What’s On Your Table?

Are You Serving Negativity On Your Table?

Do you also find yourself dwelling over negative situations or fixating on your mistakes? Do you feel like a sounding board of negativity for your family and friends?

We all have broken pieces in our lives that need to be fixed so that we can become the best versions of ourselves, but having all your negativity sprayed on the person you care about is never a good idea because it may overwhelm them.

 Nevertheless, some people are skilled at handling negativity. In other words, they are people who soak up all the negativity, not only their own but also that of their loved ones, because they know how to handle it.

But how can we become that? The ability to deal with negativity requires mental strength, but too much gloominess can have its downsides. Our natural tendency is to serve our despair to the people around us once we become too overwhelmed by it. 

Phoenix Ash, an author, shares on podcast Life as P’s episode, “What’s on your table?” how dwelling on negativity contributes to its powers, how we can overcome the negativity and not sever it on our table.

Dwelling Over Negativity

Often, we are taught to be solicitous, but it is not wrong to place our mental and emotional health above any grudge. People who pursue their passions, especially when they align themselves with different companies or clients, are often encountered with situations in which the second party will be highly disrespectful.

Sometimes what seems like a disrespectful comment could be just raw honesty. This constructive criticism can be taken, but facing rejection repeatedly is upsetting, which can lead us to have an opinion about something as a whole, but putting this on your table is not a good idea.

Studies have found that adverse events and experiences imprint more efficiently and linger longer than positive ones. This imbalance is known as negative bias or negative-positive asymmetry.

Overwhelmed by the negativity could turn us into a pessimist. Playing the negative conversations and situations over and over again could push us deeper into depression. The negative bias can take a toll on us, resulting in:

  • Dwelling on darker and darker thoughts
  • Hurting relationships with loved ones
  • The difficulty is keeping an optimistic outlook towards life

Getting Over Negativity

Getting over this negative bias is challenging, but a few changes in our thinking tendency could help us balance out this asymmetry:

  • Halting negative self-talk
  • Reframing any negative situation and plucking the positive aspects
  • Establishing a new pattern, adopting new hobbies to get negative thoughts off our mind
  • Savoring positive moments 

Instead of sitting with the grudge, and letting others impact your emotional health, find a way to let the anger, frustration, and even tears out. How we cope with challenging circumstances varies from person to person. Dancing is a coping mechanism for some, while others find solace in painting or working out. You just need to find what works for you. In the case of persistent emotional overwhelm, you may also wish to seek professional guidance. Do not let the heaviness overtake you.

We are surrounded by both negativity and positivity, but negative bias can have a very powerful impact on what we have on our table. Being aware of ourselves and our thought processes could help us consciously elevate ourselves to the forefront of awareness, and thus radiate positivity around us.

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