Top 3 Social Media Platforms for Podcast Marketing

Marketing podcasts has never been more crucial for podcasters than today. Though podcasts are still in their infancy, there is still plenty of room for new shows to enter the sphere. Nonetheless, the number of active podcasts is growing rapidly. There are currently 1,800,626 active podcasts, and the number keeps rising!

Therefore, it’s important for podcast hosts to develop clear social media marketing strategies and to know where and how to market their podcasts. They also need to know which platforms they should use if they want to reach a larger segment of their target audience and know which media to use to connect with their listeners and promote their content. For example, if all your target audience is on TikTok, creating great Facebook content won’t achieve your marketing goals.

But, with so many social media platforms in the market, which platform should you choose to market and promote your podcast? Here, we have shared the top three social media platforms for your podcast promotion with guaranteed ROI:


TikTok, the only non-American-based social media platform with over a billion users across the globe, is a true goldmine for podcasters looking to increase their listener base exponentially. As the fastest-growing social media platform, TikTok can be a great option not just for branching new listeners but also for hooking your existing audience with viral videos and snippets of your latest episodes.

TikTok Demographic

TikTok is an enormously popular platform, especially amongst people below the age of 30. So, if your podcast has products, services, or content tailored to attract and engage them, then you definitely have to be on TikTok.

Of all the other social media platforms, TikTok has the most engaging user base, with an average user spending about 52 minutes on the platform every day. The stark spike in engagement can be observed from TikTok compared with other popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Therefore, if directed strategically, you can attract high organic engagement through this incredible platform.

Content Creation Tips for TikTok

In order to succeed on TikTok, as with most social media platforms, you must not only provide valuable content but also actively engage with the community. But, what content will entice your TikTok audience to take a step ahead towards becoming your podcast listener?

Here is what we believe works the best for podcast promotion on TikTok:

Podcast Clips

Teaser videos are a great way to grow your podcast audience on TikTok. If you feel creative and innovative, you could also develop some totally unique and perhaps out-of-box ideas for promoting your next podcast episode. See if the types of challenges trending on TikTok align with any of the ones you might use to tease your podcast. You can try a lot of different challenges, or follow interesting trends, besides lip-sync and dance challenges!

Share Tips and Tricks

As a podcaster, you should certainly share some TikTok tips and tricks, regardless of your area of expertise and your niche. So, delivering tips and tricks videos as a way of indirectly promoting your podcast could be a fantastic idea. In addition to allowing viewers to establish a connection with you, these types of videos establish your authority within your niche as well.

Your audience will learn more about you as you share your expertise, and your relationship with them will deepen. You will cement your expert voice by consistently sharing your expertise, which will also help you attract listeners to your podcast because your audience will trust the information that you share on your podcast and will be eager for more of it.


Get your celebrity guests involved and create fun behind-the-scenes videos to share on TikTok if you have a show that features great guests often. The audience loves to see content showing celebrities having fun or even everyday activities that are out and about. You can use this tactic to skyrocket your TikTok follower base and indirectly your podcast’s listener base.

If you are out of ideas, then the “day in the life” style of content never fails to impress, whether you’re getting ready to record or grabbing a coffee at your favorite café before taking the recording studio by storm.


A list of social media promotion platforms is incomplete without Instagram. With a user base distributed through a wide demographic, Instagram offers podcasters of almost every niche a reliable and versatile platform to market and promote their show.

Given the variety of content, one can share on Instagram, including photos, videos, reels, stories, and quotes, as a podcaster; as a podcaster, Instagram allows you to connect with your audience. 

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a great marketing tool for a number of reasons, but here are three reasons to choose Instagram for your podcast marketing.

  • Excellent Algorithm: Your content cannot be hidden by algorithms. The content you post will be seen by your followers. It cannot be otherwise. With Instagram, you don’t have to think about your Facebook strategies, like boosting posts and paying for ads. Your target audience and fans won’t see what you post. All of your Instagram content is there, and if someone subscribes to your feed, they’ll see everything, whether or not you have Instagram ads.
  • Unique Features: With features like “explore” and “search” on Instagram, you can market your business effectively. You can, in this case, investigate and research what other podcasters are doing to gain the attention and success of their potential listeners. Researching others’ successes as a means of inspiration isn’t cheating.
  • Mobile Application: That’s how it started. Mobile users are most likely to use it to share photos, but they have also learned to use it as a means of inspiration, information, and leisure. As a podcaster, your most valuable marketing platform is Instagram, as mobile users are the most important target audience

Content Creation Tips for Instagram

Start a Discussion

Starting a discussion with your listeners, not only about your podcast but also other content that can increase engagement, is a great tactic to apply for skyrocketing your listener’s interest in your podcast.

