So what the hell does unfuckwithable mean? In this episode, Jenny and Jai will be discussing how you can reach your full potential and truly stand behind who you are as a person. You will learn how to become your ultimate self, what it means to truly show up for yourself as well as how to believe in yourself so strongly that nothing can break you.

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Jenny: Wiki wiki wiki. I don’t know. It sounded better in my head.

Jai: I don’t even know why I try. Yo, what up?

Jenny: Welcome to the holistic Wiki, Wiki, Wiki. Jenny.

Jai: I’m so confused.

Jenny: Hello, confused. Do you have another name? You go by. He’s Jai and we are today talking about what the hell does unfuckwithable mean?

Jai: We had a definition and everything that’s going on a t-shirt that our designer hasn’t got it to us yet. But what does it mean? The generic version basically means you’re so comfortable, like in who you are stuff that would usually rattle, you or upset you doesn’t. Hi, and we’re not just talking about going to work or whatever, but every situation, if you have kids, your kids are crazy. So it’s like, fuck it. Right? Your health is on par. I’m not going to say things don’t affect you, but you catch yourself when people are things or even you start to like pull those triggers.

You catch yourself. And you’re like, . That’s what I used to do. This is happening, you know, when you start to question your confidence, when you used to worry about stepping into a situation. Nah, I don’t, I don’t know. Like unfuckwithable means you stand in that shit. Right? I guess like, yo, I’m here wherever here is.

And like you just, you just step into that when you’re unfuckwithable people are like, Oh, what, what are you doing? Like, are you working out more or are you, are you eating clean? And it’s just like, no, you just. You’re vibing on a whole different level and frequency.

Jenny: It’s exactly right. Because it’s like all, it’s all of the little things all the way up to the big things, but I love the way..

Jai: or all the little things that make up the big thing…yes.

Jenny: A different way of, I wasn’t thinking that I was just saying. Yeah, well, I mean, I’m just thinking like even little scenarios and situations, like I just was talking to somebody this morning about this is. They were having a tough time deciding what to do with the relationship. So they were, you know, doing some volleyball practice stuff and things were getting kind of.

Interesting in the relationship where they felt like there was maybe some jealousy or some like bad Juju or like, they were like, I just feel like this person’s like projecting things onto me. I feel like it’s time to move on, but I feel bad because you know, and then all the reasons why. Right. And of course, you know, when you have decisions to make, when you feel things, it’s time to shift.

That’s part of the process, but really, you know, it’s like when you, when you make a decision, It’s standing in that decision through and through. And that is a version of being unfuckwithable because I just go back to when I had decided I didn’t want to have kids. Right. And when I first was like telling people about it, what would then be reflected back to me in their questions was like, Oh my God, I can’t believe why not.

You’re definitely gonna want them someday. Right. You’re going to change your mind. Yeah. Like there was hundred times. Yes. There was so much of that. And I was like, My God, like, why is everybody like trying to do this or whatever? And I realized when I look back on it, that it wasn’t until I was like a hundred percent sound in my decision.

And it was like, I was unwavering to where, when I would tell people if they did ask questions like that, I was like, yeah, whatever. And honestly, too, I got less questions like that because the universe mirrors back to us who we are. Like in our current zone. So it was almost like that was the university mirroring back all those questions.

And then even those questions would kind of come in and I would be like, Oh my God. And I’d be like triggered or whatever. Like just leave me or even to have me question and doubt my decision. Right. Wow. Am I making the wrong decision? Right. Wait, am I thinking about it? Right. So that’s like an example, just one small example of everything that goes into it.

Do you have any examples where you feel like recently or in the past that you have like embraced what it is to be Unfuckwithable?

Jai: The only thing that’s coming to mind was when I was auditioning for this. Boot camp company you would like would be invited out to this presentation on how this thing worked.

And then there would be a chance where, you know, they would have auditions, like after every presentation. Right. And I was just, it was just interesting to see like the people who were there because usually they would set out to recruit like personal trainers, you know, and personal trainers usually work with like, one-on-one.

And, you know, it’s usually, uh, uh, a shift going from, one-on-one working with like 5, 10, 15, 20 people once. Right. But I’ve was thrown in different situations that like prepared me for that, you know, it’s like, okay, what are the ones I just seen? You can audition on the day or if you’re willing. Interesting.

