Top 4 Podcast Hostings In 2021

So you have bought all the necessary equipment from podcast microphones to the best editing softwares, and have completed recording and now you are all set to post your first episode. Now what? Well if you want to stand at the top you have to make your podcast discoverable and there is no easy way of doing it, but a good hosting platform can help you skyrocket your listening audience. But first, what is podcast hosting?

What is Podcast Hosting?

Once you have finished recording and editing your audio content, it needs to be posted online in a way that people can access it, and this is where podcast hosting makes an entry. In the simplest words, it is your podcast’s home. The finalized files when posted have to be stored somewhere, and the hosting platform is that place.

Once your audio file reaches the hosting platform, it creates an RSS feed, which is a signal to the directories informing them about the new content. People can have access to these listing directories through Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc will be able to listen to your audio file.

But which podcast hosting platform should you use?

We understand that nailing down the best podcast hosting platform from thousands of options out in the market is not easy. So, here we have compiled the top 4 podcast hosting sites to host your audio files in 2021.

So, let’s begin:


Launched in 2009, Buzzsprout has become the top audio file hosting platform, especially for podcasts. Today more than 100K podcasters host their content on this site. The platform focuses on providing a seamless podcast hosting experience to beginners as well as expert podcasters.

Buzzsprout Pricing

  • Free: 2 hours of audio file per month, but the content will be deleted after 90days
  • $12/hour:  3 hours of audio file every month, further you can more content by paying $4 for each hour. Allows unlimited bandwidth.
  • $18/hour: 6 hours of audio file per month, you can add more by paying $3 per hour of content
  • $24/hour: 12 hours of audio file per month, further you have to pay $2 for every additional hour.

Perks of Buzzsprout 

  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Straight-forward pricing, no extra charges
  • Distributes the content to all the major directories including Spotify,  Google Podcasts, iTunes, etc
  • Numerous advanced features like audio transcription service ($.01/minute), etc
  • Audio optimization is automatic.

Potential Drawbacks

  • The free plan will delete all your content after 90-days
  • There is a limit of bandwidth with the cap at 259 GB/month
  • Limited downloads available


SoundCloud Pricing

  • Basic: FREE allows uploading 3 hours of audio content with basic embedding and statistic options.
  • Repost: $30/year publishes your work on streaming services
  • Pro: $90/year limit-less uploads, the statistic of advanced listeners insight along with monetizing option

Perks of SoundCloud 

  • SoundCloud has a really good player coupled with easy editing tools
  • Openness to social media platforms is offered by the platform which can help you skyrocket your podcast’s online presence
  • The listener insight feature of SoundCloud is just awesome especially in the advanced plans

Potential Drawbacks

  • There is no monthly plan available, you have to commit for a year to this platform if you want to use its advanced services
  • The free plan has only 3 hours hosting limit for a single account which way less than what most of the other hosting platforms offer.


With a long list of famous alumni like Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, The Joe Rogan Experience, etc, Libsyn is another famous hosting platform used by thousands of podcasters all around the world. The platform uses multiple directories to host your published audio file including Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, WordPress, etc. Along with dozens of distribution opportunities, more than any other hosting site offers to date, the platforms also provide you a stand-alone feed option in Pandora, Spotify, etc.

Libsyn Pricing

  • Libsyn Classic 50: $5/month (Storage Limit: 50MB)
  • Libsyn Classic 250: $15/month (Storage Limit: 250MB)
  • Libsyn Advanced 400: $20/month (Storage Limit: 400MB)
  • Libsyn Advanced 800: $40/month (Storage Limit: 800MB)
  • Libsyn Advanced 1500: $75/month (Storage Limit: near unlimited)
  • Libsyn Advanced 3000: $150/month (Storage Limit: 1500MB)

Perks of Libsyn

  • Trustworthy as it homes many famous podcasts
  • You will have an unlimited audience for your podcast, the limit is just on the storage according to the plan.
  • There are many excellent features on this hosting platform, but most of them are only available for advanced versions.

Potential Drawback

  • A bit outdated design
  • There is no free plan available, unlike most of the hosting platforms
  • Even in the premium plan, you will have to pay extra if you want to use your domain.


With unlimited bandwidth and download, and a hosting facility available on CND (Content Delivery Network) on more than 35 servers globally, ID3 tagging, and huge podcast directories, Blubrry is one of the crowned king of the podcasting hosting world. Podcasters with WordPress experience will find hosting immensely simple on this platform. As one of the top hosters, Blubrry offers its users multiple interesting features including advanced statistics, no-fault hosting, and much more.

Blubrry Pricing

  • Small: $12/month (Storage limit: 100MB)
  • Medium: $20/month (Storage limit: 250MB)
  • Large: $40/month (Storage limit: 500MB)
  • Extra Large: $80/month (Storage limit: 1000MB)

Perks of Blubrry 

  • All the plans offer premium statistics with unlimited bandwidth
  • You will get a 25% allowance offering you extra storage over the monthly limit
  • Blubrry replaces the old content with a new one by itself
  • With every plan, you will receive Free PowerPress Site access

Potential Drawback

  • The platform can be a little bit tricky for non-WordPress users
  • Statistics at times can get too overwhelming
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