Trump Suggests CNN’s President Will Resign. CNN Replies ‘LOL.’

2019-10-15 21:43:19

President Donald Trump is spreading a rumor that CNN chief Jeff Zucker is about to resign, but CNN’s communications team didn’t seem to be taking it too seriously.

Trump tweeted Tuesday that he’d heard Zucker would be resigning “now that we have found out that @CNN is a virtual fraud”:

The president’s claim comes after CNN was targeted by right-wing nonprofit group Project Veritas this week. The group released hidden-camera recordings of Zucker telling news staffers to focus coverage on impeachment proceedings. The group claims the footage exposes bias at the network. Past claims by the group against other media have been discredited.

Trump and Zucker have had an ongoing feud throughout Trump’s presidency, with Trump regularly attacking the network for perceived bias against him. 

CNN’s global vice president of communications, Matt Dornic, seemed to find Trump’s tweet rather laughable, replying with a short and sweet “lol.”

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