No, you can come back later. Right. I was like, Oh fuck. That. I’ll just in a day, whatever. Right. And two examples, same, same company. But anyway, you know, the audition was like, boom, I just, I stepped into it. Like I did my thing here. It was awesome. It was amazing. No, no, you’re amazing little ego boost there. So then after that you get moved on, it’s kind of like a selection process.

So then you go do the big thing, the Academy, then you have to. Do this in front of like the, what would you call them? Uh, the, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Those people how to do this in front of them. Right. So it’s grander level and I was sick. I was sick as a dog. I was running a fever, had some kind of infection.

It was crazy, but like, here’s the thing like this, this thing was so intense that if you left. You would have to restart the whole process over this whole internship process, which means you had to go to 10 different trainings and you have to get the paper signed off. It’s very, very in-depth. So if you left, you know what I’m saying?

Everything you did up until then was like Nolan void. You have to like, stop. I was like, fuck that I’m not doing all this shit over here because there were only like two or three camps at that time in my area. And they were at like crazy times I wanted like 4:30, five o’clock in the morning, something insane.

Right? So I was like, fuck it. So I was sitting over in the corner, you know, I had my whole, my hood put up and I’m pretty sure people thought I was being antisocial or whatever, but I was like, people were saying stuff and it sounded like the lady, Charlie Brown, muah muah muah

right. And, but like, I’m so confident in my wellness background. Like I didn’t even didn’t work. Like you could pretty much throw me in any kind of situation. And I was like, Um, I’m good. I’m good. So it was my turn or whatever, and it’s just like switched on. It’s like Clark Kent stepping into the phone booth.

What I’m saying, take off the glasses, loosen up the top. I stepped side of the booth. Superman’s a lot. That’s what it was like. Did my thing. Everybody was God, I had to do one over from the other side of the field. He was like, yo, yo, yo, that was amazing, dude. He was like, well, you know, if you can become a trainer, like now when I become a trainer, so this was that same guy.

And then like, after I was done, I literally damn near passed out on the, on the ground. Right. Whatever. It is chick ran off. She was like, wait a minute. Where’d she the guy sitting over in the corner with your hood on, like, who are you? So like, I think that’s, that’s a perfect example. Like no matter what’s going on, when it’s time for you to, to show up, you show up, that’s what you do.

And that’s just a part of being unfuckwithable like, yeah, yeah, no, that.

Jenny: As you’re listening, you can think about your life. And you can think about that time in your life. Like what Jai shared that story, that resin, you know, like that version of that story for you, or even thinking about what’s coming up soon in your life, you know, or even just thinking about you as a person and think about over the past year, six months, three months, and think about all of the things that have triggered you, upset you, frustrated you stopped you in your tracks, kept you from.

Being or becoming like that best version of you that you deserve to be, that you already are. And all of that, like all of that is the work is the journey of becoming unfuckwithable. But also too, I would venture to say that you may hit a point where you feel unfuckwithable, but you’re always going to have like different tests and challenges and things along your way.

And there’s always going to be another level, another, another way for you to go deeper in this process, because part of becoming unfuckwithable is digging up that old shit, digging up like those old behaviors. There’s old habits, the old. Programming, the old things, you know, digging up the old pains, like, and not to relive them, but to say bye-bye and let them go and replace them with more empowering behaviors.

Jai: Think about where you are right now, like in your career, um, being an overachiever, you know, how many times did you feel you had to show, improve yourself? You know, like. Not because you were confident, but you felt like, Oh, I have to show them. You know what I’m saying? Like, that’s not a level of, in my opinion of being unfuckwithable because you feel like you have to prove something like when you’re unfuckwithable you don’t have to prove anything.

Like you step in, you step in the room and people know. Yeah. Like there’s no, there’s no questions. As in like, you don’t have to show them, prove anything because like your reputation, your, uh, Reputation precedes you.

Jenny: but when you’re newer and your reputation, I still think that’s great because then you can just embody that and step into it, you know, instead of being like, yeah, but I have to prove it’s like, you know, one thing that we’ve been talking about a lot in our coaching program is this idea of, or this truth really of.

You know, the words that you say and where your goal is. And Jai, you’re going to jump in on this very soon. So I’m giving you a heads up. He’s taught me over the past four months, then I have to give him a heads up when he’s going to speak soon. So no, they don’t. They’re really great. So anyways, so this idea of, you know, the words that you use relative to the goal that you are achieving and where is that fiving on or that you want to achieve and where’s that vibing on?

