Trump likes that coronavirus has Americans staying home and ‘spending their money in the United States’

2020-03-05 21:58:22

President Trump is sure that people think the government is doing “a very good job” handling the coronavirus outbreak, and while no one knows how it started, “it’s gonna all work out.”

Trump was asked about the coronavirus during a Fox News Town Hall Thursday evening in Scranton, Pennsylvania. There have been 12 coronavirus deaths in the United States, and Trump said it’s important for people to “be calm” and also think about not shaking hands with others. “If there was ever a time you could convince people not to shake hands, this could be it,” he declared.

Because Americans are worried about being exposed to the coronavirus in hot spots like China and Italy, they are “now staying in the United States, spending their money in the United States, and I like that,” Trump said. “You know, I’ve been after that for a long time. I’ve been saying, ‘Let’s stay in the U.S., spend your money here.’ It’s sort of enforced doing that.”

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