Twitter Users Love Joy Behar’s Reaction To Meghan McCain Leaving ‘The View’

2021-07-01 22:14:51

The televised rows between Joy Behar and Meghan McCain will soon be no more.

McCain announced Thursday on “The View” that she was leaving the daytime talk show after nearly four years as the conservative voice on the panel of women. McCain said she wanted to remain in Washington, D.C., after moving there at the start of the pandemic when she was pregnant with her daughter Liberty. “The View” shoots in New York City.

Though McCain’s tenure on the program was marked by routine on-air spats with her more liberal co-hosts, she praised her colleagues and said she’d had an amazing experience working with them.

McCain’s opinions often led to heated disagreements with her colleagues that were rumored to translate at times into tension behind the scenes. The testy exchanges on air, particularly those with Behar and moderator Whoopi Goldberg, often ended up going viral on social media.

So when McCain announced her imminent departure Thursday, drama-loving viewers looked to Behar. 

“And I will still be here another month,” McCain joked at the end of her announcement. “So if you guys want to fight a little more, we have four more weeks.”

Though Twitter users chuckled over Behar’s bemused facial expression after McCain’s message, she ultimately told McCain she had been a “formidable opponent.”

“You and I have had our disagreements, we’ve had our fights. We’ve also had some drinking moments, which were rather fun and interesting,” Behar said, after the three other women had responded to McCain.

She added that she and McCain shared common ground in that they both stuck by their points of view despite frequent blowback.

“You have done that brilliantly for four years,” she said. “I hope that you can say that I did the same thing.”

Watch the full video and see some of the other reaction below.

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