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When you have something that you want to integrate into your life, there can be a lot of resistance that comes up. You may make excuses as to why you can not add that into your routine or you may procrastinate and put off getting started. However, there are simple steps you can take to ensure your success later on. So, as they wrap up the Unfuckwithable season, Jenny and Jai will be sharing their top FIVE wellness hacks for high achievers.

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Jenny  All right, welcome to the final episode and the unfuckwithable season of The Holistic Life Podcast. So I’m Jenny and we are going to talk a little bit today about wellness hacks for high achievers. We decided to end this season off with this episode, because that is a lot of the people that we work with high achievers, a types, that kind of thing. So we figured we would give you a parting gift of the season with five wellness hacks. drumroll Okay, wellness Hack number one Jai. God, I wish he would say more. For like I talk a lot.


Jai  I say more when I want to say more. Okay, talked a lot the last episode.


Jenny  No, not really. Yeah. Okay. So the first one. And this is, I think one of the simplest things that you can integrate into your life. But the thing with high achievers is that it’s almost too simple for you. And you’re like, wait, that’s all I have to do. And that is a five minute habit. The thing is, when you have something that you’re looking to integrate into your life, maybe you want to meditate more, do more yoga, or you’re looking to have some time to yourself, or there’s a food habit that you’re looking to put into play or whatever, fill in the blank, anything that you’ve been trying to do or wanting to do in your life that you haven’t done yet. And what we find with our, with our clients is that there can be a lot of resistance to this one. Because it’s so simple. And you’re used to doing things that are like you used to do. Yeah, cuz you’re an overachiever.


Jai  Like all the things. Yeah, like 100 things within three hours.


Jenny And this is this is so simple. But here’s the thing, here’s the trick to making this work, is that when you pick the thing, so you’re like, Alright, I want to do more yoga when I meditate. Because we hear that a lot, and a lot of people don’t actually do it. And that’s when you go, alright, I’m going to meditate everyday for five minutes. And if there’s like resistance that comes up, or you’re like, Oh, I don’t know if I’m actually going to do that. I mean, it’s so simple. But you’re like, I don’t really know, I don’t really know what to do and really know how I really think and ask yourself, what is like the easiest simple thing that you can pick, maybe what you do is you reduce the time, maybe you reduce the amount of days, maybe you change the habit that you’re working and working on are working towards you break that goal down into something smaller, that’s moving you towards what you’re trying to achieve your goal. And then that’s what you commit to. And that’s what you do. And that’s where you start and then you work up, which leads to Hack number two. Do you want to say anything else about Hack number one? No. Okay, and then Hack number two is 1%. Better? Are you just gonna be like the good looking bass that sits on this one?


Jai  Well, that would really suck. Excellent.


Jenny  Wow, Jenny talks. That whole one and Jai just made random noises.


Jai  On the ad lib guy on the show.


Jenny  All right, how about you talking about


Jai 1% Better it’s just like, you know, if you think about people who say, Oh, this is my year to get in shape, be healthier, like whatever they say. And they want to get and try to take on all the things it’s like, just work on being 1% better than you were yesterday. Because if you do that, you’ll be so much further than the person who wanted to be 100% better. And that only lasts for like, two weeks or two months. And you know, they’re back to where they started setting up for the New Year’s resolution, while you just focus on just doing better than you did yesterday. And by the end of the year, you would make so many more changes and bone 1% better had number two. Moving on number three, mitigating


Jenny  Hack number three, we’re going into the idea of remember that everything is a spectrum. There doesn’t have to be black and white answers to everything that you’re looking to change, grow or evolve in your life. There’s a spectrum. For example, if you want to start being more active, some days, you’re going to be at a 10. Some days, you’re gonna be at a two or three. And it’s okay, as long as you’re taking into what we said, just now you’re being 1% better work on the spectrum, you can work on the spectrum of food. Yes, Whole Foods from the source organic, you know, like all those things, that’s going to be on one side of the spectrum. And then like processed foods that aren’t even from the foods that you’re trying to eat, but act like they’re from the foods like, for example, Skittles, taste the rainbow and eat all of the, you know, the fruits and vegetables, because you know, they’re banana flavored, and grape flavored, or whatever, that’s on the other side of the spectrum. So as you’re working, you know, realize that you can work towards the type of food and lifestyle, or whatever it is that you’re trying to get to, without being like, Oh my god, I didn’t have that thing. That was a 10. I didn’t have that thing that was the most ideal. But if you’re moving towards that thing, like even once you give an example, where you’ve given this before about like a chick fil a example, or like, if you’re out doesn’t have to be chick fil a could be like a


