Are you searching for more adventure and excitement in your life? If there is one thing this year has taught us, it’s that things don’t always turn out the way you may have hoped or planned. In this episode, Jenny and Jai discuss why their life vision is always evolving and why there is no better time than the present to start living the life you want.

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Ready to take back control of your healthy living?

Ready to take back control of your healthy living?

*Intro Music*

Jenny: Yo, welcome to The Hollastic Life show. I’m Jenny.

Jai: I’m so confused.

Jenny: He’s Jai and we’re here and the fluster cluck of 2020. Ready to deliver you some inspiration. Laughs and fun. To help you to a better life and reach all your goals. Okay. Don’t turn it off. Like, literally we are way cooler than that.

Listen. So we were, we were, we were, we were supposed to be in Oregon this week and then, so we came the East coast of Florida and we’re over here, live in life, live in the dream. What does that mean? Right. Like we’re out here exploring, we’ve got our paddleboards. We’ve got our bikes. We are out here living life and enjoying it, honestly.

It’s great. And what I find interesting, and this is something for me that has been the case. What I feel like my whole life is I always have done cool shit. I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve experienced a lot. I’ve seen a lot and people are like, Oh my God, you’re so lucky. How do you do all that? I wish I was as lucky as you, Oh my God.

And I mean I get it because sometimes we are unsure on how to create these fun, exciting experiences for ourself. So I get it. But the other part is I’m like, it’s not about luck like everything I’ve done in my life. Right. It’s like by design, like I have, I have decided that I wanted to do these things and I find a way to make them work.

And sometimes there’s parts there’s times in my life where like, I haven’t been able to add more fun and adventure into my life. Cause I wasn’t sure how like hello when I worked in Corporate America and worked really long days. But the thing is, is even though I was working, I mean, I say that and I’m like, that’s not true because even though I was working and I was flying all over the country, I still motherfucking found ways to have fun.

And it would drive me nuts, seeing other people, you know, like not take advantage of the opportunities and complain about work and all my God, I gotta work. And I was like, man, I’m in Colorado, I’m hiking. Right. I’m in Arizona, I’m hiking. I’m in whatever place I’m doing, whatever thing that’s going to be fun has me feeling normal.

So the idea of normal. That is coming up, especially a lot in 2020, like all the stupid mainstream media headlines of like, Oh my God, is this the new normal we’re going to try to get the new normal or whatever. But the thing is, is like life, I feel like is all about for fucking lack of better terms, like finding your new normal, because as you grow and as you level up, and as you phase into new things, your normal is always going to change.

When you meet somebody, when you get married, when you move in together, when you have kids, when you get a dog, when you switch houses, when you go to a new school, when you buy a car, whatever, like anything, we do have new job, like whatever it is should do, there’s always going to be an adjustment period to figure out like, how do we make this flow?

And so the thing is, is what do you talk about Jai, you talk about like, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. What does it, what is it? What’d you say recently?

Jai: Sounds about right, right.

Jenny: Yeah. And so it’s like, if you want more fun and adventure in your life, go fucking do it. Okay. That’s like the motivational speaker. Like you can do it cause you can, but let’s get real. There’s a couple of things that probably need to be in place, right?

Jai: Like what?

Jenny: Like what… no, I mean, it felt like, I mean, there’s always, there’s always it’s factors. Look, you can always just go do it and say, fuck it and go do it. But sometimes we feel like we have a lot of attachments to things that we aren’t willing to let go of in order to make room for new things. Here’s a metaphor or whatever, as a metaphor analogy, I guess, a metaphor or whatever it is.

Here’s a thing that can explain what I’m talking about that I used a while back and I’m using the wow. Look at your life. Life. Your life is like a cup of water. Okay. The cup, I don’t care. It could be eight, 12, 64 ounces. You can get the mega cup. It doesn’t matter. Pick a cup. And that’s your life? I’m the one 28 ounce big cup.

Cause why the fuck not? But the thing is you can only put so much water in that cup before it starts spilling out all over your hands. Right? Right. So if all the things in your life. Are the water. So your job, your priorities, your kid, your house, your spouse, whatever, like the things that you have filled your cup up with when you try to add in something new, for example, adventure.

Oh my God. I want to be like Jenny and Jai and I want to go out, stand up, paddle boarding. You’re so lucky. Oh, I want to ride bikes more. You’re so lucky. When you try to add that thing in, then what happens?

Jai: The water spills over?

Jenny: Right? Because there’s no room make it work and you’re fumbling and jumbling and you’re stressed out. And hopefully if you finally got to go ride your bike or do whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to do, you’re also feeling more at ease. But then also like the inverse effect of that is that now you are stressed out. Cause there’s other responsibilities that now are potentially falling. So the logical thing would be to pour out some of the water to make some space for new things.

But that can be tough for people because sometimes we feel like there literally are all the things that we doing are all necessary.

