Twitter users, including Meghan McCain, critique Tom Steyer’s tie during Democratic debate

2019-10-15 20:39:11

Businessman Tom Steyer made his first appearance during the Democratic debates and immediately drew attention from the moderators and Twitter users for his wealth and attire.

Steyer, whose wealth Forbes estimates at $1.6 billion, made the case for progressive policy positions like a wealth tax to address income inequality. 

“I was one of the first candidates on this stage to propose a wealth tax,” he noted. 

Sharp-eyed Twitter users noticed Steyer’s choice of apparel – a plaid red tie – and that it appeared very similar to his other ties. 

As the Washington Post reported in 2013, Steyer “dons Scottish ties every day — although not those bearing the tartan of his own clan, Murray, because he said it was too ugly.”

Some people liked the tie. 

Others did not seem to be a fan of the plaid. 

“As someone who owns more than 200 ties, I speak from a place of authority when I say: Tom Steyer’s tie game sucks,” wrote journalist Matt Laslo.  

“Tom Steyer is wearing a plaid tie, and there are limits to what we can accept in a president,” said professor Tom Nichols. 

Meghan McCain was not pleased. 

Another Twitter user created a “Tom Steyer’s tie” account. 

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Democratic debate: Twitter users critique Tom Steyer’s tie

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