Jai  restaurant, you go to the fast food spot, you get like, a large whatever, switch it up, instead of getting a large fry, get a regular fry, or even a small fry just for start. Or if you get a large drink at regular drink. Or if you get the fried chicken sandwich, for example, don’t get the bacon or you know any of the other added stuff for next time, try a grilled chicken sandwich and eventually a salad. It’s not the best, but it is better.


Jenny  So just approach things that will help you to ctfo which is chill the fuck out. And we did an episode on ctfo in the past, so if you want to hear more about that, but I’ll just help you to ctfo more. Which brings us to Hack number four. And this is specific to nutrition and eating and lifestyle. And it’s implementing red, yellow, green food method into your life into your kitchen. And what it is, in a nutshell is that red foods are the foods that either make you sick, have you sitting on the toilet, that you have no stop button on, you just literally just plow through and you cannot stop yellow foods or foods that maybe in certain situations, you don’t have a stop button. So maybe when you go home to mom’s house, and she makes that pie or something like you can’t stop, but you don’t eat that pie regularly. Or maybe it’s foods that if you’re in like emotional eater, maybe it’s foods that you eat. In those situations, it’s foods that aren’t like just kind of in the middle, maybe there are ones on that spectrum that you want to have make healthier choices on. But they’re in that middle. And then green foods are the ones that you feel great. They’re really good for you their nutrition, I have nutrition density, they give you energy, they give you vitality. So it’s going through your life and your kitchen, all of that and establishing what’s a red, red light food, you’ll like food, a green light food, and ultimately, choosing more yellow and green and remembering your environment. And seeing if you can and maybe this is this is part of the other hack the five minute habit. Maybe you can every day for the next week work on how can you set up your environment to have little to no red light foods in it?


Jai  Or if this goes to sit out to you work two days this week.


Jenny Yeah, just little little baby steps. And number five, Jai gonna talk about this one and I will finish it off. It’s make it fun.


Jai  Oh, this should be the one you talk about. Just I mean, don’t take yourself so serious. Perfection is unattainable. It’s one of those things you will forever race to reach and never reach. So have fun with it. Experiment. Don’t take stuff. So seriously, if you have a bad day, remember, be better tomorrow. If you miss a workout. It’s not gonna be the end of the world. You know? So have fun, make it fun. Because you want it to be sustainable. You want to keep on doing this. So if it’s something that you absolutely hate in, you know, you quiver every time you know you think about it, it’s not fun. So make it fun.


Jenny  Yes, find more fun in your life. Whatever it is, if you’re not having fun, find a way to make it fun. I love it. Ooh, it’s my favorite. You’re right. But I needed you to be more than just a pretty face on this episode.


Jai I’m pretty face. So let’s close it up.


Jenny  All right. Thank you guys for listening to the unfuckwithable season how. We if is your first episode listening, make sure you go back through this season and other seasons we have all kinds of this season.


Jai  Listen to all of this season.


Jenny  Yes, if so many great episodes


Jai  not only for the fact that we say fuck a lot.


Jenny  And we have a new season coming very soon. And it’s gonna be really good. We already started capturing different ideas for it. It’s gonna be super amazing, super powerful, super fun.


Jai We probably won’t say fuck as much.


Jenny  No probably won’t. So you know, embrace this right now. And of course follow us on Instagram @2j_holla if you want to see a little bit more about our Nomad trip connect with us etc. and happy summer for those of you in summer and happy winter for those of you in winter.


Jai  Have fun


Jenny  Alright guys chat soon.


Jai  You can subscribe to the holistic life podcast from your favorite streaming platform. And don’t forget to check out to stay in the know  as an official 2J insider Mahalo for tuning

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