Jai: Hmm, that’s so true. It it’s like everything is important, but like, is it really important? And it’s like, you know, finding that leverage to, to do the things. And I think one of the big things too, is like figuring out what you really want to do, like, and trying it out and seeing how that feels and like, you know, whatever.

Jenny: Yeah, cause I mean, the thing is, is you literally, I mean, I can’t say this enough, but this is just something I believe in every single thing in my body is like, you literally can create and design anything for your life, anything, and everything is possible.

Jai: Talking about normal, real quick, something that just like literally happened.

You had an Enclave vehicle. But got rid of the Enclave for a Subaru love the Subaru. Discovered we fucking love stand up paddle boarding, but we live in an apartment. So getting a hardboard paddle board, wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do, right. So we got the inflatable joints. Perfect. We can travel with them.

Great. Right. Decided to take this little trip to the East coast of Florida. It was a tight fit and it’s like, okay, well this car was gonna, was supposed to last, you know, cause Subaru’s are supposed to last and stuff. So it’s like upgrade like normal it’s the normal we thought was normal. It’s no longer normal because we have these other variables that goes into everything.

You know, and it’s not like, like thinking about that, it’s like making what we have do, or potentially upgrading to something, you know, that might be silly. It sounds silly in the grand grand scheme of things, but that’s exactly what this is. Like, what we had is normal, but then this new thing is introduced into the slash.

So our normal is no longer normal. We have to adapt.

Jenny: It’s interesting because as you say it, it just seems so simple yet when we are in our day to day lives, sometimes actually a lot of times we overcomplicate things, right. And we overthink things we overcomplicate and we think things have to be harder than they really need to.

And they really don’t. They really don’t. And. Sometimes it can be challenging for us as humans to let go of a reality that no longer serves us. And the example that Jai brought up of the Subaru in the car and us loving stand up paddle boarding right now. Is that when we bought the car, intention was to have this car for life and it’s going to serve us.

And there’s not really a whole lot we’re doing. And that was based on the information we had right then. And sometimes we don’t know what the future has in store. We may have dreams, but things change and things shift. I mean, we, we were even talking about, man, what do we really want? Like, what do we want to experience even more of.

What do we want to create and trying on different things, because I’m not saying we’re going to do all these things, but we were like, man, we’re enjoying stand up paddleboarding. Do we maybe want to maybe camp and take our paddleboard? So we’re right there next to the spring? Or do we want to like stay in a cabin or do we want to like camp in our car now?

Will we do all those things? I don’t know. That’s not really Jai’s style. But the thing is, is like we’re trying on things that totally didn’t make sense before that we’re going. Hmm. Is this what we want to do? Does this sound fun? Is this how we want to spend our time? Is this what lights us up? Is this what makes us happy?

And for me, that’s what adventure means. And that’s why I’ve called myself a life adventurist for a while. And it’s really like, how can you find more ways to find that connection to fun and freedom and fulfillment in your life? And adventure is a term that literally has like a sliding range of meanings because some people would venture might be.

Bungee jumping off a cliff or free climbing on freaking a sheer wall face where you are, have no ropes and you could fall to your death, but that’s adventure. To be honest, even though I’m a life of venture, is that kind of shit freaks me out. That’s not the type of adventure I’m into. I like learning and watching and…

Jai: I’d definitely bungee jump off something.

Jenny: Yeah. I mean, like that’s, I don’t know, man, that kind of gets me. That gets you. I’m kind of like, Hmm.

Jai: I’d definitely do it. It’s skydiving. Yeah, I do that. Yeah.

Jenny: That would kind of freaked me out. Like my adventure is a little different, but that’s the point? Define adventure for you. I

Jai: Think the vision aspect too, is like, you, you kind of have an idea that’s where the vision is, but not being so sick, like the vision isn’t like the end all be all.

It’s kind of like a map or a blueprint, you know, it’s like, yes, this is, this is here, but there’s so many ways to get here. And sometimes the vision changes and it’s like being okay. With the vision changing, whatever the vision is.

Jenny: Yeah, it’s true because, Oh man, I’m just thinking about so many things because I get, I get excited for me.

I get really excited any time I have the opportunity to have a blank slate or to kind of like when things open up and what I mean by that is whenever like, you know, I’m in between jobs or I want a new job or I’m getting ready to like carve a new path. Like, I really like the idea of having like a blank slate and literally you have a blank slate available to you at all times.

Potentially, but like you commit to go to college for four years or you buy a house and you’ve got mortgage payments, or you have a kid, or I don’t know, there’s just certain things that kind of ground you into a situation and still you can change anything, not that you’d get rid of your kid, but you know what?

You cant change that, clarify that, but you can change, like, you know, you start for college and decide it’s not for you. Like. You can still change your situation, but there are certain things that we commit to that ground us into that experience. But when things kind of start jiggling up and kind of opening up, because I feel like a little bit right now with 2020 and the pandemic and all this stuff where there’s been a lot of heavy shit with it, and a lot of crazy things and, you know, A lot of sad things that have happened.

