Traditional Japanese Handicrafts Meets Pokémon Seems Like A Great Idea

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Earlier today, a 48-second, live-action clip appeared on Pokémon’s official Japanese YouTube channel.

The clip’s description points out that the theme of the new project, which is being prepped, is “Pokémon x Nature x Adventure.” It also added that more details will be revealed in the near future.

Have a look below, and be sure to turn on the sound, because the music is quite nice:

Besides metalworking, the clip shows rice straw and leaves being used to make handicrafts. At the end of the clip, there’s a handmade Metapod (see above), which looks excellent.

The current guess is that artisans are making Pocket Monsters using traditional-style crafts. If so, that sounds great! If that’s not what is being teased, that’s a shame, because it’s a terrific idea.

I do imagine, though, that such crafts could be expensive and, due to the expertise and time required, could be produced only in low numbers.

There is a precedent for mixing Pokémon and traditional Japanese craft: Back in 2016, Pocket Monster prints made from hand-carved wooden blocks went on sale at the Pokémon Center’s online shop in Japan for around $450 a piece. More of this, please!

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