So give the example that we were just talking about. As it relates to like the thoughts as it relates to like weight gain or if you want to apply it to what you were just saying.

Jai: That is an awesome segue, by the way. Kudos. And I will go ahead and use the weight loss example because I would have to stop and think about another example that we say with other things.

And I’ve talked about that with like five times already, so yeah. And it’s like when you make the decision, I don’t want even to say, make the decision, but you know, when you’re, you’re going through. The external motion. If you will, of wanting to lose weight, I want to lose weight because my clothes aren’t fitting.

I don’t like the way that I look, you know, insert whatever thing. So you’re. Mine goes to, Oh, well we have to work out five to seven times a week. You know, we have to stop drinking. We have to stop eating X, Y, and Z. You know, it’s, it’s like, I, I can’t do this anymore. I no longer can do this. And it’s like, because you’re focused on, on losing the weight, you know?

Like losing weight is the goal. So your you’re vibing you’re tuned into a certain frequency. So the frequency is losing weight, right? And focused on losing weight, losing weight, losing weight, losing weight. That’s the end goal. Your frequency is I can’t eat certain things. I have to stop drinking. I need to work out X amount of times for X amount of hours or whatever.

Right. But. When you’re vibing on a higher level, you know what I’m saying? When you’re, you’re, you’re tuned into a whole different frequency. It’s no longer about losing weight. It’s about, I want to feel better. I want to move. I want to move better than I, I do. Like, I’m tired of not being up. Go to my, my, the second story of my house without being like winded.

You know, I don’t like that feeling. So there’s, instead of this external connection to this thing, it’s more of an end-centric type of motivation. It’s like, okay, I want to be able to get up, walk to wherever without my joints hurting. Right. Then it’s like, okay. How do I do this? So therefore, you’re, you start to vibe on a, on a, on another level, on a higher frequency, which means you have to make a mindset shift and a mindset change, you know, because it’s no longer yeah.

You can still work from, Oh, I can’t do this. I can’t do that or whatever, but it’s still, it’s, it’s, it’s kinda like you being an on the ground. And you have a friend living on the 10th floor of a building, and you’re trying to yell up to your friend, you’re trying to communicate. And he, or she’s trying to yell down to you and you guys are missing the mark because you’re not on the same level.

You know what I’m saying is that there’s a disconnect. So when you go from, I want to feel a different way and then that goes from, okay. So I’d notice if I eat past a certain amount of time. Like eight, nine o’clock or whatever. Then I go to sleep. I wake up cranky. I feel a certain way. You know, I’ve noticed that when I drink, I’m sluggish or whatever, so you start to make different changes and it’s like, it’s not that I can’t, or I no longer can.

It’s like, I don’t want to, because this doesn’t make me feel good in my body. So even with that is a, is a shift is a Headspace shift because it goes from depriving yourself. That thing, you know, we always feel we need to do, Oh, weight loss. I can’t have candy. I can’t drink alcohol. And it moves from those things.

Don’t make me feel good anyway. So it’s not that I can can’t have them. I don’t want them because I want to feel better. So then you’ve, you’ve gone. You’ve raised your vibration, your frequency from, I can’t have these things to these things no longer serve me. So when you’re like these things no longer serve me.

You’re now you’ve gotten, gotten on the elevator to get to the 10th floor. So now you and your friends are having a conversation. These things no longer serve me. So therefore I’m feeling better in my body. And when that happens, it’s like, boom. And then guess what? The whole losing weight is just a by-product when you start doing those things, you’re not focused on it, but it’s an added bonus.

Jenny: It’s like the cherry on top, which is fucking amazing. Yeah. And I, and I love cause this is, this is a perfect example of the four quadrants that we take all of our clients through that we help coach all of our clients through that we teach. And the four quadrants are self-awareness. Which we just talked about it right there.

It’s like becoming aware of the word you were saying, the frequency that they’re on and how can you level up, how can you bring all of that to the next level to become even more unfuckwithable right. Because that’s like exactly what we’re talking about this episode. And then you have the raw mindset, which is ready, able, willing, you have to be ready to make the change, able to make the change and willing to make the change.