I feel like there’s still a lot of inspirational, exciting things that can come from these time because a lot of people are realizing a lot of things they’re realizing, wow. I really want to get outdoors more. Wow. I’m, fuck it, man. I’m going to go do that thing. I always wanted to do. Why wait, right. Or whatever, man, like just new realizations because you have the time now. I love like a good friend of ours who lives in New York man. Like he’s cool freaking person. And we love talking to him, but to be honest, we were pretty busy and he was pretty busy. Right. We have talked to him and caught even more or so timed with him in the last three weeks and he’s like, yo hop on a video to me. And I love the chats cause the random, but that would have not happened before. Definitely not like we talked, but we were talking like all the time.

Jai: It’s a whole different level…

Jenny: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s just different things are different. And in a good way. So, you know, when it comes to vision and life and whatnot, that’s why I just get excited about the blank slate.

But Hey, if a blank slate is not in your cars right now, fine, the whole thing is like, you think we’re lucky with all the things we have. How can you all the things we have and do the adventures that we go on question is how can you step into and create your own adventure. Right? If you think it’s cool that we read bikes all the time and you would love to do that, how could you ride bikes, more… rent a bike?

There are so many ways that you can do something. If you don’t have the money to buy a bike right now. Brand new whatever bike that you want, how can you rent a bike and try it out? How can you borrow a friend’s bike? How can you maybe find something on Facebook marketplace or wherever you shop? I don’t know, whatever, like a used bike or something.

Maybe you can get one for 50 bucks instead of 1500. How could you maybe find other ways to experience that?

Jai: You can definitely get an inexpensive bike opportunities are out there and then you could, you could soup it up, could trick it out piece by piece. Like it doesn’t have to be fresh off the showroom.

If you’re ready, able, and willing the opportunities will present themselves. You just gotta be self aware.

Jenny: Right? That’s going a little bit into our evolutionary blueprint process because. As you are creating next levels of your life. We have four stages that you’re going to go through. So stage one is being self-aware stage two is a raw mindset, which is ready, able, and willing to, to be ready to make that change, have to be able with your surroundings and your environment.

Be willing to make that change because sometimes we think we’re ready, but we’re not willing. Legit willing, like when you get down to it and then you can go have a ton of adventure, but if you’re huffing and puffing and you don’t have the endurance, you’re going to be like frustrated, right? Like you’re like, yeah, man, I want to hike the grand Canyon and then you start and you’re trying to come up the stairs and you’re like a fuck.

I mean, look, even if you’re in good shape, maybe the grand Canyon was the best thing, because even if you’re in really good shape, you’re still going to be huffing and puffing. But maybe the difference is you can go for 10 or 15 minutes, 20 minutes without taking a break compared to if your health and wellness, which is stage three, if your health and wellness, isn’t there improving whatever.

You’re going to go for five minutes and need a break, and it’s gonna be frustrating. Or maybe you’re trying to play soccer with your kids and you can’t even hardly run around or help. Maybe you’re trying to walk up the stairs in your house or your apartment or whatever, and you’re huffing and puffing on that.

It’s like the little things. So you can still go have adventure, but if you put the first three stages in place, then the intervention funds going to be that much more amazing because you’re going to have the mindset. You’re going to have the ability to enjoy on all levels… Jai you’re quiet. You know, this is a podcast we speak on the podcast.

Jai: Ooooh burn!

Jenny: I’m not burning you. They can’t see your eyeballs and your, and your nods, I guess, leave you on this question here. How can you make the remainder of 2020? Absolutely fantastic for you and make the most of this year because good, bad, or indifferent the days are still going to come days are still gonna pass. As much as we all joke about, Oh, I wish 2020 would just move on in 2021 to come.

I mean, yeah, I get it like… Jai, you said you’re waiting for aliens to come up. I mean, I get it, but also too, these days, these moments kind of like only happened once.

Jai: And so I think, you know, this year has put a lot into perspective. Time is, is limited. And like, how do you want to spend that time?

That’s super important. Like, are you going to wait till someone tells you, you have X amount of days, months, years to start living. Are you going to start living now and cherishing those moments?

Jenny: I vote now, but you have to feel that in your core, you have to really step into that raw mindset. So that you can really embrace the amazingness of life and being here and being present.

And of course, yeah, finding more adventure.

Jai: Cause life is amazing. Guys. Life is amazing. No matter what social media or anyone else wants to tell you, or how different they disagree. Life is still amazing.

Jenny: On that note. I can kick ass. Tell us all about your adventures. Hit us up on Instagram at 2JHolla. Love to celebrate with you, your fun and adventure.

So shoot us a DM over there. What do they say? I want you to slide into my DM. I don’t want you to slide in and nothing I just want you to just message us.

So anyways can’t wait to hit you up. Fuck. I can’t hit you up. I don’t know your shit. So you hit me up. I’ll respond to you and keep living that life, Mahalo.

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