Twitter’s epic sex, drugs, and Florida trip is a movie

Remember that time a bit more than five years ago when the internet went wild for a 148-tweet thread from “Zola“? It was then-20-year-old Aziah Wells’ firsthand account of her dizzying trip to Florida, starting with a plan hatched by a co-worker to make big money dancing at strip clubs.

Now Zola is a movie, and Mashable’s Angie Han says it’s a damn good one thanks in large part to stars Taylour Paige and Riley Keough. The dark comedy-drama-what-do-you-really call-it premiered at Sundance in early 2020 before the whole world shut down, and now its time has finally come. 

This new trailer lays out the roller coaster to come, with Zola set to hit theaters (and theaters alone, seemingly) this summer.

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