Right. And even that, that whole process. You know, like, well, it’s a process, but also to like, think about this, this is just kind of like when you, when you’re unfuckwithable and you were embodying that frequency of unfuckwithability, the raw mindset can come quicker when you’re ready, able, and willing, because you’re like, this is what I want, I’m going for it because you’re vibing at that higher frequency.

So you’ll spend less time in the lower vibes. Complaining about it, pulling away from it. And it’s okay because sometimes we’re not sometimes all the time or human, and sometimes I said it backwards all the time. We’re human. And sometimes we just, you know.

Jai: I’ll take it a step further. I’ll actually tie it into, um, owning your own business and being an entrepreneur.

Like when, depending on, if you’re stepping away from your, your corporate plantation, you plan to get off the corporate plantation. And it’s like, it’s scary thing. So it’s like, Oh Ooh, this job paid my bills. Kind of like that safety net, right. Then you go from that to like starting your own company. So of course your initial thought might be, I need to make money.

I have to make money. You know what I’m saying? Like this thing needs to too, I gotta stay, stay afloat. Which, and we’ll probably get into a whole different thing cause we could go in depth on this, but it’s tying into a scarcity mindset. You know, it’s like, I need to make money. Then yours spending money on quote unquote, how these best strategies, you know what I’m saying?

The best practices, the, this is what you need to do for your Instagram, your Facebook, your, your Tik TOK, like all these things. Like this is what the experts do instead of. Like Tony into why you were saying you’re doing what you’re doing and, and, and being grateful for the little opportunities. Like how long did we resist?

Cause we did. How long did we resist someone? Just saying, Hey, you guys need to get on clubhouse. You guys need to bounce the newsrooms. You guys need to do this. You’re like, I don’t know, but you know what? We got to got to do these other busy things. Right. And then when we were like, you know what. Well, I can only speak for me when I was like, I, I believe the money’s going to come.

I really want to transform people’s lives. I truly believe what we’re doing can and will do that. And then like that just started opening up other doors of meeting people who want to work, people who want to connect and even like visualizing the type of team that we want. Because last year we wore all the hats.

We were doin all the things and saying, you know what? I want someone. Who can, uh, do the copy for us because that’s their area of genius. Like we don’t really have to tell them, they know us enough to be like, boom, here you go. And we’re like, Oh my God, it’s fucking awesome. Someone who loves the social media aspects and they look at our stuff and be like, yo, I got you.

And we look at our social media and it’s like, Oh wow, that’s totally what I would have posted. Right. Which leaves us the ability in the creative space to do what we do best. Creating these things, creating these vehicles for people like you to thrive. And then when you do that opportunities, will you going back to the four quadrants, you start to become self-aware of these opportunities that present themselves that allow you to be like, Holy shit.

Like, wow, shit is moving. Like we don’t even have to do really much anything. And being in flow. Exactly. Yeah. We’ll, I’m pretty sure we’ll go deep one out and then another show, but it’s like switching, tuning in tuning in to that different, that different frequency instead of saying, Oh, Oh, I can’t, I can’t.

Oh, I need, I need, I need. And going back to why you started your business in the first place is zero in like if money was no object because grand scheme of things, guys, I understand which some of you may or may not say it, but yes, money, isn’t an object. We can spend it, we can receive it as quickly as we do it.

So if we let go of that attachment our personal attachment to money and we focus on why we decided to create our businesses, why we create these products, why we do these things, and I’m not talking about to get money. Yes, that’s, that’s there, but why, what kind of change do you want to see in the world?

And will you start zeroing in on that? She starts showing up different.

Jenny: Yeah. And just kind of close the circle on the four quadrants. The other two are health and wellness and fun and adventure. And the thing is, is you ebb and flow in and out of all four of them, but becoming unfuckwithable in your life, in your business and in your everything, it’s lighting up all four of those quadrants.

So that you’re just kinda like we were just talking about here. You’re just flowing and you can easily and effortlessly move in and out. And between all of them, right. From a place of owning your shit, right. Owning who you are stepping into that power and being less likely to be thrown off your track and knowing, and having the tools to be able to.

So if something does happen and something does throw you off. Because there will be things that will throw you off. There’s going to be disappointments upsets, like, right. But also to like understanding how to react to them, how to, you know, how to, like, you always have the choice in how you, how to react and how to respond.

