but I doubt I’m just telling you what happened. That’s why I didn’t say nothing.

I get it. I have no idea what I was going to say next, but I did have a response for that. One more thing I actually found out today. No, I mentioned earlier that they accepted results of the other elections that are going on. One of the government organizations today, put out a, a memo saying that this was the most secure election in the history of the United States.

There was zero evidence of massive fraud or errors, no voting machines lost votes, changed the votes. There were no fraudulent votes that came out with that today. And our current president decided to tout that and say that he had done the work to have the most secure election in the history of the United States.

And I just thought that was interesting as he is continuing to file lawsuits in various States, challenging the election. Um, so just thought that that was an interesting tidbit.

Justice: Oh and definitely gives new meaning says never give up. Damn. Wow. And on that note, I think we’re done. Okay. I guess we are.

Jules: So look guys, what I want you to do is do remember that’s actually some good advice, never give up, you know, five for your dreams, believe in yourself.

Believe in the people that believe in you and anything is possible. Let’s go ahead and call this one, an episode, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for listening to the cool black nerd podcast. Again, check us out on social media. Always go check out. Say what There are several podcasts in our network that I think everybody would enjoy and love and just have a great time listening to.

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