Watch An Epic Firework Blast Its Way Into Guinness World Records

2020-02-10 13:11:38

A winter carnival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, blasted a 2,800-pound firework into the sky and into a place in the Guinness World Records on Saturday, CNN reported.

The shell launched from a 26-foot steel tube off a mountain, climbing 300 miles an hour and detonating a mile high into a spectacular burst of red, the news network noted. A Guinness official was on hand to confirm the record.

The previous Guinness mark was a 2,397-pound shell that was set off in the United Arab Emirates in 2018, according to Guinness.

“We invested hundreds of hours into this project, and we anticipate that we will enjoy the satisfaction of this success for months to come,” Steamboat Fireworks project manager Tim Borden told the Denver Channel. “People are already asking us, ‘What’s next?’ I really can’t answer that question, other than to say, whatever it is, I hope to do it with this same bunch of guys.” 

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