Post an Audio Snippet

Using teasers in the form of audio snippets on Instagram to advertise your podcast is a fantastic way to get fans excited about the upcoming episodes.

It’s similar to a movie trailer.

Hopefully, you don’t want to give away all the gems or shocking plot twists, but you can give away the basic premise of the plot (and maybe one or two juicy details).

Feature a Quote

Podcasting is all about sharing your message with your guests! How better to accomplish this than by featuring a quote from the host or one of your guest interviews. As soon as you have a quote and a theme, you can start cross-marketing and promoting your podcast.

Make it something to hook those new listeners by tagging your guest in the post, sharing your image on Twitter and Facebook, and really making it stand out. You can also offer your guests the quote image so that they can freely share it with their audiences. Create a tweetable link on your website so it gets shared even more, and you create a snowball effect for marketing your podcast.


Using Twitter for podcast promotion is underrated. But, using Facebook and other platforms for advertising is overcrowded. A few reports state that Facebook is out of inventory, leading to price increases.

Amidst all this haze, Twitter stands out as a reliable promotion platform used by high-net-worth individuals. This makes Twitter a great place for getting your message out to the right people if you leverage it correctly.

A Twitter account lets you target your message to a huge user base of over 145 million active users every day. Using Twitter to promote your podcast should be part of your marketing strategy if your Avatar spends significant time on this platform.

Content Creation Ideas for Twitter

@ Handle

If you are tweeting about the podcast episode, be sure to include the name of the podcaster, their #handle. Twitter normally sends an email to a person when their handle is mentioned.

Twitter users who follow the person mentioned will see this tweet in their feeds. Tweets that contain someone’s name have a greater chance of being re-Tweeted, exposing your podcast to a new group of potential listeners.

Do not assume your guest’s first and last name will be the same as their first initial. Verify each handle you use because they may differ unexpectedly.

Post Snippet

As for every social media platform on the list, Twitter is also a great place to share the snippets of your latest and previous episodes for engaging your audience and evoking their interest in your brand.

Brand Identity

Your Twitter account must reflect your brand identity if you want Twitter to work for you. In just a few seconds, users should be able to tell who you are and what kind of podcast you host. Make sure you incorporate all the vital details, especially add your own flair and some personality to make your essay stand out.

To get it right, you’ll need to summarize everything in no more than 160 characters. The link to your podcast should be easy to find, and that could definitely be in your bio. If you want to maximize the characters in your bio, you can also include it in your pinned tweet. Last but not least, let your followers listen to your podcast through your Twitter feed. This way, you can drive your followers from your Twitter handle to your podcast!


In order to achieve long-term success with a podcast, a podcast must have high-quality, valuable content and great sound quality. The third factor in making your podcast thrive is knowing how to market it to grow your listener base.

Formulating a social media marketing strategy that actually works can be accomplished by understanding the platforms at your disposal, as well as knowing and utilizing the platforms your target audience uses. Make the most of social media marketing by researching the available choices and researching which platforms appeal most to your target audience.

The right social media marketing strategy and some diligent work will soon pay off in the form of more subscribers and higher downloads!

We Can Help!

No podcast shots up 5,000 downloads in the very first episode. Building a podcast from scratch takes time. The path to a successful podcast lies in not just only creating top-notch content but also marketing so it reaches the targeted audience. But isn’t all of this a bit complicated?

With over a decade of experience in the podcasting business, the SayWHA Radio team has helped numerous successful podcasts simplify this journey. Whether you are a fresh podcaster or a podcaster struggling to win listeners, our team of podcast experts can help you in every section, from creating, publishing to promoting your show.

Contact us, and together, let’s make your podcast less ordinary!

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