Vilo’s three-router mesh Wi-Fi system covers your home for just $59

Vilo is a new mesh Wi-Fi company that promises a three-device system that covers up to 4,500 square feet for just $59. That’s much more affordable than the mesh Wi-Fi systems offered by more established brands like Eero, whose comparable system costs $199 for a three-pack. Vilo is also selling a single standalone router for $19, compared to $79 with Eero.

As you might expect, Vilo’s affordable pricing means you’re not getting top-of-the-line specs. There’s no Wi-Fi 6 here, so it’s not ready for the next-generation standard, and it’s also dual-band rather than tri-band, meaning it lacks the extra 5GHz band that other systems use to provide better communication between their routers and satellites. Each base station has three gigabit-Ethernet ports for wired devices, and there’s an app to enable features like guest networks and automatic alerts when unrecognized devices attempt to connect to the network.

Each router has three ethernet sockets for wired connectivity.
Image: Vilo

The company’s positioning is similar to Wyze, which has grown its brand by offering internet-connected security cameras at more affordable prices than established brands like Ring and Nest. The functionality of Wyze’s cameras often isn’t as slick as its more expensive competitors, but they’re an okay option if you’re working with a tight budget.

Vilo’s promise of up to 4,500 square feet of coverage is just a fraction smaller than the 5,000 square feet promised by Eero’s $199 system, but Vilo also says its system can handle up to 120 connected devices, while Eero claims a more modest “50+.” Vilo also claims a hefty maximum speed of 1.2Gbps, versus 350Mbps from Eero.

But theoretical performance often falls short in real-world usage. We also have questions about Vilo’s privacy policy, which notes that it “may include advertisements” in its services. When asked, a spokesperson for the company said the clause is to allow Vilo to run ads for its own products in its app or website, and said the company will never sell its user data to third-parties.

Potential drawbacks aside, $59 is remarkably cheap for a three-device mesh Wi-Fi system. It could make Vilo a tempting alternative for anyone building out a home network on a budget. Vilo’s mesh Wi-Fi system is available direct from its website.

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