Watch Fox’s Lou Dobbs Smile From Ear To Ear As He Receives Validation From Donald Trump

2020-01-16 05:34:17

The Fox Business host sported a huge smile after he was highly praised by President Donald Trump, who he regularly defends, on Wednesday.

A man who always liked me, because he’s smart, so smart, the great Lou Dobbs. You know, at first, he said, ‘he’s the best since Reagan.’ Then he got to know me more and more and he said ‘he’s even better than Reagan.’ Then a few weeks ago, somebody told me, and I watch all the time, but somebody has a very important show, actually, tremendous audience and very, everybody in this room watches, but Lou Dobbs says ‘he’s the greatest of them all.’ I said ‘does that include Washington and Lincoln?’ And he said ‘yes.’ Now I don’t know if he was for real, but that’s ok. He is. Great show Lou.

Dobbs broadcast the presidential review on his show Wednesday night.

“President Trump graciously gave me a shoutout. It was generous and I greatly appreciate his kind words,” he said.

“Thank you, Mr. President. And yes, I was for real,” Dobbs added.

Dobbs earlier this month claimed Trump had “already set a standard” for presidents “that most mortals won’t be able to meet.”

He’s previously said the current White House is “hopping” and “energized” like never before, with “sunshine beaming throughout the place, and on almost every face.”

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