And I mean, like all of that, you know, it could be. Uh, tough business conversations, tough conversations with family. I mean, there’s so many different avenues for this, right? And this is exactly what we’re going to really be unpacking. Like all of this, this is what we’re going to be going into this entire season about different aspects of being unfuckwithable and you know, different concepts and ideas to help shift your mindset, to shift your perspective on how you look at things, because our goal and Jai’s gonna like.

Yeah, jump in for sure. And let me know his is a little different, but I feel like our goal, my goal here, there you go. My goal slash our goal probably is to he’s like, wait it’s to really just like he said, to help transform and touch as many lives as possible, but also for us to be that source of inspiration for you in your life, because what’s going to happen is you’re going to hop on these podcasts and you are going to love the way that we think about life, the way that we help you think bigger and help expand you.

And you’re going to feel drawn to that. And the thing is, is when you’re going through a transformation, especially when you have that raw mindset, you’re ready, able, and willing. To have the coaches that vibe with you to have the mentors, that vibe with you to have the support that fives with you that can help you to level up at a much faster pace.

That’s really directed and focused towards to help you get to your goals and, you know, collapse that timeline, right. That really is what it’s all about. So, you know, we’re on this podcast, you know, we’re just having a good time. We’re here at a cafe. We’re having a good time. We’re sitting here talking, but we’re also.

Really just giving you models of possibility, helping you make those fast changes in your life, helping you make the long changes in your life, helping you shift your mindset and love, love. That’s what this whole thing is about. So no matter what, if you have like a little voice inside of you, that is like, I love Jenny and Jai.

I would love to meet them. I’ll just tell you this right now. I would reach out because very soon in the very near future, we are going to be. Harder to connect with because we’re going to have all kinds of people connecting with us at all different levels. And so just like anybody else who’s in business, right?

Like, as they, like, for example, if you want to reach out to Elon Musk, are you going to get them? Probably not. Probably not. Right. Or obviously you can always manifest that, but he has multiple businesses. He has multiple people that he’s got to work with. He’s got, you know, he’s got a lot of things he’s going on.

And doing. And so right now, I mean, if you’re like, Hey, I want to work with them right now. Like now’s the time. Now’s the time because we are, we are ready, able, and willing to tech connect to you and just talk to you and see how we can help you. I agree. I know it. I know it would be our intention. All right guys.

Anything else you want to say about becoming unfuckwithable before we sail off into the sunset?

Jai: It’s a process. It’s a journey. It is a journey. And especially when you’re used to traveling figuratively a certain way, you know what I’m saying? Like you’re used to go, go, go, go going. And like, this is the only way to get there.

And there’s multiple paths. And being an aide type, you know, sometime w a lot of times you need that grounding energy. You need to understand that you don’t have to put everything on your shoulders. It’s okay to ask for help. And your way may not be the best way and everything that you want. Everything that.

If everything is available to you, can you be a bad-ass boss and having an amazing family and relationship? Yes. All these things are possible. All these things are possible and we’re going to show you how to do it. Yes, yes, yes.

Jenny: And yes, there was a way to drop a mic on a podcast. Yeah, no, I’m not dropping.

I’m not, but like, Ooh.

No, it wasn’t. It was Mic. I swear it was Mic anyways. So hit us up on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram at the number two, underscore the letter J holla, H O L L A follow us on there. Shoot us a message. We also have opened up our calendar to give gift. I like that better to gift. Let’s say how many people, how many people would you want to gift?

A wellness breakthrough call too. I don’t know. Five 10. How generous are you feeling? Whatever five. Let’s do 10. He just, he just winked at me. He said, let’s do 10. So we’ll do, we will gift 10 wellness breakthrough calls. We usually charge $97 for this call. It’s an, it’s a coaching call. And really, I mean, gosh, we could call them the unfuckwithability call.

We could call, call it, whatever, but basically that what we’re going to do, we’re probably going to change the name. I know, right. As soon as I said it, I was like, we’re going to change it. Cause it’s gonna be so much cooler. But basically what we’re going to do is we’re going to listen to what’s going on in your life.

Help you to get more clarity from point a to point B. Okay. We’re going to hear what’s going on. Help me get more clarity and then shit. I want you to walk away on fuck winnable, breakthrough. I don’t know. I’m really hoping you guys are digging the ambient atmosphere cause I’m digging this. I think this is cool.

All right guys. So glad to be back, make sure you share this podcast with your friends, invite some friends to be on this unfuckwithable journey with you. And then until next time, yo holla.


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